4/3 Instance: Counselling and Cuddles

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4/3 Instance: Counselling and Cuddles

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:55 pm

Timelined for after [Instance]Time is On Your Side.

<Carol> After a what felt like a week-long day, Carol decided she was done with her office. She made her way up to Cessily's room with her scotch and let herself in, "My office is lonely," she commented once she closed the door behind her.

<Cessily> A smile brightened Cessily's face when she looked up from the day's remaining paperwork. "What a coincidence, I have just been thinking the same about mine," she replied, promptly dropping her pen.

<Carol> "Wanna heckle horror movies with me?" She shook the scotch bottle in offering, "I've had my fill of Fox news this week."

<Cessily> Cessily's expression managed to display an unusual balance of sympathy and disgust. "Ew," she said, "why would you do that to yourself?" The grin returned to her face, and she got up from her chair. "And sure, but only if you promise to hold me really tight. You know I get scared easily."

<Carol> "I will crush you into a noodle," she promised, plonking her butt down on the sofa. "Fox news is one of my favourite things to heckle while I drink, you know that," she gave her girlfriend a grin, "But even I have to take a break from them eventually.... and I've had kind of a weird week."

<Cessily> "And here I thought I was the masochist of the two of us." Cessily laughed, crossing the room to join Carol on the sofa. She lost no time to kick off her shoes and slip out of her jacket, pulling her feet up onto the cushions. "Want some snacks?"

<Carol> "I love snacks," Carol replied with another grin as she wrapped her arms around Cessily for a hug.

<Cessily> Cessily shifted closer to Carol in order to snuggle against her. "Good thing I don't need to get up to get them," she said, stretching her right arm across the room to reach for the cupboard, retrieving various sweet and salty treats.

<Carol> Carol pulled Cess into her lap and curled up with her after she reached for the remote and called up netflix. "You're like the perfect girlfriend."

<Cessily> "I know," Cessily replied, a grin on her face as she looked up at Carol. "I'm pretty amazing, aren't I?" She leaned up to kiss and nuzzle her girlfriend's neck. "Just consider how lucky you are, since you deserve nothing short of perfection."

<Carol> She smiled, snuggling into her girlfriend and holding her close. "I hope so." She pressed a kiss into Cessily's hair, "How's your week been?"

<Cessily> "Oh, you know, the usual. Lots of stressed kids needing reassurance, scheduling too many classes with too few teachers, and the pile of paperwork that Erik forgot to get done in time. So, pretty calm, actually." She smiled. "How was yours? You mentioned weirdness?"

<Carol> "Yeah... you met the new kid? Felicia Hardy?" She decided she needed scotch for this conversation and poured herself and Cessily some, offering the other woman one of the glasses.

<Cessily> "I heard of her, and I think I've seen her in passing a couple of times, but we haven't talked yet. What about her?" Cessily took the glass with a smile. "Cheers." She raised the glass to her silver lips and took a sip.

<Cessily> "You know, one day I really need to ask Broo if he can make a gadget that lets me get tipsy again."

<Carol> "Oh yeah speaking of that..." she dug out her new inhibitor and clipped it on, closing her eyes for the wave of dizziness that happened when she deactivated her powers. "Okay, better." She had a large sip of scotch.

<Cessily> "Ooh, fancy," Cessily commented, flashing a grin as she watched Carol down the booze. "I think I will need something a little more substantial, though. Those things inhibit my shapeshifting alright, but sadly can't magically turn me back into flesh and blood."

<Carol> "Well they had to make me a special one because I melted all the old ones... They made a whole bunch and I tried them all out - this one was the only one that worked so I'm not allowed to break it." She had another sip of scotch, "But it would be fun to get drunk with you properly...."

<Cessily> Cessily giggled. "Well they clearly underestimated how hot you can be." She took another swig of her own glass, licking her lips afterwards. "And that sounds so tempting. I'd love to be able to feel like a regular person again once in a while."

<Cessily> A wry smile appeared on her face. "You know what? Tomorrow I'm going to talk to Broo and McCoy about it. They already told me they could think of a couple ideas that might work if I wanted to give it a try."

<Carol> Carol smiled at her, "That would be awesome! Then we can both go out to a bar and only get stared at because we're hot in the traditional sense." She wrapped her arms around Cessily again, "And then I can punch them and not worry about breaking them."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed and returned the gesture, slinging her arms over Carol's shoulder. "That sounds amazing," she replied, flashing her girlfriend a big grin. "My mutation cheated me out of so many formative teenage experiences."

<Cessily> "Like getting recklessly drunk and doing stupid stuff, for example. It's only fair I get to catch up on what I missed, don't you think?"

<Carol> "I can definitely help you with that - you're looking at a girl with a lot of experience in that area." She nodded sagely. "I know... it's a surprise."

<Cessily> "Now I can't wait to play lab rat for our basement geniuses and get reckless with you," she replied with a snicker, leaning close to steal a kiss from Carol's lips.

<Carol> Carol returned the kiss enthusiastically, the idea of going out on a normal date with Cessily was nice. After they broke apart, she sighed and nuzzled the woman's hair again. "If you want, I can come down there with you and hold your hand. I can totally get over my irrational phobia of Broo for this..."

<Cessily> "You would?" Cessily arched her eyebrows, her face lighting up. "I mean, you don't have to. I'm a pretty big girl already, even though I rarely act like it." She brushed her lips against Carol's again, smiling softly. "But if you insist, I won't say no."

<Carol> She smiled, running her fingers through Cessily's red hair, "It's the least I can do." Especially considering recent events. "You've been there for me... it's time I returned the favour, right?"

<Cessily> Cessily's smile grew a little bigger. She reached up to cover Carol's hand with her own, slipping her fingers between hers. "Thank you, that means a lot to me." After all, she couldn't even begin to imagine what Broo and McCoy might cook up.

<Carol> Carol hugged her again then decided a subject change was needed before anyone cried. "So... new girl... she's started calling me 'Mom'. Should I be worried?"

<Cessily> Cessily's eyebrow went right up again, and she found it incredible hard not to grin in response to hearing that. "She does? Uhm..." She glanced sideways, before looked back at Carol. "I'm not sure. Is she sarcastic about it?"

<Carol> "Sometimes... but not all the time... and she pretty much told me I could tell her mom that I'm taking over now... which... I mean... her mom is a piece of work... and I probably would have enjoyed the look on her face but it's a little weird.... I did tell her it's weird...."

<Cessily> Cessily's amused expression turned into a frown. "To me this sounds like someone who has a very troubled relationship with their family." She looked down at the liquid inside her glass for a moment before taking another sip. "And that it might be a good idea if I talked to her."

<Carol> "Well... I have suggested she see you a couple of times... so maybe she will... I tried to explain to her that I'd help anyone just as much as I've helped her if they needed it... but I don't know now..." she frowned, "I feel kind of a weird kinship with her..."

<Cessily> Dangling her legs over the side of the sofa, Cessily got settled comfortably on Carol's lap by laying back, looking up at her. "It's good you did that. It's always better if someone comes to me out of their volition."

<Cessily> A small wry smile playing across the corner of her mouth. "Well, if she's nice, we could always adopt her."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "I'm so not old enough to be her mom... and I told her outright I'm a terrible role model." She shook her head, finishing off her glass of scotch. "I guess it's the whole bad parent thing... and the Air Force connection... plus... I think our personalities are pretty similar.... which doesn't bode well for her."

<Cessily> Cessily reached up to play with a strand of Carol's hair. "No offence, but I'm afraid you might be right about that," she said, giving her girlfriend a lopsided smile. "Though, it's good she seems to be willing to bond with someone, as weird as it may be for you."

<Cessily> "It means she should be open to accept someone else's help. Many kids from broken homes tend to shut themselves off completely, and find it difficult to form any trustful relationship with an adult."

<Carol> "Yeah..." She still hadn't figured out the asking for help thing. "I don't mind helping her out... I just don't want it to get too weird... but she needs someone to watch out for her so I guess I'd rather it was me... at least it gives me something to do."

<Cessily> "That's nice of you," she said, giving Carol a smile. "Believe it or not, you're doing a great job watching out for others. It's just watching out for yourself that you sometimes tend to forget. But don't worry, that's what you got me for."

<Carol> Carol offered a small smile, "Watching after other people is easier... I'm too complicated."

<Cessily> "I know," Cessily replied, her smile turning sympathetic. "Why do you think I agreed to become school counsellor? Listening to others problems is so much easier than having to face my own."

<Carol> "I'm totally one of those problems," Carol determined, cuddling Cess again, "But I'm trying to get better... you know I'll help you any way I can. I love you."

<Cessily> "I love you, too." Cessily grinned and craned her neck to kiss Carol. "And if you really were a problem, then it's one I'd gladly deal with every single day of my life."

<Carol> Carol cuddled Cessily tight, not having anything to say to that. She gathered her up in her arms and decided the movie could wait.

<Cessily> Cessily giggled, glad she had finished her drink when she slung her arms around Carol. "I guess movie night got postponed," she commented as she was carried away.

<Carol> "Your boobs are more interesting than the tv anyway," Carol replied, dropping Cessily on the bed and kissing her.

<Cessily> Hungry lips pressed back against Carol's, while Cessily shimmied on the bed in the effort to wiggle out of her shirt, breaking the kiss only to pull it over her head. "Had you told me that before, I wouldn't have bothered keeping on my clothes this whole time."
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