4/3 Instance: There Can Be Only One!

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4/3 Instance: There Can Be Only One!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:49 pm

Timelined for around a week after [Instance]Thanks, Mom!

<Lydia> Lydia Hardy approached the entrance to the campus, and the checkpoint, dropped off by a taxi she'd hailed from her hotel in the city. She seemed taken aback by the security, oblivious of what exactly the place was that her daughter now attended and lived. She dressed and looked a little snooty, blonde hair done up in a twist, crisp slacks and a blouse finished off with low heels and an expensive purse.

<Lydia> She flashed the personnel at the entrance a pleasant smile. "Hello there, I've come to see my daughter, Felicia Hardy. She's not returning my calls and... oh you know how kids can be," she waved a hand in the air, "I thought I'd pop by and surprise her with a visit."

<Carol> Carol groaned as her coffee break was interrupted by a security alert and straightened her uniform as she headed out of her office, checking her hair in the reflection on her television screen. At least she could look professional even if her lack of caffeine didn't make her feel it.

<Lydia> Lydia pursed her lips, only adding to her stuffy demeanor as she crossed her arms and tap tapped her foot to the pavement. Though she flashed a forced, polite smile to the officers that said it would be just a moment, she was mildly irritated and axious. Fee hadn't returned her calls, texts or emails in weeks. "I am in the right place, right?" she asked of the few before her.

<Carol> Carol approached the checkpoint and spied their visitor, raising an eyebrow. Drawing herself up to her full height, she headed over, "Can I help you, Ma'am?"

<Lydia> Lydia looked relieved when Carol appeared and spoke, the woman carrying an air of leadership... or maybe that was the attire and the way she carried herself. She was familiar enough with the military, working for them as a civilian, but working with them had given her also an air of importance.

<Lydia> "Oh hello. I'm Lydia Hardy and I'm here to see my daughter, Felicia Hardy. She won't answer my calls, and I've come to check on her, and I'm being held up," because of course she was, and made it sound as if she was being inconvenienced. "If you could help me get all settled here, I'd appreciate it. Any IDs you need? I do have a few with me."

<Carol> "Driver's licence is fine," she told her, "We've had some trouble lately with people breaking onto the grounds without announcing themselves so we had to step up security." She didn't say it but her tone suggested this was somehow Lydia Hardy's fault. The agents at the gate exchanged glances.

<Lydia> Lydia began to dig around in her purse, and pulled forth a wallet that matched her purse, because of course it did. "Oh that's a shame, the security measures that the world has had to come to these days," she tisked, seeming oblivious of the target of Carol's frustration. "Ah ha, here it is," she spoke, chipper and polite as she presented out her New York drivers license with a manicured hand.

<Carol> Carol took it, looked it over, then handed it back, "Follow me." She turned back to the main building.

<Lydia> Lydia beamed, rather pleased, and tucked her ID back into her wallet and then tucked the wallet back into her purse. "Why thank you, so so much Lieutenant Colonel...?" she left the thanks open ended, as if expecting Carol to fill in the blank with her name as heeled shoes clicked to the pavement as Lydia tried to walk double time to catch up with and walk beside Carol, and extend a hand to offer a shake.

<Carol> "Carol Danvers," she supplied, not shaking the hand as she walked at a brisk pace back to her office and her coffee. "What brings you here, Ms Hardy? Just... concern for your daughter?" she raised an eyebrow, glancing at the woman.

<Lydia> Lydia left her hand there, until it was very apparent that it would not be shaken. A clearing of her throat given as she then swiftly retracted that hand to smooth and adjust at the hem of her blouse. Carol's brisk pace she struggled a little with, in heels as she was. Moreso hurrying along with her with quick tip-toey steps that clicked to the pavement and sidewalk.

<Lydia> "Well, yes," she replied. "Of course I have concern for Felicia, especially when she won't return my calls. I am her mother, it is my job to worry, right?" her words followed by a short, forced laugh. "And I have some local news to catch her up on, that she might find interesting."

<Carol> "I guess I'm just a little confused... you say you're concerned... but you gave the school's address to a total stranger that had just been released from prison." She stopped walking and turned to face the woman.

<Lydia> Lydia's expression was one of shocked surprise at Carol's words. Her heels scuffing to a stop as Carol stopped and turned, mildly grateful that their sprint across campus had paused to give her feet a break. "What?" she asked, and suddenly seemed flustered with confusion and offence. "Of course I care for my daughter," she spoke in defense, seeming appalled that Carol would say such a thing.

<Lydia> "And I did no such thing! Shared the address with a stranger, that's absurd. Harris was not a stranger. He is a close friend of the family, and was at one time close with Felicia... though he's been through troubles, and served time, and I didn't much like him... he's come out of the whole experience a rather upstanding fellow," she spoke in defense.

<Carol> "A rather upstanding fellow that's the cause of our increased security. Even though he shouldn't have even left his home state?" She raised an eyebrow, "Sure have an interesting definition of upstanding there."

<Lydia> Lydia appeared to grow even more confused, the expression plain upon her made up face. "What?" she fumbled again, giving a sharp few shakes of her head as she readjusted her purse upon her shoulder. "Left the state... wait..." she spoke, as she attempted to make sense of it. "He was on the news, the local news, for skipping his parole."

<Lydia> She now regretted using the term 'upstanding' but wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. "I thought it was a mistake, though I did wonder if he had caught up with Felicia again. He was so eager to hear about her, was so happy with her surprising ability to get into college." Her wording wasn't perhaps the best, and rather bashed the intellect of her daughter.

<Carol> "Oh yeah I'll bet he was. You didn't wonder why that might be? Didn't concern you at all?" She shook her head, starting to walk again. Unbelievable.

<Lydia> Lydia's shock grew to angered agitation that her care for her daughter was put into question. In her own selfish mind she'd done nothing wrong. She scuffed her heels to the ground and began to follow. "He seemed to care deeply for Felicia, and hold great remorse for the trouble he put her through."

<Lydia> Nevermind that she had been the one to send Fee off to boarding school instead of dealing with her troubled daughter. "Why shouldn't I believe him, when he showed such concern for her, and wanted to repair things with her. Apologize to her. Why would I bar him from the opportunity to right wrongs?"

<Carol> "Because you didn't leave it up to your daughter whether or not she actually wanted to talk to him. She doesn't get a say?" Carol raised an eyebrow at the woman, climbing the steps into the admin block and turning toward her office.

<Lydia> Lydia followed along with the swift click of heels, a slight huff given as she followed. "She would get a say if she answered her phone!" she spoke in quick defense, before collecting herself. "Of course she gets a say, and I gave her the opportunity to speak with him. Let him speak to her on my phone, and I was standing right there when he was so congratulatory over her success in gaining admission here."

<Lydia> "But then she had to go, I think I called as she was just about to step into class. And he said she was delighted to hear him, but had to go. So I shared a few things, like the address, yes. So... did he come here?" the conversation was diverted a bit, returning her curiosity to Harris and the local report that he had been missing.

<Carol> "Okay. First of all, that is not giving a say." She sat down at her desk, "That is springing it on her. You should have given her his number and let her choose whether or not to call. And you certainly shouldn't have given out the address of this school. You endangered every single student here by doing that."

<Lydia> Lydia continued to appear visibly flustered as she was scolded, unable to sit at the moment, she instead stood by the chair positioned across the desk from Carol. "I allowed him to talk to her from my phone," she argued again before giving a shake of her head.

<Lydia> "I didn't come here to argue with you. And I certainly didn't mean to endanger Felicia or any other student here. What harm can one boy who has spent 5 years behind bars do? He said he'd turned rather religious and wanted to right his wrongs. How is that a danger? And can I please see my daughter?" Lydia began to sound impatient.

<Carol> "Maybe the reason he was behind bars in the first place?" Wow. "And sure, you can see your daughter, if that's what she wants." Carol picked up the phone on her desk. Now she was totally making a point.

<Lydia> Lydia took a deep breath through her nose in attempt to calm, stiffly moving to take a seat in the chair across from Carol. She said not a word, half grateful that Carol had picked up the phone so she had a moment to cool and gather her thoughts. "Of course she'll want to see me," she murmured in soft scoff to herself, continuing with her selfish behavior and state of mind.

<Carol> "Uh-huh..." Carol's tone was light but the raised eyebrow said plenty. She dialled Fee's number and waited for her to pick up.

<Lydia> Lydia remained quiet across from Carol, her lips twisted into a stubborn, stuffy purse, still brewing from Carol's words to her.

<Fee> On the other end of the line, the phone rang a few times before being picked up. "Hello?" Fee's voice answered.

<Carol> "Hey, it's Carol," she eyed the woman across the desk, "I have your mother in my office."

<Fee> "Oh hi," Fee's voice sounded, happy and mildly curious to the reasoning for the call. A few emotions, that soon came to a hault. "Wait. My mother? Is here... now?" she sounded puzzled and confused.

<Carol> "Yeah... she wants to see you so I said I'd ask you if you wanted to see her..." Carol decided now was a good time to drink some coffee.

<Fee> There was a rather extended pause of silence on the other end of the phone. "Why does she want to see me? Because I haven't answered her calls and texts?" Fee asked, her voice turning with tone of irritation, followed by a sort of aggravated growl. A more muffled "Motherfuck," growled in exclamation before her voice sounded closer again, as if she'd temporarily pulled the phone away from her face. "What does she want?"

<Carol> "Apparently she's worried about you because you haven't been answering your phone and she has some news to share with you?" She shrugged a shoulder, "If you want I can tell her to come back another time...?"

<Fee> "What's the news?" Fee asked, seemingly uninterested in traveling to Carol's office to find out, especially as she had her on the phone.

<Lydia> Lydia, having heard Carol's side of the conversation, staring more at the phone within Carol's grasp she chimed in in higher volume "Honey I came all this way to see you," before falling quiet again, her brows furrowing.

<Fee> Fee paused as she was about to say something, catching the voice in the background, and it suddenly sinking in."Oh my god, is she with you now?! Noo, no no. Nuh-uh. Nooo, nope."

<Carol> "I told you she's in my office. Where do you think I'm calling from? I melt cellphones, remember?" She rolled her eyes, turning her attention to Fee's mom, "What's your news?"

<Lydia> Lydia blinked at Carol's mention of melting cellphones, sitting a bit straighter in her chair as she continued to talk loudly as if that might help Fee to hear her over the phone Carol held to her ear. "I just wanted to see you, honey. And I also wanted to let you know about Harris. It seems he hasn't checked in with his parole officer and they're asking for people to call the tip line. Have you heard from Harris, sweetie? If so, you should call the number."

<Lydia> Lydia would then finish her loud talking with a nod to Carol as she sat back in her seat. And then abruptly sat forward and added a loud "I love you, sweetie," in afterthought before nodding again to signal she was done.

<Fee> There was again silence on the other end of the phone as Fee focused upon the voice of her mother carrying from the other end, and finally broke her silence after a pause "Are you kidding me? Who does she care more about? She flew all the way here to talk to me about Harris? All I heard from that was about him. Fuck no. Fuck no. Tell her to leave," Fee's voice broke a bit with emotion, angered and otherwise.

<Carol> "I'll do that." Carol promised, "And make sure she listens." She paused, "I'll check in with you later, okay?"

<Fee> Fee's breath wavered on the other end, with a mix of emotion as she breathed against the mic point on her phone. "I won't see her, I won't talk to her. I'm done," Fee continued, collecting herself a bit more, making sure she'd made her point, though Carol appeared to gather.

<Fee> "She can go back to New York and forget about me, and not contact me just like she did when she sent me off to school. I'm done," she added. "And thanks. Mom. You, not her. And you can fucking tell her that if you need to." There was a brief sniff that came through the phone.

<Fee> "I'll talk to you later, bye," Fee spoke in parting before hanging up the phone.

<Lydia> Meanwhile, Lydia watched Carol, interested in that second remark Carol had spoken in to the phone.

<Carol> Carol put the phone down, trying to gather her own thoughts after Fee's words. She folded her hands on the desk, "She doesn't want to see you."

<Lydia> Lydia looked momentarily hopeful as Carol hung up the phone, but then her features fell as she delivered the news. "What do you mean she doesn't want to see me? Well if she's busy I'll just come back at another time..."

<Carol> "No you won't. If you come back, you'll be asked to leave. She doesn't want to see you or speak to you and I have to respect that. I'm sure she'll let you know if she changes her mind in the future but, until then, I'm going to have to ask that you don't contact her." Carol got to her feet.

<Lydia> Lydia's face fell the more Carol spoke, momentarily speechless as this shock was delivered. "That is... but she's my daughter. I came all the way..." she protested, rising to her feet as well. "You can't tell me not to contact my own daughter," she exclaimed in deep offence.

<Carol> "Actually, I can." Carol corrected her, "That's what she wants. And if we have to take it to a judge, we'll do that. You may have come all this way but you didn't need to do that. You could have just left a message on her phone or called my office right here and we'd have passed the news on to her. That decision was yours." Totally wasn't her fault if the woman was out of pocket now.

<Lydia> Lydia looked at her in complete shock. "A judge?" she echoed in scoffed offence. "How... dare..." she began, but then abruptly turned to leave, before turning back. She was furious. "You're just going to let her..." she began, but found it no use. "Unbelievable, just unbelievable," she scoffed. "I'd like your business card, and your supervisors name if possible. Please," her voice sharp. "And then I'd like to leave."

<Carol> "You can have both of those things," Carol smiled plesantly at her and wrote 'Director Fury' and 'President Stark' on the back of her card before handing it over. "Would you like me to call you a cab?"

<Lydia> Lydia's complexion paled as she viewed the 'supervisors' listed. She looked back to Carol with a bewildered sort of look upon her face, it taking a moment for her to process. "Yes. A cab, please," she answered before looking back to either side of the card and then turning to leave, card still held in her fingers. The President?

<Carol> Carol was still smiling as she pressed the button on the desk that would automatically issue a summons to the nearest cab company then moved from behind her desk to escort Ms Hardy from the premises. "If you manage to get through to them, make sure you tell them I didn't offer you coffee."

<Lydia> Lydia clicked down the hallway along with Carol, a huff given at Carol's remark. "Well," she scoffed, clearly appalled, but yet speechless. Her posture was stiff, and she avoided eye contact with Carol as she was escorted back the way they'd came. She went without a fuss, though in silent fuming.

<Lydia> Clicking her way on past the security checkpoint and on away without looking back. Waiting for her cab some distance from the point, arms crossed, fingers tapping at ebows, still hanging onto that business card.
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