[Adam] Blood Will Out

Timelined fics featuring students and others from semesters 1-25.
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[Adam] Blood Will Out

Post by Scumfish » Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:50 pm

Everything was burning, everything and he was trapped. He couldn't find the way out, and his screams were hoarse now as he choked and coughed on the black smoke. All he could see was red, all he could smell was cooking meat, all he knew was that something absolutely horrible had just happened and he'd caused it-

"Adam! Adam, can you hear me? Oh hell, not again - he's burning up. Come on, get the cloths-"

"He said this shouldn't happen - here. I'll get him on the phone."

He curled under something, sobbing as the heat rose and rose. He hadn't had one of these hallucinations in months, but right now that didn't matter-

"His arms - damnit, they've-"

"Keep your mouth shut! You know he's still lucid. Come on Adam, it's not real, deep breaths now - Ken, go and get the box."

"Are you sure-"


Adam shuddered and curled tighter, his arms hurting so much as the flames and smoke blotted everything out, no longer able to scream. He was calling out, but he couldn't hear what he was saying, asking for...Mam and Daid? But they were dead. No they weren't, he could hear them, he just couldn't reach them, they were behind the fire-

Liar, this is wrong-

"Oh goddamn, can you feel that? Give me the shot, we're going to have to get him to the doctor."

"You're telling me. Poor little guy. Come on."

There was pain, a weird falling sensation that had him trying to pull away from everything - and then the hallucination started going fuzzy. The heat went first, then the sound and smell, and finally he was left sobbing in his mother's arms. He barely felt his father start cleaning and bandaging his arms, even the crying fading to a blank look.

"What bought it on this time, love?" Ken asked quietly.

"I'll tell you." His mother sighed. "He's been out of sorts since he found out about Selena. You know he doesn't like routines upset."

He barely listened as the pair talked over his head. He was more concentrating on the fact something felt wrong, but thanks to the drugs it was slipping away. He even barely stirred when the doorbell rang.
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Re: [Adam] Blood Will Out

Post by Slarti » Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:20 am

Craaaaaaaaaaazy. :cracked

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