2/7 Instance: Horny Heckling

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2/7 Instance: Horny Heckling

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:11 am

Timelined for right after [Instance]Safe Zone.

<Carol> Carol slid an arm around Chris' waist as they walked back to her office, largely to hold her up because now that she didn't have to be in teacher mode she was falling back into the happy tipsy that she'd been experiencing before the interruption. She was going to need to top it up soon though.

<Christopher> "Well hi there." Chris laughed a little. "Man I was having a good dream before this crap." He lied, they were always terrible, but she didn't know that. "More coffee?"

<Carol> "You can have the coffee. I was getting happily drunk and heckling the news. It's a night time tradition. Wanna heckle with me?" She offered her half cup of undrank coffee after rewarming it.

<Christopher> "Heh sounds fun. I'm supposed to avoid the alcohol though. I can't be trusted." He took the cup and downed it. "Mmm sweet nectar of the gods. I'm glad I don't actually need sleep to survive."

<Carol> She giggled, "Yeah I'm pretty glad about that too." Chris wasn't the only one having nightmares, and avoiding sleep until she passed out was also becoming a habit for her. "I have lots of coffee so you won't go thirsty."

<Christopher> "Sounds like a perfect plan." Chris gave her a little bump with his hip. "I need some friend time as of late."

<Carol> "Yeah? Why didn't you come find me?" she pouted, "Are we not friends?"

<Christopher> "Because I'm that weirdo that hides from everyone instead of being social." Chris gave her a one armed hug. "Of course we're friends!"

<Carol> She leaned into the hug as they walked, "Good. Or no coffee for you."

<Christopher> "Well see you threaten things like that and I'd say I'm your aunt from the center of the earth just to get that liquid gold." Chris gave her a big smile, a genuine one this time, which as of late were not coming out often.

<Carol> She laughed, "Does that mean I can make you wear a dress?"

<Christopher> "You'll need more than coffee for that." He laughed a little before poking her in the side. "I don't think you have the skills for that."

<Carol> "What would that take? I'm curious." She grinned, moving away from his side to open her office door.

<Christopher> "That's for me to know and you to hopefully never find out." Chris stuck his tongue out at her and followed her in, closing the door behind him.

<Carol> "Awww spoilsport." She rewarmed Fee's untouched coffee that was still sitting on her desk and offered it to Chris as she rounded her desk to collect her scotch.

<Christopher> "I'm not a spoilsport, I'm just not easy." He took the coffee and leaned up against her desk. "Thanks for offering me a seat." Chris teased her.

<Carol> "Actually I was thinking we could move this to the small rec room across the hall where it's more comfortable."

<Christopher> "Uuuugh I guess. Man just let me get comfortable before you want to move." Chris straightened himself up and headed for the door with his coffee.

<Carol> She laughed, turning off her tv and collecting her glass from her desk, "You don't wanna bring the coffee machine?"

<Christopher> "I figured I'd make you carry that." He made his way back over to the coffee machine to unplug it and pick it up.

<Carol> "But then I can't carry the precious..." She hugged her scotch bottle.

<Christopher> "Pfft coffee's better." He lied again, he would kill for a drink of that right now.

<Carol> Carol shook her head. Nope! She closed her office door behind them then overtook him to open the recroom door. "I'm thinking of relabelling this the teacher's lounge because the students are too scared to use it."

<Christopher> "I can make a badass placard for it. 'Teachers only: students fuck right off'." He laughed while looking for a place to set the coffee machine down.

<Carol> She laughed, "I don't know if we should swear on it... we'd have to give Paige money."

<Christopher> "Pfft I probably owe her a couple c notes already." Chris got himself a warm cup of coffee before going to sit down on the couch.

<Carol> "Yeah I'm pretty sure I need to write her a cheque or something...." She flopped down onto the sofa and turned the tv on, flicking through the channels until she reached her favourite heckling fodder.

<Christopher> "I'll put in a couple hundreds for the both of us." He gave her another poke before taking a sip of coffee. "So what're we heckling?"

<Carol> "The peddlers of bullshit." She gestured to the tv that illustrated her point, "It's my favourite game... that and heckling horror movies." She curled up on the sofa and settled against him after she poured herself a very large measure of scotch.

<Christopher> "Got enough?" He raised an eyebrow at the amount she poured before getting comfortable with her cuddled against him.

<Carol> "Maybe... for now." She tossed him a grin and took a sip. "Gotta counter-balance the coffee I drank."

<Christopher> "I'm going to have to carry you back to your room aren't I?" He sipped at his drink and just rolled his eyes at what was on the TV. "I don't think I can roll my eyes hard enough at that guy."

<Carol> "I knooooooow," she agreed, then considered his prediction, "Maybe you can just leave me here on the sofa?"

<Christopher> "That's not comfy." He prodded her again.

<Carol> "I don't know... it was pretty comfy last time I fell asleep in here." She prodded back.

<Christopher> A little laugh escaped him as she poked at him. "You're terrible, Carol. Beds are better for you. Do I need to get you a really good one?"

<Carol> "I have a good one... at least I think it's good because I used to sleep in there a lot. How do you know if it's good?"

<Christopher> "Maybe I sneak in there sometimes." Chris gave her his cheesiest grin he could muster. "If it's so good why are you sleeping on the couch and not it?"

<Carol> "If you sneak in there you already know if it's good," she pointed out, "And mostly I sleep in Cessily's room... or my office." Or wherever else she passed out.

<Christopher> "Alright I'll leave you be on it." He shook his head a little. "I can't say I'm much better. I've fallen asleep in both my classrooms before."

<Carol> "I've slept through class before," she laughed, "I guess I should try to only take naps when it's dark."

<Christopher> "That's what I usually go for, apparently I'm not allowed to sleep though." Chris made a swirling motion with his hand.

<Carol> "Hard to sleep? Or just interrupted a lot?" She looked up at him though kept her cheek resting on his shoulder.

<Christopher> "Well I was talking about this mess. But I'd say both now." He let out a hard sigh and set his cup down. "This is nice though."

<Carol> "Yeah... I can empathise...." she shifted to get comfortable on his shoulder again.

<Christopher> "We're just a messed up pair huh?" He got comfortable with her before slipping an arm around her to hug her.

<Carol> "I guess so..." she leaned into the hug, sliding the arm that wasn't holding her scotch behind him to return it. "I've been trying not to sleep, honestly."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I know how that is. Even though I don't need it I still get tired and end up passing out. Usually ends bad." He didn't release the hug at first, just holding onto Carol until it seemed like it had been too long.

<Carol> Carol was fine with the hug, "Yeah I know all about nightmares..." She turned her face into his shoulder, "They're awful..."

<Christopher> Chris squeezed her a little. "I'm sorry Carol. I wish I could help ya. Guess we can at least suffer together." He gave her a little smile.

<Carol> "Yeah..." her voice was muffled a little by his shoulder, "And now you know you can look for me if you're awake because I probably am...."

<Christopher> "Same to you. I'm usually in my trailer or the forge. Beating on shit helps." He let go of her leaning back into the couch again.

<Carol> "Yeah... I haven't been able to do that for the longest time..." She took a large sip of her scotch then leaned to put her glass on the table and leaned further into him so she could dig in her pocket without getting up.

<Christopher> "Yeah super mega strength makes that tough I bet." He frowned a little.

<Carol> "Buuuut..." she finally fished out her treasure, "Fixed it."

<Christopher> "Awesome! We'll have to spar again sometime, now that you won't break me in half."

<Carol> "Yeah but you have to be careful if I'm all squishy..." she nodded to his clawed hand, "But maybe it'll be less poorly planned than last time."

<Christopher> "I can wear a inhibitor too." He poked her. "Just gotta watch out for the arm then..." Chris sighed as he was reminded of his little souvenir from the first time he'd ever overdosed.

<Carol> "Well I'd hope you'd wear an inhibitor or that'd be beyond unfair," she laughed, "You'd pin me and I'd never get up."

<Christopher> "Sounds fun, maybe I won't then." Chris teased her playfully before giving her a little wink.

<Carol> She giggled, sounding more drunk now, "You're just as competative as me, huh?"

<Christopher> "I'd be boring if I wasn't." He tickled her a little.

<Carol> "Nooo!" she smacked at his hands, "cheater!" She tossed her inhibitor onto the table so she could defend heself better.

<Christopher> "Okay okay I'll be good." He laughed a little before holding his hands up in surrender. "Don't expect the same if we spar though."

<Carol> "Tickling is a banned move in sparring," She prodded him in the chest. "Okay?" She raised an eyebrow in challenge.

<Christopher> "Pfft my ass. You're just mad that you can't tickle me."

<Carol> She totally was, "It's an unfair advantage! Just like if I cockpunched you."

<Christopher> "If I'm powered I'd like that." He gave her a toothy grin.

<Carol> "..." She smacked his chest, "Jerk." She was smiling though, "Maybe in a few more drinks I'll test that out."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "I'd rather if you didn't. I don't want to pass out from you punching me in the cock. Maybe depowered, cuz that'd be funny as hell."

<Carol> "Oh man if I deactivated my powers now I'd be sooooo wasted." She laughed, "I'd probably miss and hit you in the face... assuming I managed to stay conscious long enough."

<Christopher> "Okay don't do that. I don't want to have to take you to Anna. I've already had her yell at me once tonight."

<Carol> "She'd probably just yell at me... but wait until tomorrow when I'm all hungover and it'll hurt more." Carol nodded sagely.

<Christopher> "Man... are we sure she's not like pure evil?" He blinked a little. "I mean shit. That's just brutal."

<Carol> "She gets really mad for injuries inflicted by dumbassery. She's really sympathetic about everything else..." Carol reached for her glass and took another sip of scotch.

<Christopher> "I am so glad I have a healing factor. Never have to deal with a pissed off Irish gal unless I choose to." He laughed a little.

<Carol> "Yeah, it's probably for the best. You're crazy." She nodded.

<Christopher> "Not crazy, I just do stupid shit a lot." He poked her side.

<Carol> "Some people would argue that's the same thing," she pointed out, swatting at his hand. "If you keep doing that I'm going to have to retaliate."

<Christopher> "Pftt, so?" He took a sip of his coffee.

<Carol> She climbed into his lap, "Why aren't you scared of me?" She pouted.

<Christopher> "Cuz I'm not scared of anyone cuter than me." He poked her belly button.

<Carol> "You think I'm cute?" She blinked at him, "Even like this?" she gestured at her face and it's orange pupilless glory.

<Christopher> "Yeah why not?" Chris gave her a confused look. "I mean you know I was married to Greer right... tiger most of the time?"

<Carol> "Yeah but she's all furry and has a tail and stuff... and hair.... and she purrs...."

<Christopher> "And growls." Chris laughed a little. "Different looks don't bother me. I still think you're cute."

<Carol> She smiled, feeling herself blush, and leaned to hug him around his shoulders.

<Christopher> Chris hugged her back. "What's that for?"

<Carol> "If you don't know I'm not going to tell you." She turned her face into his neck and closed her eyes, feeling extremely grateful for those few words.

<Christopher> Chris just laughed a little. "See all sorts of cute. I mean actions add in too."

<Carol> She shifted in his lap and burrowed into his neck and shoulder with her face. Hugs were so nice. "Don't tell anyone I'm cute... they probably won't believe you and just call the men in white coats."

<Christopher> "Pfft I can take them." He let her snuggle into him and hugged her close.

<Carol> "What if they have lasers?" She mumbled against him, "Pewpew."

<Christopher> Chris gave a little shudder at her mumbling against his neck. "Then I'll have to find a human shield."

<Carol> "A human shield that's immune to lasers," she pointed out, "And don't look at me because I'll be mad at you for spreading malicious rumours."

<Christopher> "Pfft you wouldn't let them take me off to a padded room. You'd miss me too much."

<Carol> "Maybe I want to conduct an experiment to see how well padded rooms hold up to crazy mutants." She lifted her head and pressed a kiss to his cheek to show she was only kidding before settling her head back down again. Comfy.

<Christopher> "Depends on powered or not, cuz powered I'd just push the door open." Chris blushed a little at the kiss.

<Carol> "I bet you could scratch your way out like a cat." She made tiny scratching motions on his shoulder with her fingernails and added sound effects.

<Christopher> "Well that would be the not so fun way to do it." He laughed at the scratching. "You're terrible you know this right?"

<Carol> "It's pronounced 'awesome'." She corrected. "Say it with me: aaaawesoooome."

<Christopher> "Nope terrible." Chris moved his hands to her sides to tickle her.

<Carol> "Gah!" She squirmed in his lap and tried to catch his arms though she couldn't be bothered to move her head off his shoulder, she just giggled into it instead.

<Christopher> Chris took a hard swallow and stopped tickling her. He didn't think of the effects it would have on him. "Terrible."

<Carol> On impulse she nipped him in retaliation, "You're terrible." She settled her arms back around him and shifted in his lap to get comfortable again, pausing her movements when she made a discovery that made her blush again.

<Christopher> Chris blushed with her. "Hey now. Keep those teeth to yourself."

<Carol> "You started it," she reminded him, nipping him again because hell if he was going to be the one to finish it.

<Christopher> Chris sucked in a sharp breath. It'd been a while since he'd had this kind of attention and it was definitely having an effect on him. "You should stop that." He let out in a light sigh as his hands moved from his sides slowly to her back, moving downward slowly.

<Carol> "Why?" she grinned against him before doing it again because now it was just funny.

<Christopher> "Cuz..." He was finding it hard to tell her to stop. His hands finding her butt and giving it a squeeze.

<Carol> A sharp intake of breath preceded a giggle, "That's my ass."

<Christopher> "That it is." He let go, moving his hands to the couch. "Sorry."

<Carol> "Why are you sorry? Is my ass not good?" She shifted to try and look over her shoulder at her own ass.

<Christopher> "Uhmm... No? It's pretty spectacular." Now Chris was confused, he'd expected her to at least mock hit him.

<Carol> "Okay, as long as it's not offending you." She settled down again, nuzzling his neck as she got comfortable. "Spectacular is an acceptable response." She grinned against his skin.

<Christopher> Chris bit his lip when she snuggled into him. "Not in the least... You know what you're doing to me right?"

<Carol> She laughed softly, her breath warming his neck, "I'm not that drunk that I didn't notice."

<Christopher> "So you're just evil then?" He groaned a little.

<Carol> "You got yourself into this mess," she teased, shifting in his lap again and knowing it would aggravate the problem. She lifted her head to look at him, their faces very close.

<Christopher> "I didn't tell you to sit on my lap and bite my neck." Warren licked his lips.

<Carol> "You tickled me," she reminded him, "And then there was wriggling." She squirmed in his lap to illustrate her point.

<Christopher> "So your retaliation is to attempt to turn me on?" He bit his lip, enjoying the squirming more.

<Carol> Carol thought about that for a moment, "Not initially..."

<Christopher> "So then what brought that on?" He looked away giving her the perfect shot at his neck if she wanted.

<Carol> Carol looked down between them then back up at his face.

<Christopher> "That's not an answer." He chewed his lip wondering what he should do.

<Carol> She shifted closer in his lap until she was pressed up against him, feeling the same impulse she had the last time they were this close. Again, she acted on it, closing the small gap between them and brushing her lips lightly against his before kissing him.

<Christopher> Chris didn't stop this time. This time he returned the kiss. His hands moving back to her butt to give it a squeeze. He pulled away for a second only to push back and kiss her again.

<Carol> She deepened the kiss, pushing her fingers into his hair and shifting in his lap again to bring her hips close to his.

<Christopher> Chris cautiously pressed his tongue to her lips wanting entrance. His hands squeezing and rubbing her butt, hips pushing up to meet hers.

<Carol> Her lips parted as she ground against him and she moaned softly into his mouth.

<Christopher> His tongue played with hers, hands moving up from her but to slip under her shirt. He wasn't thinking past enjoying the beautiful girl on top of him.

<Carol> The action prompted her and she slid her arms around between them then tugged at the hem of his shirt before sliding her hands up under it and over his chest, enjoying the feel of the warm skin beneath her palms.

<Christopher> He did the same with her shirt not even thinking about it until they had to stop kissing. "Hi there..."

<Carol> "Hi," she grinned, resting her forehead against his.

<Christopher> "We don't have shirts on." He grinned back at her before going in for another kiss.

<Carol> She grinned in the kiss, dragging her nails down over his chest until she reached the top of his pants.

<Christopher> "Cute undies." He gave her lip a little nip.

<Carol> She looked down at herself then gave him a grin, sliding out of his lap and unzipping her skirt so it could drop to the floor and reveal the matching suspenders and panties. And the stockings. "Every day..."

<Christopher> "Damn, that's hot. And here I thought going commando was adventurous." Chris drank in the image in front of him. His pants getting a little to tight for comfort.

<Carol> "It's sort of fun sitting in meetings with a bunch of guys that have no idea what I'm wearing under my uniform..." She slid back into his lap, settling astride him and reaching to unfasten his pants.

<Christopher> "You know I'm going to be picturing you in underwear from now on right?" He sucked in his stomach a little at her going for his pants.

<Carol> "I'm okay with that," she told him, kissing him again as she succeeded in unfastening the pants.

<Christopher> "I don't think anyone else would, I mean getting hard in public is usually frowned upon." Chris kissed her back, his hands moving to her back and up to her bra, working to unfasten it.

<Carol> She huffed a laugh into the kiss, sliding her hand into his pants.

Time Passes

<Christopher> Chris let out a little yawn as he started to wake up. It didn't take him long to notice the body next to him, a little smile found his face when he noticed it was Carol, not thinking about her and Cess dating. He slipped out of the bed to go start coffee.

<Carol> Carol stirred at the movement and stretched out in the bed, turning her face into the pillow and grumbling at being woken up. And then the previous night started to come back to her. Oh crap. She opened her eyes and sat up. Naked! She grabbed the sheet and pulled it up to cover herself. Where the heck was she?

<Christopher> Chris noticed Carol waking up and poured her a cup of coffee. "Coffee?" He called back to her to make sure she wanted a cup.

<Carol> Coffee? Yes. She needed that. However, now the freaking out was starting. She looked around for her clothes. Where the fuck were her clothes?! She got up with the sheet and looked around for her things as she moved through the trailer.

<Christopher> Chris moved from the kitchen to Carol holding out the mug for her. "Morning..." He gave her a little bit of a puzzled look.

<Carol> "Huh? Oh... what time is it?" She took the coffee a little distractedly, still looking for her things.

<Christopher> "Uhmm dunno... I don't know where my phone is." He looked around for it.

<Carol> Ohgodohgodohgod. "Where are my clothes?"

<Christopher> "Uhmm I think you set them down over here somewhere." Chris went to look for her clothes not caring to find his own.

<Carol> Carol spied them and grabbed her shirt, pulling it on and fastening the buttons before she pulled her skirt on too. Underwear could wait. Crap. Her shoes and stockings were in the rec room. And her scotch. She downed her coffee and put the mug down.

<Christopher> "Lots to do today?" Chris sipped his coffee frowning a little, a little cuddling would have been nice.

<Carol> "Uh... yeah... gotta get on that bodyguard thing..." she turned for the door.

<Christopher> "Yeah, alright. I'll uhmm see you later?" He ran a hand through his hair.

<Carol> "I'm sure you will..." she offered him a slightly awkward smile, trying not to look at him before she exited the trailer and almost fell out. She managed to catch herself with her powers then hurried off to the staff building.

<Christopher> Chris gave her a little wave, saddened by her hastened retreat. "Bye Carol."
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