Noriko Ashida - Surge

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Noriko Ashida - Surge

Post by wingyding » Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:58 am

Name: Noriko 'Nori' Ashida

Age: eighteen (18)

Alias: Surge

Powers: Absorption of energy in the form of electricity from literally every available source (uncontrollable), enabling her to collect and direct it into lightning-like blasts of energy, or channel it into bursts of superhuman speed.

History: Noriko manifested suddenly at age thirteen, with an energy blast that broke the windows in the room she was in at the time; her father didn't 'believe in mutants' and Nori ran away from home in Tokyo. She stowed away on a military transport plane to get to the States and from there ran a grift up the East Coast. She grew addicted to several varieties of drugs--most notably heroin--to control her mutation, and got to the point of doing anything for a fix by age fifteen, when she started contracting with dealers to get the drugs. She's talented at stealing, having quick and light fingers, and has stolen most of her clothes and all of her personal effects, carried in a dirty, scuffed backpack she's never without.

Appearance: Noriko is Asian, originally from Tokyo, Japan; she's lived in the United States for years, albeit off the grid as a homeless teen and drifter. She's never been caught in drug busts or raids, though the concept of police makes her incredibly nervous. She's skinny, as a result of not getting much to eat as she has no job and no money to really buy food other than what she can steal. Her eyes are most of the time normal, but when she chooses or is forced to use her ability are a pupil-less bright blue, almost glowing with the intensity of color that matches her hair, also dyed an obviously not natural electric blue.

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