Mayday Parker (Spider Girl)

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Mayday Parker (Spider Girl)

Post by Chaos » Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:55 pm


CASE NUMBER: 117 - 07

Felicia Day

Basic Subject Information[/font]
SUBJECT NAME: Mayday Parker
AGE: 20
GENDER: Female

  • Much ambiguity exists about the specific nature of Mayday Parker's X-Gene ability. Her powers, however, are reminiscent of the biological mechanics of a spider: they include the ability to sick to surfaces (via microscopic scopulae in her skin), generate webbing and release it from her wrists, a 'sixth-sense' to detect danger to herself in her immediate vicinity, and enhanced strength, dexterity and agility coupled with a low-tier healing factor. (See Addendum 117 – 07 - A)

    OCCUPATION: Student

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: New York City, United States

Detailed Suspect Appearance
ETHNICITY: White American
BUILD: Slim, Athletic
HAIR STYLE: Usually Long, Fine
PREFERRED DRESS: Simple dress sense, occasionally video-game memorabilia, quotes and merchandise adorning her shirts etc.

Personality Profile[/font]
  • Generally a timid character, though confidence is stronger than she lets on.
  • A scientific prodigy. (Increased intellect, possible Mutation: see Addendum 117 – 07 - A)
  • Has a pet spider named 'Cinnamon' who she holds in high regard.

TEMPERMENT: Mayday is what one could refer to as a typical high-school student. She has been known to be timid and very study-oriented, but like all her age has come into her own during the time at Xavier's University. Though usually quiet, she has proven herself to be a clever, tactical thinker – her ingenuity matched only by her new-found enthusiasm to live up to the expectations of her peers. In the field, Mayday has shown an iron will to stand up for the ideals of justice and equality, even throwing herself into the line of fire to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Subject History Information[/font]
FATHER'S NAME: Richard Parker
AGE: 47
OCCUPATION: Software Developer for HORIZON Industries


Mayday grew up in a care home after she was taken in as a baby from an empty house in Brooklyn, nobody knew her family very well, and it was entirely possible she was left in the house by parents from somewhere even further away. Growing up in care taught Mayday to be cautious around others, though she still found strength in the friendship of the other children with her. Though she has very little memory of those times – an issue which still causes her much trauma.
May took in a love of science from a young age, enjoying the idea of space and space travel. She and the other kids spent their free time playing basketball amongst other hobbies, but outside the court May found a love for books and animals, more specifically, spiders.

Over the years, various kids were adopted by families and her friendship group slowly faded. More than anything, Mayday hated being treated like she was 'less' than the rest for her lack of parents, and vowed to one day track down her mother and father. Loneliness inspired her to seek out a pet, thus she met the baby Cinnamon - a male tarantula who she quickly became attached to. Mayday would visit the local zoo's Spider Sanctuary, quickly earning a job for her enthusiasm. During a delivery of a new breed of tropical spiders from the Amazon, Mayday was asked in to help transport them from the ferry into the zoo. However, several of them got loose through lax keeping. While May was helping gather them up, she was bitten by one of them which had not been de-fanged. The potentially lethal poison spread throughout May's bloodstream, leaving her in a coma. She awoke three months later with a dramatic series of discoveries; she could stick to walls, release webbing from her forearms and her physical strength and agility had become staggeringly higher. With no other explanation obvious to her, Mayday came to the conclusion that the spider's bite had somehow imbued her with super powers.

Discovered by the mutant-enthusiast, Liza Maloney (AKA: Screwball), news of Mayday Parker quickly reached the X-Men, who dispatched Professor Lorna Dane-Drake (codename: Polaris) to recruit her into their ranks. Once a part of them, Mayday slowly became a strong member of the team – the friendships forged bringing out her latent confidence and strength of character.
Her first mission was a voluntary assignment: having trained extensively, she created for herself an arsenal of gadgets, and even her own costume, assisting with the defence against En Sabah Nur's assault on the civilian populace, led by the Horseman, 'Famine'. Her 'trial-by-fire' alongside the more experienced members of the X-Men earned her some recognition with her peers, but it wasn't until much later that she really stood apart from them.

Mayday has been a part of several subsequent operations with the X-Men: including the liberation of Circle Pines, where she boasted considerable diplomatic skill when addressing the traumatized students there. She also played a pivotal role in the incarceration and subsequent rehabilitation of the X-Man, Rachel Grey (See Case Report: 'Phoenix'). Her ingenuity with the GPS tracking device – her own creation; the 'Spider Tracer' – led the X-Men to Cairo, where they engaged En Sabah Nur once more alongside the S.W.O.R.D taskforce led by Darren Kent (codename: Warlock). Nur was reportedly killed by Grey, leading to her subsequent arrest and the beginning of her rehabilitation at Xavier Institute. On review of the evidence from Phoenix's attack on London, it is not too bold to say that if not for Mayday's quick thinking and cunning, Grey may indeed never have been caught.

Her powers started to manifest a previously unexpected side-effect during the aftermath of En-Sabah Nur's death; a rapid acceleration in her mutation caused her to exhibit extreme personality shift, and ultimately massive physical mutation into a spider-human hybrid. Upon further investigation it was discovered her mutation is more typical of 'power absorption' (akin to such Mutants as Hope ████). Thus far it is only possible to stop these bouts of mutation by counteracting her X-Gene's absorption of the Spider DNA, this is done by exposing it to instances of Human DNA. Whether or not these treatments will provide a long-term solution, or require her to outright give up her Spider powers is yet unknown. Investigation pending.

Having met her biological father, Richard Parker (human, HORIZON Industries employee, residence Connecticut, USA), Mayday has built a strong relationship with him. It is not until much later she discovered that she has a much bigger family, and shares ties with a number of key players.

During the cannibal killings carried out by the 'Cult of Galactus', Mayday played support for the X-Men in their attempt to apprehend them. Her major encounters with foes of the X-Men include a battle against the mercenary known as Yukio. During - and more prevalent after - this engagement, Mayday's powers fluctuated to a point of near disappearance. It is suspected that this is due to stress, however evidence from her medical exams prove that her human DNA post 'vaccination' have caused her powers to ebb away.

Noteworthy in the midst of these struggles, Mayday has become the girlfriend of one Janet Van Dyne (X-Men affiliation, code-name pending, see files affixed).

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Mayday Parker (Spider Girl)

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Addendum: 117 – 07 – A Power Breakdown: Mayday Parker

DNA Augmentation – RECLASSIFIED: 'Spider'-Mutant

[*]Similarly to mutants that can take on the abilities of other X-Genes, Mayday's power works by absorbing the base traits of DNA that she comes into contact with. A flaw with her power is that it is only by direct exposure to her bloodstream that she is able to absorb DNA traits from others. This 'flaw' is what caused Mayday to take on the abilities of a Spider once she was bitten by the Amazonian Black Arrow Spider. (Medical Records affixed)

[*] The nature of her power is that her X-Gene adapts the absorbed traits to best suit her: her body can generate microscopic scopulae, which allow her to cling to surfaces as a spider would. Her body generates webbing that she can release from her wrists, and her physical strength, stamina and agility have been augmented to adapt for survival. Like the spider species she was bitten by, she also has a sixth-sense that can defend her from immediate danger – sharpening her senses enough to act as a kind of precognition to danger in the immediate vicinity.

[*] Mayday's intellect is also much higher than that of a regular person of her age: whether or not this is due to a secondary mutation, or simply that she is a gifted individual, is yet unknown.


[*] Because of her body constantly attempting to adapt to being a spider/human hybrid, bouts of rapid mutation have caused her to mutate into a literal spider-like creature. This is most possibly the natural progression of her ability's augmentation trait.

[*] Bouts of rapid mutation have been found reversible by the introduction of a specialized 'vaccine', created by injecting base human blood into her own: her X-Gene then finds the middle ground between hybrid and human.

[*] Unforeseen complications with the vaccine treatment mean that Mayday's DNA has permanently bonded with spider traits. Her X-Gene cannot take on a new (or be rid of the current) DNA characteristics, merely fluctuating between human and arachnid.
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