4/3 Instance: Wrestling Mud

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4/3 Instance: Wrestling Mud

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:00 pm

Timelined after [Instance]Counselling and Cuddles and Heather's counselling session.

<Warbird> Carol finished making her pre-flight checks, the jet already on the lawn and ready to go. She waited at the ramp in the rear of the jet to see who might show up to join the SHIELD team of medics she was bringing already.

<Angel> Warren walked up to the jet. He needed a distraction and this had sounded like a good way to do it. "Hello?"

<Warbird> Carol peered around the side of the jet, "Hey, you come to help? Go right on in and take a seat... not in the pilot seat. That's mine."

<Fee> Fee walked towards the jet with purpose, making a bee-line towards the ramp. "Reporting for duty?" she asked, though her lips twisted a bit when she saw Warren, but flashed him a brief smile.

<Angel> "Uhmm can I just fly myself?" He spread his wings out. "Cramped spaces don't agree with these."

<Warbird> "I don't know, can you get to Nepal like that in less than half an hour?" Carol raised an eyebrow at the kid then looked at Fee, "Hey, go right on in and take a seat."

<Angel> "Uhmm maybe? How fast can I get there at mach 2?" He shrugged a little. "H...hey Fee."

<Warbird> "Just get on the jet." Carol rolled her eyes, "It won't be for long and I'd rather keep track of everyone in one place." Her eyes caught a glint of light in the distance as another student approached.

<Fee> Fee gave a mock salute towards Carol and flashed her quite the friendly smile. "Hi Mo... Momentary non-pilot. Oh look, you're a pilot now," she rambled on, not making a bit of sense before she booked it on inside the jet to find a seat. "Come on, Warren."

<Angel> Warren sighed a little and folded his wings back as tight as he could. If it wasn't first class he never had enough room.

<Lifeguard> Heather landed on the lawn near the jet, folding her wings behind her and giving Carol a wave. "Figured I should maybe try and live up to my code name..." she gave a small smile before she headed up into the jet and stopped short. Aw Fuck. She attempted to ignore the awkward and went to take a seat.

<Angel> Warren made his way onto the jet and found a seat. This is going to be awkward...

<Fee> Fee's eyes flashed wide at the sight of Heather and she sank back into her seat, as if wishing she could disappear clear into it, and attempted to avoid eye contact.

<Warbird> Carol waited until the alotted time and allowed an extra thirty seconds before she headed into the jet herself and raised the ramp, securing it for the trip. "Okay, seatbelts on and fastened please." She took a seat and started up the engines, not bothering with a seatbelt for herself.

<Fee> Fee fumbled with her seatbelt for a little longer than it should take, as if she temporarily forgot how they worked. "Aye aye, captain," she murmured, finally clicking belt into place.

<Angel> Warren just kept quiet and buckled his seatbelt. Trying hard to keep his eye contact on the floor or wall. Why couldn't he have just flown there himself...?

<Warbird> "Hey, don't demote me either!" She complained, throwing a small smirk over her shoulder. "And it's Warbird for this mission... which I'll explain the details of once we're out of the way of commercial traffic." The jet lifted off the lawn and accelerated quickly and smoothly as they climbed.

<Fee> "Do we all get code names? Do I get one too?" Fee asked aloud, grabbing onto that topic and running with it. "I'm sure I could come up with one..."

<Warbird> "If you want one you can have one. Heather there is Lifeguard - she picked that herself." Carol replied, most of her attention still on the sky and their altitude.

<Angel> "Uhmm... should I go with the obvious?" Warren quirked an eyebrow at the cockpit.

<Warbird> "The media love the obvious ones so if you're comfortable with it, sure. Knock yourself out."

<Angel> "Angel it is I guess. I mean, it's better than pigeon."

<Fee> Fee allowed her gaze to wander, sweeping over Heather and Warren as they were all now trapped there together. "Um... I'll think of one. Obvious, huh..." she chewed on her tongue as she looked to Heather and then to Warren before looking towards Carol.

<Lifeguard> Heather snorted at Warren's comment. She couldn't help it.

<Fee> "I could go with Cat," Fee then suggested aloud, and then seemed to gauge the reaction among the group gathered. It wasn't a name entirely new, for those that knew of the 'stripper name' she went by at the club.

<Warbird> Once they were at a safe height, Carol engaged the auto pilot and turned in her seat to face them all. "Have a think about it, it'll stick with you for a long time... in the mean time, I suppose I should talk to you about why you're here."

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods of her head. "Cat would be something I could live with," she remarked before falling quiet to debate that name for a bit until Carol turning around caught her attention. "Helping... people, for school credit?" she volunteered. "And for the betterment of society," she quickly added.

<Warbird> "And good PR," Carol added, "Because, God knows, Mutants need some good PR." She sighed, "There's been a massive landslide in Nepal. We're going to assisst the rescue crews because we can get in there without having to take the roads that no longer exist. I need not stress that you will be there representing SHIELD and mutantkind to the media and the locals. So be on your best behaviour."

<Fee> Fee eyeballed Heather at Carol's remark on being on best behavior, because for some reason her attention flowed that way. Although she herself had been the one to moreso flip her lid that fateful day. "Easy enough, just focus on helping out and stuff," she responded to Carol.

<Warbird> "But not at the expense of your own safety. This is an active disaster zone, it's still raining and there might be more land slips while we're there. I need you to stay in constant contact with me and each other and be aware of your surroundings. The body armour in your uniforms will protect you to some extent but if you get in trouble, just yell and I'll come straight to you."

<Lifeguard> Heather frowned a little, "I don't think I'm gonna have that kind of problem..."

<Fee> "So we're going to have to... uh... work together," Fee remarked, as if suddenly coming to this conclusion now, other than the fact they were all on the same plane, going to the same place.

<Warbird> Carol nodded, "Definitely. And I'm glad Heather's coming because her powers are uniquely suited to this kind of situation. If she says there's danger... listen to her." She glanced briefly at the map on the control panel. "Please, please be careful."

<Angel> "Sounds like fun..." Warren shrugged. "So flying people out would probably be the best plan?"

<Warbird> "If you can get them out without doing them more harm, yes. Fly them to safety. I'll point out the relief stations when we get there. I'll be mainly working on bringing people in unless they need some heavy lifting."

<Fee> Fee eyed Heather again as Carol spoke, other than being golden... Fee knew very little about her, other than her ties to Warren. "So we'll be seeking out and rescuing people?" she asked, to clarify.

<Warbird> "That's the plan. Work with the rescue teams and each other to get people out of there before it gets any worse. The authorities on the ground are worried about flooding as well as further landslips so we want to get in there as fast as possible." She gave them a small smile, "But before we land, I just want to say that I'm proud of you for volunteering whatever else happens."

<Fee> Fee wasn't quite sure how she felt about Carol's last sentence, and it showed upon her face. She seemed a little anxious, going to the rather dangerous place. "Good deeds, I just want to help," and it was true.

<Angel> "So swoop in, don't die, save people. Don't fuck up and get caught with our pants down? Am I missing anything?"

<Warbird> Carol bestowed a smile on them all before turning back to the control panel, the auto pilot indicating that it would soon be time to start their descent and giving a local weather report. She looked back over her shoulder at Warren's question, "That's about it."

<Fee> Fee eyed Warren at the pants down comment. "Pretty straight forward," she remarked before taking interest in just about anything other than looking at Heather, though her gaze landed upon her every so often, and then Warren. As if to judge by look alone how both of them felt.

<Warbird> "Okay, hold on tight. It might get bumpy... weather's kinda crappy." The SHIELD agents seated behind the students gripped the straps at their shoulders.

<Angel> "Can I just get out now?" Warren looked over the plane again, if this thing went down he didn't want to die in a mess of metal.

<Warbird> "I'm offended that you would even ask me that," Carol replied as she steered them through the cloud cover. "No, you cannot get out."

<Angel> "You can break through metal... I can't fly cramped up like this."

<Lifeguard> "She's not going to crash the plane, Warren..." Heather rolled her eyes, "She can fly a space ship built by space birds, she can fly this no problem."

<Warbird> "Thank you, space travel buddy." Carol called back.

<Angel> Warren just shut up when Heather chastised him. He still felt like he was walking on thin ice with Heather and Fee.

<Fee> Fee did the same as the other agents and gripped tightly upon the straps that kept her snug in her seat. Her gaze ping-ponged back and forth between Heather and Warren. "Don't feel trusting of Carol, Warren?" she asked, loaded question or not.

<Angel> "I don't like flying in planes." It made him very anxious.

<Warbird> "It's not for much longer," Carol assured him as they exited the cloud cover and the full extent of the devastation became visible. "Medics, get your kits. You're off first." Several of the SHIELD agents, unstrapped themselves and started taking down equipment.

<Fee> "We all sometimes have to do things we'd rather not," Fee replied before switching her focus towards those that moved around, and then the ground beneath them through the windows. "Oh wow..." she murmured, gazing down at the scene

<Lifeguard> Heather watched the ground come closer and waited to discover the point at which her powers kicked in.

<Warbird> Carol put the jet into a hover and lowered the ramp to let the medics off, "Pay attention to where we are, this is where you'll bring any transportable casualties, okay?" she instructed as equipment was passed out before the medics hopped off the jet.

<Angel> Warren calmed himself a little with a few deep breaths, it was almost time for them to get out. "Right."

<Warbird> When the medics were out, Carol raised the ramp again and flew them to the disaster site. "Okay... good luck. Remember to work together. If you find someone you can't get to or can't move, give me a shout over comms."

<Lifeguard> Heather opened the compartment in the armrest of her seat and took out the earpiece within, putting it in place before she unclipped her belt and got out of her seat.

<Fee> Fee snapped into serious mode and gave a few firm nods of understanding. She did the same, watching Heather fish an earpiece out, and repeated the action herself. "Let's do this," spoken as she unhooked herself and made ready to go as well, trying to blend in as if she knew what she was doing. Though she was rather anxious to what she might find.

<Angel> Warren followed suit when he saw what Heather was doing and stretched a little. "Alright."

<Lifeguard> Heather stepped off the jet, stretching her wings out wide before launching herself into the air and flying low over the scene to get a feel for the area and the danger hotspots.

<Fee> Fee frowned as Heather flew off, passing a glance at Warren as she assumed he'd do the same... before walking down the ramp like an average human. She tread lightly as she moved, watching her footing as she surveyed the scene. She found herself drawn a little ways off to the left, and so she moved her way over towards what looked like it had once been a small building.

<Angel> Warren did exactly that except he went in a different direction. It didn't take him long to find someone who needed help and flew down to get them out of danger.

<Lifeguard> Heather dove into a mud bank when her danger sense reached its peak and pulled out a parent and two children from the house that had been buried. She found herself with extra arms and increased strength to manage them all and transported them to a safe area.

<Fee> Fee picked her way towards this smaller building, lots of debris piled against it, parts of the roof collapsed inward. She cast a look around, catching sight of Heather and Warren flying about, and frowned. "Normal human to the rescue," she murmured before carefully stepping to climb some debris and move to pass through a window. "Hello?" she called, and then waited for an answer.

<Fee> Something made her attention draw upward, just in time to see a section of roof separate and begin to fall downward. "Shit!" Fee exclaimed and moved quickly out of the way.

<Angel> Warren found his way back to the medics with his person and deposited them with a little smile before taking off again. It was a little bit of a rush to save people and he was happy to go after more.

<Warbird> Having deposited the jet in a safe location, Carol was working on transporting the wounded that had been dug out to the medical centre and transporting emergency supplies back. At least she was easy for them to spot and flag down.

<Fee> Fee noted movement and tucked in a corner, underneath a table, was a small child. Fee approached with caution and looked with gentle concern upon the frightened child as she moved closer, arms outstretched. Once the toddler was safe in her arms, she looked around the rest of the crumbled building. "Could someone come and get this little girl from me? I found her alone, but I doubt she was," she spoke, making her way gingerly over towards the window she'd passed through.

<Lifeguard> "On my way," Heather replied, returning to the site and landing to look around for Fee.

<Fee> Fee moved over towards the window and eased on through it. At the sight of Heather the girl gripped upon Fee tighter. "No, she's here to help," Fee soothed, whether or not the child understood what she said, readjusting the youngster in order to transfer her over to Heather. "Thanks," she spoke to Heather, trying to keep things casual.

<Lifeguard> Heather took the child gently, "No problem." She spread her wings and took her to where she might find someone familiar to cling to.

<Angel> Warren managed to focus long enough to use his aura seeing ability to find the lights of people that were trapped under rubble. "I need a medic team to me. I can't move these people without them getting hurt worse." He relayed across the comm while trying to comfort them that help was on the way.

<Warbird> "I'm on it," Carol replied, collecting the personnel and heading to Warren, "How many are under there?" she asked as she set the medics down.

<Angel> "I don't know, I think three. But the light's fading." Warren tried to focus harder. "There might be more."

<Fee> Fee went back to searching around the smallish building she'd found the little girl. Having found her alone had troubled her more than she thought. Near to the table, there was something darker that caught her attention.

<Fee> After moving some debris, she found that there was an opening to some sort of basement, and the sound of a faint, panicked voice below. "I've found more over here too.. bring flashlights?" she announced over her comm before tugging a headlamp from a pouch on her hip and placing it on her head, flipping it on and looking down into the darkness.

<Warbird> Fading didn't sound good, Carol decided to help dig because it'd be faster. "Let's get some air and a light in there then we'll see."

<Warbird> A couple of SHIELD agents hopped through the window of the house Fee had entered to help out with the light situation.

<Angel> "Careful. There's lots of rubble on top of them." Warren carefully removed the first person and gave them to the medics.

<Warbird> "Don't worry. My dad works in construction, I've been around this stuff my whole life." Carol assured him, excavating quickly and carefully.

<Fee> Fee pointed out the hole she'd found, leading down into a basement type area, for the agents that responded to her area. "I heard something down there, but I'm not sure how stable it is," she warned, as she gazed over the ground of the building she stood in. "Could be safer down there, maybe."

<Warbird> The agents nodded to Fee's information, one of them preceding her down the stairs into the basement of the structure. Or maybe it was the ground floor, it was hard to tell in all this mud.

<Warren> Warren managed to get another person out from under the rubble. "I can't see anymore..."

<Warbird> "I'll go in," Carol dropped down through the hole she'd made and used her powers to light the area. She found two more bodies and passed them out, hoping they'd got there in time to revive them.

<Fee> Fee followed along and descended the dirt and mud covered stairs into the darkness below. "This is eerie," she remarked, stating perhaps the obvious, but it was true. A creepy sort of feeling washing over her as she stepped off the stairs and looked around this level, finding it bigger than she'd first thought. "There could be so many people down here.."

<Warbird> The second agent followed Fee and his partner, shining the light around into the darkness and passing Fee a spare flashlight over her shoulder.

<Fee> "I feel like we're on the top floor," Fee commented aloud, seeing another staircase that looked like it lead downward once more. "So much mud and dirt, it's completely changed what this place looks like."

<Warren> "If you got this I'm going to go looking for more people." Warren called down the hole she'd made. "I can see through this crap better than the agents."

<Warbird> The agent that offered Fee the flashlight frowned, tapping her shoulder with it, "Well let's hope it held up to the mud further down."

<Warbird> Carol nodded to Warren, lifting into the air to exit the building once she was sure it was empty of all bodies.

<Warren> Warren took off into the air just trying to focus hard on anyone he could see. "I've found a few buried buildings with people in them." He called out where it was over the radio. "I think I see some people that just need transportation I'm going to get them."

<Fee> Fee took the offered flashlight, feeling a little sheepish as her focus had been elsewhere. "This building looks like it might have some possibilities," she spoke over her comm. "Multi-level, and it doesn't look that way from above."

<Warbird> "Well most of the town is buried so... that's not a surprise..." Carol sighed, helping to transport more wounded to safety before she returned for the dead.

<Lifeguard> Heather continued to scan the wreckage with her danger sense, evacuating more critical areas over ones that would hold up longer. But then her powers went into overdrive and she lifted her gaze to the mountainside, "Take cover! It's coming down again!" The mud was like liquid as it flowed down towards them at terrifying speed.

<Lifeguard> Heather found herself with teke and tried to deflect the worst of it away from the town.

<Fee> Fee looked upward with alarm, back towards the space of natural light that shone through the small area they'd passed through to descend the stairs. "Fuck," she grumbled as she moved away from the hole, and towards the other set of stairs that led lower.

<Warbird> The agents with Fee hurried down with her but let her go ahead. Meanwhile, Carol was swearing up a storm over the comms as she tried to help Heather deflect the mud, opening up her powers on it and generating heat to try and solidify it.

<Fee> The deeper Fee moved, the less sunlight filtered through. The level below the one she'd been on was rather dark, and she flashed her flashlight around. Any windows were darkened by the press of dirt and mud against them.

<Warren> Warren didn't have enough time to think, the mud hit him just as he started flapping his wings to get away. "Fuck me!" He struggled hard to get out of the mud with his wings but there was too much and it was moving too fast dragging him under with every movement he tried to make.

<Lifeguard> "Warren!" Heather surrounded him with a teke bubble so he didn't drown in the mud but that was all she could do and it was taxing enough while she tried to divert the flow.

<Fee> "Oh my god," Fee spoke in panic, turning away from moving deeper into the building and instead began to move back towards the way she'd come. "Warren?!" she called, wanting to move towards the surface again.

<Warbird> The agent who'd given Fee the flashlight caught her around the waist to stop her running back up the stairs, "There's nothing you can do!"

<Fee> "But what if we get stuck down here?" Fee asked, in panic. "Then I really can't do anything," she snapped back, but was held in place. She looked helplessly at the little light that shone through the stairway she'd just descended into further darkness.

<Warren> Warren thrashed at the teke bubble around him not realizing what it was. His survival instincts had kicked in and he was trying everything he could to get away.

<Warbird> "Being stuck in here is preferable to being buried in that," the agent replied, "At least we're alive this way. Colonel Danvers will get us out of here when it stops, don't worry about that."

<Fee> "But I can't do anything down here," Fee protested, though there was little she could do up there either. Instead she just closed her eyes and waited for the rumbling to stop. "Just... give us an all clear," Fee asked through the comms, hoping that her way out wasn't blocked in the meantime.

<Warbird> "I think you'll be able to tell when it finally stops..." Carol replied, still piling on the heat, sending up massive clouds of steam. At least she seemed to be having an effect.

<Fee> Fee grumbled and waited rather impatiently, the moment it sounded as if things were settling she would move to climb the stairs if they were clear.

<Lifeguard> Finally the pressure eased up and the mud stopped flowing. Once it was safe again, the power Heather had gained was redirected to Warren and the bubble she'd made around him. "Warren! Say something!"

<Warbird> Carol worked on drying off the top layer of mud so that it was more stable while Heather turned her attention to Warren, "I need a sitrep. Right now."

<Warren> Warren had momentarily lost consciousness, Heather's voice waking him back up. "What? Ugh fuck..." His wing hurt bad, he was just going to assume he'd broken it, at least until he could actually see himself.

<Lifeguard> Relief flooded her when she heard Warren's voice, even if it was just to swear. "Sit tight, I'm coming to get you," she promised him, flying low over the fresh layer of mud.

<Fee> Fee worked her way up to the surface, the area odd enough looked even more foreign with the presence of more mud, dirt and debris. "Where is he?" she asked, scanning the area around her, seeing if her attention was pulled in one area more than another. Using her luck without even realizing it herself.

<Warren> "I don't think I have a choice... My wing's busted and I'm blind for now."

<Fee> Fee grabbed a shovel because... that was useful... and began to pick her way across the dirt, mud and rubble. "We'll get you out," she spoke, eying Heather as she swooped around.

<Lifeguard> Heather landed on the surface where she could feel her teke bubble and tried to pull it and its contents out from under the mud. It was not cooperating.

<Warbird> Carol was starting to feel like she should stop using her energy blasts so she did. It was somewhat reassuring to know that there at least was a limit even if it was ridiculously high. She headed for the students in her charge while the agents reported in over her comms.

<Fee> Fee headed on over, shovel in hand. "Maybe if we dig around, that'll help. Rather than dig straight over. That might just have it collapse more," she suggested, testing the sturdiness of the ground beneath her feet. "Where's your shovel?" she asked Heather.

<Lifeguard> "Don't have one, I'm pulling." She was focused on the spot beneath the mud while her feet sank a little.

<Warbird> "I'll get... something to dig with..." Carol took off again to look for something bigger than a shovel.

<Warren> Warren just sighed. "Take your time. I can't do anything like this."

<Fee> Fee worked with some frustration with her shovel, it seeming all the more tiny once she tried to use it. "Like digging a hole with a fucking spoon," she grumbled. "We'll get you out, Warren."

<Warbird> Carol returned with some sheet metal she'd bent into a more suitable shape to start shovelling around the area Heather indicated in an attempt to negate the suction effect of the mud.

<Warren> Warren tried to move a little before his wing protested again. A loud wince coming across the comms from him.

<Warbird> "Keep talking to us, Warren, so we know you're okay," Carol instructed while she dug.

<Warren> "Just my wing... Think it's broken" He let out a ragged sigh from the pain.

<Warbird> "Well don't worry about that right now, Anna can fix you up in no time at all. Just have to get you out of that hole." Carol kept her tone light and optimistic.

<Fee> Fee chipped away with her tiny shovel, or at least it felt so. "Anna did well for me. She'll get you better in no time," Fee chimed in, working to carefully remove dirt shovel by shovel.

<Lifeguard> Heather kept pulling hard on the sphere protecting Warren, deciding to lift into the air so she could use her wings as leverage.

<Fee> Fee kept furiously digging, moving dirt in attempt to loosen the ground for whatever Heather was working on. Her attention upon Heather before focusing upon the mud mixed with clumps of dirt. "Why isnt it working?!"

<Warbird> "The mud is holding onto him we just need to loosen it up a little... should move any time now...." She was digging down deep to get to Warren. If they could see him, it'd definitely help.

<Warren> It started to get a little harder for Warren to breathe. He didn't know if it was claustrophobia setting in or if he was running out of air. Panic started to fill his thoughts.

<Fee> Fee didn't exactly work systematically, it was more just hurriedly casting away dirt and mud in an effort to gain some ground. "It's not working!" she exclaimed in panic of her own, "Why isnt he saying anything?!"

<Warbird> "How're you doing in there, Warren?" Carol asked, "Talk to us."

<Warren> Warren was having trouble answering her. He was a little too panicked to understand what she was asking him.

<Fee> Fee panicked and looked at Carol and Heather. "No!" she exclaimed. "This can't happen."

<Warbird> "It won't," Carol assured her, "We're getting him out."

<Lifeguard> Heather felt the bubble finally start to move, the mud above it bulging out.

<Fee> Fee stumbled backwards and made a few more swipes to the dirt and mud with her shovel as the ground began to shift.

<Warren> Warren had already passed out and was unconscious inside the bubble. Covered in mud and wing angled awkwardly.

<Lifeguard> Heather set the bubble down on more stable ground and then the power left her, freeing Warren.

<Warbird> Carol hurried over to him and knelt to check him over, pulling a face at the broken wing.

<Fee> Fee hovered close enough to eye him herself. "Is he breathing?" she asked anxiously.

<Warbird> Carol didn't answer but rolled Warren carefully onto his back and started CPR.

<Lifeguard> Heather landed beside them, hugging herself and praying.

<Warren> Warren awoke coughing hard, globs of mud flying into the air.

<Warbird> Carol sat up, sighing with relief. She hadn't killed a student!

<Lifeguard> Heather knelt and flung her arms around Warren, swamping them both with her huge wings.

<Warren> Warren almost screamed when she hugged him. "C...careful."

<Lifeguard> "Sorrysorrysorry!" She was careful of his wing but didn't stop hugging him.

<Fee> Fee watched with some relief and then looked away from the hugging duo towards Carol and then around. "Glad you're okay, Warren." She used the shovel as a sort of hiking stick as she moved a few steps away. "Anyone have a water?"

<Warbird> "I'll get you some." Carol got to her feet then took off for one of the emergency stations to get some for all of them.

<Warren> "Thanks." He laid his head on her shoulder. Warren didn't have enough energy to do much more.

<Lifeguard> "I'm sorry I didn't shield you fast enough..." Heather pressed a kiss to his cheek, "And I'm sorry I've been avoiding you..."

<Warren> "It's okay Heather." He tried to steady his breath and ignore all the hurting.

<Fee> Fee gave them their privacy, as much as she could at their close-ish distance. She stole one last look to the duo before turning away to look towards where Carol had gone and began to walk that direction.

<Warbird> Carol didn't take long to get them some water and headed back to the group, finding Fee first and offering her a bottle. "You okay?"

<Fee> Fee gave a few short nods of her head and took the offered water and swiftly screwed off the top. "I'm alright, just need some air... and water," she made in excuse, and moved to step further away from the close duo.

<Warbird> "Okay...." Carol frowned a little before she headed over to Warren and Heather, "Warren... I'm going to have to pick you up and take you to the medics so they can set your wing... is that okay?" She offered Heather a bottle of water.

<Warren> "Huh?" Warren tried to comprehend what she was saying. "Yeah?"

<Lifeguard> Heather moved out of the way for Carol, taking the offered water.

<Warbird> Carol crouched and carefully gathered Warren up to fly him to safety.

<Warren> Warren winced. "F...fuck."

<Warbird> "I know it hurts but there's no other way to get you there... it won't be long." She promised, lifting into the air.

<Lifeguard> Heather turned to follow after Fee, "I think we're probably going back to school pretty soon," she said as she caught up to her, "Um... if you like I can give you a lift to the medics so we're all together when Carol gets the jet..."

<Fee> Fee turned and looked to Heather with some surprise. "What? Oh sure," she agreed with a short nod. "Thanks.."

<Lifeguard> Heather offered her a smile, "No problem..." it was slightly awkward but Heather picked Fee up and lifted into the air with a strong flap of her wings. "I'm sorry about when we first met... you took me by surprise... Warren and I... we're just friends... have been for a really long time... but I've had the biggest crush on him for a while now... thought he didn't feel the same...."

<Fee> Having this conversation airborne, there was no avoiding the topic. "I'm... sorry too. Just a lot of stuff happened and I just... didn't listen," she went on to say. "My mistake, I know bether now. He likes you, I can tell."

<Warbird> "Yeah... he told me... after I confronted him about sleeping with you and being a jerk about it.... his timing sucked almost as much as the way he treated you... honestly, I don't think it's okay to sleep with someone and not be in a relationship with them... I'm still mad at him about that..."

<Fee> Fee was lost for words for a moment, seeming caught off guard by this revelation. "You're mad at him... because of what he did? Well it takes two," she began before quickly adding. "But you don't have to worry about me. I'm done... with that."

<Warbird> "Okay... so... friends?" Heather gently set her down once she'd landed. "I'm not expecting us to be besties or anything... just no more tension...."

<Fee> Fee nodded in agreement, "Friends," she echoed. "Feel free to eat some of my mac and cheese any time.. if I ever make that mistake again. Making all that. I'm glad Warren is okay."

<Lifeguard> "Me too..." Heather sighed, "Lucky..."

<Fee> Fee cracked a soft smile at that. "Luck is my thing. Sometimes," she spoke before stepping away, "Thanks for the lift, Heather. I'll head back to the jet, meet you guys there?"

<Lifeguard> "Sure... it's that way," she pointed, "Or I can drop you off there instead." She gave a Fee a fangy grin.

<Fee> Fee nodded, seeming a little out of it, her mind elsewhere. "Oh yeah... that would probably be easier," she spoke, quite sheepish. "I'm no use anymore, all this has made my mind mush. I've never in my life been in a mudslide."

<Lifeguard> "Well that makes two of us," Heather gathered her up again to fly her to the jet, "Hopefully that'll be the last time too."
:quicksilver Pietro Maximoff [Quicksilver]

Quicksilver: Howisshe?Isshealright?Imusetspeakwithmysisteratonce.
Hawkeye: What is that noise?
IronMan: That is the noise Pietro makes right before he's tossed out of the airlock. ~ Avengers: The Children's Crusade #6

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