2/7 Instance: Hard to Swallow

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2/7 Instance: Hard to Swallow

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:45 am

Current Timeline.

<Fee> Fee had outdone herself on the cooking. She'd probably made enough mac and cheese to feed a family of 5 for a few days, accidentally making way too much pasta. Just how someone could accidentally make 4 pounds of pasta might be a feat in and of itself, if one was not paying attention to the packaging.

<Fee> She'd sworn it didn't look like that much. She'd filled just about every casserole dish that she could fit into the oven with it. Pulling dish after dish of golden mac and cheese with bacon mixed within and crumbled on top and arranging them on the counter.

<Fee> "Well. Damn," she uttered, followed by snickering at herself a bit. Oven mits upon her hands and she placed hands upon her hips and admired her mac and cheese buffet.

<Heather> Heather couldn't ignore her stomach any longer. She was hungry. She headed to the kitchen the stealthiest way she could - by flying from her room, around the building and landing at the back door. When she opened the door, she was hit in the face by the smell of melted cheese and bacon. "Woah."

<Fee> Fee waved her mitted hands over the bubbling dishes as if stirring up the air might make them cool faster. The kitchen smelled amazing, at least to her. She snickered at herself again, giving a soft shake of her head as she eyed her masterpieces of carby cheesey bacony goodness.

<Fee> "Well. Hope everyone is hungry... within a 2 mile radius," she remarked aloud as she turned to face the rest of the kitchen, her gaze immediately falling upon the golden, towering Heather. Green eyes grew a bit wider before she finally collected herself and said the first casual thing that came to mind. "Hungry?"

<Heather> Heather's gaze shifted from the mac and cheese to Fee and back again, "Yeah... Looks like it's just as well...."

<Fee> Fee produced a forcibly bigger smile than what looked natural, extending mitted hands to showcase the food like a Vanna White of mac and cheese. "Well... uh... help yourself?" spoken before she made a gesture that Heather should come over, shedding her mits and giving them a toss towards the sliver of counter that was still free of piping hot dishes.

<Fee> "Let me get you a plate," she said, focusing on fishing out a paper plate and plastic fork rather than gawking at her. "I... I don't think we've met. I'm Fee. And I don't usually cook this much mac and cheese," she'd ramble on in attempt at conversation, accompanied with small laugh.

<Heather> Heather laughed, "I think I'd have noticed if this was a habit..." She went to collect the plate from Fee and then tried to pick which dish to start on. "I'm Heather."

<Fee> Once the plate had been taken from her hands she moved to gather a plate and fork of her own. A tap tap tap of the fork being given upon the plate, until such sound came to an abrupt halt as the name spoken sunk in. "Heather?" she echoed, before thoughts would sort and realization would come. "Warren's friend. Right?"

<Heather> Heather nodded, "Mmhmm... you know Warren?" She selected a dish and started spooning mac and cheese onto her plate. He hadn't mentioned her.

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods of her head, edging a little closer and standing to the side as she awaited her own turn to scoop up the cheesy deliciousness. "Yeah, I know him. Pretty well actually," she added, smirking a bit to herself before clearing her throat. "He's helped me with some stuff. He hasn't complained about me showing up yet, so that's a good sign," sliding in a bit of light humor as she extended her hand as if to receive the spoon Heather held.

<Heather> Heather frowned. She couldn't know Warren that well. How long had she even been here? A few weeks? "Oh... he just hasn't mentioned you, is all..." she sat down at one of the tables and attempted to make her wings look smaller than they were.

<Fee> Fee's expression fell at Heather's slight burn of words, for they surely caused an unpleasant feeling to creep forward and replace the happy-go-lucky mood she'd had moments before. She was quiet as she scooped out some food for herself, leaving spoon to clunk and rest within the dish before she made her way to take a seat across from Heather.

<Fee> "Well he really didn't mention that much about you either," she felt the need to say, scooting her chair to scrape a bit against the floor before stabbing a forkful and taking a bite.

<Heather> "He told you enough that you knew who I was...." Heather shrugged a shoulder.

<Fee> "What's that supposed to mean?" Fee snapped back, the words out before she could filter them. Her pulse raced forward mildly, flushing her cheeks with color as she locked her attention upon Heather seated on the other side.

<Heather> "Nothing... just that you know more about me than I know about you."

<Fee> Fee took a short exhale before stabbing fork among noodles to gain another bite and push it past her lips before chewing. She debated for a moment, using her chewing to stall, before speaking again. "A name and some about the appearance, basic stuff," she said before gathering up another bite. "He doesn't talk about his other friends, hm?" she'd ask before taking another bite.

<Heather> "Well usually..." she prodded at the pasta, "But sometimes we just mess around and are too busy having fun to talk about much."

<Fee> Fee's gaze shot across at Heather, watching her for a moment before smirking to herself and dropping her gaze to the table as she pushed around cheesy noodles before stabbing at them again. "Yeah he's a fun one alright," her words followed by quite the pleased grin as she took another bite and chewed. "Lots," added with partially full mouth before she swallowed. "Seems like he keeps himself busy. Not that he didn't make that clear from day one, repeatedly."

<Heather> Heather raised an eyebrow at Fee, wondering what that meant. "He's always doing something..."

<Fee> Fee continued to eat for a pause, stabbing at her plate to gather food before shoveling it into her mouth. "Maybe we're getting off on the wrong foot," she began after she'd cooled down a bit and gathered a level head. "I like Warren. A lot. I'm not wanting to start something with a good friend of his."

<Fee> "Whether I actually matter to him or not. And being as he didn't mention me. Well." Her words ended by a shrug of shoulder as she began to eat again. "Should have known..." muttered before she took a bite.

<Heather> Heather blinked at Fee, a little confused, "I like Warren a lot too... what would you be starting, exactly?"

<Fee> Fee chewed for time to stall, and when that bite was gone she shoveled in another. That one disappearing before she finally broke her silence. "I don't know. Sometimes I just say things when I'm not myself. And I haven't felt much like myself lately."

<Fee> "Except for when I've been with him. And then someone he's mentioned a few times doesn't even know I exist..." her words broke off as she diverted her gaze to her plate, and the sudden important task of rearranging what was left on her plate. "Mother fucking boys," grumbled down to her plate.

<Heather> "He probably just forgot..." Heather spoke before she really though about it, "He's kind of an idiot..."

<Fee> Fee's gaze snapped upwards and she looked briefly hurt. "Forgot?! Am I that forgetable?" she asked aloud, whether expecting an answer or not.

<Heather> Heather was surprised by the reaction, "Um... well... you do look... normal...."

<Fee> Fee looked momentarily confused, blinking across at Heather for a moment before things would register. "What? No... It's not about that it's about..." she began before abandoning that statement for another. "Well maybe that is it. I dunno," frowning over her food, before taking a bite again as she appeared to mentally chew over something as well.

<Fee> "He talks about his friends with me, wonder why he doesn't talk about his friends with you?" she'd then remark aloud, her gaze landing upon Heather again.

<Heather> Heather shrugged, "Maybe I'm too interesting for him to have to pick other conversation topics..."

<Fee> Fee leveled her gaze upon Heather, somewhat unamused. "Both like to brag, something else you have in common," she spoke in quick retort, stabbing the last of what was left on her plate and transferring it to her mouth before chewing and swallowing. And here went her filter again. "So what happens when you fuck? Battle afterward about who was better?" she asked half joking, half not.

<Heather> Heather's eyebrows went up and she felt herself blush. "I wasn't bragging... I was trying to make a joke...."

<Fee> Fee idly tapped her fork against her empty plate as she chewed on her tongue. "So you don't battle afterwards?" she asked again, followed by a smirk as she stood up with her plate and moved over to help herself to some more. "Okay, fine. Joking. Joking. But I don't like to be played with. Used," she'd say before she stilled for a moment and shook her head. "Says the dancer... I'm basically bashing myself. But fuck it."

<Fee> Her last words were completed with a hard crack of spoon to dump contents upon her plate before she turned, plate in hand. "I like someone who I don't even know. He grows more of a stranger by the day. Even now," her plate dropped to the table, thumping into her chair again soon after. "I don't even know what I'm doing anymore."

<Heather> "Well... you can't expect to know him that well... you've only been here a few weeks, right? I've known him for years...."

<Fee> Fee looked almost sick for a moment. "Oh God. Is this a rebound?" she asked rhetorically, pausing to just look down at her food before arranging another bite and lifting it to her lips before lowering it once more. Green eyes lifted to look at Heather. "So fucking him for a few weeks doesn't make me an expert. Fine."

<Fee> She was suddenly defensive, Heather's meaning completely lost at this point. "So what does that make me? What? A fucking idiot." Her mind was racing in a million different directions, directions they shouldn't go, driven by emotion in the moment. She pushed her palms to the table and her chair scraped backwards as she stood.

<Heather> Heather's eyebrows went up, "I think maybe you need to talk to Warren..." She sure as hell needed to.

<Fee> "Fuck. Him." Fee uttered the words separately, for if she had spoken them together she felt she would have lost it. She spun to turn away from Heather, she couldn't look at her, she couldn't look at anyone. Hot tears threatened and gathered upon her lashline. She had to get out of here. Made up plate still on the table, hot dishes still sitting upon the counter as she moved to flee the room with long legged strides.

<Fee> She felt like she was suffocating, the air in the kitchen too hot, she had to get out. The exit door didn't see it coming, her hands pushing it open, the push of impact letting loose the first breath of a sob that she fought so desperately to contain. Once out the door, she broke into a run.
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