2/7 Instance: Boxing Secrets

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2/7 Instance: Boxing Secrets

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:25 am

Timelined for a couple of days after [Instance]Thanks, Mom!

<Jessica> Jess had agreed to meet one of the new students in the gym, apparently Carol had decided to gift her a stray. While she waited for the girl to appear, she used the time to practise her gymnastics on some of the equipment. Maybe when the construction was finished, she'd install some of this stuff at home.

<Fee> Fee wandered on into the gym, dressed out in work-out style wear that aided her range of motion. She had not really any idea who she was looking for, so scanned the gym to take inventory of who was there. The gal practicing gymnastics caught her attention with a smile, a gymnast herself first and foremost. She wandered closer to watch.

<Jessica> Jess easily maintained her balance on the beam, her form perfect because it all came naturally to her. Spying that she had company, she stopped in a handstand, "Oh hello..." she righted herself and dismounted the beam.

<Fee> "Nice form," Fee quickly complimented, making a hand gesture towards the beam Jessica had just been on. "I'm Fee, fellow gymnast, of varied skill," she then offered in quick introduction, offering out her hand for a handshake.

<Jessica> Jess gave her a smile, "Thanks..." She shook her hand, "Jessica Shaw... but everyone calls me Jess."

<Fee> Fee produced a look of realization. "Oooh, you're Jess. Nice to meet you," she'd say again with a warm smile, the introduction having a bit more meaning than one gymnast to another. "Thanks for coming. Mom.. gah... Carol, thought you might be a good person to spar with, learn how to throw a punch without causing myself injury, and all that jazz. I might know how to move, but fighting really hasn't been my thing."

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at Fee's slip, "Mom, huh?" she gave her a small grin. She was definitely sharing that with Sebastian. "Yeah I can teach you how to throw a punch and deflect attacks no problem."

<Fee> Fee blushed a bit as Jess echoed her slip. "Uh, oh nothing," she attempted to divert, before laughing a little at herself and then cleared her throat. "Yes. Yes.. that's what I want to learn," she agreed, with short gesture made towards Jess for emphasis. "So where do we start?"

<Jessica> "Where do you want to start? Attack or defense?" Jess led the way over to the mats while they talked.

<Fee> Fee stepped along and chewed mildly on her tongue on short consideration. "Well given recent events... attack," answered as her hands moved to readjust at her hair that was tied in a messy knot atop her head. "For surprise sake. Deliver a blow and then get away. Though Carol said I could just deliver a nice dick kick and be done with it... I'd like to know more," sneaking a smirk afterward.

<Jessica> "Well... that is pretty effective." Jess laughed, "But I'll teach you how to box if you want. Then you'll know how to throw a punch and where to aim." She stepped onto the mat and tightened her ponytail.

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods of her head and then a mock 1, 2 punch of the air, with no form whatsoever. "Boxing is also a workout, right? So serves two purposes, I can punch a motherfucker better and it's also a way to keep up with staying fit. Which I'll admit... I've been slacking on a bit. Though work is enough of a workout sometimes as it is," she'd ramble before clearing her throat and squaring to stand before Jess. "Don't we need gloves... or something?"

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "Not yet. No actual contact with anything needed at first. We need to make sure your stance is correct and you can swing your arm and keep the power behind it."

<Fee> Fee looked a little sheepish for a moment and then nodded her head. "Newb ready for instruction," she made in light joke, joined by sheepish flash of smile. "So basically make sure I'm not going to hurt myself while throwing a punch..." she then took what she thought was an appropriate stance, knees slightly bent, fists held before her.

<Jessica> "Left or right handed?" Jess asked, stepping toward her to correct her stance.

<Fee> "Right," Fee responded, looking to her own footing and then back up to Jess as she approached. She predicted Jess' movement and brought her right fist slightly more forward then her left.

<Jessica> "Okay. Slide your right foot back, keep your toes forward and your knees slightly bent and rest on the ball of your right foot." She hooked Fee's foot with hers to pull it into place and steadied her with a light touch to her hips. "Drop your right shoulder and lift your left." She readjusted Fee's hand position, tucking her elbows in and lowering her right to put it below and slightly back from the left.

<Fee> Fee moved along with Jess' guidance, feeling a little awkward at first as she was made to take correct stance, focusing upon Jess' verbal direction as much as she did her nudging. She smiled a bit at herself, and held still as she noted where and how her body was now placed, trying to memorize. "This feels really odd... but I guess because I'd been doing in wrong. So now I just kind of..." she said as she moved her right hand in a slow mock punch forward before returning it as it was.

<Jessica> "You're getting ahead of yourself," Jess said gently, "Are you in a hurry?" She gave her a small smile, "This hand," she tapped the left, "Is your guard hand. You should keep it up unless you're throwing a punch because it'll block blows from others. To throw a punch from here you can jab." She extended Fee's arm in the correct movement, keeping her elbow tight.

<Jessica> "Keep your elbow behind your fist or you lose all the power." She also adjusted fee's hands to loosen her fists a little and make sure her thumbs were on top. "The other punch you can throw with the left is a cross." She brought Fee's arm out to the side and moved her shoulders, "For this the power comes from here." She tapped Fee's left shoulder. "So swivel on your hips to follow through."

<Fee> Fee smiled a bit, seeming to enjoy this lesson. Her fingers squeezed and then loosened, noting the fixed position of her thumb. She took the first instruction and pushed forward a slow punch with better form than the first, that fist then returning as she gave a practice push of the left. Though she was a little delayed in the swivel of her hips, she wasn't a bad learner.

<Jessica> "Alright, that's good," Jess smiled, "Now for the right hand... everyone's favourite: the uppercut." She moved behind Fee for this, guiding her arm through the movement as she brought her elbow down to her waist then pushed it back up to bring her fist into contact with the invisible opponent.

<Fee> Fee grinned quite widely at this demonstration. "See that's kind of what I tried to do... but epic failed and broke my hand. But now I know my fist hold was all wrong, as well as my angle," she spoke, bringing her elbow back down and trying another slow uppercut swing, as if to help better remember the motion.

<Jessica> "Yeah, it's really important to know how to throw a punch before you try it out for the first time," she gave a soft laugh, "But never mind. We can fix that now." She moved back around in front of Fee, "So that's boxing basics on attack... Nice and simple. And there's really only three defensive moves too for these basics. You can dodge to the side, duck, or block." She demonstrated each as she spoke.

<Fee> Fee watched Jess, stuck in her stance still as she eyed her as she demonstrated. Her own stance shifted a little before a "Wait, what?" exited her lips, her fist then moving in an uppercut motion, that seeming to be a new favorite. "Can we go through defensive stuff again?"

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "We can go through all of it as many times as you want." She demonstrated the moves again, more slowly and naming them as she did them.

<Fee> Fee relaxed from her throwing a punch stance, letting her arms drop a bit as she mirrored Jess' instruction. She went through the motions in succession before being concious of where her hands were. "This is a lot of thinking," she joked with a soft laugh at herself, easing up the seriousness of the lesson.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Yeah it is at the start. Eventually though, it'll become easier because you'll get familiar with it all." She gave her a smile, "How's your upper body strength?"

<Fee> Fee gave her practice a rest for a moment, dropping her hands to rest at her hips. "Pretty strong, I've had years of gymnastics practice. And my job uses quite a bit of upper body strength if I really work at it. So that should help, right?"

<Jessica> "That'll definitely help," Jess smiled, "So I think once you have the basics of movement down, we can move you onto the bag. Show you how to tape your hands, and then what it feels like to hit something with all that strength behind you."

<Fee> "Work out some frustration, and actually know what Im doing," Fee paused to scan the gym for that familiar tall and bulky fellow she'd met before, before turning her attention back onto Jess. "So how do you know Carol? Well... I guess SHIELD, obviously. But she said you live off campus?"

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "I live in the city with my husband and daughter. He's a member of staff here... we met Carol when SHIELD offered this building... She was the SHIELD officer that made the offer and she's been here ever since... and she's a friend now."

<Fee> Fee passed Jess a warm smile. "Congratulations," she spoke in casual politeness. "She sure was all about me meeting you," added with a soft chuckle. "She said you knew your stuff. So... a daughter and a husband, and quite the fighter. Rolemodel material delux," she teased in compliment before moving on. "So what does your husband do?"

<Jessica> "He's an engineer," She went to one of the benches and sat down, "Sebastian Shaw. We met before he was staff here... kind of unusual circumstances." She gave a half smile, "That was an horrific year...."

<Fee> Fee joined Jess in sitting on the bench, her lips twisting into a soft frown at the mention of a past not so smooth. "Sorry to hear that," she offered kindly before continuing. "But it seems like you've got quite a bit going for you now. Calm after the storm... or something. Right?" she began as an opening for something positive. "My own life hasn't been all unicorns and rainbows either, especially lately. I have a bodyguard now. Of all things. It's still even weird to say, let alone get used to yet."

<Jessica> She blinked, "A bodyguard? What do you do that requires a bodyguard?" Seemed like everyone was getting one these days.

<Fee> Fee suddenly flushed with embarrassment at Jessica's surprise. "Uh..." stalled for a moment before she continued. She could tell other SHIELD people, right? "I don't do anything, I'm not at all fancy enough for a personal guard... like some sort of dignitary," her gaze fell to her lap as she looked a little sheepish before lifting her gaze to look to Jess again.

<Fee> "My ex boyfriend showed up here, in Boston. Came here, came to where I worked, and scared me. And apparently gave threats against me, so it was decided that going off campus alone probably wasn't be best idea... at the moment."

<Jessica> "Ah... well that sucks." Jess gave her a sympathetic look, "I'm not jealous..." she feigned a look that said otherwise but couldn't hold it and laughed, "No, I'm really not... I hate it when people want to take care of me. I can take care of myself, thank-you-very-much."

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile at Jessica's laughter, easing up a bit on the seriousness of the conversation. "I know... I know... I'm usually the same. I moved out on my own after I turned 19. Not that I'm that much older. But after my Dad disappeared... I basically raised myself. Could do whatever I wanted. My Mother wasn't exactly much of a Mother." Divulging a little more into her past, though her voice carried tones of sadness at the mention of her Father.

<Jessica> She nodded, "Yeah... I kind of know what that's like... I lost my mother when I was five... and my father when I was 17. Which was... an adjustment. I came to the US to start school when I was 21. I'd never set foot in a classroom in my life."

<Fee> Fee frowned, looking rather saddened and concerned by this share of news. "Sorry to hear that," spoken in soft reflection followed by a short pause before she spoke again. "My mother told him where I was, that I was here in Boston, like it was no big deal. How could she be so careless, and so naive? Me being part of the reason he was locked away for those years."

<Fee> "She told him so easily, as if he and I had been best friends, like he wouldn't have ulterior motives to find me. Which it is clear now he did," Fee vented to Jessica, letting loose some of her frustrations to this new acquaintance.

<Jessica> Jess wrinkled her nose, "Well that was stupid of her... But at least the school is taking care of you," she gave the girl a smile, "They're good at that... but if you want some more company at work that isn't SHIELD provided, I'd be happy to come with you. It's no trouble to get around the city."

<Fee> Fee sucked a bit upon her tongue at the mention of work company. "Well.." she stalled for a moment before taking a breath and coming out with it. "I work at the Squire. I'm a dancer," coming clean pure and simple as she watched Jess' expression. "It's good money, and fun... I'll admit. And something my Mother would freak about," added with a smirk.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "I used to do that - at the Jackalope in New York.... don't tell my husband. We were dating at the time."

<Fee> Fee eased up a bit as not a bit of judgement flowed in response to her profession. "This is actually the first time I've danced like this. I use to bartend, but I was turned down when I looked around here. So dancing seemed like a good way to get some fast cash... and I'm not too bad at people so..." she said followed by a smile. "I won't tell."

<Jessica> "It's a good way to earn money... but it's also a good thing I'm teaching you how to defend yourself... sometimes guys can get grabby, which is fine in the club... it's the ones that wait outside for you that you want to watch."

<Fee> Fee gave a little scrunch of her nose and gave a few nods. "Yeah I'd thought of that, but I'd worked there such a short time before Harris showed up. I'd kind of brushed off the danger a few can cause before he'd grabbed me by the arm and tried to push me up against the side of the building."

<Jessica> Jess pulled a face, "Sounds like a piece of work. Your mother is clearly a crazy person."

<Fee> Fee turned her body towards Jessica all the more, showing interest and growing closeness with her newfound friend. "I know right? She gave the phone to him after she called me and pulled a 'guess who I'm talking to?' line," she vented some more, joined with a roll of her eyes and shake of her head. "He got my number from her phone, or he asked for it, not sure of which."

<Fee> "It just felt so surreal to hear his voice come over and congratulate me for getting accepted to this school in Boston. That she ... ugh," her voice broke with angered emotion and she paused herself from continuing. "I'm sorry I'm ranting... that's not why Carol got us together. Mom," attempting to make a short joke before passing a smile. "But really, she's looked after me more than my Mother has since I was 10."

<Jessica> "Yeah... she has kind of a unique approach to helping... but it works. She's helped me out too. I'm happy to pass on the favour.... Can't say I've ever thought someone would call her 'mom' though." She gave Fee a grin.

<Fee> Fee smiled at Jessica. "I've only talked to her a few times, but I like her," she'd admit. "And I'm glad she forcefully introduced me to you," she added with an even bigger grin of amusement. "It's nice not feeling so on my own, though I didn't mind being my own person, doing my own thing, supporting myself. I could do it, it's just.. battling something I don't know, I'm glad I have backup. And a magic Google."

<Jessica> "Magic google?" She raised an eyebrow, "being forcefully introduced is sometimes how you make your best friends. In the previous building, we all had roommates. Mine was a crazy redhead and we got into all kinds of trouble together.... she's still my best friend... even if things are so much weirder these days."

<Fee> Fee gave a wiggle of her fingers as if simulating a keyboard. "Mom's magic google," she repeated, committing to her slip of a nickname for Carol. "The magic google of knowledge she has, like how she found out Harris didn't have any relatives in Boston," she'd go on to explain. "So you saying you and I might become good friends? I'd say we've already had a pretty good start. I've already told you more than I have anyone else here, well... except for maybe one."

<Jessica> "You never know," she grinned, "Ah the magic government google. I don't need the magic government google... I have another magic google. But the government magic google is pretty snazzy."

<Fee> Fee mock threw her hands up in the air "Everyone has a magic google except for me? I'm missing out!" huffed in joking, followed by laughter, hands then falling to rest to her lap. "But really, thanks for listening, and for the little bit of a boxing lesson. I needed this, more than I knew."

<Jessica> "No problem, any time." She smiled, "My magic google is exclusive... I'm special. I know people." She nodded sagely.

<Fee> Fee was curious now. "Your own personal magic google? Well aren't you snazzy. So if Mom's is magic government google, what's yours?" she prodded a bit nosey. "There another place like this around here?" her eyes rolling as if to gesture to the gym and campus it was within.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "It's a secret. Too soon to know if I can tell you yet..." she gave Fee a somewhat apologetic smile.

<Fee> Fee's face turned to that of understanding, bobbing her head in a few slow nods. "I understand. We all have our things we keep to ourselves. I just happened to come out with some of mine, not that it's at all a secret around here. Enough staff knows about my recent past, and not to mention the girls I work with. They all heard about the fight in the parking lot, the 911 call, the excitement of that night. Leave it to the new girl to stir things up," adding a little bit of self tease.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Yeah, I've been there... don't worry, soon enough something crazy will happen and take everyone's minds off it."

<Fee> "Now let's not get too crazy with the crazy wishing there, Jess," she'd shush, half joking, half not. "Showing up at work with a hunky bodyguard is about all the excitement I hope they get from me for awhile. I need to sort through the mess I have before I move onto another one. But I guess life doesn't always work like that, eh?"

<Jessica> "Sadly not," she shook her head slowly, "But, at least you won't have to deal with it on your own now."

<Fee> "In theory..." Fee added to Jess' statement. "Some things you can't take people with you so easily. Well... most. Battles aren't always seen. But I have an idea you understand what I mean." She met Jess' gaze, her own thoughts seeming to trail towards the not so pleasant as a soft wrinkle was set in her brow.

<Jessica> She nodded, "You can tell people here more than you'd think... I know it's not always comfortable to talk about what's bothering you... but the staff are excellent for helping when you need it... and, of course, I offer my help freely too."

<Fee> Fee nodded. "I think I'm just adjusting. And I feel like I'm trying to adjust to the whole world all at once. But I appreciate it, and I'm glad to meet another. I've just kind of been... isolated. Mostly by my own doing. Trying to figure out where I fit. Which... speaking of..." her expression changed as something else came to mind. "Do you know where the lab is... around here? Or where I could go to be... analylzed? It's just I'm not quite sure why I'm... here."

<Jessica> "Um... well there's lots of labs. You know which staff member you're looking for, specifically? If it's a mutation thing... Dr McCoy or Professor Maximoff can probably help you out."

<Fee> Fee narrowed her eyes as if that might help her concentrate. She was so bad at names sometimes. "Mutation thing, if they've even seen anything like me. But something drew them to pick me up and offer me the opportunity they did."

<Fee> "Why do I feel like my world has just gotten more confusing since I set foot in the place, than it was before?"she asked, followed by a short laugh at herself and situation as she bent forward, elbows rested upon her knees as her fingers roughly combed through and entangled within her hair for a moment before she sat upright once more, hands flopping to rest in her lap. "Lost and found, all at the same time."

<Jessica> "That's life here, I'm afraid," Jess gave her a grin, "And I think you're probably looking for Pietro in that case." She got to her feet, "I'll show you where he hangs out when he's not teaching."

<Fee> Fee rose to her feet, feeling like a walk wasn't at all a bad idea at the moment. "Thanks. One tiny step closer in at least having one of my questions answered... and a million others to form in its place. I love torturing myself," she made in joke, complete with light eyeroll as she made a sweeping gesture of hand for Jess to lead the way. "I need to get back into gymnastics, or learn something new. Good thing we're at a college, plenty of things to learn. All kinds of classes."

<Jessica> Jess nodded as she walked, "Well you're learning something new now... we can graduate past boxing once you've gotten the hang of it." She glanced at Fee with a smile, "I'll, uh... text you with a list of what I know so you can google them. It's a long list."

<Fee> Fee chuckled and clapped her hands together. "Oh goody, homework. But seriously, I don't mind at all. It'll keep my mind busy with things until I get all signed up and settled in classes. I've got a few I'm looking into."

<Jessica> "I was undeclared for the longest time... and then I took a couple of years out. Now I'm back and I have a much clearer idea of what I want to do with myself." She led Fee outside and started across the lawn toward the main building. "All because of the source of my magic google."

<Fee> "The source of your magic google?" Fee echoed "Well maybe that's what I need. More magic google to help me decide what exactly I want to do, now that I've been given more choices. Undeclared is a good way to go though, it totally fits me that's for sure. Undecided."

<Jessica> "Maybe your perfect fit will come to you like mine did. No harm in waiting for it to show up." She led them around the side of the main complex of buildings and pointed to a greenhouse, "That's where Professor Maximoff lurks when he's not teaching."

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile to herself, and snuck a glance to Jessica as they walked. "In more ways than one," she murmured before following Jess' point and noted the Greenhouse, as well as the surrounding area that it was near. "Alright, thanks for showing me. That's another thing I could try, gardening. But I'd rather stick to boxing. Calm really hasn't been my thing."

<Fee> She'd flash a smile towards Jessica before taking a few steps closer to the greenhouse. "When is he usually around the greenhouse?" she'd ask.

<Jessica> "Not sure on his schedule, I'm afraid... but I can tell you he's in there right now." She could hear him moving around, "Professor Maximoff is a good target if you need a sugar hit too - he always has candy."

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile and quirked a brow, "Candy?" She stopped in her walk forward and looked towards Jess before twisting back to look to the greenhouse. "He's in there now? Well I should see if he has a moment then to be pestered by a freshman." She flashed a smile and gave a short wave to Jess. "Thank you, again. I mean that," she spoke in loud whisper back to Jess before making her way over to the greenhouse.
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