3/1 Instance: Daisy's Ghost

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3/1 Instance: Daisy's Ghost

Post by JackSkulls » Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:48 pm

Timelined few days after Business Arrangements

<Daisy> Daisy lugged her basket of laundry on down the hall and then trapped it between the wall and her hip next to her door as she fished among the folded clothes to root around for her keys.

<Daken> Daken walked down the hall from depositing Fee at her room when he noticed the other girl. Hmm what fun can I have with this. "Well hi there cutie. Can I help you with that?" He held a hand out to help her with her laundry.

<Daisy> Daisy side-eyed Daken as he came up beside her. She looked at his outstretched hand and then to the hallway around him, as if still doubting he was talking to her, outstretched hand and all. "What?" she asked, momentary curiosity taking over her expression, her hand then producing her keys, which immediately tumbled from her fingers and clunked to the floor by her feet. "Well.. damn," she mumbled, glancing downward and then back up to Daken. "You mind?" she asked, taking some kind of assistance after all.

<Daken> Daken bent over to pick up the key for her. "Your room?" He pointed at the door she was in front of before trying the key on it to open the door for her.

<Daisy> "Yeah," she answered, giving a few nods, watching as the door unlocked and began to open. "I'm guessing you don't.. given that this is a female dorm. Visiting a girlfriend.. doing the walk of shame?" followed by a smirk and then a clearing of her throat. "You can.. uh.. drop my keys in the basket."

<Daken> "Neither. I'm your neighbors bodyguard. You'll be seeing more of me." He leaned against the door frame not going to enter unless invited.

<Daisy> Daisy moved through the door, but the basket caught on the door and tipped, spilling a few folded contents out. "Shit," she grumbled to herself, setting the basket to the floor and crouching to fold the few shirts that had tumbled out. "Oh. She's mentioned you. I guess she didn't want me to judge her over any constant male presence, or something. Not that I would," she rambled on.

<Daken> "You're not a very coordinated one are you?" Daken eyed the laundry as it spilled out. "I don't quite care how she introduces me. I'm being paid to protect her. Past that. Eh."

<Daisy> "I'm just not the most graceful with lugging laundry from a laundry room, not much practice in that yet. But just give me some time," she spoke in response, eyeing him with a smirking glance before standing upright again, laundry replaced into the basket. Her foot then edged the basket deeper into her room, but stepping away from the door caused it to close a bit. "Oh you can come in," she spoke automatically, continuing to kick and slide the basket deeper into her room, that was a little cluttered with plastic totes of various colors. "Just a job.. got it."

<Daken> Daken followed her into the room. "If she feels like scaring off guys with me it makes my job easier. And I like easy jobs."

<Daisy> Daisy continued to nudge the laundry basket along until it rested near to her low dresser. "Well she seems to be having troubles with guys, so I think she's avoiding most of them," Daisy commented, turning back around to face him. "Easy job indeed."

<Daken> "I've heard a little. One is the reason why I'm her bodyguard from what I hear." He found a spot to sit and made himself comfortable.

<Daisy> Daisy paused as he helped himself to a seat on her desk chair. She looked a bit deer in the headlights for a moment before gathering herself quick enough to recover. "The creeper. Yeah she told me about him. As well as all kinds of other things I didn't necessarily need to know. I think she just needs a friend, Mr All-Business, or so it seems.."

<Daken> "Feel free to offer your services. I hear she gives her friends some pretty nice perks." Daken laughed a little.

<Daisy> Daisy crossed her arms. "My services?" she echeoed, looking upon him flatly before she thought of something. "Well I could look into some things for her, help her out. With her problem, and I don't mean her loneliness, you perv," she teased, daring to he bolder with this stranger.

<Daken> "Maybe you should say what you mean then." He let a small burst of pheromones into the room. "I was just gossiping."

<Daisy> Daisy rolled her eyes and moved to step closer but paused, her gaze becoming a little different as she eyed him for a moment. Rapid blinking would follow, a hand lifting to rake back though her dark hair as she turned away from him, suddenly flustered. "I.. don't know what you mean," as she moved to pick out a bottle of water from a mini fridge by the window.

<Daken> "From what I hear her other boy problem was her fuck buddy. Some hunk she'd jump to get her jollies." He kept the potency of his pheromones low when he noticed they were already having an effect.

<Daisy> Daisy twisted off the cap of the water bottle and took a swig. That odd hint of desire she'd felt out of nowhere had faded, the moment she'd stepped away from him. "The winged one? Well.. to each their own," she remarked in return. "I thought you said you were just a bodyguard," she commented before taking another pause to take a drink of water. "You seem to know quite a bit about her personal life.."

<Daken> "You hear a lot when you know how to listen. Especially in a school full of gossipy kids and even worse SHIELD agents." He shrugged.

<Daisy> Daisy considered as she took a few more slow swigs from her bottle of water, humming a soft sound of consideration before she stepped over to stand nearer to the end of her bed. "True. So does this mean I'll be the next gossip front page for having her bodyguard in my room?" she teased with a smirk. "Just kidding. No one was in the hallway. Not that I care. I've been talking to my neighbors anyway, meeting them. Old habit."

<Daken> "People tend not to talk much about me." He gave her a mischievous grin. "I can usually convince them to keep my name out of their mouths." Daken upped the pheromones again, he was going to drive her wild and then just leave.

<Daisy> There it was again, the racing of her heart. Daisy's fingers tightened around the plastic water bottle she held, it crinkling a little in protest. "Have a way with words.. do you?" she asked, her dark eyes lasered in upon him as he sat in her desk chair.

<Daken> "That or a little bribe here and there always works." He gave her a little wink. "So you seem new. When did you get her?"

<Daisy> "A few days ago," she answered of the second, ignoring the first at the moment. "I am a new student, yes. Look forward to getting my classes started and settle in. As you can see, I haven't even unpacked much," she spoke, gesturing a hand to the room and the few stacked plastic totes laying around. "I met Fee yesterday.”

<Daken> "So I should keep my eye on you?" He gave her a little grin as he upped the strength of the pheromones.

<Daisy> Daisy visibly shifted in her stance, squirming a little in place. "What? Noo. Why would you want to keep an eye on me? Just because I share a wall with your charge?" she asked. "I don't mean her harm."

<Daken> "How am I supposed to know that? It's pretty convenient that you show up after threats on her life are made." Daken tried to keep his face as serious as possible until he just started laughing.

<Daisy> Daisy's jaw dropped a bit at his words, lips parting every so slightly as she looked at him in shocked awe. "So is that what this is? Questioning me to gauge me as a threat or harmless?" she huffed, her frustration turning to agitation, made all the more by the unknown pheromones he produced. "And here there are things I might do to help you, and here you are pissing me off. Rude," she grumbled at him.

<Daken> "Calm down calm down. It was just a joke. I'm not worried about you being a threat." Daken leaned back a little just watching her.

<Daisy> Daisy bit down hard upon her tongue as she watched him in return. Something, something she couldn't put her finger on. Why did he infuriate her so, and she'd only just met him. Her pulse remained elevated, this feeling on edge confused her. "I didn't find it funny," she spoke, clearly unamused. "So then why are you here? Help me into my room and then quiz me? So you have self interest in knowing Fee's neighbors.. or is it strictly business?"

<Daken> "I am sorry then. I'll have to make it up to you. And I'm not on duty while she is here. So I have time to kill. You looked like you needed help so I was trying to offer my services."

<Daisy> Daisy was not expecting his answer, that much was clear from the look of surprise upon her face. "Services.. as a door opener?" she mused, seeming wary of what he meant. "And yes. First impressions.. you don't seem to be all to skilled at. For someone who claims to have the gift of gab," lashing out at him with a bit of her wit. "So let's start over. I'm Daisy Johnson, new student. And you are?"

<Daken> "Everyone has different reactions at first." He gave her a little smile. "Daken. It's a pleasure to meet a beauty like you." Daken gave her a little wink.

<Daisy> Daisy quirked a brow at the first comment. "And what exactly is that supposed to mean?" she was quick to ask. "Daken," she added of his name. "What, different reactions to your charms? Or your questioning.."

<Daken> "Both." He laughed a little. "Sometimes I'm also a lot meaner with my questioning. But I have no need for that with you I think."

<Daisy> Daisy continued to look at him curiously as she moved to step closer to him, and lean her hip up against the edge of the desk he sat near. "And what makes you say that? Do tell me, Daken, if you know me so well.. are there more questions you hope to get answered.. that I'll give you so freely?"

<Daken> "Becuase I don't think you're a threat. Not yet at least. I hope you don't prove me wrong." He smiled.

<Daisy> Daisy breathed a short note of laughter. "Thanks. I think," she spoke, eyeing him as if his face alone might unravel more of his mystery. "That is definitely the oddest compliment I've received in awhile. And no, I'm not a threat to you or my neighbor. I might even help you out, or rather, help her out. It's her well-being that is on the line afterall."

<Daken> "True. I'm sure she will enjoy having a friend." Daken gave Daisy a warm smile.

<Daisy> Daisy still looked as if she wasn't quite sure what to make of him, that odd intensity she felt wasn't making it any better. "Yeah I'll be her friend," she spoke softly, as if that was that and her mind was made up. "Does that mean I'll see you around?" she then asked, the words out before she could help them. "Well maybe not, when she's around campus," she added in self answering, as if to shoo away the question.

<Daken> "Do you want to see me more often?" He smirked. "I'll be around campus. At least until I have something to do."

<Daken> "It would be much more fun if you weren't as innocent as advertised." Daken laughed a little. "I'll be around most likely hanging out where I can still keep an eye on Fee. I don't trust SHIELD they get lazy and then messes are made."

<Daisy> Daisy smirked at him in return. "We'll see.." she spoke before finishing off the rest of her bottle of water, twisted the cap back on and tossed it towards a trash can. "SHIELD is mistake prone? Interesting," she remarked in thought. "Sounds like they might have organization issues? But then again, having so many exceptional humans in the same place, and younger ones at that, give a lot to keep track of. So you saying they're not doing all they can to help Fee?"

<Daken> "I don't trust organizations. To many possibilities to crumble. I'm a mercenary. I work for the highest bidder. Makes things much simpler."

<Daisy> "So your loyalty can be bought, good to know," Daisy spoke, eyeing him. "So do I need to keep an eye on you too then?"

<Daken> "Only if I'm not on a job already. I have some principles." Daken gave her a wink. "You can try. I'm pretty good at keeping out of sight."

<Daisy> "Everyone is traceable," Daisy spoke in smooth response, followed with a tease of smile. "Even those creepers after Fee. Even you. All traceable," she continued. "Just a matter of being given breadcrumbs. So, that being said. If Fee gets any breadcrumbs, bring them to me and I'll help you find them. Unless you want to drag out this job of yours, looking after Fee."

<Daken> "You'd think that." He smirked. "I think I'll leave now before I make you mad." He got up to head for the door before hitting her with a cocktail of pheromones to disrupt her perception of him, making it look like he was standing still as he slipped out of the room.

<Daisy> His words made her all the more curious. Daisy felt almost dizzy, slammed with such a swirl that made her heart and mind race. "What.." she whispered, blinking at her empty room, suddenly finding herself alone. She might even question if he had been there at all, but that feeling.. was all too real. "Who are you?" she murmured aloud, looking around the room and then back to the door before she stepped towards her bathroom. A cool shower sounded good right now.

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