[Adam] Reimagining

Timelined fics featuring students and others from semesters 1-25.
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[Adam] Reimagining

Post by Scumfish » Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:53 pm

[Timeline night of 'We Stand Alone Together']


Adam was trying to stay awake.

It wasn't the easiest of tasks - the plant-guy who'd taken it upon himself to follow him and look after him was curled up in the nest and had actually moved to press against him in his sleep, and he was warm - but damnit he was trying. Sleep meant nightmares, and he didn't want them in this place. He wasn't great at sitting still, though, and besides, he was starting to nod off in the warmth.

As he pushed himself up, the tiny rabbit stirred, opening an eye and watching him as he made his way silently to the boxes that Jolen had said contained...well...him. He knelt in front of them, hand rubbing over one of the bright green tattoo lines - strange how he'd never even thought to question the tattoos of the lines, the biohazard symbol with 'TOXIC' on his chest...it'd just...been a part of him, he'd got them when drunk one night. Never mind it wasn't something he liked-

He shook his head, staring at the boxes. This was all his, Jolen had said. Everything that made him him, apparently, and here he was, nervous about opening them because it felt like he was going through someone else's stuff.

But I am. None of this is mine. This is all some other guy's stuff - they picked me up by mistake. He steadfastedly refused to acknowledge the elfin ears, the eyes and the...the fact he'd cried blood earlier. Mutants could do weird things...maybe one of them was just making him think he was doing this.

Even to his mind that was a pretty weak excuse to use for denial. He shook his head, smiling a little, before a bare hand reached out to the first box, pulling it to him. He'd been told usually he wore gloves, because he couldn't stand the feel of anything on bare skin on his bad days. The idea seemed laughable, but this time he didn't dismiss it. Carefully, he pulled the tape off, doing it quietly so that he didn't wake up the other person in the room, opening the box - Adam Kilduff, it had on the side. Kilduff? Was that his real name? It certainly...seemed right, better than Neramani.

This box seemed to have clothes in, mostly. He picked out a black canvas coat, long and formfitting from the looks of it, and well-worn. There was a tear in a cuff, like a sharp blade had caught it, and he fingered it before putting it carefully to one side. A shoebox, filled with leather gloves, mostly black but a few other colours - neons, reds, plenty of greens - was opened, explored, a pair of black ones pulled on, the leather soft from being worn so much. He looked at his hands, flexing the fingers. They fit, they felt...right on him, so he left them on, putting the shoebox to one side.

The rest of the clothes as he looked through them made him raise an eyebrow. There was one pair of normal blue jeans, a couple of plain long-sleeved shirts, but that was it - everything else was...well...he'd seen pictures of raver gear. This was a box full of it. Neons, netting, PVC, leather...if it could be raved in, it was here, all form-fitting to his skinny frame. There were even hairpieces, wrapped carefully in tissue, all dreads - a black set, black and blue, black and red, several sets of black and green...goggles in all shapes, masks, gasmasks-

Forget the fact he cried blood, this apparently made him even more of a freak. For a moment, Adam pushed the box away, hugging himself and shaking his head. No, this wasn't him. All those clothes - no, he didn't wear that, it was showing too much, it was-

He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose...and then staring at the leather of the glove he was wearing. Why'd he put it on? Why'd he pick it up and pull it on if it wasn't...if there wasn't some part that knew this was right?

Adam took a deep breath. Ignoring the clothes, he pulled another, heavier box to him. This one was full of books, big, leatherbound books, Shakespeare, H.P. Lovecraft, H. G. Wells...all the old classics, Alice in Wonderland, why is a writing desk like a raven...they were all well-read, well loved, the names on the covers starting to be worn. He smiled a little - well there was something he recognised, he'd loved these books back ho- back in Circle Pines. Another box was pulled to him, this one filled with odd little bits - a length of aged, slightly rusted metal sat on top, and he stared at it, set it aside, not noticing his hand go over a hole in the middle and a flicker of light come out of it. He put a hand in-

Jolen had said his parents were dead. Surely, shouldn't there be pictures of them somewhere? He blinked, then started to dig through the boxes again. He searched, in the end pulling everything out of the boxes, becoming oddly frantic as he did. They might be dead, but pictures - pictures would help, he'd - something would click-

There were no pictures.

Adam sat in the middle of the mess, blinking, a flicker of one of his nightmares making him wince - blood coating walls, fire, a hand picking up a wristwatch. His parents were dead, and those nightmares suddenly didn't seem so strange and impossible any more.

Leaving everything where it was, he crawled back to the nest, curled up in a tight ball and stared at the wall until the sun rose.
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Re: [Adam] Reimagining

Post by Starfish » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:31 pm

Awww, poor Adam. Very nice fic, Scummy! :)

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