1/18 Instance: The Happy News

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1/18 Instance: The Happy News

Post by Slarti » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:38 pm

Backdated to a couple days after The Perfect Day.

<Jessica> Jess sat on the sofa amidst a pile of text books, reading her way through them one at a time. Psychology was turning out to be even more interesting than she'd thought it would be now that her books had arrived.

<Shaw> Not far away, Sebastian sat going over his lesson plans. Sooner rather than later, he'd have to discuss Lehnsher's new proposal with Jessica, but for now he was happy to delay.

<Jarvis> Jarvis made his way to Sebastian and bowed. "Mr. Shark, Miss Stark and Mr. Shaw approach. Heart rate is elevated, but the rest of her vitals are holding stable."

<Jessica> Jess looked over at the talking robot. Jarvis was still creepy.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked up at Hope's AI. "Thank you, Jarvis," he said uncertainly, glancing at Jessica. He checked his phone, but it had no messages.

<Jessica> Jess shifted on the sofa because her feet were falling asleep and one of her piles slid into her lap and tried to bury her, "Ack!"

<Shaw> "Are you having a problem there, love?" Sebastian chuckled and put his tablet aside to help uncover her.

<Shinobi> The car was safely parked and Obi even opened the door for his fiancee. He had a fiancee. Life was amazing. He offered her his hand.

<Hope> Hope was all grins as she took his hand, all but bouncing out of the car with a kiss for him. "Thank you."

<Shaw> Of course, now the security alert on his phone beeped and Widget came tottering in. He frowned. Obviously, things around here needed an update.

<Jessica> Jess was all smiles for Widget. He was still cute.

<Jarvis> The robot bowed again. "Can I serve you in any other way?"

<Jessica> "Yes. Be less creepy."

<Jarvis> "While I do not understand, I will pass along the recommendation to Miss Stark at once." He bowed again and headed out.

<Jessica> "You do that, creepy robot." Jess watched him go.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled and thanked Widget for his assistance. The older AI warbled and went to sit near Jess.

<Hope> Taking Obi's hand, Hope headed for the door. "Are they home?"

<Jessica> Jess smiled at Widget. "You're not creepy at all, Widget. Don't worry." She patted the robot fondly.

<Shinobi> "I think so." He looked over at her with a grin. "You're the telepath, Ariel. You tell me."

<Shaw> He smirked at them, watching the robot nearly purr with the attention.

<Hope> "Details," Hope laughed as she led him inside. Dad?

<Shaw> Yes. We're upstairs. He sent her an image of the living room and stood to flip on the coffee pot and electric kettle.

<Hope> "They're here," Hope informed Obi as she hurried up the stairs.

<Shinobi> All Obi could do was follow her, and they picked up an excited yappy Sharky on the way. "Shhh, don't wake up Miriam!"

<Hope> "Dad, dad, Dad, Jess, Jess, Jess," Hope called out once they reached the living room, mindful of her volume to not wake the baby.

<Jessica> "Hi! Did you have fun on vacation?" Jess smiled at Hope as she appeared.

<Shaw> "Well, hello, little Stark!" Sebastian laughed at Hope's sudden and excited appearance.

<Hope> Hope grinned at them. "Hi! Had a great time!"

<Shaw> Sebastian intercepted Hope and gave her a tight hug. "I'm glad you had fun."

<Shinobi> Obi appeared just a moment later, with a wriggly silver corgi in his arms. "Hey," he said, more calmly than Hope.

<Hope> Hope hugged him tightly. "It was good to get away."

<Jessica> Jess got up to fold Michael in a hug too and gave Sharky a pet.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled and gave her a squeeze. "I most definitely agree," he said, letting her go.

<Shinobi> "We've got news," he whispered to Jess, then handed over her pet. "Here," he said more loudly. "Take your critter."

<Jessica> Jess blinked confusedly at Michael as she took Sharky from him. "Sharky, calm down, you've seen them before."

<Hope> "We've got BIG news." She grinned widely up at Sebastian.

<Shaw> "Oh? Do you?" He looked between them, rejoining Jessica and giving their excited silver dog a pet.

<Hope> Hope couldn't stand it a second longer. She held out her left hand, grinning from ear to ear as she showed off her gorgeous ring.

<Jessica> Jess' eyes widened, looking between their faces and the ring on Hope's finger. She couldn't take it in.

<Shaw> He blinked, shot a look at Michael, then took Hope's hand to inspect the ring.

<Shinobi> Nervous, he swallowed, but forced himself to keep his chin up.

<Hope> An actual giggle escaped from Hope.

<Jessica> Jess pounced Michael for a hug.

<Shinobi> Relieved that he had approval from at least one parent, he hugged her back. "Surprised?"

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked at the giggle, taking his time looking it over. "It's very... yellow."

<Jessica> "Yes. Very surprised." But she could feel how happy they both were. She gave him a squeeze and kissed his cheek.

<Hope> "It's supposed to be. Tony the ass said it was too small." Hope rolled her eyes. Dads were dumb.

<Shaw> "Oh, I wouldn't say it's small." After all, he'd received the bill shortly after Michael picked it for her.

<Shinobi> Obi was definitely very happy, even if Tony Stark had been a dick about the ring. He sighed and kept his arm around Jess even as he turned to watch Hope with his father.

<Hope> "I wouldn't either. But he said to tell you that if you gave him a proper allowance he might could afford a proper diamond," Hope couldn't even say it without snickering. "Think I could get past his service detail for a good smack?" She grinned at her dad.

<Shaw> Sebastian had to laugh at that, shaking his head and putting down Sharky to give Hope a hug. "It sounds as if I should help you," he said, then lowered his head closer to her ear to speak softly. "Congratulations, little Stark. I'm very happy for you."

<Hope> Hope pulled him into a hug, smiling and happy. "Thank you," she whispered back.

<Jessica> "Well I think this definitely calls for cake or something."

<Hope> "And ice cream!?" Hope asked excitedly. "And coffee?"

<Jessica> "All of those things," she laughed, leaning to give Hope a hug too.

<Shinobi> "We'll save the peanut butter cookie party for later," he said to Jess, just loudly enough for the others to hear.

<Hope> "So long as you bathe," Hope wrinkled her nose at him, though playfully, and hugged Jess too.

<Jessica> "So many cookies," Jess promised with a small laugh.

<Shaw> "We can make Chad deliver them personally," he added with a smirk, watching the happy hugs all around.

<Hope> Hope totally jabbed Sebastian for that comment.

<Jessica> Jess laughed again, releasing Michael and Hope so she could go across the hall to the kitchen to start the coffee.

<Shaw> Sebastian laughed and took her hand again to investigate the ring. "Not that I did this either, but I thought the modern ideal was to let you pick the ring." He tsked at Michael.

<Jessica> "Because I got to do that at all," Jess called back from the kitchen, the humour clear in her tone.

<Hope> Hope snorted a bit. "I thought the ideal was for the bride to love it, which I do."

<Shinobi> He narrowed his eyes at Sebastian, unsure if he was joking. When he opened his mouth to protest, he decided Jess' response meant he shouldn't get too pissed off. Instead, he crossed his arms and huffed slightly. "That's all that matters then - she loves it."

<Shaw> "I offered to buy you a new one," he called back, chuckling. "You said you liked my mother's ring, but I suppose now I know the shameful truth."

<Jessica> "I like it fine," she assured him as she returned, "I don't like you spending money on me." She slid her arms around him.

<Hope> "I have no such qualms," Hope assured Obi, wrapping her arms around him with a grin.

<Shinobi> "Good. I thought I did an okay job," he groused, and snuggled into her. "The sunflower field was perfect timing." He nodded. "That took some planning."

<Shaw> "But I like spending money on you, love." Sebastian gave her a kiss on the temple.

<Hope> Hope was happy. She closed her eyes and held onto her fiance. "It was perfect," she echoed.

<Shinobi> "I'm glad," he whispered, and held her.

<Jessica> Jess smiled at Sebastian, They're so happy.

<Shaw> So I see. He leaned his head against hers and just watched the children. I don't believe I've ever seen Hope like this.

<Jessica> I haven't. She nuzzled his shoulder, We have to take care of them. Make sure this works.

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded. Most likely, protect them from themselves and their irritating tendency to self-destruct.

<Hope> I love you, Obi. Very, very much. Hope breathed him in a little, savoring the moment.

<Shinobi> I love you too. Luckily, he had his eyes closed and didn't see Jess and his father staring at them like creepers.

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