3/17 Instance: Crosby, Stark, Shaw and Drake

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3/17 Instance: Crosby, Stark, Shaw and Drake

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:36 pm

Timelined sometime in the fall.

Bobby> There were so many perks to this job sometimes. While he was certainly enjoying himself with free appetizers, it didn't look like his unofficial charge was having such a good time. Just a few feet away, Shinobi - Michael, wtf ever - Shaw was shifting his weight from foot to foot while his fiancee giggled at yet another joke from another man.

Bobby> Yep, mad perks this job had.

Shinobi> Obi tried to unclench his fist from around the no-doubt crystal glass in his hand, instead taking a sip to cover. While he understood that hockey was a big deal in Pittsburgh, and that this was a big deal for Hope, he wasn't sure how he felt about this little outing.

Hope> Hope, on the other hand, was having the time of her life! 'Sid the Kid' Crosby was even better in person than she could have hoped for. She laughed again, taking a glass of offered champagne from him after he picked it up off the tray from a passing server. They had been telling their best hockey stories for... she wasn't sure how long. She'd lost track of time.

Shinobi> Weren't hockey players supposed to be missing teeth? Broken noses? Something? Obi faked a laugh at an appropriate moment, he hoped, and glared at the champagne. That was his job.

Bobby> Selecting another shrimp toast thing from a passing tray, Bobby just enjoyed the show.

Hope> After taking a sip of her champagne, Hope launched into a story about playing ice on the ponds back in Alaska. Crosby's goofy grin was not lost on her.

Shinobi> Nor was it lost on Obi. His eyebrow arched, and he looked between them. She really did have a lot in common with this maple-leaf-loving Canuck, unfortunately. He had learned enough to follow the games they watched, but he wasn't as invested as she, or even his father.

Crosby> "You know, I can't believe I'm saying this, but sometimes ice fishing is just as much fun as hockey. Especially because the ice is so uneven out of a rink."

Hope> "Right?! I remember going this one time and we ended up staying a whole week. Just, fishing, all day."

Bobby> He nearly choked on the little pate-coated nibblet he had sampled this time and gave Shinobi an almost sympathetic look.

Shinobi> Fishing all day sounded like one of the levels of hell to Obi, but Hope was in her element, gesturing excitedly about whatever monstrosities she had caught that week. Crosby was nodding along and laughing. Maybe Obi could help him with that unbroken nose.

Hope> A little bit of that flickered over, causing Hope to give him a bit of a puzzled look before she returned to looking at Crosby to tell his next story.

Shinobi> Shit. Obi stared into the depths of the expensive scotch in his glass and worked on tightening his shields. He shifted a little closer to Hope and rested his hand on the small of her back. "Having fun?"

Hope> "Absolutely," she told him, smiling up at him. "I had no idea Sid and I had so much in common. I mean," she said looking back at Crosby, "I've been a huge fan of yours for years of course."

Shinobi> "That is definitely true," he told the other man with a slight smile. After they'd all been introduced earlier, mister I-have-a-gold-medal had chattered non-stop with Hope and had ignored his existence. "My father is also a fan. He was quite disappointed his schedule wouldn't allow him to come."

Hope> Crosby> "He should have, but of course, this means I'll just have to come meet him sometime," he gave Obi a grin.

Hope> "Oh he'd love that!" Hope was gleeful now. Crosby! Coming to visit *her?!"*

Shinobi> That wasn't quite what he'd meant, but he could only give Hope a smile and pray it didn't look too pained. "Yes... I'm sure he would..."

Bobby> As fun as this was, Bobby was, unfortunately, a softie at heart. He pretended to check his phone and then moved in to Shinobi's other side. "Need some backup, junior?"

Shinobi> Obi gave Bobby a surprised blink, unsure how to respond.

Hope> Hope was already going full speed telling Crosby all the cool things to do around Boston.

Bobby> Keeping his voice down, he gave the shark clone a once over. "You look like you're about to swallow your own tongue- shh!" he interrupted when the guy started to protest. "I don't blame you, man, but just... chill." He grinned at his own pun.

Shinobi> Obi rolled his eyes. "It's a little difficult when he looks like he's sizing her up to dip in maple syrup and lick it off!" he hissed.

Crosby> "I did find your instragram..."

Hope> "Yeah?! Did you find the twitter too? I post there just as much."

Shinobi> "Can you tackle him down for stalking?" he whispered to Bobby. "Just a little flash freeze?"

Bobby> "I could freeze his shorts, but he might be used to that..."

Hope> Hope was very animated, talking excitedly as she got out her phone to get a selfie with Crosby.

Shinobi> The guy wasn't too much taller than Hope, he noticed, while she tried to sidle in close for a good shot. Well, he at least had height advantage. Sigh.

Bobby> He cleared his throat to activate Dad Voice. "Miss Stark. To keep to your schedule we need to leave soon."

Hope> Hope shot Bobby a look, but didn't protest. "Fine.... after some more selfies."

Bobby> He shrugged at Shaw, turning his attention to another tray full of finger foods. Mmm...

Shinobi> His backup was distracted, so Obi decided his only option was to try to speed this up. "Do you want me to take some for you, Ariel?" The bonus was this got him closer again.

Hope> "Sure!" Hope handed over her phone to properly pose with Crosby.

Shinobi> Well, the down side was now she had both hands free... Obi snapped a few shots and narrowed his eyes at mister hockey star. Yeah, I see you.

Hope> After a few more pictures, the redhead was satisfied. "Thanks, Sid!" She grinned at him, returning to Obi to look through the pictures.

Shinobi> Sid. Obi moved in behind her, sliding his arms around her and resting his chin on the top of her head while she flicked through the images. "He seems... friendly."

Hope> Smiling, Hope rested back against him as she flipped through pictures. "He's a great guy," she told him softly.

Shinobi> "Mmmhmm..." He wasn't going to touch that one.

Hope> "You think he'll really come to Boston?" she asked him softly, pulling away enough to look up at Obi.

Shinobi> "Oh, I wouldn't be surprised." In which case he supposed he might at least have better backup than Bobby Drake.

Hope> Her face brightened at that thought and she stole a quick kiss from Obi. "Ready to go then?"

Shinobi> She looked way too excited about that, but he just smiled and returned the kiss. "Yup." He looked over at Bobby, who was sneaking more free food, and caught his eye.

Hope> Hope turned to Sidney, giving him his goodbye and good lucks for the next day. She then slipped her hand into Obi's, looking up at him with a soft smile. "Ready when you are."

Shinobi> He smiled down at her, then smirked. "Oh, I'm ready." Tugging her closer by the hand, he gave her another kiss, lingering just a bit.

Hope> She smiled in the kiss, returning it gladly. "Me too," she admitted softly.

Shinobi> Shifting just enough to catch Sid the Kid out of the corner of his eye, he turned and led Hope to the door.

Bobby> Yeah, this job was all sorts of fun sometimes. Bobby laughed to himself. This would be a good one to tell Paige.

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