4/3 Instance: Time is on Your Side

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4/3 Instance: Time is on Your Side

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:53 pm

Timelined for after [Instance]Painting a picture and [Instance]All Clear.

<Warren> Warren sat on the edge of the roof. He hadn't known how bad he'd fucked up until he'd talked to Heather again. Now he'd closed the door on him and Fee, he'd lost his best friend; who happened to be his first love too. It was pretty obvious he had been crying.

<Carol> Taking a break from work (because she'd run out of stuff to do), Carol wandered up to the roof to stare at the clouds until she got inspired to do something. It turned out she didn't need to do any staring because there was a student up there. She sidled over to Warren and leaned to peer at him, "Shouldn't you be in class?"

<Warren> Warren jumped a little. "N..no." He turned away from her, hiding behind his wings from her.

<Carol> "You sure?" He didn't sound sure. She sat on the low wall beside him.

<Warren> "Yeah, last class was an hour ago..." His voice cracked a little as he tried to rein in his emotions.

<Carol> "Okay.... you alright?" She rested her hands on the wall, looking down at the ground far below. She had to remember not to jump off the roof while she was wearing her inhibitor.

<Warren> "Y...yeah, fine." He stared down at the ground trying to ignore the fact that someone else was there.

<Carol> "Hmm... well... I can do one of two things here... I can believe your obvious lie and leave you here.... ooooor I can be nosey... and I'm bored so... what's up?"

<Warren> "Nothing..." He lied, and it was obvious. "We could also just sit here quietly."

<Carol> "Yeah... but that's kind of boring - I tried that in my office and there's a tv in there even."

<Warren> "I don't mind it..." He scooted back a little, pulling his knees up to his chest and wings around himself.

<Carol> "Well... when your thoughts keep going down scary rabbit holes, it's not always nice to be left alone with them for too long... looks like you might know what I'm talking about."

<Warren> Warren frowned a little. "Yeah... kinda."

<Carol> "Soooo? Better out than in. Maybe I can help?" She cocked her head on one side then lifted her hand to knock lightly on a wing.

<Warren> "You're not going to leave me alone up here are you?" He pulled his wings back slowly.

<Carol> "Probably not. You're way more interesting than the four walls in my office," She offered him a small smile.

<Warren> "Pretty sure I fucked up and lost all my friends at this place..." Warren left out the fact that he was in love with one of them.

<Carol> "Oh, hey. I'm sure that's not true..." her nose wrinkled.

<Warren> "Pretty sure it is... I fucked up." He ran his hands through his hair. "Now it's all a mess and I don't think either of them really want to see me ever again." Warren took a hard swallow.

<Carol> "Well look... everyone screws up. But usually these things clear themselves up in time... take it from someone with experience."

<Warren> "Have you ever confessed to your best friend you love her after she found out you were screwing one of your new friends and now they both hate your guts..."

<Carol> "No... but I've done comparatively retarded things when drunk." Wait. She should probably try for tact. Too late! "I guess your timing could have been better though..."

<Warren> "I wasn't drunk..." He ran his hands through his hair. "And now they both hate me..."

<Carol> "How long ago did this happen?" She tucked her hair behind her ear as a gust of wind tried to blind her with it.

<Warren> "Bout a week..." Warren moved his wings around himself again, hiding from Carol.

<Carol> "A week? That's all? Jeez. Relax, kid. A week is no time at all."

<Warren> "Yeah... that's reassuring..." Warren frowned and contemplated just flying off.

<Carol> "No, really... look... that's a lot of emotional stuff to handle all at once... I know you're a guy so you have... weirdness with emotional stuff but girls like to process and go through a whole range of fun stages while they do that... Obviously you experienced the rage part of the process, hence the freaking out... but that won't probably be where it ends."

<Warren> "I hope so... I don't want to lose my best friend..." Warren chewed his lip.

<Carol> "How long have you been best friends?" Carol rested her elbow on her knee and set her chin on her palm.

<Warren> "Couple of years... Used to stay with her family all summer." Warren pulled out his phone and went to the photo gallery, just looking through their pictures.

<Carol> "Okay so... one thing, even if it seems huge, isn't gonna screw that all up. So just wait. It's not gonna get better overnight... let her come to you when she's ready... and, for God's sake, let her take the lead okay? Don't be pushy."

<Warren> "Yeah... If she ever talks to me again." Warren just set the phone down on the roof. Looking at them happy just hurt, like it would never happen again.

<Carol> "She will." Carol assured him, "She'll need to... just... have some patience. I know it's hard but you just have to wait a little while until she figures it all out. Sounds like it was a little complicated... it's going to take some time before she works it all through."

<Warren> "Guess I'll have to trust you... I'm lost. Wish it was raining." He looked out at the clear sky.

<Carol> Carol looked up at the sky, "Ew, why?" her nose wrinkled. She dropped her gaze to him, "You can trust me. I'm smart. My rank says so."

<Warren> "I like to fly in the rain and storms. Helps me clear my mind. Used to fly straight up above them after I learned how to. It's surreal."

<Carol> "Above is crazy dangerous if you're in a lightning storm, you know... wrong place, wrong time, instant incineration... well, for you.... For me, it's kind of awesome."

<Warren> "You can feel it coming. Plus if you're high enough you just get to watch." Warren smiled a little. "Electricity follows the path of least resistance."

<Carol> "Except for that mega lightning that shoots up into space... Seriously... watch out for that stuff..."

<Warren> "I'll be fine. I've been flying high for a while now." He just shrugged. "Never even had a close call."

<Carol> "You've been crazy lucky." She replied, looking down at the ground again, "But flying in the sun is nice too. The views are better for sure."

<Warren> "I'll stick to my storms. I like them." Warren spread his wings back.

<Carol> "Just be careful..." all this talk of flying was making her want to do that so she took off the inhibitor cuff and felt the rush of energy as her hair ignited with her skin into its now familiar orange glow.

<Warren> "Thanks for the talk." Warren kind of wanted to fly too, but not with company.

<Carol> "You're welcome... just don't be in too much of a hurry to get to the end, okay?" She stood up on the low wall, "It'll happen when it happens." She stepped off the wall and dropped a few feet before she let her filght powers kick in and flew away over the lawn.
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