4/3 Instance: Too Much Fish Penis

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4/3 Instance: Too Much Fish Penis

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:02 pm

Timelined right after [Instance]Wrestling Mud.

<Carol> Carol followed the students down the ramp onto the lawn with a sigh and watched Heather escort Warren off to the medlab. At least he was conscious now. She pulled off her gloves and tucked them into her belt, scrubbing her face with her hands. For once she was glad that she didn't have hair at the moment. Her head was about the only place not covered in mud.

<Carol> She figured she should probably hit the showers but, after glancing down at herself, she didn't like her chances if she trapsed mud all through Cessily's rooms. She decided to take her muddy self to the showers in the main building and flew her way along the corridors rather than leave boot prints everywhere.

<Carol> She paused when she passed Chris' classroom then backtracked a little, poking her head inside.

<Christopher> Chris was head down in papers working on trying to keep himself distracted. If he was distracted all of the world was fine and he didn't feel the need to seclude himself away. To never come out again. The bad thoughts were kept at bay by the constant activity. Eventually he knew that would burn him out, but it wasn't eventually yet and he was going to keep trying.

<Christopher> Headphones in blaring metal and red pen scribbling corrections on mistakes from his biology classes. The world was an empty void of music and biology facts. "Jesus seriously... why why do they always put penises on the fish." Chris just sighed and put a huge red x over the drawing.

<Carol> Carol's eyebrow went up at the talk of fish penis and now she was curious. She headed over to his desk and leaned down to put her face in his eyeline.

<Christopher> Chris jumped at the sudden appearance of Carol in his eyeline. "Holy shit Carol. Warn a guy!" He clutched his chest a little. "And why are you coated in mud... Do I want to know?"

<Carol> "Landslide.... and I figured you wouldn't hear me over your music...." She straightened up and offered him an apologetic smile.

<Christopher> "Uhmm well did you have fun?" Chris questioned weakly. He'd realized what he'd done exactly with Carol the day after it happened and he'd been avoiding her since.

<Carol> "Nearly killed a student... so I guess?" She shrugged helplessly, "Having fun with your fish penis?"

<Christopher> "Holy shit that's not good. Everything good now?" He assumed as much but still felt the need to ask. "It's annoying. I don't know why they take my class if they're not going to pay attention. One student every time, always, draws a penis on a fish when discussing reproductive systems."

<Carol> "Maybe they feel sorry for them?" She offered and sighed, "After some CPR he was fine... well... a little busted up but he's being taken to Anna right now." She unzipped her uniform jacket and peeled it off, pulling a face at all the mud.

<Christopher> "You're not going to clean that up are you?" Chris looked away just a little as she undressed, even if it was just her jacket. "I don't know but they get a big fat zero for the answer everytime."

<Carol> "I'll think about it..." she wrinkled her nose, "At least it's dry... you can just sweep it up.... at least I didn't sit on your desk."

<Christopher> "You make the mess and I have to clean it up? Doesn't sound very fair there." Chris frowned a little. "Please don't... so many papers to grade. I've got to stop putting this off."

<Carol> "How long have you been at this? Maybe it's time to take a break? Apparently there is such a thing as too much fish penis.... and no, I'm never letting that go."

<Christopher> "Not long enough." Chris pointed to the stack of papers that needed grading. That and he really didn't want to be alone with her. "Yeah... you can keep it if you keep my students from using it."

<Carol> "But then you'd have nothing to yell at them for. I'm not stealing your fun like that..." She shook her head, "Yelling is the best part of this job."

<Christopher> "See I'm not as into the yelling as you." He laughed a little. "I prefer to mentor the young minds and if possible corrupt them beyond repair." Chris shot her a little smirk.

<Carol> "Well maybe lay off the corrupting this semester - give me a break from that drama?"

<Christopher> "Yeah I didn't mean like that..." And now he was depressed again. Thinking about Kat and Hope just made him feel terrible. "Drama's a bitch."

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah... I've definitely had my fill of that today.... and I need to write a report but I don't want to..."

<Christopher> "That sucks ass." He frowned. "Looks like we both have a long night ahead of us." Chris set his pen down and leaned back in his chair.

<Carol> "Yeah... I'm really hoping this doesn't put the brakes on my plans...." she sighed heavily, "I guess I should go and shower or something..."

<Christopher> "Probably. Or at least go change your clothes. You're pretty much caked in mud." Chris quirked a brow. "Plans? What kind of plans?" He was a little curious now.

<Carol> "I wanted to get mutants some good PR with helping SHIELD out... but I was kind of hoping not to nearly kill any students in the process. Figure that's going to be an issue..."

<Christopher> "Ahh. Probably. Maybe you'll get lucky?" Chris shrugged a little. "We've got some pretty shit press out there... guess I'm to blame on some of that too."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "That's on record as not your fault... and the media don't need reasons to pile shit on mutants - they get plenty from the public's paranoia. No evidence required."

<Christopher> "I'm sure they still blamed that on mutants. And it is my fault. Just not in a conventional way that yall will let me take the blame for." He sighed. "People hate things that are different. They hate change and it seems that mutants are starting to show up more often nowadays."

<Carol> "But that's not our fault... none of us chose to be like this..." she sighed, "Things need to change... which is what I'm trying to do with this..." she gestured at her muddy self. "But first time out and nearly killing a student doesn't look good...."

<Christopher> "Yeah probably not." Chris sighed. "This place makes me want to drink... Why did I swear off it again?" He looked for a pack of cigarettes. At least he could smoke, that took some of the edge off.

<Carol> "Because you want to set a good example for your kid?" Carol guessed, "And because it makes you dumb.... but I think it has that effect on everyone... and I'm sure as hell not giving it up."

<Christopher> "I think it was more the drinking myself into a coma each night to deal with my problems." Chris sighed. "I'm dumb all on my own. Side mutation maybe?" He found the cigarettes and got up to open a window.

<Carol> "Maybe it's the blond." She reached over and ruffled his hair. "And don't knock the drinking yourself into a coma thing... sometimes that's the only reason I sleep at all."

<Christopher> "Yeah... that was the only reason I was sleeping." Chris ran a hand through his hair. "You don't care if I smoke do you?" He paused to wait for her answer, so far she was the only one he was sharing with and it made him feel worse about what had happened.

<Carol> She shook her head, "No, it's fine... You know... my door's still open if you want to talk..." Even though she'd been avoiding him lately. She'd decided she was just going to have to be more careful.

<Christopher> Chris leaned against the windowsill and lit up. "Thanks... Right now I just badly want a lot of drinks and to pass out." He sighed after he took a long drag, smoke flowing out the window. "But I have to grade papers."

<Carol> "I'd offer to help but I think I'd probably draw penisis on fish too... if only because now I know it pisses you off." She offered a grin, "How about I go get cleaned up then I'll come and keep you company? I can bring snacks?"

<Christopher> "Pfft I don't grade your papers. Draw as many penis fishes you want. Just make sure you throw your name on it that you graded it so I don't get in trouble for sexually harassing students. Sure, would be more enjoyable to have company. Even if it's just you." Chris teased her a little.

<Carol> She laughed, giving him a shove, "I'm amazing. You're just jealous." She walked her muddy self to the door, "Back in a little while with less dirt... at least on the outside."

<Christopher> "You're cleaning up that mess, miss amazing." Chris rolled his eyes and worked at finishing his cigarette.

<Carol> A half hour later, Carol returned with coffee, snacks and pizza. She also had a bottle of scotch tucked under her arm and expertly balanced the lot as she walked back into the classroom. "How's the grading going?"

<Christopher> "It's not." Chris was sitting on the windowsill now, smoking what didn't look like a cigarette. "I'm being lazy. How'd the getting cleaned up go?"

<Carol> "You tell me," she set her treasures down on a desk or two and ran a hand through her hair. "Pizza?"

<Christopher> "No comment." He was not going to open that can of worms again. "Sure. You didn't ask permission to come aboard." Chris laughed a little.

<Carol> "Pfft. You're so not a superior officer." She sat down at a desk and opened the pizza box, taking out a slice and propping up her bare feet on another chair.

<Christopher> "Says you. I'm the professor and you're in my classroom. Maybe I should give you a demerit." Chris got up to get a slice of pizza.

<Carol> "Try it. You might find your trailer gets mysteriously wall papered in fish penisis."

<Christopher> "You say that like it's a threat." He smirked. "Thanks for the pizza. Perfect treat to bring to cheer someone up."

<Carol> "Junk food is always awesome," she nodded sagely, careful not to drop pizza on her starfleet academy shirt. "It was that or chinese... nearly ordered both."

<Christopher> "You're insatiable aren't you?" Chris took a bite of the pizza before another drag. "You didn't bring me anything to drink though."

<Carol> "There's coffee..." she lifted the flap of the pizza box because it was hiding the coffee. "But I can get something else if you'd rather...? And I've always eaten a lot... Cess kind of spoils me there, we order a lot of takeout."

<Christopher> And now he felt bad again at the mention of Cess. "Yeah. I do sometimes. Appetite hasn't been very good lately." Chris sat back down in his chair. "You're fine. Coffee is good and I have water."

<Carol> She opened her bottle of scotch and added a large measure to her cup of coffee before she took a sip, "I can always eat... I guess if I stop eating that's a sign something's really wrong."

<Christopher> "Maybe I should start bringing snacks around with me to tell if you're you or not. Can't have pod people infiltrating the school." Chris finished the slice he had but didn't take another. His appetite was gone again.

<Carol> "If I ever refuse a blueberry muffin, I'm definitely a pod person... or I know they've been poisoned."

<Christopher> "Blueberry muffins it is. Little debbie makes little packages of mini ones, I'll stock up." Chris laughed a little. "So mission went south huh?" He tried to change the subject and direct it away from anything personal.

<Carol> "My mom's are the best way to check but sure, mini muffins are good," she grinned, helping herself to more pizza. "It didn't go south exactly... there was another landslip while we were there... one of the students got caught in it."

<Christopher> "That sucks. But you can't plan natural disasters. I mean my first mission ended for me with my throat ripped out and healing in some like pit fight morgue area."

<Carol> "Yeah I know... but he very nearly died... there's going to be questions and probably yelling..." She pulled a face before she had more of her modified coffee.

<Christopher> "Damn... that's not good. At least you got him back him in one piece. He was in one piece right?"

<Carol> "One slightly mangled piece, yeah... but Anna probably fixed that by now." She sighed, "Maybe I need to train them better..."

<Christopher> "Thank God for crazy Irish women? And hey looks like you avoided her yelling fit." Chris mulled over the idea. "If you want to make this a thing, yeah probably."

<Carol> "I have been training them... I thought they were ready...." she frowned, "And it's not really Anna's yelling that bothers me - I only understand about thirty percent of what comes out of her mouth. It's Fury's yelling and Erik's disapproving looks I'm dreading."

<Christopher> "I do not envy those conversations. Good luck babe. Feel free to crack into my liquor stock pile if you need it. I won't anymore."

<Carol> "I'll probably put it off until they come to me... file my report and hide under my bed or something... or on the moon. That's far enough away that I shouldn't hear Fury's head explode."

<Christopher> "See maybe you can make his head actually explode and then you don't have to listen to it."

<Carol> "Yeah... but I think there might be more yelling from someone higher up if they have to find a new director for SHIELD..."

<Christopher> "Hmm well sounds like a big ass chain of you're fucked babe." He frowned. "You need a scape goat for the next mission."

<Carol> She raised an eyebrow, a small smirk playing at the corner of her mouth, "You volunteering?"

<Christopher> "I might be dumb but I'm not that stupid. You'd have to really butter me up to get myself into that mess. I mean you'd need at least three whole sticks if not more." He cracked a little smile.

<Carol> "I brought you pizza!" She pointed out.

<Christopher> "Pffft I can get my own pizza. I'm not putting my ass on the line for something I can order with a single phone call." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> Carol considered what she had to offer that was better than pizza, "I let you see my boobs?" She reminded him, realising then that the scotch was probably kicking in.

<Christopher> Chris actually blushed at that. "Yeah no deal. I've heard horrible rumors about that man from the other agents." He chewed on his lip a little now avoiding eye contact completely.

<Carol> "He's a very angry guy... with apparently super human blood pressure."

<Christopher> "Makes me very glad I don't work for SHIELD. Can you imagine... I mean shit I'd probably be the one who ends up giving him a heart attack."

<Carol> She laughed, "If I haven't managed it yet, I think you'd be fine. I cost SHIELD a lot of money in tech and vehicles...."

<Christopher> "We have met right?" Chris raised an eyebrow. "Now just think, me with access to military grade weaponry."

<Carol> "Neither of us need that shit to help us destroy things."

<Christopher> "Don't need it'd just make it all the more worse." Chris eyed the bottle of scotch for a moment, wishing he could have some. "I can see it now. The end of the world, staring Christopher Nord and Carol Danvers."

<Carol> "As heroes or villains?" She giggled.

<Christopher> "Heroes obviously, we fail that bad. As villains we'd bring the world into a new era of technology and awesome."

<Carol> She laughed and raised her coffee in toast before taking a drink.

<Christopher> "See if we were just evil this world would be a better place."

<Carol> "Being evil seems like so much effort though... all that plotting and cackling...."

<Christopher> "I don't know I think the cackling would be fun. Plus there's the added bonus that everything you wear looks badass."

<Carol> "But I don't think I could get away with my nerd shirts...." she pouted, "I like my nerd shirts."

<Christopher> "Pfft you could be the nerd queen. With those tits you'd have an army in seconds." Chris teased her, his shame already forgotten for the moment.

<Carol> She laughed, "An army of basement dwelling teenagers, yay!"

<Christopher> "Don't forget the crazy cosplay enthusiasts. They could make you all sorts of awesome useless weapons."

<Carol> "It's very tempting... but I still think it's too much like effort... and minions are needy."

<Christopher> "Yeah probably. Where do we get some of those cute little tic tac ones from despicable me? That would be awesome. They'd even fit my color scheme."

<Carol> "Oh they're cute... but dangerous..." She shook her head, "I think if we had those we should just gift them to our enemies. Minimal effort."

<Christopher> "With lots of explosive weaponry. See you're already thinking like an evil genius."

<Carol> "I've had a lot of practice - being an older sibling gives me an unfair advantage."

<Christopher> "See me and my brother never did any of that stuff." He just shrugged. "Makes me feel like a terrible brother but I don't even know how any of my family is doing... Been forever since I've talked to any of them."

<Carol> "Maybe you should give them a call?" She suggested, "I talk to Joe a lot... my parents, not so much."

<Christopher> "My dad and brother are anti-mutant. And my mother ignores the fact that I'm a mutant." Chris sighed. "I think I'll just keep my distance. Especially now..."

<Carol> "Don't think your mom would like to know she's a grandma?" She picked up the pizza box and waved it at him.

<Christopher> "Maybe. I don't have the energy to deal with them though." Chris sighed. "Mom might be the only one that doesn't lose her shit over my son being part tiger."

<Carol> "You should tell her... at least give her the option of coming to see him..."

<Christopher> "I'll talk to Greer about it. I don't really think I have much say anymore... Ya know leaving her pregnant to raise him herself."

<Carol> "It's not your fault she didn't tell you," Carol rolled her eyes, "I can't believe she waited as long as she did. I wanted her to tell you right away. I told her to..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, I don't blame her. I haven't been the best person in the world lately... Not really dad material."

<Carol> "You're better dad material than my dad..." she offered by way of consolation. "And he had three chances to get it right."

<Christopher> "Your dad a drunk? A drug addict? Level two cities full of people?" Chris was starting to feel even lower. Why had he invited her back again? Now he had to try to hide harder that he felt like he was losing himself.

<Carol> "You're none of those things anymore..." she got up from her chair to hug him, "And Thomas loves you. What matters is that you love him and you're going to do what's best for him no matter what."

<Christopher> "You guys keep telling me that. But I don't feel like myself anymore." Chris ran a shaky hand through his hair. "And I do love him. He's a handful but I'm actually happy when I see him."

<Carol> "What can I do to help you get back to normal?" She stepped back from him a little to see his face.

<Christopher> "Dunno Carol. I really don't," Chris sighed. "Sorry didn't mean to be a downer."

<Carol> "It's okay..." she gave him another hug and a squeeze, though it wasn't up to her usual rib-cracking standards because of the inhibitor on her wrist. "Let me know when you figure it out, okay?"

<Christopher> "You'll be the first I tell promise." He gave her a weak smile. "Thanks Carol."

<Carol> "You don't have to thank me," she returned the smile, "We're friends."

<Christopher> "Doesn't mean I don't appreciate you." Chris finally hugged her back, holding her close. "I mean it, thank you Carol."

<Carol> She slid her arms back around him and rested her chin on his shoulder, "Anytime."
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