3/1 Instance: Earthquake Insurance?

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3/1 Instance: Earthquake Insurance?

Post by JackSkulls » Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:26 pm

Timelined Current

<Daisy> The box truck arrived to campus before she did, unloaded from the airport and trucked onward. Plastic bins stuffed with various things, clothes, small dorm decor, bedding. All things she'd packed from her dorm room in Portland and had shipped to Boston. Her sport bike had been expensive to ship, but she had insisted it come with her. It was cheaper than buying another one, and she adored that thing. Daisy zoomed along the streets of Boston and made her way north, finally reaching her destination and pulled up to the guarded checkpoint. Cutting off the engine, she pulled off her helmet and rested it in front of her. "Daisy Johnson, here to check in?" she said, once approached.

<Christopher> Chris had heard from one of the agents that a new student was arriving today. He'd been planning on having a easy day but apparently he had to be a teacher today. He saw the girl pull up to the gate on her bike and yelled over to the agents to let her in. "She's a new Student."

<Daisy> Daisy flashed a smile to the guards, and brought her bike back to a rumbling purr. She left her helmet in front of her, tucking it to rest between her things and the press of her stomach keeping it in place as she idled slowly forward and on over to Chris before coming to a rest again. "Hi. So where do I park?" she asked, flashing him a friendly smile.

<Christopher> Chris raised an eyebrow at her. "Uhmm anywhere in the lot?" He motioned to the lot he was standing in. Chris started towards the school and waited just in front of it for her to park.

<Daisy> Daisy looked to the lot with a twist of her lips in consideration, before returning her gaze to him. "Of course. Jet lag," she spoke, because time change seemed like a good excuse. She cleared her throat and slowly drove her bike forward to park it. Once shut off, she dismounted, and carried her helmet along with her. "So are you my tour guide? My class adviser? I was told my coursework might transfer?" she asked him, coming to a stop in front of him.

<Christopher> "In order. Apparently, no, and I wouldn't have a clue, but I can point you to who would." Chris offered her his hand to shake. "I'm Christopher Nord. One of the Art and Biology Teachers."

<Daisy> Daisy twisted her lips in consideration before just as quickly flashing a smile and extending her own hand to give his a solid shake. "Well thanks for at least letting me inside, Professor Nord. Daisy Johnson," she offered in short introduction of herself. "Art and Biology? That's an interesting combination," she remarked before quickly adding "Not that that's a bad thing," her other hand moving palm towards him, as if to physically hold back any offence.

<Christopher> "What can I say I'm an interesting person." He gave her a little shrug. "What are you planning on studying?" He led her up to the door and opened it for her.

<Daisy> "Computer science." The subject blurted out the moment he asked, no delay at all to announce her focus on coursework. "I'd started it back at Lewis & Clark. Tech is kind of my thing," she'd admit with a smile, moving on through the door he'd opened for her. "But I like to balance that out with other courses. Habit, I guess. Languages, music, art.. maybe. What kind of art courses? Could you give me a course overview?" she looked at him with expectant interest. "Is there a course catalog I could have?"

<Christopher> "I teach modern arts. And you'll still have to take your usual gen ed courses." He smiled. "I can't help you with the others. Single language here and I suck at playing instruments.”

<Daisy> "Modern arts," Daisy echoed, mulling it over for a moment before nodding. "Oh gen eds aren't a problem," she added with a wave of her hand. "But I'd like to do more than english and biology. No offence. Art might be a choice, sorry, modern art. So like.. throwing paint at canvas? Making something out of legos, or whatever else people do these days to be more contemporary?" she asked, followed by a smirk.

<Christopher> "Kind of. Last semester's final was a paintball battle. Objective to get hit." He laughed a little. "I like to help people think creatively."

<Daisy> Daisy quirked a brow at the mention of paintball, but seemed rather impressed with his final statement. "Good answer. Sold. I think you have a bite. On the class I mean," she spoke with a flash of smile, her hand moving to pull her fitted jacket open with the pull of a zipper. "What course you offering this semester?" she asked followed by a slight frown. "My timing is off, isn't it? Going to have to wait to begin classes, already a semester going on. Damn. Oh well, I was just anxious to get out of Portland. Left during the semester there too, to my mother's distaste. But she'll get over herself."

<Christopher> "First course is always the same. They just build from there." Chris led her down the hall to the different class areas. "I have three classrooms. Two in the regular areas and one out on the lawn with a forge in it."

<Daisy> Daisy nodded along as he spoke. "Metal working too? That's awesome. Paintball to metalworking, can't say I've done either. What do you do that is classroom based?" she was full of questions, flowing with interest about his class. It having nothing whatsoever to do with what she wished to pursue made it all the more interesting.

<Christopher> "Different styles of painting. Different mediums. If you're opposed to nudity then you probably shouldn't take my class."

<Daisy> Daisy had figured sketching and painting would probably be included, along with the not so usual additions.. like paintball. The floor tripped her up, the flat floor, at his last statement. "What? Oh.. like to aid in anatomy form in drawing human forms." The recovery from her random stumble was a swift one. "No that's.. uh.. fine. We're adults," she continued after a light clearing of her throat. It's not like the whole class was taken naked, just some nudity present. She could handle that.

<Christopher> "That and bring people out of their shells. If you don't try new things you'll always be stuck in the past." He shrugged.

<Daisy> Daisy observed Chris for a long moment in pause of thought, lips twisting as she sucked and bit upon her tongue in consideration. Finally a soft "True," was spoken in response. "Alright, I'm still in. Art class it is. My something new course-wise. New campus, new state, lots of new. Why not a new class." Such statement was followed with the flashing curve of smile and a shrug of shoulders.

<Christopher> "It'll be fun, promise. And you won't be the only new student in there. I have another." He opened the door to his other art classroom for her. "Take a look around."

<Daisy> Daisy quirked a dark brow but said nothing in remark to his words of promise. Her attention then drawn to the classroom as she scanned the interior of the space. A glance was cast back towards him before she slowly strolled around the edge of the room, and paused at a rack holding some paintings and sketches stored upright, moving some of them so that she could see.. and.. yep, that was a naked drawing of someone holding a sketchbook. A light hum leaving her throat as she let the things fall back into rest as it was.

<Christopher> "It's a pretty fun class. I'm still trying to think what this semester's final will be. Maybe paintsplosions. Or paint tag, though that's really close to the paintball one. I'll have to think about it." He pondered for a moment as she looked through all the art in the room.

<Daisy> His rambling on about the class distracted her somewhat, casting a glance back his direction before looking through some things again. Landscapes, some photography.. oh look, another nude. Colorful paint splatters, contemporary designs using mixed media.. more nude sketching. "Paintsplosions? That a creative way of saying throwing paint around?" she asked, turning away from her browsing of the art scattered around to focus instead upon him.

<Christopher> "With explosives obviously. Or powers, that could be fun too. Mortal paint combat! Fight!" Chris laughed at his terrible joke. He didn't care it was bad, he liked it.

<Daisy> Daisy quirked a brow. "Explosives.." she echoed, seeming to debate on how exactly that would work. "Color powder?" she suggested, before pointing a finger at him. "My idea," she declared, as if taking credit before she elaborated. "Could use color powder, pressurize it. Blast it. Bam. Your paintsplosion."

<Christopher> "Yeah but then you don't get the satisfaction of that wet pain slapping noise." Chris walked over to his desk to grab his tablet and write down some ideas.

<Daisy> Daisy stepped closer, wandering towards him in slow, causal steps. "So you're going for more than a visual effect.. then," she spoke in consideration. "I still think color powder looks quite striking. Though it might not have the same harsh, literal, splash of color as paint does."

<Christopher> "Maybe we'll do a color run, half the students race the other shoot colored powder at each other." He gave Daisy a little smile. "I think you will do well in my class."

<Daisy> "Think so, eh?" Daisy mused, her gaze traveling around the room before returning to him. "A race incorporated into it, would work. But there is more you could do with it. But I'm not going to give you all my ideas. Not without a price." A smirk curved to her lips, followed by a light chuckle. "Good. I aim to do well in all my classes. A's only. I have a reputation to keep."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed a little. "You do know I'm the teacher. Your job is to learn from me and impress me."

<Daisy> Daisy pointed a finger at him. "And for me to get credit for my shared ideas, a little bonus for sharing an idea you might use in your class. Not that I want or need to be a 'teachers pet' as others might peg or assume," she'd clarify with a dismissive wave of her hand. "I'm no pet, I can assure you of that."

<Christopher> Chris outright laughed at that. "Trust me you don't have to worry about that." He sat his stuff back down. "So to continue your tour?" He motioned to the door.

<Daisy> Daisy smirked at him in response before sweeping a hand towards the door. "By all means, impromptu tour guide, professor Nord," she cooed, that smile continuing as she strolled on over towards the door, her helmet dangling from the fingers of her other hand, hanging at her side.

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