Elizabeth Braddock - Psylocke

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Elizabeth Braddock - Psylocke

Post by PsychoKez056 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:19 pm

Name : Elizabeth Braddock AKA Psylocke

Nicknames: Betsy

Ethnic origins: Japanese-English blood, raised in England.


Age : 17

Current Location: London, England

Appearance :

Height - 5'11"
Weight - 155 lbs curvy, lean figure. (from regular exercise)
Eyes - Blue, slightly curved from Asian heritage
Hair - Naturally Black - currently dyed Violet, wavy, waist length.

Tattoos: a long sleeve on her thigh consisting of her favorite butterflies and flowers down to her knee so far. All woven around her little birthmark (also butterfly shaped).

Otherwise no distinguishing features or obvious mutations.No scars though has a tendency to be always bruised somewhere. Birthmark dark patch of skin on her hip, shaped oddly like a butterfly.

Elizabeth possesses the normal human strength of a woman her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. She can increase her strength by bolstering it with her telekinetic ability

Family Information:

Father: James Braddock Sr - (English) Boss of a big publishing company
Siblings: Conor Braddock - twin brother, doing physics in uni
Harry Braddock - Younger brother (deceased)
Mother: Lady Elizabeth Braddock (Deceased) (Japanese)

Personal information:

Elizabeth attended a selection of schools, starting off in a private one until she was excluded. It wasn't until she was thirteen she managed to settle in a school thanks to making one singular friend Martin who managed to keep her temper under control.

School counselors got her through school, anger management and the bullying long enough to scrap average grades in everything aside from P.E and R.E both of those she got top grades in as she like debating religions and enjoys her sports.

At 15 the accident happened, and what had been a relatively stable family got torn apart by a plane crash. Elizabeth was one of only a few survivors when the ship reached them, and the complete reason for the planes crashing was known only to her and the other survivors willing to talk. Her Mother and younger brother were among the casualties.

Her father never blamed her for the accident obviously, but he was always trying to bother her for what really happened on the plane. Elizabeth became withdrawn and suffered from constant nightmares about the crash, which became what she didn't recognize till much later was repetitive auditory hallucinations about the event.

When her father found out he tried to have her sectioned against her will, until the doctors rejected the idea and said all she needed was counselling and medication to help her get through it. Thanks to this episode however she lost trust and closeness with her father with his constant treatment of her like she was insane and dangerous.

Outbreaks of arguments started out between her and her father as she wasn't doing as well with her life as he wanted her to be and she wasn't the perfect child unlike her brother, who in James's eyes could do no wrong.

By 17 she'd pulled the last of her fathers nerves by him returning one day to find Elizabeth on the couch with her first ever relationship and it just happened to be the wrong gender for her father. Her girlfriend kicked out of the house half clothed and crying, Elizabeth was then also thrown out after collecting her things.

Her friend Martin became her savior and together they got a flat together in the center of London, where she managed to find a job as a barmaid and Martin got a good set up to sell his artwork. No longer speaking to her family she's been adopted by Martins and is starting to make a big improvement to her attitude now she's in a stable caring household.


Elizabeth has a tendency to be withdrawn though she doesn't shy away from talking to people or any interactions, she just happens to be a very private person.

Due to her PTSD auditory hallucinations she sometime seems vague and very out of touch with whats actually happening and zoned out frequently on her bad days, although her medication helps it doesn't solve all her problems.

((*NOTE*)) Her auditory hallucinations are linked to her first manifestation of her mind reading ability during the plane crash, it's more like a imprinted memory of what she was *hearing* around her.

Bullying at school turned her coping mechanisms to become rather outwardly aggressive, anything she sees as an insult or threat can get a very spontaneous reaction from her and never a nice one. This problem although it was at first manageable by therapy has become a worse one, in later years as her mutant ability to read minds slowly manifested more and more, causing her to start targeting people she could *feel* didn't like her or were insulting her in their minds.

This has also lead her to become very un-trusting of people and inclined to rely on her powers to check which people felt like they were lying to her or had ulterior motives. Martin being the only person she really trusts as he doesn't mind her *checking anything* thanks to his open and honest attitude.


**NOTE: Currently only her Mental telepathy ability has manifested in the ability to skim read minds.

Psylocke seems to find that using her telekinesis in forceful ways is easier than in delicate ways (i.e. she can shatter a brick wall more easily than she can slowly levitate a pencil across a room)

Psylocke's telekinetic manifestations produce visible radiance in the physical world.Thus, she can use her psychic katana as a makeshift light source in areas of darkness. Also any object her powers work on glows purple faintly.


Telekinesis - Can move people and objects with her mind, create visible and invisible kinetic shields of varying sizes and strength. Can create mental force blasts that can destroy walls/buildings etc.

Can use bubble shields to cause specific explosions.

Can use her telekinesis to enhance her speed, strength and fighting skills into super-human levels. For limited time span.

Telepathy -Control, affect and manipulate the minds of other sentient beings, read them and communicate telepathically with them over long distances. (While communicating the other person would perceive a purple and pink butterfly with large eye markings floating in front of their face.)

Can use her telepathy to track other sentient beings in a close range area (personal limit of about 50 meters) works best when prey is hostile to her.

Is able to mask her presence from others and mask her power usage as well to remain hidden from other psychics. She can expand this masking to other people as well (Personal limit of 3 people).

Create illusions to make herself seem invisible (but not totally), look like someone else or make others see things that aren't really there.

Mental Attacks -
Paralysis: Ability to induce temporary mental/physical paralysis
Amnesia: Can erase any awareness of particular memories, temporary effect

Psi Energy weapons

Telekinetic Weapon - A weapon manifesting out of her own Psi energy, no physical damage caused by this. All damage aimed at neural pathways to stun and disable or kill opponents. Can also break telepathic power inhibitors caused by other mutants. (normally manifests as a pair of blades or a sword)

Psionic Blasts - Psychic blasts of power manifested in the form of a butterfly or a flock of them which have no psychical affect but instead attack a victims mind to cause pain, unconsciousness or death.

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