2/15 Instance: Try Try Again

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2/15 Instance: Try Try Again

Post by Slarti » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:10 pm

Dated around the start of school... since I failed at posting in a timely manner.

<Paige> Morning Paige was usually still a bit sleepy, though always Paige so always peppy. But this morning... was an exciting morning. Without even looking to see if Bobby was up or not, Paige all but flew out of the bed to rush to the bathroom.

<Bobby> The bed moved and Bobby rolled over, snatching her pillow and pulling it into a hug. Mmmm, warm... and it smelled like caaaaandy.

<Paige> Paige stared at herself in the mirror for a long moment, trying to psych herself up. Today would be the day. This would be the time. Excited, she pulled out the little package from the box and went to take yet another pregnancy test. In five minutes, she'd know.

<Bobby> When it dawned on him that the Paige-scented pillow wasn't actually Paige, Bobby opened his eyes with a snort.

<Paige> Hands washed, all there was to do was sit on the edge of the tub... and wait. She stared at the little stick, watching the digital screen as the little circle on it went round and round. This was agony!

<Bobby> Consciousness meant Bobby soon remembered what Paige was up to this morning, and he rolled out of bed and padded to the bathroom door. He knocked quietly.

<Paige> Not wanting to tear herself away from the stick, but not wanting to leave Bobby out either, Paige pushed herself up and moved to the door to peek out at her husband. Of course, that just made her smile and open the door for him.

<Bobby> Bobby grinned down at her, hair standing on end. He bent to give her a quick morning kiss and followed her into the bathroom.

<Paige> Giggling, Paige shut the door behind him and retook her seat on the edge of the tub to watch the circle spin some more. "Just... waiting."

<Bobby> "Waiting sucks," he agreed, and spotted his reflection. Making a face, he smoothed down his hair and prepared to give his teeth a quick brushing. A piece of hair immediately popped back up.

<Paige> Giggling more, Paige got up to gently help him with his hair.

<Bobby> Bobby grinned and bumped his head against her hand like a Yoda wanting a good ear scratch.

<Paige> Paige smiled and slid closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She ran her fingers lightly through his messy hair and let out a soft sigh. No matter what that stick said, she was happy. The stick! She quickly turned to see if it was done.

<Bobby> He looked over her head at the pee stick and walked them both over to it. "Is it time yet?"

<Paige> "I can't look... you look!" She buried her face into the safety of Bobby's chest.

<Bobby> He squinted. "Aaaaalmost... buuuuuut not quite." Good, that gave him more time for cuddles. He buried his nose in her thick blonde hair and gave her a tight squeeze. "If this one's a boy, we could name him Aloysius."

<Paige> "No." Paige spoke immediately, but giggled. At least he could make her smile!

<Bobby> "No?" He gasped in totally fake offense. "You mean our time in Paris didn't make us all continental?"

<Paige> "No," she giggled more, snuggling into him.

<Bobby> "You mean, non, mon cherie." He couldn't even say it with a straight face, but still... that sounded... oddly familiar.

<Paige> Paige laughed and looked up at his smile and his blue eyes. "I love you."

<Bobby> "Not as much as I looooove yooooouuuuu." He grinned and kissed her nose, just as the timer clicked off.

<Paige> Paigey giggled and rubbed her nose gently against his, ignoring the timer. She couldn't look.

<Bobby> He was kind of scared to look too, because so far every time they'd done this it ended with disappointment. Finally, he gave her a kiss and reached for it. "Count of three?"

<Paige> Paige nodded, taking his free hand and squeezing it very tightly. "One... two...."

<Bobby> "Three..." He blew out the breath he'd been holding and closed his eyes for a long moment, then looked. Damn. Bobby closed his eyes again with a wince.

<Paige> Unlike Bobby, Paige had looked immediately. It hadn't helped. She stared at it for a long time before pulling away from him to sink down onto the edge of the tub, looking down at the pink bath mat under her feet. Negative. Again.

<Bobby> Bobby put down the pee stick with more of a clatter than he intended and crouched down in front of her. "It's okay," he said, trying hard to keep the disappointment from his voice.

<Paige> She couldn't meet his eyes, but she tried nodding for him.

<Bobby> "We'll just keep trying, yeah? That's the fun part..." Bobby tucked her hair behind her ear.

<Paige> A nod was her reply. Paige tried to look up at him, but he became rather blurry with silent tears.

<Bobby> Bobby made a strangled noise and hugged her tightly. "Awww, Paigey..."

<Paige> A sob escaped as she clung to him, crying into him. "I'm sorry."

<Bobby> "W-what are you sorry for?" He was honestly confounded and he stroked her hair, holding her close.

<Paige> "Everything..." she choked out.

<Bobby> "....yeahuh? Wha?" He wasn't forming words, but... what the hell? Was she sorry she married him?

<Paige> "God's punishing me for sleeping with a woman. And having sex before marriage!"

<Bobby> "..." Bobby blinked and replayed that statement over in his head. "Um... babe... I don't think that's it..."

<Paige> That caught her attention She sniffled and looked up at him. "No? Then... then why?"

<Bobby> "I-I dunno... but... that just... no." Bobby shook his head and raised both hands to cup her face and wipe her cheeks with his thumbs. "I don't believe that."

<Paige> Her small hands covered his much larger ones as she calmed, looking into his eyes. She might need to become her own patient at this rate. "We... we can try again?"

<Bobby> "Uh... yeah," he said, trying not to laugh and failing, so instead he gave her a quick kiss. "I'm great at trying!"

<Paige> A small smile began to spread across her face. Paigey sniffled and kissed him again. "I do like the trying."

<Bobby> He grinned and nodded. "Yeah you do!"

<Paige> Her face flushed a brilliant shade of red as she buried her face into his chest again, giggling.

<Bobby> Bobby gathered her close and chuckled. "I love you, babe."

<Paige> "I love you too," she mumbled against him, snuggling close.

<Bobby> He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Mmmm candy.

<Paige> "Maybe.... maybe we could try again... now?"

<Bobby> Now? At that, Bobby's attention perked up. So did something else.

<Paige> Much... much later, Paige was showered and dressed and fussing over her hair. Her eyes kept looking over at the trash can and her earlier disappointment. Each time she would swallow hard and look away.

<Bobby> Bobby's showering and dressing took way less time, so he was free to pester the Paigey. He wandered into the bathroom and leaned against the door frame to watch her. Reaching over, he flicked a curl.

<Paige> That made her giggle, attention back on him and not on the trash can. "Do you have to work today?"

<Bobby> "Nope!" He was pretty sure he'd already told her that, but oh well. Giggly Paige was the best Paige, so he wandered in and wrapped her in a backwards hug, watching their reflections.

<Paige> She bit her lower lip a bit, smiling at him. "Me either."

<Bobby> "Weeeeell," he said, nosing her hair and attempting a seductive tone. "We can try all day then."

<Paige> And Paige practically melted in his arms. "Yeah?" She looked up at him, leaning on him for support.

<Bobby> "Mmmmhmmm." He found her earlobe and nibbled. "Although we might want lunch at some point..."

<Paige> "But... lunch... can wait." Her eyes closed as she leaned back against him.

<Bobby> Bobby made an affirmative sound and moved from earlobe to neck. "I know what I want for lunch," he sing-songed.

<Paige> Her face was bright red, but she gave him some sounds of approval. Okay. Real lunch could wait. She had... something else.... to attend to.

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