4/3 Instance: Saucy

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4/3 Instance: Saucy

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:04 pm

Timelined for a few days after [Instance]Too Much Fish Penis.

<Carol> The end of another day. Carol was proud of herself for keeping her desk cleared and rewarded herself with some scotch. She took her bottle and glass out to the front of the building, parked her ass on the steps, and looked up at the stars while she drank.

<Christopher> Chris headed towards the door of the school planning to go get some food. He'd skipped eating just about all day and his stomach was rebelling, but at least he'd gotten almost all the papers he needed to grade done. He opened the door and saw a familiar body. "Hey Carol, what're you doin' sittin' out here?"

<Carol> Carol dropped her gaze and offered him a smile, "Just looking at the view."

<Christopher> "It is a nice view." Chris stood next to her looking up at the sky. "Want to grab a bite to eat?"

<Carol> "Sure... probably should eat. Can't remember if I had lunch." She got to her feet, picking up her bottle again.

<Christopher> "Well I didn't so food is needed." Chris' stomach growled loud just to make his point. "See it's got a mind of it's own. Careful or you'll be on the menu." He laughed.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Better hurry then," she headed inside with him and linked arms. "What're we having?"

<Christopher> "Not a clue." Chris laughed a little as she led him inside by his arm. "I was planning on driving around until I found something that looked good."

<Carol> "Driving is good... I guess I should put this back in my office." She shook the bottle at him and headed into her office to drop it off on her desk and pick up her jacket and inhibitor.

<Christopher> "You're not driving but I guess..." He was cut off by her going to put it away. "What're you in the mood for?"

<Carol> "Oh I'll eat anything," she offered him a grin, pulling her jacket on and tucking the inhibitor into her pocket.

<Christopher> "Gonna just softball them in there at me like that?" Chris laughed as he led them to his car. "Hmm so first thing that looks good it is."

<Carol> "You're too easy to mess with. I can't help myself," she laughed, putting her hands in her pockets and hunching her shoulders.

<Christopher> "Pffft only cuz you think it bothers me." Chris bumped into her on the way. "So, how was your day? Guessin' bad cuz of the bottle of booze."

<Carol> "Noooo it was good. Today's scotch was reward scotch."

<Christopher> "Reward scotch for the win." Chris gave her a little shrug.

<Carol> "Scotch is always a win," she agreed, getting into the passenger seat once he unlocked the car.

<Christopher> "I will agree with you on principle. Still keeping away from the stuff..." He sighed getting in the car himself before turning the car on.

<Carol> "Which is why it's in my office and not in my lap," She reached over and patted his leg. "If I'm too bright that you can't see out of the windshield too well then I can put the inhibitor on... Just let me know."

<Christopher> "You don't have to stop cuz of me Carol. Your temptation isn't going to beat the fact that I can buy it at anytime I want. Curse of being rich, it's hard to keep yourself from things." He turned on his music but turned it down low enough that it wouldn't bust her eardrums. "You might need to. If it wasn't dark out we'd be fine."

<Carol> "It's no problem... and I just don't want to make it harder for you..." she pulled the inhibitor out of her pocket and clipped it on to her wrist.

<Christopher> "Yet you keep softballing them in at me." Chris laughed. "You're a brat you know that?" Chris revved the engine a little before pulling down the road. "It's not the same as my baby..."

<Carol> She giggled, "I don't even try!" She patted the car, "It's fine."

<Christopher> "Riiiiight whatever you say goldilocks." Chris put the pedal to the floorboards as they zipped down the drive towards the road.

<Carol> "It's in a lot better condition than my car," she offered, "I really should probably be more careful with it... it's not as indestructible as I am."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I'm pretty sure mine is worse... wrapped it around a tree remember?" Chris slowed the car down when they got closer to the road before turning down it and heading towards the city.

<Carol> "I remember - I pulled you out of it." She looked over at him, shifting in her seat, "It's good that you haven't picked any more fights with trees since."

<Christopher> "I usually win fights with trees. I guess they were going for payback." He shrugged. "That and your little energy blasts, shit hurts."

<Carol> "Well that's usually the point," she laughed, "I don't full on blast people for fun... much."

<Christopher> "Much?" Chris laughed. "Keep them deadly fingers away from me missy!" He looked around for the first good looking place. "Hmm only fast food so far."

<Carol> "They're harmless right now," she prodded him in the shoulder, "And fast food is totally fine... pretty sure my first date with Cess was to Chicken Cow...."

<Christopher> "Ouch! Killing me aaaaaagh." He teased her. "That just sounds like some horrible science experiment." Chris spied a burger joint. "That look good?" He pointed it out to her.

<Carol> "Oh my god, it's awesome - I used to eat there like every day in high school." She glanced out of the window, "It's not bad... not the best. If you want a burger I know a better place."

<Christopher> "Lead the way. Other than the fine dining places I don't really go around much places." He stuck his tongue out at her. "Rich life does have some perks."

<Carol> "I wouldn't call that a perk - fast food is awesome. But you're with the right person for locating all the best spots," she gave him a smile, "Take a left here."

<Christopher> "Left it is." Chris got honked at by a few mad drivers as he took a sharp turn. "Ooops."

<Carol> Carol glanced back through the rear windshield at the angry drivers and laughed, "Now you're driving like me."

<Christopher> "I'm learning from the best?" Chris laughed with her. "If we get pulled over I'm blaming you. Officer I swear she grabbed the wheel from me."

<Carol> "They're totally not going to believe that you can't defend yourself from me." She shook her head, "But you're welcome to try."

<Christopher> "She had me by the nipples?" Chris poked at her. "You look like a nipple pincher."

<Carol> She laughed again, "You're insane." She gave him a playful shove, "Go straight across at this intersection then take the second right."

<Christopher> "Just take it? Like it's mine to keep? You might have to give me a boost I don't think I can fit the whole post in this car."

<Carol> She gave him another shove, "Ha ha."

<Christopher> "If you insist I'm sure I can knock it down." Chris swerved a little at the shove. "Hey now don't make me wreck."

<Carol> "Oh come on, I should barely be able to move you right now. Obviously you've been slacking and you're going all flabby."

<Christopher> "Maybe you're just working out too much?" Chris stuck his tongue out at her. "I mean do you see any flab on this hot bod?"

<Carol> "I don't know..." she reached to poke his stomach.

<Christopher> "Pfft that's all chiseled steel." Chris poked her stomach back.

<Carol> "Uh huh," she smirked, "Okay, it's on the left up here."

<Christopher> Chris pulled into the lot and as soon as he was parked pulled his shirt up to show off his abs. "Pfft see. Bet you're all pudge behind those powers." He blew a raspberry at her."

<Carol> "My powers are turned off right now. Does it look like I'm pudgy?" She gave him a playful punch on the upper arm.

<Christopher> "Hmm did a butterfly just land on me?" Chris raised an eyebrow at her. "So burgers?"

<Carol> She snorted at his comment then opened the door to get out of the car, "Don't judge the place by the looks."

<Christopher> "I'm not the one that doesn't have a healing factor. I'm pretty sure I can kill off food poisoning with a wink." Chris smirked after he got out of the car with her.

<Carol> "I do have a healing factor actually... I just never get hurt so it doesn't get a workout," She rounded the car to him, linking arms with him again as they walked toward the fast food place.

<Christopher> "You don't when your powers are turned off missy." Chris held her arm tight and gave her a little tickle while she was at his mercy.

<Carol> She swatted at his hand, "They're not going to give us food poisoning! You gotta trust the local girl."

<Christopher> "I guess I can trust you." Chris gave her a little bump.

<Carol> She laughed at the bump, using his arm linked with hers to steady herself and leaning against him, "Good. You are in for a treat. I promise."

<Christopher> "What would I do without you Carol?" He smiled.

<Carol> "Hmm.... starve, probably?" She offered him a grin then pulled the door open when they reached it.

<Christopher> "I doubt that but if you say so." Chris followed her into the burger joint.

<Carol> "Yeah you would. You totally can't survive on all that fancy food." She sucked in a deep breath once they were inside, "Mmmm food." The scent of unhealthy foodstuffs was strong.

<Christopher> "Pffft I think I'm doing pretty well." Chris rolled his eyes. He had to admit it did smell good. "I'll second that." He followed Carol's lead on this one.

<Carol> "You're only doing so well because I keep providing you with pizza and coffee," She smiled at him over her shoulder as she led the way to the counter to order. And she ordered rather a lot.

<Christopher> "You did that like once." Chris laughed. Chris did just about the same just a few differences in orders here and there.

<Carol> "Your memory is totally faulty." She leaned against the counter while they waited for their order.

<Christopher> "If you say so. But I think it's more likely you've gotten a good second hand buzz from me smoking pot and imagined it." Chris poked her side.

<Carol> "Or all the pot melted your brain and you forgot." She swatted his hand at the poke, "I guess we'll never know."

<Christopher> "I still have one of those? Are you sure?" Chris rattled his head around. "Guess not."

<Carol> "It already leaked out of your ears. Too many knocks to the head." She nodded sagely, turning to see if their order was nearly ready.

<Christopher> "Sounds like a reasonable explanation." Chris gave her head a gentle push.

<Carol> She laughed, turning her head to try and bite him for that.

<Christopher> "Don't threaten me with a good time now." Chris made a kissy face at her.

<Carol> She gave him a shove, still laughing, "You're awful!" Oh! Food! She turned and claimed her order. Yum!

<Christopher> "This is news to you?" Chris only had to wait a little longer for his food and grabbed his. "I mean come on, you know better than that."

<Carol> "Like I always say, I do know. But I have to remind you in case you forget."

<Christopher> "Pretty sure I consciously know how awful I am. Maybe I just like to make you squirm?" Chris found a place to sit down.

<Carol> "Pfft. It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable." She plonked herself down at the table he'd selected and deactivated her inhibitor because now they didn't have to worry that she'd scare the staff away before they got served.

<Christopher> "Are you trying to get us arrested?" He laughed before digging into the fries he'd gotten.

<Carol> "Why would we get arrested? We're just eating... plus I have my SHIELD credentials on me so good luck with that."

<Christopher> "Challenging me to make you uncomfortable." He grinned wide.

<Carol> She laughed, "I wasn't challenging you! But if you want it to be a challenge..."

<Christopher> "Like I said I don't think we should get arrested or anyone in earshot would enjoy lurid sexual details as I try to make you blush."

<Carol> "Now I'm curious what you think you could do that'd get us arrested just to try and make me uncomfortable." She took a bite of her burger. Her reaction was instant, she made a sound of discomfort then the mouthful of burger was deposited into a napkin.

<Christopher> "Uhmm... Dont eat the burger?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

<Carol> Her eyes were wide, "It's hot..."

<Christopher> "Wait what? I thought things weren't hot when you're powered up." Chris just stared at her.

<Carol> "Well they are... but it doesn't hurt or anything...." She set the napkin to one side and took a more careful bite this time then frowned, "It's fine now."

<Christopher> "Uhmmm you okay?" Chris took a bite of his burger. It was amazing. "God damn that's good."

<Carol> "I told you they're good!" She felt vindicated. "I guess it was a delayed thing from turning the inhibitor off?"

<Christopher> "Maybe? Uhmm be careful then?" Chris frowned a little, it never took him but a second to get his powers back when he took his off.

<Carol> "Yeah..." She shrugged, going back to enjoying her food. Sooooo goooooooood.

<Christopher> "Yeah this is better than trying to make you blush." He scarfed down more of the food.

<Carol> She gave him a smile, "I'm gonna have to give you a tour of the city's best places to eat."

<Christopher> "I'm always game for distractions. I'll make sure it's worth your while in booze!" Chris gave her a little wink.

<Carol> "Bribery will get you everywhere," she smirked, picking up her drink and taking a sip through her straw.

<Christopher> "So I guess I'm going everywhere then huh?" Chris gave her a suggestive smirk.

<Carol> "I guess so," she laughed, starting on her fries.

<Christopher> "Jeez just gonna throw your panties at me next?" Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" She giggled again.

<Christopher> "Depends on what they look like." Chris smirked. "And if you plan on stripping them off here." He gave her another wink before laughing himself.

<Carol> "You know what they look like," she reminded him, "But... I think there'd be objections if I took them off here." She threw a fry at his head.

<Christopher> Chris caught the fry in his mouth. "Doubt it, and really you only wear the one pair?" He stuck his tongue out at her with a smile.

<Carol> "Well... they're a different colour... I think... I don't know I was drunk before."

<Christopher> "Yeah... sorry." Chris frowned a little. And now he was feeling that grasping darkness again.

<Carol> She shook her head, "It's fine... it happened... let's move on..." she gave a shrug, "I'm trying to make light of it... just let me, okay?"

<Christopher> "Yes ma'am." Chris went back to eating his food, it was awkward now.

<Carol> She frowned, picking up a handful of sauce packets and throwing them at him.

<Christopher> "Ack! Stop that!" Chris threw some back at her.

<Carol> She laughed and returned fire with more packets, "Stop moping!"

<Christopher> "Never!" Chris tried to dodge them while returning fire. "Brat." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "I'm sorry? Who's being the brat here? The one having fun or the one refusing not to be a depressed nerd?" She pelted him with more packets, reaching over to another table to get more ammunition.

<Christopher> "I have no idea what you're talking about. You're going to get us kicked out of here." He returned fire at her.

<Carol> "No way. I spend way too much money in here!" She laughed, "Learn to let stuff go or I'm not gonna stop!"

<Christopher> "You have better chances of teaching a monkey to recite Shakespere." Chris rolled his eyes and went back to eating when he wasn't being pelted anymore.

<Carol> "Awww, come on..." She frowned again, shifting to lean over in her seat and hug him tight. "Don't feel bad about what happened between us, okay? All is forgiven. I promise." She pressed a kiss to his cheek, "Not that there was anything to forgive really... I started it..."

<Christopher> "You were drunk... I should have stopped you." Chris sighed. "I appreciate it Carol. And you're one of my best friends, but I don't forgive myself as easily as everyone else."

<Carol> "You have my permission to forgive yourself for this. We're still friends, I'm not holding it against you. Just let it go, okay? Please?"

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little, like it was that easy. "Alright, I'll try Carol."

<Carol> "Try really hard." She gave him another kiss then sat up to finish her food.

<Christopher> "You gonna keep kissing me till I do? Cuz that might get me in trouble."

<Carol> "I don't know, depends on how adorable you plan on being in the mean time."

<Christopher> "I can be pretty adorable." He gave her a fake little pout. "Or just fake it till I make it."

<Carol> She laughed and gave him a shove, "No faking. Actual progress has to be made... but the adorable thing is just a thing that happens so...." she shrugged.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "You really don't know me very well do you?" He popped a fry into his mouth.

<Carol> "I know you well enough," she told him, "That's why I'm telling you you have to make actual progress."

<Christopher> "I'll try Carol." He tried to avoid eye contact as he kept eating.

<Carol> She frowned again but decided to let it go for now, "So... what do you want to do after this? Go straight home?"

<Christopher> "Up to you. If you want to go back we can. I've got no plans for the night." Chris just gave her a little shrug. He was having trouble shaking off the depression again.

<Carol> "Well my plans consisted of getting drunk so... being out with you is probably a healthier alternative. We could go for a walk or something?"

<Christopher> "Probably, I'm not going to stop you from drinking but if you want to just hang out that's good too."

<Carol> "I don't need to drink..."

<Christopher> "Didn't say you did babe. I know I'm hot enough without the sauce." He laughed a little.

<Carol> "Well I don't know... I did just hit you with a lot of sauce."

<Christopher> "So you're saying I look pretty hot right now huh?" He smirked a little.

<Carol> "And saucy." She grinned.

<Christopher> "Oh me?" He gave her his best teasing pose. "I swear I don't know what you're talking about."

<Carol> She laughed and added another sauce packet.

<Christopher> "Damn how saucy do you want me?" He threw it back at her.

<Carol> She grinned as she ate another fry, "Haven't decided yet."

<Christopher> "Oooh baby." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> She laughed, "This is fun."

<Christopher> "I'm just full of fun times?" He shrugged a little.

<Carol> "Apparently," she grinned, leaning over to hug him again.

<Christopher> Chris hugged her back. "Just no moaning in public kay?" He whispered to her to mess with her.

<Carol> She collapsed into giggles, muffling them with his shoulder.

<Christopher> Chris just laughed a little too. "Giggles are more cute than moans so I guess it's acceptable."

<Carol> She prodded him in the stomach, "So bad!"

<Christopher> "The worst. It's why you hang out with me." Chris prodded her side.

<Carol> She laughed, "It might be."

<Christopher> "Well that and my sexy ass." He gave himself a little spank and a laugh.

<Carol> She couldn't resist it and dropped a hand to grope his ass.

<Christopher> "Mmm hey there. Careful or I'll fight back!" He stuck his tongue out at her again.

<Carol> She laughed again, sitting up and reaching for her drink, "You don't wanna do that. There's sauce packets around."

<Christopher> "Impromptu lube?" He gave her the most fake lewd grin he could muster, complete with eyebrow waggling.

<Carol> "Ooooh you crossed a liiiiine." She positioned one of the packets in front of him and brought her fist down on it, splattering him with sauce.

<Christopher> "What planning on licking it off me?" He wiped a little off with one finger and seductively licked it off.

<Carol> "Nope." She grinned and went back to her drink.

<Christopher> "Tease." He smirked before wiping the rest of the sauce off with a napkin.

<Carol> "You know it," she laughed.

<Christopher> "You're going to have to try harder than that to get my goat." He poked her with his foot.

<Carol> "You have a goat?"

<Christopher> "Yup I hide it in my pants want to see?" He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "I'm going to regret this but... yes." She laughed.

<Christopher> "Well you'll have to wait for the car. I'm pretty sure opening my pants would get us kicked out and possibly arrested."

<Carol> "Not if there's a goat in there. That'd totally be a good party trick."

<Christopher> "See now I'm just building suspense."

<Carol> "Free goats for everyone!"

<Christopher> "They'll have to get into my pants first. Good luck with that."

<Carol> "That's easier than it sounds." She smirked.

<Christopher> "You sure? You sure you're just not good at it? I mean it's easy to get in the door if you've got the keys." He laughed a little.

<Carol> "Pfft. I don't need keys for doors."

<Christopher> "I bet not with those two w b d's." He gave her a little wink.

<Carol> She raised an eyebrow, "W B Ds?"

<Christopher> "Weapons of bra destruction." He started with a giggle fit that turned into a full out laugh fest.

<Carol> His laugher made her laugh too, "You're riddiculous!" she gave him a shove, "I meant my fists!"

<Christopher> "Well if he or she is into that, I guess that too?" He couldn't stop laughing and just let her shove him over.

<Carol> She laughed harder, leaning on the table.

<Christopher> Chris slowly got up as he tried to stop laughing before returning to his seat. "See I'm the best."

<Carol> "You're insane," she giggled.

<Christopher> "Exactly. Man this list is getting long. Insane, hot, hmm what else am I missing?" Chris popped another fry in his mouth before taking another bite of burger.

<Carol> "Hungry?" She offered by way of suggestion.

<Christopher> "Depends on what you're talking about. I've ate a lot of food, I might be getting full of that."

<Carol> "Well then you tell me because I don't live in your brain."

<Christopher> "Nevermind." Chris laughed a little. She didn't know how wrong she was right now.

<Carol> She smiled, turning to finish her food so they could go on that walk.

<Christopher> "I got to admit that was pretty good." He sipped at his drink.

<Carol> "I told you. I'm the expert in fast food here. Gotta trust me."

<Christopher> "Always do." Chris gave her a genuine smile. "Gotta admit you know your meat." He smirked a little.

<Carol> Carol was mid sip of her drink and ended up inhaling some.

<Christopher> "Forget how to swallow?" He felt victorious.

<Carol> She gave him a shove while she coughed, "Ass."

<Christopher> "We already discussed this. That's sexy ass. Remember liquid goes down the throat unless you're going for the money shot."

<Carol> She laughed, which made the coughing harder.

<Christopher> "Man choking you and I don't even have my pants off. I must be good."

<Carol> "Oh my God, stop!" She laughed harder, giving him another shove.

<Christopher> "Usually there's a don't in front of that." He gave her a little shove back.

<Carol> She burst into giggles again, getting up from her seat, "Okay, I'm done, let's go outside before we traumatise the staff."

<Christopher> "Hmm I don't know I'm pretty sure they'd love to see you naked." He gave her a suggestive grin again before heading for the door so she couldn't hit him.

<Carol> That's what he thought! Finger gun deployed and aimed at his ass.

<Christopher> "Ow shit! If you wanted me out of my pants you could have done it without destroying them!"

<Carol> "But how would that be fun for me?"

<Christopher> "Sadist." He stuck his tongue out at her. "Gettin a good look at my ass?"

<Carol> "Well if I wasn't looking at it how could I aim so well?"

<Christopher> "You know pictures last longer." He rubbed his butt a little where she'd shot him before he got to the car.

<Carol> "But then I'd have to explain why I had a picture of your ass...."

<Christopher> "It doesn't explain itself?" He stuck his tongue out at her before unlocking his car.

<Carol> "Depends who finds it," she got into the car.

<Christopher> "You know they'd like it too. It's an amazing ass. I keep it well defined." He wiggled it a little before getting in his seat. "So back to the school? Some park around here?"

<Carol> "We could go for a walk on the coast...? It's nice this time of night."

<Christopher> "Moonlit night after all the sex talk?" Chris smirked a little. "Sounds fun. Love the ocean."

<Carol> She laughed, "Well when you put it that way..."

<Christopher> "I do have blankets." He laughed. "Well lead the way."

<Carol> "You should really get gps for this thing," She giggled, but directed him to the coastal road anyway.

<Christopher> "Men don't ask for directions. I'd be giving up my man card and you don't want to know what happens when you do that."

<Carol> "But that's the beauty of it, you don't have to ask for directions with gps."

<Christopher> "Pfft. You really don't get how men work do you?" He poked at her side.

<Carol> "I guess not," she squirmed, "Because you seem totally fine about asking me for directions."

<Christopher> "You're the co-pilot, it's allowed." He tickled her a little.

<Carol> "Hey, knock it off!" She smacked at his hands, "Pay attention to the road!"

<Christopher> "We're indestructable?" He wasn't driving recklessly, just recklessly trying to tickle her. "So just keep driving aimlessly?"

<Carol> "It's not aimless, I gave you directions! Jeez...." she smacked at his hands again.

<Christopher> "I have no idea what you're talking about." Chris followed her directions even though he feigned ignorance.

<Carol> She prodded him in the ribs after reactivating her inhibitor, "Ass."

<Christopher> "That's sexy breezy ass to you, miss blows holes in my pants." He poked her back not aiming.

<Carol> Carol dropped her gaze to her boob where he was poking her. "Feeling like you earned the hole now."

<Christopher> "Hey now don't blame me for those giant things I wasn't aiming."

<Carol> "Totally blaming you." She looked out of the window, "There should be somewhere to park over here on the right."

<Christopher> "Pfft. You're just blaming me cuz I have a penis." Chris pulled into the first lot he found to park.

<Carol> "Totally legit reason." She nodded sagely to herself.

<Christopher> "Pfft, sexist." Chris rolled his eyes and got out of the car.

<Carol> She laughed, getting out and closing the door before wrapping her jacket more securely around her and trying to get some control over her hair as the wind whipped it around.

<Christopher> "That's a sexy look let me tell you." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "Oh shut up," she laughed, stuffing her hands into her pockets. Being a leather flight jacket, it was nice and warm at least. She turned for the path down to the beach and started toward it.

<Christopher> Chris followed behind her giving her backside a once over for a moment until he thought better. "So how's things?"

<Carol> "Good... well... as good as can be expected in the crazy house we call a school," she smiled over her shoulder at him, "You?"

<Christopher> "I'm surviving. Shit's still tough but I'm making my way through it." He sighed a little just looking down at the sand.

<Carol> She stopped and turned to face him, catching him in a hug, "We'll figure it out."

<Christopher> Chris hugged her back not wanting to let go. "It's harder than you think... Not sleeping is the worst."

<Carol> "I know..." she didn't let go either, closing her eyes against the wind and the sand, "Why do you think I drink?"

<Christopher> "I'm not supposed to..." Chris let go of her to run a hand through his hair.

<Carol> "I know... and I think you're doing great not drinking.... Really. I'm proud of you." She stepped back a little to give him a smile, "You're doing better than I am."

<Christopher> "You're not the one who was trying to kill yourself drinking." He wouldn't look at her after that.

<Carol> She gave him another hug for that, as tight as she could manage in her depowered state, resting her head on his shoulder.

<Christopher> Chris didn't return the hug at first but did eventually. "Thanks Carol."

<Carol> "If you ever feel like that again, please tell me, okay?" She shut her eyes as her breath hitched.

<Christopher> "That'd be me calling you a lot Carol..." Chris hugged her tighter.

<Carol> She buried her face against his neck, the tears she couldn't stop falling onto his skin, "I don't care."

<Christopher> "Don't cry Carol." Chris rubbed her back gently.

<Carol> "If you don't want me to cry, don't put me through losing you." She clung to the back of his shirt.

<Christopher> "I know Carol. I know..." He tried hard not to cry with her.

<Carol> She nuzzled into his neck and sniffed, trying to get a handle on her emotions. She flattened her hands out on his back, smoothing down his shirt. "Promise you'll come to me if you feel like that..."

<Christopher> Chris decided to lie to her rather than tell her how he almost always felt. "Yeah." He decided to try and cuddle her to distract her.

<Carol> "You've suffered enough, okay? You have so much good in your life now..." It was hard to get the words out because his had scared her so much.

<Christopher> "I'm still suffering..." Chris held her close, tears almost breaking through. "I know I've got more good going for me now... It's hard to get over the past."

<Carol> "I know... and however many times it takes, I'm going to keep telling you that it wasn't your fault."

<Christopher> "I could argue with you... but I'll give in for now."

<Carol> She smiled a little against his neck, "I'm wearing you down."

<Christopher> "You have an advantage, you have boobs and you're crying." He gave her a little squeeze.

<Carol> She managed a small laugh, almost forced out of her by the squeeze, "One day you'll start believing it."

<Christopher> "Going to indoctrinate me?" He tickled her a little.

<Carol> She giggled and squirmed, "If that's what it takes."

<Christopher> "Good luck." Chris smiled a little.

<Carol> She returned the smile and hugged him again, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "Come on... let's go for that walk."

<Christopher> Chris returned the hug with a little smile. "What if I like you touching all over me." He poked her side before starting to walk again.

<Carol> "Then I guess you'll have to think of something else to say that'll make me hug you, won't you?" She took his hand as they walked, mostly to stop the poking.

<Christopher> "I could easily do that Carol, but I don't want to make you cry again." He gave her hand a squeeze.

<Carol> She squeezed back, "Yeah... please don't do that..." she reached up to wipe her face with the back of her free hand.

<Christopher> "I'll be good for tonight." He kept walking along trying to distract himself.

<Carol> She nodded, leaning against him while they walked along the beach, listening to the waves wash back and forth across the sand. It was kind of soothing.
:quicksilver Pietro Maximoff [Quicksilver]

Quicksilver: Howisshe?Isshealright?Imusetspeakwithmysisteratonce.
Hawkeye: What is that noise?
IronMan: That is the noise Pietro makes right before he's tossed out of the airlock. ~ Avengers: The Children's Crusade #6

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