Waiting Game

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Waiting Game

Post by Scumfish » Fri Feb 26, 2010 5:37 am

[Set a few days after the game 'BFE']


Jay sat, shivering in his bed, wings wrapped around him and covers wrapped around them. He was freezing, but his skin was hot to the touch - the fever from the Legacy had returned, and with a vengance. Darren wasn't in, and when he caught sight of Jill she was worried, angry...

He couldn't hear what she said to him in the few glimpses he got of his dead sister, which comforted him in a way. It meant that he wasn't that ill. Not yet, anyway.

Jay sniffed, swallowing, wincing as it felt like a bunch of razorblades grated against the back of his throat. It made him cough wetly, trying to draw in more breath. Fuck...since the roof collapsing in the complex, his chest had got worse, dust coating his lungs. That with all the flying he'd done in Mardi Gras (despite it not really being much, just a few street's worth) had made him feel that much worse.

How long had he been sick with this now? Long enough to know he'd forgotten what it was like to be healthy.

Jay reached out a pale hand to pick up his mug of tea, coughing again, wincing as it made his already sore head pound more. He took a sip, wondering why he bothered putting sugar in it - it just tasted of hot water to him.

He wished Darren was here. He'd be able to cheer him up, no matter what, usually by swearing at him and calling him an idiot. He was glad they were friends again, though the pair were stepping around each other cautiously.

Jay flexed his rebandaged hand, smiling at the grumbled comments from Darren at discovering his best friend had broken his hand again. His healing wasn't working properly, the wounds taking the normal amount of time to heal up but given what he knew about the Legacy Virus...

He just wanted to get better. He didn't want to end up comatose again, because he had a horrible feeling that the chances of him coming out of it a second time...

He sniffed, wiping his stinging eyes, and Spook chose that moment to bunny his way onto his bed, looking up at Jay and burrowing his way into the man's cucoon. Jay chuckled thickly, pulling the bunny to his chest and putting down his tea, hugging him.

"Y'all a sweetheart, Spooks." Jay murmured into the rabbit's fur, lying down and petting him. "Mesi, ami, was about t' make a fool of myself dere. Already had Darren walk in on me emoin' once, eh? Let's not make it twice." He yawned, the rabbit's face content as it curled into Jay, ears tickling his nose. "Yeah...dat's d' right idea. Sleep's good." He closed his eyes, getting the fleeting feeling of Jill sitting beside him. "Just a nap, Jill...nothin' more...promise..."

Within moments, the warm bunny combined with the heavy drowsiness of the fever had made Jay drift off.
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Waiting Game

Post by wingyding » Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:08 am

Awwwwwww poor Jay!

I love that he gets the glimpses and impressions like Jill's there...
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Waiting Game

Post by Elfdame » Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:41 pm

"bunny his way into the bed" how adorable.

So why can't he have Anna re-fix the Virus molecules? I guess I have too simple a mind, which is why I can't plot worth spit in my own fics.

Well done as usual, my man.
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