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Post by Scumfish » Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:03 pm


Mayhem had taken a leaf out of Hepzibah's book again. The gap under the bed was small, but easily defended and warm. The bed had been stripped, all the sheets and covers under it in a messy nest.

And in the middle of it, Mayhem was curled, half-lidded green eyes almost glowing in the dark and staring out at nothing.

I'm not like that.


I'm not!

He should be able to deal with this. But his thoughts were slow, the faint dark-red of leftover feral still clinging to the material around him. He couldn't even fix on one subject for long, mind sliding from Monet to his parents to Pietro...

He couldn't remember what had happened when he'd flipped feral, back in the room. Just that he felt dirty, used - but not because of Hepzibah. Jessica. Whatever.

You had her.

It wasn't her fault, the pheremones. He'd have done the same, if his parents, his friends had been threatened. He knew...knew what he was like, he was an animal-

You don't have a clue.

-when he was like that. Mayhem raised his head, sniffing and frowning when he didn't get a new scent. Hepzi hadn't spoken and it wasn't her voice. Who kept on sneering at him? The voice was vaguely recognisable...maybe it was one of the other ferals they were caged up with. Chances were there was a telepathic one somewhere. Seemed a pretty popular mutation. He put his head back down, rubbing his eyes and closing them, putting up his shields.

Won't block me that way.

He growled slightly, but it was weak. He had more to worry about. He wished he could speak, just to let Hepzibah know how sorry he was, that he didn't blame her and that it would all be okay - they'd be fine.


I'm not lying.

Whoever it was was as fluent in Cornish as he was, he noted vaguely. And why couldn't he talk? Magnus hadn't done anything to his throat, and he could still make sounds - if whimpers and growls were sounds - but...he couldn't say a word. Right when he needed to keep Hepzi's hopes up, he couldn't say a thing.

No one really listens to you anyway.

Mayhem growled again, looking up. Will you stop that?

Why, afraid of a little truth? You're a coward, and you're never going to get out of here. Welcome to the rest of your life, Mayhem!

I'm not a coward! We'll get out of here. With or without help! We did it before! He was shaking. Mayhem sucked in a deep breath. Who are you anyway?

If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you. Came the sneering reply. Coward. You won't make it past the door of your cell.

How do you know I won't? He shot back stubbornly.

Because you let people walk aaaaall over you. Always have done. Always will do. Get some sleep, lover. You'll need it.

Mayhem was silent at that. He didn't let people walk over him. And what gave...whoever it was the right to say that! They didn't know him. He'd make it through this, stay strong for Hepzi, get them out of here and back to the school.

He'd make it all better.

Taking the voice's advice, he nuzzled down into the mess of covers, pillows and sheets, pulled one over him and closed his eyes.

They'd be fine.
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Post by Esynthia » Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:28 pm

Just fine. *nods* After Monet kills Pietro, that is. :eeevil

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