3/17 Instance: Surprise Family Reunion

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3/17 Instance: Surprise Family Reunion

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:59 pm

Timelined after Ruh Roh.

Shinobi> There hadn't been any blood on the ice yet, but Obi was hopeful, since it looked like Crosby had already pissed off a goalie on the other team. With about twenty minutes to kill during the first intermission, they headed back to the private bar - one of the many perks of being a guest of honor.

Shinobi> A few other VIP guests milled around the bar, and Bobby immediately made himself scarce checking out the free food. Obi smirked at his back, then turned to grin at Hope. "Typical."

Hope> Hope just smiled after her friend, looking back up at Obi. "Yeah. Makes it easier to ditch the detail when they do that," she teased. She found a chair that looked comfortable and sank down into it.

Shinobi> "Well, he's obviously easier to ditch than David. Do you want a drink?" He thumbed over his shoulder at the bar.

Hope> "Hmmm lemonade?" Hope asked, still smiling up at him.

Shinobi> "Okay, I'll be right back." Obi gave her a grin and headed for the bar.

Hope> That ass though. she sent him, smirking as she watched him leave. With a shake of her head, she pulled out her phone to check twitter.

Shinobi> He didn't miss a step, although he sent her his amusement and slowed down for a beat for her to better appreciate the view.

Hope> And appreciate it she did. She snapped a pic for herself, all but giggling over him.

Shinobi> At the bar, he placed their order and turned to look at some of the other guests. Scanning the room once, his attention came back to an old man who seemed to be watching him just as intently. Weird. He gave the man a nod and carried on.

Hope> Oblivious to the exchange, Hope continued her twitter feed scrolling.

Shinobi> The bartender came back to inform Obi that someone had been sent to get more lemons from the main concession and they shared a laugh over the ridiculousness.

Shinobi> From across the room, a tall man approached Hope where she sat tapping at her phone.

Hope> This was not necessarily unusual, but it was unexpected. Hope's eyes flitted up to the stranger, a customary smile on her face.

Esau> "Good evening, Miss Stark." He straightened the lapels of his jacket, not caring that he looked a little out of place. "At least, I hope it's a good evening." He tried a smile in return.

Hope> "It is. What can I do for you, sir?" She kept her smile, but lowered her phone.

Bobby> Looking up from across the room, he swallowed this particular bit of pizza roll and raised his eyebrows at Hope to see if he was needed.

Esau> "I wanted to introduce myself," he said, extending his hand. "My name is Esau Shaw."

Hope> Without much thought, Hope took the offered hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Shaw. Are you with the Penguins?"

Esau> "No," he said, hiding a smirk. "I believe we may have a more... familial relationship."

Hope> "Fam... how so?" Hope asked, sitting up better and pulling her hand back.

Esau> "Well, I believe you are well acquainted with my nephew, and though I've yet to have the pleasure of meeting him, are engaged to my great-nephew." He tilted his head toward the bar.

Bobby> He wasn't sure if it was good or bad that Hope was paying attention to the old dude, so started through the room and tried to catch Shinobi's attention.

Hope> "What do you want?" Hope asked softly, firmly, her eyes no moving from him. She kept herself calm, not wanting to alarm Obi.

Esau> He blinked in offense. "To say hello," he said with a small smile.

Hope> "Really? And why this location? Why not, say, at the house?"

Esau> "I'm afraid turning up at my nephew's home would be just as, if not more, curious than our introduction just now. I'm not even certain he realizes I'm still alive." His smile spread, showing teeth. "I saw you in the Post-Gazette. Some of us still like to read our daily paper."

Hope> That smile was not sexy on him! "So... you don't think he'd be pleased to see you?" Post-Gazette. Damn papers.

Esau> "My relationship was my brother was... strained, at best. So, I'm really not sure." He shrugged a shoulder.

Hope> Hey... you might want to meet this weirdo. "Then why contact us?"

Shinobi> Obi turned around from his chat with the bartender at Hope's mental summons, frowning when he saw the old guy who'd been staring at him. I saw him earlier. Are you okay?

Esau> He reached up to fiddle with his glasses and sighed. "Miss Stark, as you may have noticed, I'm not a young man," he said, tone pained. "As I said, I saw you in the paper and thought I might try to reconnect with my family."

Hope> "Well, he's over there," she gestured with her hand to Obi. I'm not not okay... but he's odd.

Shinobi> Odd, huh... Taking their drinks, he handed them off to Bobby and said he'd handle it, both men heading back toward Hope.

Esau> He looked back at the bar, only to see his great-nephew and the blonde bodyguard coming toward them. "Well, wonderful." Clasping his hands behind his back, he waited for them.

Hope> And Hope was all too happy to get to her feet to greet Obi.

Shinobi> Obi went first to Hope, giving her a quick greeting kiss and then turning his attention to this old codger. He was tall, with white hair, but there was something about him that seemed familiar. "Hello," he said, offering his hand with a tight smile. "I'm Michael Shaw."

Esau> "Yes, and I am Esau Shaw," he said, taking his hand for a firm shake and looking from the young man to the girl. "As I was just telling Miss Stark, I am your great-uncle."

Shinobi> The only response Obi had to that was a blink. Whaaaat?

Hope> I told you he's weird, she emphasized. "Do you have any proof of this?"

Esau> "I'm sure I do, but I'm afraid I generally don't carry my birth certificate with me," he said with a laugh.

Shinobi> Obi glanced from Hope to the old man. Does Sebastian have an uncle?

Hope> You're his kid! she protested to him, crossing her arms. "So why should we believe you?"

Shinobi> So are you! Probably more so than me, actually. I never talk to him!

Hope> What do you want me to do, call him?!

Shinobi> Maybe! "You have to understand it seems pretty convenient," he said, sliding his arm around Hope. "Not to be rude, but I don't remember my father mentioning you."

Hope> Baby, she tried hard not to smirk, looking at Bobby. She couldn't call. He'd have to. It'd look suspicious if she suddenly went to take a call.

Esau> "No, you wouldn't," he admitted. "My relationship with my brother wasn't the best, so your father hasn't seen me in..." The pause lasted long enough for him to frown. "Thirty years?"

Shinobi> "That's... a long time." Obi tilted his head to give the man a more critical eye, and blinked when his white brow lifted in a gesture he recognized. Well... it would explain why he looks familiar. I mean look at him!

Hope> Not good enough for me. Unable to catch Bobby's eye, Hope decided to just be rude. "If you'll excuse me..." Hope said politely, pulling away to head to the bathroom. I'll call Sebastian.

Esau> "Yes, it is." He nodded at Hope Stark and then reached into his inner jacket pocket, producing a card and offering it to him. "I do understand your hesitance to trust in my words. Here is my card, if you'd like to stay in touch. By all means, share it with Sebastian."

Shinobi> Obi took the card and skimmed it. "Thank you. It's..."

Esau> He smiled again and looked at the clock on the wall. "I believe intermission is almost over, and I don't want to keep you from the game. So, I hope to see you again. Sometime."

Shinobi> It was frustrating that he couldn't seem to get a word in edgewise unless he was rude. "Maybe," he finally decided. "You definitely gave us something to think about." He frowned when the strange old man just nodded and pottered off.

Hope> After her call with Sebastian, Hope made her way back to Obi quickly. "Hey where'd he go?"

Shinobi> Obi looked up from the card. "He... left. Gave me this." He offered her the card. "Did you get him?"

Hope> "Yeah he suggested we kill it." Hope rolled her eyes, taking the card.

Shinobi> He looked at her twice. "That's helpful. So he doesn't have an uncle then?"

Hope> Hope just shrugged. "Seems to be a mystery."

Shinobi> "How is that a mystery? You either have one or you don't. I get a pass on knowing any of this shit, because, hello!" He pointed at himself. "But he should know."

Hope> "Would you like to call and yell at him about it?"

Shinobi> He sighed and took her hand as the announcement was made the game was about to get back under way. "Maybe later."

Hope> Hope squeezed his hand and smiled up at him. "We'll get to the bottom of this."

Shinobi> "Yeah," he said with a laugh. "Now, let's go see your buddy get hit by a puck."

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