3/17 Instance: Ruh Roh

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3/17 Instance: Ruh Roh

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:44 pm

Timelined the day after Crosby, Stark, Shaw and Drake.

Shinobi> "Is this creepy?" Obi looked over at Hope in the passenger seat of his car. The sports car definitely looked out of place in this downtrodden Pittsburgh neighborhood, but at least they'd left their security vehicle a block away while they... stalked.

Shinobi> They weren't even stalking anything that interesting. The house was old and needed some paint. The white clapboard was peeling, and the awnings were faded, but Sebastian said they'd been there long before he was born.

Hope> "Uhhh yes. But where else would you expect the Black King to grow up?" she asked, grinning playfully.

Shinobi> He rolled his eyes at her. "I meant us, hanging out here like massive creepers, but yes now that you mention it the house is kind of creepy too."

Hope> "Oh. Well..." she shrugged a bit, laughing. "I don't think looking at an old house is creepy per say. Perhaps we are interested in real estate. To burn. Or bulldoze."

Shinobi> He snorted, looking back at the house. "Burn and salt the earth?"

Hope> "Isn't that how you destroy evil?" she questioned, wrinkling her nose at the house. At least he'd had a home. And a family. She shoved the thought aside immediately.

Shinobi> "Exactly." He flashed her a grin. "Think Sebastian would vanish in a puff of smoke?"

Hope> She laughed, giving him an evil grin. "We could try it and find out. Wonder how much trouble we'd get in."

Shinobi> "Well if he vanished, plenty." Obi laughed and shifted, looking back up at the house and sobering again. "He said his mom lived here alone until he bought her a new house in a better part of town. She didn't want to leave."

Hope> "It was her home," Hope explained softly. She got it. She wouldn't want to leave either.

Shinobi> "Yeah." He frowned. Just as much as Sebastian was his father, he supposed Sarah Shaw was his grandmother. "I wonder what she would have thought of all this..." He gestured. "Me, Jess, Miriam...you."

Hope> "Probably would have doted on you and despise me," Hope laughed.

Shinobi> He laughed. "Or the other way around. After all, you're adorable."

Hope> Her face actually flushed at that. Hope leaned in toward him, aiming for a soft kiss. You're adorable.

Shinobi> Awww, he sent, returning the kiss and taking his hand from the gear shift to run quickly through her hair. Grinning into the kiss, he laughed. "Now we're creepy."

Hope> A wrinkled nose was his reply, along with a laugh. "Maybe now. Making out in front of the creepy house."

Shinobi> "Yeah, definitely." After a peck on her nose, he straightened up and looked back at the house. "I'm debating if it's crazy to knock on the door and just tell them why we're here..." Obi gave her a concerned look. "Is it crazy?"

Hope> "Yes." She confirmed, looking back at the house. "Make Bobby do it."

Shinobi> He laughed, but shook his head. "Can you imagine what he'd say?"

Hope> "Something something, Shaws, Sharks, something something, freeze them all." Hope did her very best to imitate Bobby's mannerisms as well.

Shinobi> "Ugh, don't do that. It's uncanny." Obi was laughing, though. "Yeah, I suppose it's not a great idea." He chewed the inside of his lip. "I wonder if the factory where his dad worked is still standing..."

Hope> Hope shrugged at him. "Only one way to find out."

Shinobi> "Yeah." He grabbed his phone and plugged in the address, pausing to take one more look up at the house before they drove off. "If it's abandoned maybe we can ditch ice boy and take a look around, yeah?"

Hope> "Look around you say?" Hope dug around and pulled out a flashlight. "Ruh roh Raggy! Got any Scooby Snacks?"

Shinobi> "Wow, we gotta keep you away from Bobby and his Boomerang marathons." He shook his head and shifted gears to start off, laughing softly.

Hope> "Hey now!" Hope protested, laughing. "I happen to like Scooby Doo."

Shinobi> "Sooo, I'm Shaggy in this duo?" He spotted Drake falling into line behind them and gave her a sideways grin. "You cast yourself as a dog?"

Hope> "Well, Shaggy carries Scooby right?"

Shinobi> "When he's scared. Are you planning on getting scared of ghosts in an old factory?"

Hope> "Uhhh yeah." She gave him a 'duh' look.

Shinobi> "I guess shouldn't complain about a chance to cop a feel, right?" He was still watching her from the corner of his eye, lips twitching.

Hope> "Of course not," she fluffed her hair with a smirk.

Shinobi> "Well then, time is wasting." Obi laughed and shifted gears, tearing up the street.

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