2/7 Instance: Thanks, Mom!

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2/7 Instance: Thanks, Mom!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:00 am

Timelined for a few days after [Instance]Nothing More.

<Carol> Carol had been making excellent progress through the files on her desk. Her office was in danger of looking tidy. Mostly due to the fact that she was avoiding leaving it at all until it was time to clock off for the day and go eat dinner with Cessily. Floor and the student hotseat were visible! And almost half of her desk. It struck her that she should really dust once in a while.

<Fee> Fee gave a few knocks of her hand upon the partially open door, her knocking opening it further. "Carol?" she asked peering around the door edge to the neater office. "Oh wow," she remarked, before flashing a smile at Carol. "You have a moment?"

<Carol> Carol looked up at the knock and gave Fee a smile, "Sure, come on in." She closed the file she was working on and moved it to one side. "Probably should take a break anyway."

<Fee> Fee stepped on in the office. "I wanted to thank you again for the other night... and stuff," she spoke before clearing her throat a bit and easing to sit down within a chair. "I'm doing better, haven't heard from him, so maybe Warren spooked him off afterall. But just because he stopped... these others that Warren mentioned. I dunno," she rambled on before raking a hand back through her hair.

<Fee> "So getting to the point. I'd like to leave campus and go back to work, but I didn't know how you want me to do that. If I take someone with me... or..." leaving the question open ended as she looked to Carol.

<Carol> "Well I've been looking into that for you... and I think we have someone we can assign to you. But he's a bit of a wild card..." she wrinkled her nose a little, "Personally, I think we can do better... but orders are that I have to give him a chance. I agreed to three strikes."

<Fee> Fee quirked a brow, "Three strikes?" she echoed, looking curious but also concerned. "A wildcard... how?" she carefully asked. "Does he go to class here?"

<Carol> "No... but I guess he will be if he's watching you all day. He's kind of a trouble maker..." Which was the polite way of saying it. "I'll be watching him like a hawk but if he does anything you don't like, come to me right away, okay?"

<Fee> Fee was now visibly apprehensive. "What?" she spoke, as if trying to wrap her head around all of this before she leaned forward and placed her palms together, as if that might help her focus. "So this troublemaker is supposed to keep me out of trouble?" when said aloud it sounded even worse.

<Carol> "I know. That's what I said." She sighed, "I'm assured he's up to the task so I guess we'll just have to see." She gave Fee a somewhat awkward smile, "Or you could just wait until he runs out his three strikes then we can tell my boss 'I told you so' and get someone else."

<Fee> Fee chewed upon her lip in consideration. "So three strikes and he's out. So you saying I should make sure he gets three strikes? Who is he?" she was torn, both skeptical and curious about who this mystery shadow of protection she was set to gain. "And when is he supposed to start?"

<Carol> "His name is Daken Akihiro. And he'll be arriving in the next little while.... I'll brief him when he arrives and then introduce you."

<Fee> Fee chewed on a nail, mostly for something to do with her hands as she felt a little on the antsy, fidgety side. She dropped her hands to her lap and squeezed her fingers at eachother. "Alright. I trust you guys. I mean I kind of have to, that and you all have done nothing but help me so... Daken, you said? Well Daken it is. And introduce today? Or soon. Just so I can let work know when I can be back," she'd provide of excuse, half correct, half just curios to see what the fuss was about.

<Carol> "How about I put a call in and let you know? Can you wait a half hour?" She opened her desk drawer for her contact numbers.

<Fee> Fee nodded a few times in slow succession. "Sure... should I leave and come back?" she asked as she moved to perch on the edge of her seat, as if ready to stand if shooed away.

<Carol> "I'll come to you," Carol gave her a smile, "A half hour is like... the good estimate." She sighed, "Government agencies, you know?"

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods of her head and rose to her feet. "You have my number, right?" she asked, then took a pen and stray piece of blank paper to scribble her number down just in case, and slide it towards Carol. "There you go, just let me know... or come find me... or something. I'll probably just go back to my room."

<Carol> "No problem, I'll do that." She added the number to her drawer for safe keeping. "As soon as I know, you'll know."

<Fee> Fee held her breath for a pause, puffing out her cheeks before releasing it with a woosh of air. "Okay," she spoke, staring at Carol for a moment or two longer before realizing she should leave. "Oh, well thanks. And I'll see you in a bit?" she spoke as she stepped towards the door and then twisted to give a little wave and adding a quick "See ya," before excusing herself out.

<Carol> Carol raised a hand in a wave before she got up and closed the door so she could sit and make phonecalls undisturbed. Headache inducing or not, it was a welcome distraction.

[Time Passes]

<Daken> Daken rolled his eyes a little before knocking on the door. Why did they keep bothering him for nothing? But hey, at least they paid well. He waited rather impatiently for someone to answer the door, knocking on it a few more times.

<Carol> Carol hung up the phone and sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose, "Come in." She adopted a normal pose and attempted to find a less pained smile.

<Daken> Daken opened the door with a sigh. "You know it's polite to open the door for your guests." He moved to one of the seats and sat down.

<Carol> "You're not a guest, you're staff. And I was on the phone." She raised an eyebrow at him.

<Daken> "You seem to think you have some power over me. You're paying me to be a body guard not your slave." He mocked her eyebrow motion. "If you want that it'll cost you much more. But it does come with your own choice of attire for me." Daken gave her a mischievous smirk.

<Carol> Ugh. "SHIELD is paying you." Carol corrected, "And don't make the mistake of thinking I won't kick your ass out of here if you step out of line. I'm assuming they informed you that I agreed to three strikes?"

<Daken> "If you can. I'm not some chump that can't handle himself." He laughed a little, actually amused at that.

<Carol> Carol employed her finger gun for a demonstration and lasered a hole in the door. The blast passed within an inch of the side of Daken's head. "That's without trying. Imagine what I can melt if I really put my mind to it."

<Daken> "I know what your powers are. I'm hardly scared. And you know you could offer me a drink. This country is just full of rude people isn't it? I hope you don't expect me to wipe this brat's ass too."

<Carol> "You should probably count yourself in the number of rude people. You complained before you even sat down. Didn't even say hello. Why would I offer you a drink when you have a bad attitude?" And she'd be damned if she was going to do it now. "The student you've been assigned to has received threats of a violent nature. Your job is her protection. Nothing else."

<Daken> "Easy enough. Are you going to tell me who I am guarding or do I just have to guess?" He just rolled his eyes at her. Americans.

<Carol> "She'll be down in a minute. I was calling her when you knocked. When she's on the grounds she's pretty safe, we need you to make sure she stays safe when she leaves to go to work."

<Daken> "And what am I supposed to do with said threats? From what I hear, you people frown on murder."

<Fee> Fee wandered up to Carol's office and rapped her knuckles on the door a few times in knock, before eying the hole in the door. That's new

<Carol> "We're hoping your presence will be enough. Just scare them a little bit." She looked over at the door, "Come in."

<Daken> "Scaring them can be such a loose term." He grinned planning a little bit of fun in his head.

<Carol> "Just don't kill anyone or put them in hospital, okay? Too much paperwork..."

<Fee> Fee took and held a breath before opening the door and sliding on into Carol's office with a slow exhale. "Hi," she spoke casually, her gaze shifting to Daken, to Carol, and then back to Daken.

<Carol> Carol gave Fee a smile, "This is the guy I told you about," Carol gestured to Daken, "Daken, this is Felicia Hardy, your charge for the foreseeable future."

<Daken> "Well that's very limiting..." Daken stood up to meet her. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He took her hand and gave it a kiss before releasing it.

<Carol> Carol rolled her eyes.

<Fee> Fee opened her mouth to speak but was momentarily silenced by Daken's rise to his feet and a greeting she didn't expect. "Uh..." she uttered for a moment, the hand he'd kissed recoiling to touch gently to her chest and be temporarily covered by the other one. "Fee. Fee is fine. Nice to meet you too," finally finding her manners as she then shot him a smile and then looked to Carol. "What's limiting?"

<Carol> "I told him he's not allowed to kill anyone or put them in hospital."

<Daken> "Well then, Fee. I am Daken and you don't have to worry while I'm around." He gave her a warm smile, even if it was fake.

<Fee> Fee's green eyes momentarily opened a little wider. "Oh," she spoke simply, her gaze again ping-ponging between the two of them. "So how does this work, exactly? Just off campus, on campus? I know by some fluke he ended up getting on campus but..." she spoke with a rolling shrug of a shoulder before looking to Carol and then right back to gravitating her attention to Daken.

<Carol> "You're safe on campus so mostly it's just off... but I'm sure he'll be around." Carol looked between them.

<Daken> "Anywhere you feel unsafe I can come with you to protect you. I'm not as lenient as the chumps around here. I'm a professional. Hence them hiring me."

<Fee> Fee found herself grinning quite widely and then swiftly corrected it, her features immediately dropping to something more demure, as if she'd flipped a switch. "Gotcha. I've just never had... a bodyguard before," she spoke before throwing out a hand to outstretch towards Carol.

<Fee> "Not that I'm not grateful, very grateful," she quickly added, hand dropping heavily to open palm slap her thigh. "So," Fee chewed on her tongue briefly as she looked from one to the other. "So you going to teach me how to throw a punch too?"

<Carol> "I can do that... if you want... or I'm sure Jessica Shaw could add that into your fun sparring sessions. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere she's trained in boxing...."

<Daken> "Actually if I teach you anything it will probably be tai chi or wing chung. Both defensive martial arts that will suit you while you need me to guard you."

<Fee> "I took karate when I was younger," she chimed in, followed by a shrug and the self conscious twitch and twist of lips. "I'd just rather not break my hand... again." She took a breath before focusing upon Daken. "I liked martial arts, I wouldn't mind learning more."

<Carol> "Jess is trained in multiple disciplines," Carol helpfully supplied, "Maybe you could collaborate." She suggested.

<Daken> "With proper training you're not going to hurt yourself. Your master must not have been very good. Plus you shouldn't have much impact with those arts."

<Fee> "It was one of those karate 'schools' that pop up everywhere. I wouldn't exactly call it formal training. And we never did contact. I broke my hand when trying to throw a punch..." Fee went on to explain, before pausing to slide her hand back around to rub and scratch at the back of her own neck. "Which apparently there is a wrong way to do that too. I punched him wrong and... crack."

<Daken> "Throw a punch at me and I'll show you. Go slow. Like half speed."

<Carol> "Okay. My office is not the place for a lesson. We have a gym for that...."

<Fee> Fee formed her right hand into a fist at Daken's direction, but paused as Carol spoke in protest at the setting. But Fee went right on ahead at refocusing upon Daken. "I did something like this," she began to explain, stepping a little closer, rather close to Daken. "He was really close to me and I just kind of..." she then brought her elbow down and back before slowly pushing her hand up as if simulating a slow motion punch, aimed at the underside, sharp edge of his left jaw.

<Daken> Daken put his hand to her forearm and just pushed it away gently. "See. I can show you better moves for when they're close like this too. But they shouldn't get close with me around."

<Carol> "You probably would have done better just kicking him in the crotch." Carol offered though she was starting to feel invisible.

<Daken> "Or going for his adams apple." He did a slow motion to her throat, only the bottom of his palm touching her gently then pulling back. "I can show you more later."

<Fee> Fee smirked and slowly slid a step back to increase the distance between Daken and herself, giving him a nod to acknowledge his mock punch. He didn't seem so bad. "Yeah, I guess that would have worked too," she replied to Carol, combing one of her hands back through her long hair to push it away from her face.

<Fee> "Would have saved my hand, and still gotten the message across. But in the moment... throwing a punch seemed like the best idea."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Yeah, I get that... it's pretty satisfying when you don't bust your hand."

<Daken> "That's the hard part, remembering training when in the moment. That's why we spar. But we'd just work on form at first."

<Fee> Fee nodded a few times in agreement with both. "Yeah I'd rather just hurt my target, without breaking myself. I haven't broken a bone in ages," her gaze upon Carol before switching to Daken. "I'll take you up on that offer to learn. I like the grace of martial arts."

<Daken> "I won't even charge you for the lessons. Makes my job easier. Usually I charge a pretty hefty sum." He laughed a little, just teasing her.

<Carol> "Jess practises Tai Chi every day. You can usually find her on the roof of this building before classes start... Unless it's raining and then she'll probably be in the gym." Carol attempted to steer Fee to Jess one final time.

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods to Daken, and then her attention swept right back towards Carol, with dark brow arched. "Oh... okay. I can look up Jess too," she spoke, followed by close mouthed twist of smile to Carol. "Sure, that's the one you said could spar with me before right?" she'd follow up in question before switching focus back upon Daken. "Appreciate it," spoken with a smile of her own.

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Yeah... actually I did talk to her and she said you can have her number..." She wrote it down for Fee and held out the piece of paper. "Might make things easier."

<Daken> Daken rolled his eyes, did they know nothing? "It'd be rash for you to start sparring before you have the right foundation. But it's up to you to decide. Learn it right or just let me always fight your battles." He shrugged.

<Carol> "I'm sure Jess will be just as happy to pass on her knowledge." Carol directed this at Fee.

<Daken> "Professional vs amateur, I wonder who will teach her better." Daken slipped a card out of his pocket for Fee. "I will be around. Let me know when you want a good lesson, but I won't go easy on you." He gave her a playful smile before leaving the office. "Oh and I'll need your schedule and lists of where you like to frequent so I can secure them."

<Fee> Fee took the paper from Carol and then ping ponged her gaze back and forth between the duo, swearing there was a taste of passive aggressiveness in the office air... and building. "Uh..." she uttered, feeling a little in the middle as she then decided that a forced smile was the best route to go as she thought over her next words.

<Fee> "Thank you, both of you. How about I do both? I'll do both. Everyone wins... and I get to learn how to be a better badass. Everyone wins." She smirked in self amusement for a moment before returning to neutral observer, taking and looking at the offered card from Daken. "I'll let you know, thanks," she called after him.

<Daken> "Nope sorry. Only one Master per pupil. If you can call her a Master."

<Carol> Carol was not at all sorry to see him leave. "Jess has had instruction from professionals across the world. Daken doesn't know that. Don't write her off, okay? Also she's not an ass."

<Fee> Fee buttoned up and rolled her lips together into a thin line as it seemed that shots were still being fired between the two. She eyed the door and waited what she thought was a safe time period before whispering, "He doesn't seem that bad."

<Carol> "Give it a couple of days... and try not to be charmed by the pretty face, okay?" She sighed, "Give Jess a call... Honestly, even if she's just in the same room when you're training with him... I'd feel better."

<Fee> "You mean how hot he is?" she teased with quite the smirk, half joking... half not. Fee then cleared her throat. "Okay, okay. I'll call Jess. But he seemed pretty adamant about teaching me too, which I don't see why not. He's supposed to protect me, won't that put me alone with him sometimes anyways? Let's hope he doesn't try to off me or something," she chuckled and then paled as she grew serious. "He's not going to hurt me... or anything... right?"

<Carol> "Well... I probably wouldn't rule out him hitting on you... but he shouldn't try anything too bad. If he does... no one will find the body."

<Fee> Fee grinned and nodded to Carol, tucking the given numbers away in her back pocket before moving to excuse herself too. "So he likes to flirt, and wants to teach me martial arts... oh... and is going to be my first ever bodyguard. I'll let you know if he makes me feel uncomfortable, or tries to kill me, or something. Gosh, Mom," the last phrase mock scoffed, followed by quite the grin.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "I know I'm probably being a little over protective but you guys matter to me. Give me a break."

<Fee> Fee turned back in the office doorway to look at Carol. "I know... Love ya Mom," she spoke in grinning tease before heading on down the hall, a chuckle of laughter following her.
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