Lorna Dane

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Lorna Dane

Post by Ferguson » Thu Jan 25, 2007 11:26 pm

Name: Lorna Dane
Alias: Polaris
Other names: Lornadee
Age 19
Height: 5’11’’
Hair colour: Green
Eye colour: Green
Nationality: American
Abilities: Manipulation of magnetic fields
Skills: It takes a bit of goading but she does sing; especially jazz songs.
Known relatives:

Father: Geoffrey Dane
Mother: Regina Lawson
Step-father: Patrick Lawson (Regina’s third husband)

Lorna was born in Seattle and moved with her father to Galena, Nevada (a suburb of Reno) after her parents divorced over some questionable after work office activities between her workaholic mother and her secretary. Lorna has always been pretty close to her father and may be a bit of a Daddy’s Girl although she does have her boundaries while she still lives with her father which she is looking forward to expanding once she is back in school. She is pretty distant with her mother and has yet to tell her about her newfound ability. She did tell her father though after weeks and weeks of worrying about what he would say when he found out. She worried about it for nothing though.

Lorna comes off as much more confident than she really is. She is friendly and enjoys making people laugh but she is overly self-conscience about what others might be thinking of her. Because of this she doesn’t really have any close friends at home save her dad. Add to this a not-so-healthy body image she dwells on what she thinks is the bad impressions people have of her and if left to her own devices too long with hardly ever socialize.

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Dread Pirate
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Title: Fergie the Unjust
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Lorna Dane

Post by Ferguson » Sun May 13, 2007 7:23 pm

The Influx Continues

-In which Lorna arrives at the school, as does Paige, and is introduced to Lizzie, Sharon, Eve, and Alex on a tour and kitchen run.

Remy’s ‘Nearly Naked’ 21!

-In which Lorna gets a front row view of the student body and was a tad taken aback and also was kissed by Eve and gave Angel a quickie during spin the bottle.

Dirty Underwear

-In which Lorna should not follow the loud voices she hears outside because she’ll get her ass shot with a BB gun and have to attempt to play mediator between them.

Coffee Break

-In which Lorna enjoys a cup of her liquid God on a day out with Lizzie. Roommate bonding insues.

So much for a peaceful hike…

-In which, while hiking, Lorna has to admit that Pietro has a nice ass and her classmates are hiking challenged.

TJ’s Shower Rebound

-In which Lorna finds a crying TJ in the shower and offers some comfort.
*warning, may not be as hot as it sounds, perverts.


-In which Lorna meets Nikki and does not find her to her liking at all and very nearly chokes a bitch. Dancing made up for a good bit of the drama, however.

Live and Let Date

-In which Lorna apologizes to Bobby for wanting to choke his girlfriend, flicks his hair, discovers another Bondite, and makes an awkward slip of the tongue.

Metal Junkies

-In which there is more roommate bonding and Lorna is holed and decorated.

Pirate Booty Dancing

-In which it is discovered that while drunk Lorna becomes quite pirate like and more than a little bit handsy. Also, Sweetcheeks.

Grlz vrs Boyz

-In which Lorna hates the uniforms and tries to motivate her team although the rat seems to be fairly effective. "RAT RAT RAT RAT RAT RAT RAT!"


-In which we have fall out from Grlz vrs Boyz with a quite ill Bobby and his icy little problem and tries to usher Sweetcheeks McSoggy to the shower.

Art of Thanksgiving

-In which Lorna enjoys a nice thanksgiving meal with Dr. Xavier, Scott, Angel, Meggan, and Rachel and Lorna caves to the temptation of throwing marshmallows at Dr. Xavier, starting what would be a food fight massacre and a stunning art project ala food and Xavier with Scott after cleaning the dining room.

Not a Good Day for Bobs

-In which Lorna, Bobby, Paige, Eve, and Laura are introduced to Professor Howlett’s lovely friend and model, Bob. Also in which Bobby becomes Lorna’s model and feels the wrath of Howlett when he is caught roughhousing his innocent little lambchop.

Paige’s New Barbie

-In which there is shoe shopping and a possible abuse of friendship in Paige using Lorna as a living doll.

Anchovies: Aphrodisiac?

-In which Lorna finds herself as the fifth wheel and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rule even when Scott accidently attacks the television.

--Christmas Break—

-In which there is a car accident with her father that Lorna had a hand in and also in which Lorna’s mother is an ass and her step-father is amusing.

A New Semester of Crazy

-In which Lorna is the smelly kid with the rum stashed away in her purse and, dare we say, slightly jealous. Also line up for the chocolate handbasket to hell.

Crushing Blows

-In which Lorna is multiple sheets to the wind and nearly punches Paige, hitting her new enemy, the sink and breaking her hand. The ruckus caused also rouses up Remy and Bobby to separate the injured girls and take them to the infirmary, getting cried on a good bit of the way.

My Boyfriend’s Back

-In which, when Eve comes in while she is visiting Paige in the infirmary, Lorna hides with Bobby to avoid the wrath of Eve.

Mall Rats

-In which there is much shopping done and Lorna is quite paranoid of Alex.

Guilty Secrets

-In which Lorna has a much needed talk with her new friend Father Wagner and feels much better although she has yet to make that call to her mother she said she would.

Something to Talk About

-In which there is a pretence of dance practice, flirting and kissing shenanigans pertaining to Geek-love, and Eve and Paige walking in.

Dance Cowboy

-In which there is drinking and dancing, line dancing that is, copious amounts of Cotton-Eyed Joe, teacher maiming, and a nice ride back. Deal?

Pizza and Paranoia

-In which there is a celebration for Scott’s unclehood and a drugged Remy. Paranoia and questions abound and a group hug at the end.

Double O Doubts

-In which Bobby and Lorna discuss their placement on the combat team and a surprise is mentioned.

What would Kirk do?

-In which Bobby’s surprise comes to be as their first date and Valentine’s day, laser tag, a movie followed by an alluded to dinner. You know it’s nerdy love when the quasi-sexual joke is a reference to Pon Farr.

Hide and Seek from Hell

-In which Paige has Lorna train on a rescue mission with her and Paige hits casualties with balls.

Nothing on TV

-In which there is nothing on the television, Eve is a fan of Dancing With the Stars, Kitty is sneaky, and there is training practice to be had. Cutlery is Lorna’s.

CSI: Westchester

-In which Bobby and Lorna are called to Laura’s room to investigate a missing person’s case.

What do you do with a drunken Lambchop?

-In which there are more booze and dancing to be had with the unfortunate resulting knowledge that nine mai tais might be a few too many for Laura as the resulting time home will not be pleasant once Professor Howlett hears you return. Also in which Lorna learns that it isn’t smart to wear a white shirt when Professor Forge can turn on the sprinkler system.

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Re: Lorna Dane

Post by Ferguson » Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:48 pm

Thread Tracker starting: April 23, 2012


viewtopic.php?f=116&t=15636 in which Bobby and Lorna have a very married discussion in the bathroom leading towards what there is to be done about Essex.

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