Sean Cassidy - Banshee

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Sean Cassidy - Banshee

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Sean Cassidy

Name: Sean Tiernan Cassidy
Alias: Banshee
Date of Birth: August 8, 1995
Age: 18
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 157 lbs (tall and skinny)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

Powers: Audiokinesis. That’s a fancy science term for him being able to scream really loudly. So loud that it in fact is called a sonic scream. With it he has the ability to manipulate his vocal cords and voice so he can form shields, knock people out, disorient them or even hypnotize. And with the right pitch, he can propel himself through the air (not something he’s gotten the hang of yet).
Skills: He’s a pretty good singer and he’s been told he bakes very well.

Family: Donovan Cassidy – father
Bronwyn Cassidy - mother

History: Sean’s life so far has been decidedly uneventful. Born and raised in his family’s ancestral home at Cassidy Keep in Ireland, he was the only child to Donovan and Bronwyn Cassidy. His family lived in a castle and they were fairly well off, but it was all inherited and both Sean’s parents worked hard for a living. His father was an Interpol officer and his mother was a lawyer.

Growing up, Sean wanted to follow his father into duty as a police officer. He was so interested in all the workings of his father’s job and it made the man proud. But as he got older, he started to get more into the arts and especially music. When he hit puberty, he was heavily into all kinds of music and the culture. It was one day when he was singing in his room, hoping to start a band at some point, that his powers manifested and he blew out all the windows in the east wing of the castle.

Scared, Sean went to his parents and found nothing but acceptance. His father had seen what people were like, both human and mutant and he believed that if someone was a good person, what did it matter if they had powers? His mother had seen the same thing and even represented a few mutants in her time. The only warning he got was to try and learn to control it so he didn’t keep breaking windows. Learn to control them he did, experimenting in the woods nearby so he didn’t blow out the windows again, though this consequently lead to a serious lack of wild life in the area.

Sean excelled in his music and history classes at school, though everything else was a bit lacking. He was still pretty heavy into music and experimenting, he and his friends always at some concert or another, drinking and smoking. By the time he graduated and put in applications for colleges, Sean was pretty sure that he’d be okay if he wasn’t accepted, he’d just start a band. Luckily (for his parents), Sean was approached about a school in America, Xavier University. Sean accepted quickly after learning he could study criminal justice and be close to the New York music scene. He was looking forward to going to the states and studying criminal justice, getting to know his powers a little better even.

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Sean Cassidy - Banshee

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