4/3 Instance: Painting a Picture

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4/3 Instance: Painting a Picture

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:47 pm

Timelined shortly after [Instance]A Wing and a Prayer.

<Heather> Searching for a place to be alone was hard when you were shiny. Heather had managed to find a shaded spot on the far side of the reservoir that seemed to serve her for now and she stared at the water's surface as if waiting for it to spontaneously provide her with an answer.

<Christopher> It must have been an unlucky day for Heather. Chris had decided he wanted to paint some landscapes and had gone to the reservoir to do it. It might be a man made lake but it still had a beautiful view. "Hey there... uhmm Heather right? Sorry terrible with names."

<Heather> Heather sighed, lowering a wing so she could peer over it at him, "Yeah, it's Heather."

<Christopher> "Beautiful view huh?" He set up his stuff a little ways down from her where he found a flat spot.

<Heather> "Huh?" She looked out across the water for the first time, "Oh... I guess...."

<Christopher> "Sorry I didn't mean to intrude. Just came out to paint a little." He gave her a once over. "You okay?"

<Heather> She shrugged, the action impressive because of the effect it had on her wings, "I don't know... everything's wonky...."

<Christopher> "Wonky?" He watched her wings spread out glad he hadn't been too close. "I'm guessing that means weird?" He got all of his stuff set up to start painting, turning the easel to be just out of view of her. "Want to talk about it?"

<Heather> "I don't know if that'll help... and I doubt you want to hear it...." she sighed.

<Christopher> "Well I can try to help. I've dealt with my own deal of confusing and craziness. And I'm a teacher, it's what we're here for." Chris started to paint the basic scenery slowly.

<Heather> "It's just.... my best friend is an idiot and I'm stuck like this since I went to space and things are all confusing... and it just keeps getting worse...."

<Christopher> "That does sound like a rough mess." Chris gave her a sympathetic look. "Well let's start with the first one. What'd your friend do?"

<Heather> "Told me that he has feelings for me... after I found out he's been sleeping with someone and figured he didn't feel like that about me at all."

<Christopher> "Ooh... yeah that's a bad one. Is there more to it than that?" He tried to get her to open up a little while he painted.

<Heather> "I don't know... I mean... I've known I liked him for a while... but I thought he didn't feel that way... and then when I found out he was seeing someone... it hurt but it kind of just confirmed what I already knew, you know? Except now..." she frowned, "And it's like he expects me to just forget all that other stuff that happened and carry on like normal..."

<Christopher> Chris mulled it over for a moment as he started to add more detail to his painting. "It kinda sounds like he felt the same... He definitely went about letting you know the wrong way. I'm not saying forget everything that happened. But there's nothing wrong with giving people second chances."

<Heather> "I can't just let all that go... that hurt... and he hurt this other girl too. She clearly developed feelings for him and I don't think it's okay to just ignore that... and he never even asked me how I felt... if he'd have given any indication that he might like me that way... but he didn't..."

<Christopher> "Maybe he was scared to talk to you about it. And I'm not saying let it go. He definitely needs to find some way to make it up to the both of you. To apologize. But you can't blame someone forever for a mistake they made. Or being too scared to act on their feelings."

<Heather> "But I don't have to pretend it didn't happen either. I don't know what he wants from me now... But I definitely don't think I can just go into some kind of relationship with him... it's stupid..."

<Christopher> "No God no, don't let him off easy. You can't reward bad behavior, us guys are stupid you know. And feelings aren't smart or stupid. They're crazy. Me and my ex-wife got together even though she thought it was a bad idea. It was a lot of work and it ended up being the best time of my life."

<Christopher> Chris let out a little sigh as he kept painting. "Emotions aren't rational. We make mistakes we fuck up royally sometimes. I know I have a couple of times. But if you don't try then it'll never work."

<Heather> "But if your wife is now your ex... doesn't that mean it didn't work really?" She bit her lip, worried she'd stepped over a line.

<Christopher> "Yeah, I was the cause of that. Thought we should move back here and wouldn't take no for an answer. I'm hoping she'll give me a second chance. Or at least let me back into her life. So maybe I'm a little biased sorry."

<Heather> "It's not just that stuff though... it's all come at a really bad time..."

<Christopher> "Isn't that when you need people the most?" Chris undid the covering of his left arm and showed how messed up it was. "I can't say it's the same as what you're going through. But I can tell you if I didn't have friends and people I love to help me I'd be in a worse situation right now."

<Heather> "I don't have any other friends except Warren... and now everything's awkward.... I don't have anyone else to talk to...."

<Christopher> "I was saying you should talk to him. I really think you should give him another chance. It sounds like a whole mess of miscommunication and usually that's how feelings get hurt. It's your choice. Don't do something that will hurt you just to make someone else happy. And I might not be a friend, but I'm always free to talk if you need to."

<Heather> "I don't want to talk to him right now... it's awkward."

<Warren> "Why's it so awkward?" Chris kept painting along.

<Heather> "Because he has feelings for me..." Were all men this stupid? It had to be something in their DNA.

<Warren> "And?" Chris cocked an eyebrow at her. "Isn't that a good thing... since you have feelings for him?"

<Heather> "No! Oh my God! Both of you completely miss the point!"

<Warren> "Sorry I guess I am." He shrugged. "Well then talk to me. I'm a neutral party."

<Heather> "It's too late now. It's all stuffed up. He didn't tell me until I was ready to give up on the whole friendship. It feels like emotional blackmail. Just like he didn't tell me he was sleeping with anyone until I found out on my own - he had plenty of oportunity. But, and he denies this, he completely forgot I existed because of this new person."

<Warren> "Do you want him out of your life?" Chris just asked her point blank.

<Heather> "I don't know... I told him it's too soon to know what I want... all of this happened too quickly..."

<Warren> "If you want my honest opinion... It doesn't sound like you do. Or you wouldn't be this upset about it. On the other thing. Give it some time. Think about what you want. Not what will make him happy."

<Heather> "Yeah... finding time alone to do that's pretty tricky around here..." because that's what she had been trying to do when he showed up. "Not exactly hard to find...."

<Warren> "If you want, you can hang out in my classroom on the lawn. I'm not using it the rest of the week. And it has a stereo." Chris stopped painting for a minute to look her over again before deciding what color to use.

<Heather> She shook her head, "Might be easier for me to just fly somewhere else for a while." Somewhere nice and far away.

<Warren> "That is one of the perks of being able to fly. The room's all yours though if you want it."

<Heather> "Thanks... but I won't..." way too easy to find in there. She stretched her wings before she got to her feet.

<Warren> "Heading off?" Chris did a few touch ups while she was getting up.

<Heather> "Yeah... gonna get some proper alone time somewhere..." Maybe in a nice desert or on a mountain.

<Warren> "Well want to see my painting before you go?" He gave her a warm smile.

<Heather> She shook her head, "Maybe later..." She stretched her wings wide one last time then took off with a whoosh of air.

<Warren> "Welp that was a good talk." He shrugged and started to pack up his stuff to head back to his office.
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