4/3 Instance: All Clear

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4/3 Instance: All Clear

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:50 pm

Timelined for right after [Instance]There can be only one.

<Carol> Carol's mood was much improved as she strolled back to the school and headed for the stairs to the dorms. She stopped at Fee's room and knocked lightly, fiddling with her inhibitor cuff while she waited for the girl to answer the door.

<Fee> The door was opened with apparent hesitation, opened just a crack so that only half of Fee's face showed before the door would then be pulled open the rest of the way. "She's gone?" she asked, no hello or other words of greeting, just the needed question. Her green eyes darting up and down the hallway before returning to Carol.

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Very gone. Called her a cab and everything."

<Fee> Fee took a deeper, refreshing breath within her lungs. Another passing glance over the hallway given before she backstepped into her room. "You can come in, if you like," she offered, swinging a hand towards the interior. Her room was impeccably clean, like night and day from Carol's office.

<Carol> Carol stepped inside and looked around. Not like a museum, her lingerie-clad butt. "She... doesn't like me very much."

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile at that, before crossing her arms and clearing her throat as she went back to business. "So what did she say? Other than obsess over Ha... my ex?" she couldn't even bring herself to say the name again. "I haven't answered her calls or texts because she lead him right to me. Might as well drawn him a map."

<Fee> "At least she could have been more helpful and figured out what he wanted. All I'm left with is questions, and then this other thing..." she rambled on, growing irritated as she threw an arm outward and then thumped to sit on the edge of her bed. Omen meowed at Carol from the bathroom doorway.

<Carol> "Well apparently he showed some interest in apologising to you or something. I don't know, woman's crazy." She shrugged, closing the door behind her so the cat didn't escape into the hall, "Hi cat."

<Fee> Omen meowed again, before deciding that he needed to rub his face and neck against the door jam to the bathroom. "Shh, no one asked you," Fee would shush of Omen before turning her attention back to Carol. "You really did send her away..." a smirk developed.

<Fee> "I don't want to see her, still don't, but I would have loved to see her face when you told her I didn't want to see her," she spoke with the flicker of smile before the smile just as quickly developed into a frown. "Well in the short conversation he and I had, he didn't seem at all remorseful. Pfft."

<Carol> "Well obviously he spun her some kind of line but I told her she was stupid for believing that crap... but obviously I didn't say it exactly like that - I was trying to be professional." She folded her arms, "She insisted I couldn't keep her from seeing you or contacting you so... I told her if we had to involve a judge, I'd totally do that. She wanted to know my supervisor's name."

<Carol> Carol grinned, "I gave her my card and wrote my supervisors' names on the back. Sure did shut up when she read 'President Stark'."

<Fee> Fee looked all the more impressed, and stunningly so. "Oh wow," she uttered in shocked approval. "You'd really get law involved? Not... that I'm asking you to. Well I mean technically I'm over 18, and can do as I please without her input, and do. But to have no issue with barring her further. She can't bring anyone else I don't want to come into my life if I don't speak to her."

<Fee> She thought about that statement for a moment. "Well there is the trouble of her knowing where I am," she grumbed and sighed, before a look of realization crossed her features. "Wait. Like the actual president, like of the United States."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "There's only one President Stark."

<Fee> Fee was a little blown away by this, and she only imagined her mother was as well, which made it all the more glorious. "Well now when I continue to ignore her calls and texts she really can't do anything about it. The President. Like government business is whether or not I answer my phone..." such statement followed with the light rolling of eyes.

<Fee> "That's awesome, in a few ways. The President," she seemed still so fascinated by that, followed with a chuckle of laughter. "You really got rid of her," she then commented, still seeming in rather surprised disbelief.

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Yep. She is gone from your life until you decide to change that. I told her she's to stop calling you too. I also pointed out that she can leave any messages with my office rather than come here... she seemed to think it was my fault she wasted all this time and effort to get here." Carol rolled her eyes, "She's lucky I was on duty."

<Fee> This news just kept getting better and better, Fee could only imagine how pissed her mother was from Carol's account alone. Part of her wished she'd gotten to see her mother's face, but on the other hand... she'd rather not have given her mother that opportunity. "So do you think she'll call you?" it was an honest question, though perhaps more wondering aloud than Carol having an answer for her.

<Fee> "That would be funny if she did. She still won't get anywhere, and I love that. Thanks for sticking up for me, not being like my old therapist and decide that pushing us together was a good idea. The therapist, was not my idea, by the way," she felt the need to add with a sadder change in demeanor. "She blamed my 'trouble' in not wanting to go. I needed a mom, not a therapist."

<Carol> "Yeah... um... about that..." oh this was so awkward, "What you said on the phone...?"

<Fee> Fee looked puzzled by the words as well as the hesitation. From looks alone it was clear she wasn't following. "Uh... you mean when I said I didn't want to talk or see her? I meant every word of it. I don't. And I'm not going to change my mind or anything," she'd defend, as if Carol was questioning her changing her mind.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "No... not that part..." Danger, Will Robbinson! She chewed her lip, "Never mind..."

<Fee> Fee gave her a judgmental, narrow eyed, quirk browed look. "Which part?" she asked, not quite letting her off so easy as she pursued this mystery.

<Carol> "It doesn't matter...." she shook her head, "It's fine..."

<Fee> Fee was now even more intrigued. "No, really. What is it? Clearly it does matter, because you thought of it. Tell me?" she asked, now rather self conscious. "I was angry, I wasn't thinking straight. Rambling. Did I say something that bothered you?"

<Carol> She shook her head, "Really, it's fine... you were just rambling," she echoed.

<Fee> Fee again looked to Carol with unbelieving judgement. "Alright, Mom," the words carrying a bit of sarcasm, as if she didn't wish to let it go, but did, out of respect. But there was that nickname again... once again flowed from her lips so easily as she moved to stand from her seat upon the edge of her bed. "But I meant what I said," she'd clarify again of her distaste for her mother.

<Carol> "Which part?" Okay so maybe she couldn't ignore it now.

<Fee> Fee looked suddenly all the more confused. "Wait, wait, wait... what?" she asked, giving a little sort of side to side sway of her hands as if in declaring a base slider safe. "I'm so confused."

<Carol> She sighed, scrubbing her face with her hands for a moment, "Do you realise you said I could tell your mom that I'm taking her title from her earlier?"

<Fee> Fee looked rather confused. "Title..." she echoed, seeming puzzled by this for a moment, her mind rolling towards job titles... no that didn't make sense. Then it clicked. "That you're more of a Mom than she is, or ever was?" she clarified, watching Carol's expression.

<Carol> "Yeah... that..." She tried to keep her expression neutral but it was clear she was a little uncomfortable with the idea.

<Fee> Fee smiled at Carol, "And I meant it." Yup, she was making this so much better. "I really did. You saw her, you met her. She doesn't give a shit about me. All she cares about is image."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Yeah... I got that... but... you know I'd be just the same with any other student, right?"

<Fee> Fee appeared unsure. "Like... a Mom... to other students?" There was that word again. "I mean, I don't expect special treatment, if that's what you're getting at?" she took a stab at clarifying where this subject was coming from. "I mean you helped me, just as I imagine you'd help any other student in a similar situation."

<Carol> She chewed her lip, picking up Omen because the cat was now rubbing at her legs and it tickled. "Of course I would... but that's kind of my point... I'm just... I'm doing my job..."

<Fee> Fee pushed her thumbs to hook in her front pockets. "Yeah, your job is to keep us safe... and make sure we do your assignments, for those of us in your classes. I know that," she spoke, as if Carol was just telling her something she already knew. "I don't mean to become some kind of favorite, sheesh. Just because I choose to call you Mom. You can be my school mom. It's not complex. Not like I'm asking you to adopt me, geez Mom Carol."

<Carol> "Well... if you could try not to call me 'mom' in front of other students... or teachers... because I really don't want that to become a thing... I'm not that old..."

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile and even chuckled softly, though she attempted to cover it up with a clearing of her throat. "Is that what you're worried about, what other people will think?" she asked before rolling right along. "I won't say anything. If you don't want me to. Just like I guess I don't want the whole campus knowing that I broke my hand when punching someone, and now require guard service." She frowned a bit.

<Carol> "I'm... really not the mom type," she told Fee, "I mean... there's another reality in the basement where I am a mom... and I guess the kid is okay but... I'd rather not."

<Fee> "Reality in the basement?" she echoed, completely not following, followed by an abrupt shake of her head. "What?" she uttered, this was getting confusing. "But you are... like one. What's wrong with caring about others? Maybe it's because my own mother sucks that I call you that. Sister, professor, role model?"

<Carol> "Just Carol is fine...." she absently petted the cat, "There's a portal in the basement that opens into another version of reality... Super Powered people have better PR there."

<Fee> Omen seemed to be rather enjoying himself, as smug as a cat could be. "Woah," Fee remarked at this rather casual reveal of this other dimension. "Like a parallel universe?" this idea was mind boggling. "Like Star Wars?" she wasn't quite sure where that idea came, maybe her recent watching.

<Carol> "Better than Star Wars," and it was almost painful to admit that, "Because it's totally real... I could show you sometime if you want."

<Fee> Fee wasn't exactly expecting that response, and it showed. "Like take a trip there, just like taking a trip to... Disney World?" She seemed thrown off and intrigued that it was talked of rather casually. "So advanced, like a movie. But real." Not that the world wasn't already full of extraordinary things, that she still wasn't even aware of.

<Carol> Carol laughed a little, "Yeah pretty much... it's definitely better than Disney World though, way less creepy." She nodded sagely, "Plus there's another me there. So that's double the awesome."

<Fee> Fee took this all in. "Wait. Is there double of everyone? She was imagining the place to be like a mirrored dimension. "Like the same place as here? Or another place all together. With different people?"

<Carol> "It's a different location... the portal's over New York. Not everyone is there... but there's a fair few... and you can probably look yourself up on their system to see where you are over there. They live in a really cool place. I want one."

<Fee> Fee looked rather taken aback by this flow of information, her green eyes opened wider, as if that might help her take this all in. The topic of her mother now seemed long lost at this new reveal. "That's really... wild," she couldn't come up with a better term at the time. "I think... maybe... I should figure out this plane before working on understanding another. Unless there are answers there..." she appeared to debate this.

<Carol> "Sometimes it helps me to go over there...." Carol shrugged, "But most of the time it's just fun."

<Fee> Fee looked to be considering. "Maybe I'll do that, sometime. A vacation destination I definitely have never been for fun." Though she was unsure what exactly Carol might think was fun about the place. "Like the Las Vegas for those like us? Of various degrees." That remark made her think of another. "Jessica showed me the way to a professor that could see what I was," she added randomly to the conversation.

<Carol> "Not like vegas... my idea of fun is punching bad guys." She gave a small grin, "Oh yeah? And what did the crazy hummingbird tell you?"

<Fee> "He was a different one, but helpful, kind of," she began. "He said I was different than anything he'd seen yet. Asked me a bunch of questions, ran some things. He used a lot of big words," she explained, cracking a smile at the memory. "Something about bending universal response for benefit? Law of attraction... effect..." she rambled on further with the roll of a shoulder.

<Carol> "And in not science-speak?" Carol raised an eyebrow then pulled a face as Omen's cold nose met her neck. "Careful, cat. I've given a corgi a surprise accidental shock for licking my face."

<Fee> "I threw out the word luck and he seemed not so into that word, but then again... I don't much believe in it either. I thought it was pretty unlucky for... various things in my recent past," Fee spoke as she was somewhat distracted with Omen's attempt to move around to rub his head and face against Carol. She chuckled softly. "He seems to like you," she mused with a grin. "I guess luck is one of those things you either believe in or not. Superstitions. Like black cats."

<Carol> "Probably has a maximum range too..." she eyed the cat, "I'm warm... Cats like warm things."

<Fee> "But what he said had me thinking. Not that I'm going to go out and try crazy things," Fee spoke with a shake of her head. "Just made me think on some things, makes me want to pay attention to things in the future. See if I can figure myself out some more, now that I have a vague basis. Better than what I had though, that's for sure." She didn't want to sound ungrateful.

<Carol> "I'm sure he'd be happy to help you figure out exactly how it works. He's always looking for stuff to do... and don't tell him I called him a crazy hummingbird, okay? I probably shouldn't have said that to a student."

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile. "I wasn't going to tell him you called him a hummingbird, just like I won't broadcast that I call you Mom." There it was again, that word. "I'll poke back around the greenhouse again. It's just been that my mind has been occupied with stuff. Not just about Harris, or my actual Mother. But things here too. Work. Having a bodyguard. Typical college girl stuff..." trying to make herself sound more normal than she felt.

<Carol> "Yeah, I get that..." She nodded understandingly, "If I can help at all, just let me know," she gave her a small smile, "Even if it's just to point you to the right member of staff for whatever is bothering you."

<Fee> "Boys?" she blurted out, before visually cringing a bit at her own word. "Not that I'm having a problem," she followed up with a shake of her head and light roll of her eyes. "Just part of life... new place... new people," she'd ramble on before falling quiet.

<Carol> Carol had her suspicions about whom she was speaking but decided not to go there, "My experience of guys hasn't left me with a great opinion... So I guess my advice would be to try girls." She gave Fee a small grin.

<Fee> Fee was completely not expecting that answer, and it showed in her expression of surprise, rendering her momentarily speechless. "Huh?" hummed from her throat before words were found. "Oh my g... Well. I guess that is... an opinion, and option." She then found the twist in conversation rather funny as she laughed softly.

<Fee> "But maybe I will get to know some more people. And girls. Like in the dorm. Share more than walls," she then realized what that could be relayed as. "Like conversation. Share conversation."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "I'm not saying its for everyone... and I didn't think you were just going to jump into bed with the first girl you talked to. But, yeah, that's an option.... But maybe you'll be luckier than I was...." She shrugged a shoulder and gave a small smirk.

<Fee> Fee felt oddly awkward and at the same time comfortable talking to Carol about the topic of experimenting with the sexes. "Luckier than you were? Trouble in the relationship department too?" Though her question sounded nosey as heck, she was serious.

<Carol> "Oh God, you have no idea. Mostly my own doing though." She admitted, "I make really poor choices... especially when there's alcohol involved."

<Fee> Fee was definitely surprised as the conversation continued on the level it did. "Well there wasn't... booze. But I did do some things I now question. Knowing what I did, choosing to ignore it, and then it basically backfiring," she admitted. "I did this to myself too."

<Carol> "Yeah... but look on whatever it is as a learning experience... don't do what I do and make the same mistakes over and over... it's not fun."

<Fee> Fee nodded quite a bit to those words of advice, as obvious as they were. "Feelings... are hard," she said, as corny as she sounded, before cracking a smile and shaking her head at herself. "Thanks for the pep talk, Mom-not-Mom. And for everything else. Boys or girls, I'll try to be better about stuff."

<Carol> "Feelings are hard," Carol agreed, "You're welcome, though... I guess I should try to be a better role model, huh?"

<Fee> Fee slid into some quiet thought before she snapped alert again and blinked at Carol. "What? Noo. I think you're fine. You've helped me out with things, some even just now. Not that I'm going to run around and shove my tongue down a girls throat... or anything... you just made me think. And that's a good thing."

<Carol> "Thinking should always be encouraged," She nodded in agreement, "I should do more of that."

<Fee> Fee smiled and then moved closer to Carol with the aim of throwing an arm around in casual hug. "Thanks Mom. Good luck in taking your own advice."

<Carol> "Yeah..." she put an arm around Fee then passed off the cat, "Maybe I'll just stick to my usual advice... Do as I say, not as I do."
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