2/7 Instance: Bird Brain

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2/7 Instance: Bird Brain

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:59 am

Timelined for right after [Instance]Hard to Swallow.

<Warren> Warren was perched on the edge of the roof staring out over the school hoping a storm would come through soon. He missed flying around in the storms. He took a little sip of his bottle of water before setting it aside.

<Heather> After finishing her mac and cheese in confused silence, Heather exited the kitchen via the back door and decided she needed to find Warren. She took off to circle the school while she figured out where he might be then spied him on the roof. She landed behind him and cleared her throat.

<Warren> Warren jumped a little. "Hey shiny butt." He gave her a big smile before turning back to watch the clouds. For some reason he was always happy to see her, no matter what.

<Heather> "Hey yourself," She crossed the roof and sat down beside him. "So... how come you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend?"

<Warren> "Huh?" Warren cocked his head a little. "I don't..." He was a little confused.

<Heather> "Well there was this girl in the kitchen that seemed to think she was sleeping with you..."

<Warren> Warren blushed red at that comment. "Well.... uhmm I kinda might be?" He chewed his lip.

<Heather> "And that doesn't qualify her as a girlfriend because.....?" Heather coaxed.

<Warren> "We're not uhmm dating?" He shrugged. "I dunno... it all happened really fast and we've only really slept together." He decided not to say anything about him and Cassie, or the three of them together.

<Heather> "And you didn't think you might want to mention that this was going on? In case I ran into her and she got all upset because you hadn't mentioned her and left me all confused when she ran off upset?"

<Warren> "Uhmm no? I thought the whole not kissing and telling was the whole gentlemanly thing to do..."

<Heather> "You didn't even mention her to me in the context of a friend!" Heather shoved him. "I had no idea who she was but she knew me somehow."

<Warren> "We got distracted the last time we talked... And she asked me about my friends that's how she knew about you. She actually asked if there were any girls she'd have to fight for my attention..." Warren sighed a little and stared at the clouds.

<Heather> "Well now she thinks there is. So I guess you should probably fix that, I don't know..." she sighed and got up. "You'll do what you want...."

<Warren> "What's that supposed to mean...?" Warren frowned. "Why do you even care, it's not like we're dating..."

<Heather> "No but we're supposed to be best friends. Best friends tell each other what's going on in their lives. But I guess I don't mean that much to you anymore now that you have a pretty girl fawning over you..." She spread her wings and glided down from the roof to the lawn.

<Warren> "You know that's not true, Heather! Get back here!" He jumped off the roof and spread wings going after her.

<Heather> Heather folded her wings and continued to walk away. "I don't know that's not true. At least now I know why you weren't coming to see me."

<Warren> "That's not true, Heather. You're more important to me than anyone else. I mean I gave up on harvard to be closer to you..." He bit his lip, why did he say that?

<Heather> "And then proceeded to ignore me and start sleeping with some random new girl and not tell me. That doesn't make me feel very important, Warren." She spread her wings again and lifted into the air.

<Warren> "I'm sorry, Heather... Stop running away from me!" He took off after her. "Are you really that mad at me for sleeping with Fee?" Warren didn't get why she was so upset. "I wasn't trying to ignore you, Heather, I swear."

<Heather> "But you did!" She turned in the air, "And I'm mad at you for not telling me that you did! If you want to go and sleep with people, that's fine but you should at least have the decency to tell me first!"

<Warren> "I'm sorry, Heather... Please just stop. I'm just not good at all this stuff. Apparently worse than I thought." He tried to keep up with her. "You know if I knew something was wrong I would have been at your door every morning with coffee..."

<Heather> "You didn't know there was something wrong because you didn't check. I shouldn't have to wait until I'm sick or depressed or fucked up before you come and see me! Don't you understand that?"

<Warren> "I thought we already talked about this, Heather! I said I was sorry... I don't know how I can apologize any more. I told you I'm not going to do it again. Why can't you forgive me?"

<Heather> "I did forgive you but now I found out you've been busy sleeping with some girl you've known for five minutes!"

<Warren> "Heather... I'm sorry I wasn't trying to ignore you! I don't know, Heather... I didn't tell you cuz I was scared."

<Heather> "What the hell is there to be scared of, Warren? You don't make any sense!"

<Warren> "I don't know... that you'd be mad at me like you are now?" He flapped hard to hover in place and ran his hands through his hair.

<Heather> "I'm mad at you because you should have told me. I'd have told you."

<Warren> "I don't know, Heather... When I think about this stuff and you it gets all confusing and I don't know why..."

<Heather> "You still should have told me." She turned away from him again and rubbed at her eyes before she flew away.

<Warren> "Heather, come back here!" He flew after her. "I didn't think you would care who I slept with... I wasn't trying to ignore you or anything I promise..."

<Heather> "Oh my God, that's not even the point! Just leave me alone!"

<Warren> "No! Heather, talk to me!" He kept on her tail. "Talk to me, Heather."

<Heather> "I already said everything I have to say!" She sped up, gaining altitude. She didn't know where she was going. Just away.

<Warren> "Heather stop! Please..." He flew as fast as he could in his current form to try to catch up to her.

<Heather> "Just go away!" She yelled over her shoulder, picking up speed again.

<Warren> "Heather... please don't leave me..." Warren couldn't keep up with her and for some reason he didn't want to switch forms.

<Heather> She kept flying, going nowhere in particular until Warren was just a speck in the distance.

<Warren> Tears started to roll down his cheeks slowly. Why did it hurt so much for her to leave him? He flew back to find a secluded place to just sit and be alone.
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