2/7 Instance: Safe Zone

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2/7 Instance: Safe Zone

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:34 am

Timelined soon after [Instance]Guardian Angel or Devil?

<Christopher> Chris rubbed Fee's back as they walked. "Hey it's okay I'm sure Warren is back in his room. Probably just needed to blow off steam." He took Fee to Carol's office, they had to let her know that Fee was possibly in danger.

<Fee> Fee still cradled her right hand, the healing had been an odd sensation, something unlike anything else she'd experienced. Tonight was full of firsts, or so it seemed. "Are you sure though?" she insisted about Warren as she was ushered gently along by Chris. "And what was I supposed to do if not punch him? It got me away from him, didn't it?" she spoke, Anna's fuss sticking with her.

<Christopher> "I don't blame you at all. I would have done the same thing. And yes I'll make sure to go check on him after we see Carol. We need to make sure you're safe first and foremost. Warren's a healer, even if he got hurt he'd be fine by now."

<Fee> Fee still seemed anxious about whether or not Warren was back in his room, and where exactly he'd gone. She took a deep breath and looked at Carol's office door once they finally reached it. She lifted her hand to knock, whether or not Chris would just open on up the door and walk in, she would still knock... with her left hand. Still choosing to baby her right hand, though healed.

<Carol> Carol looked over at the door when she heard the knock, raising an eyebrow. Who the hell...? She put her scotch bottle on the floor hidden behind her desk, downed the liquid in her glass and hit mute on the tv. "Come in...?"

<Christopher> Chris opened the door to let Fee in. "Hey Carol. Coffee?" He asked, needing a big mug. He was still tired from being woken up.

<Fee> Fee stepped into Carol's office looking a little like she'd been busted. "Hi," she spoke in casual greeting, as if coming to the office in the wee hours of the morning was not something at all odd. "We were just in the area," she rambled off, shooting a glance towards Chris and then back again. She eased her tote bag off her shoulder and fished within it to draw out her phone.

<Carol> "Uh... yeah..." she got up from her desk and went to her coffee machine to put a pot on. "Not used to seeing people at this hour..." she glanced over her shoulder at them, "Do I need coffee for this?"

<Christopher> "I'd say yes. If I could drink I'd ask for more irish tonight." He went to the coffee machine with her.

<Fee> Fee held her phone casually in front of her, smoothing her thumb over the smudged screen as she chewed on her lip. "Harris... showed up where I work," she began before taking a breath of pause. "I hadn't seen or heard from him since he was caught on campus, I thought he'd maybe left. And then tonight..." her voice faded as she fell quiet to chew on her tongue and watch Carol for reaction.

<Carol> Carol paused in her searching for clean mugs and turned to look at Fee, "Are you okay?"

<Fee> Fee slowly eased herself to sit down, whether the seat in front of the desk was actually cleared or not. "I broke my hand, but that's fixed now," as odd as that sounded to say, she looked to her right hand to give her fingers a brief stretch. "I called Warren, and he came and called Mr FBI. Then Warren left... and could we check on him now?"

<Fee> She squirmed with anxious discomfort as she looked between Chris and Carol, again speaking her concern before moving onward. "Harris sent me a few texts and then left a voicemail... after I ran... I haven't listened to it yet."

<Carol> "I'd offer to listen to it but..." she looked at Chris in suggestion. "Tell me what happened and then we'll check on Warren... how did you break your hand?"

<Fee> Fee continued to fidget a bit, feeling oddly like she was in the principles office. "I... punched him," she responded simply, before pausing to roll her lips together. It all still seemed so surreal. "He grabbed my arm, outside, and I punched him. Then I ran," she gave in simple account. "He didn't like that I was walking away from him, so he grabbed by arm and spun me around... and I decked him... and broke it," she echoed off the story once more.

<Carol> "And that's when you called Warren?" She turned to pour the coffee, offering a cup to Chris and then one to Fee.

<Christopher> "Thanks Carol." Chris sipped at his coffee, waiting for when he came in to the story.

<Fee>Fee took the cup of coffee offered to her with some hesitation and then the brief flash of a small, forced smile. "Um... yeah. I called Warren, and he said he'd be right there. Which... and he was. I told him what happened and he offered to call someone. And then Mr F... Mr..." she paused, seeming at a loss for Chris' actual name so instead gestured to him.

<Fee> "... he came. And then Warren left. He was just... obviously unhappy. It's just all a blur... and then he wasn't there. I just... want to see him." The last statement was followed by another shift, her phone placed in her lap as she curled both of her hands to cradle the cup of coffee, warming her fingers.

<Christopher> "Warren called me and told me Fee needed picked up immediately but he wasn't there when I showed up. If he's anything like me he needed to blow off some steam. I'm sure he's back in his room. He seems to have a good head about him."

<Carol> "And where's Harris now?" She walked around her desk to sit on the edge of it opposite Fee.

<Fee> Fee's gaze ping ponged back and forth between the two of them as they spoke. "Could we... check?" she asked again, seeming to have a one track mind when it came to her desire to see Warren for herself. Her green eyes then snapped to focus upon Carol as she took up a seat to perch in front of her. "I-I don't know," she answered honestly, fingers fidgeting to tap in shakey fashion against the side of the mug she held, but didn't drink from.

<Carol> "So you left him there when you came back here?" Carol was trying to work out what had happened and whether or not she had to do anything about it.

<Christopher> "I assumed flew back, Carol. I'm still half asleep." Chris sighed, he knew he should have made sure of where Warren went.

<Fee> Fee rolled her lips together in slow consideration, finishing such action with biting at her lip. "Left who?" she asked before taking a wavered breath and giving a soft shake of her head. "Harris I didn't see after I punched him and ran from the club. Warren... I haven't seen since the parking lot, where I was picked up," she spoke as her gaze flitted over towards Chris and then back again.

<Carol> "Okay... then we'll ask Warren if he knows what happened to Harris after you guys left..." She straightened up, sipping her coffee, "He's probably back already like Chris said. It's faster to fly than drive even if you go at the same speed."

<Fee> Fee breathed with some relief as the topic switched to Warren. "Yes. Thank you," she spoke with relief. "Can we please..?" she spoke before giving a few wavering movements of her head and shoulders, as if to call for action. Now that she was back, and her head was clearer, and she wanted to see him. "At least I'd like to thank him," spoken before she looked to Chris. "And thanks for bringing me back... and getting me fixed up."

<Carol> "Okay, come on then..." Carol headed for the door and opened it, stepping into the hall ahead of them.

<Christopher> Chris finished the coffee quick and followed Carol out of the office. "You're welcome Fee. That's what us professors are for. Helping the students."

<Fee> Fee's coffee was quickly abandoned to find a resting place upon Carol's desk, tucking her phone into the back pocket of her jeans as she moved to follow, flashing a short smile and nod to Chris. She was exhausted, on quite a few levels, but she was more than awake at the moment... driven to see him for herself.

<Carol> Carol led the way up the stairs to the boys dorms and then down the hall to Warren's room where she stopped to knock on the door.

<Fee> Fee stood slightly behind and to the side of Carol, her gaze sweeping the hall before returning expectantly upon the door. She even bounced upon her toes, her anxiety manifesting itself again.

<Warren> Warren went to the door quickly, hoping it was Fee. When he opened the door to the three of them he was a little disappointed. "Hey. You okay, Fee?" He looked obviously concerned about Fee's well being. He was just a little put off that Carol and Chris were there.

<Carol> Carol glanced at Fee with a small smile, "See, what did we tell you?"

<Fee> Fee breathed with soft relief as the door opened and Warren stood there. She made no hesitation in shifting forward, brushing past Carol and Chris if need be to slide her arms around Warren in embrace. "I'm fine," she whispered in answer. She wouldn't subject Warren to too much pda before slowly withdrawing.

<Warren> Warren hugged her back tightly. "Hand feeling better?" He made sure not to squeeze her too tightly.

<Fee> Fee gave a few quick nods and presented her right hand upward. "All fixed, FBI took... I mean... him," she canted her head in Chris' direction. "Thanks for calling him... you okay?" she asked Warren, for a start at least. Though perhaps her company had more questions than she did.

<Christopher> "My name is Professor Nord... or at the very least Chris." He sighed and went to lean against the wall in the hall.

<Warren> "Yeah, I'm fine. See, no scratches at all." Warren did a little turn around to let her see. "Just needed to fly a little. Calms me down."

<Carol> Carol cleared her throat to get their attention. "I won't keep you long because you guys should be asleep... Did you talk to the cops at all?"

<Warren> "No, I didn't know they were called?" He gave her a confused look, as if to ask why would they be.

<Carol> "Mutants involved in a scuffle. Cops are always called." She sighed, "Did you see where Harris went afterward?"

<Fee> "Mr Nord," she repeated in soft echo. She turned her attention to Carol with wide eyed interest. "Cops?" she asked, her gaze darting back to Carol as a scuffle was mentioned before staring wide eyed at Warren, with a slightly bewildered look upon her face.

<Warren> Warren looked away from Carol not wanting to answer her question. His face told her he at least knew something.

<Carol> Carol cocked her head on one side, studying Warren, "It's okay. You can tell me whatever it is."

<Warren> "I uhmm... hit him. Pretty hard, pretty sure I broke his nose, maybe more." Warren kept his gaze averted, now he felt like he did the wrong thing.

<Fee> Fee moved her right hand to press the flat of a loose fist briefly against her lips. "You went back to the club," she whispered against her fingers in thought spoken aloud. Her mind raced to various different outcomes of what had happened.. that was until Warren answered. A short exhale of mild surprise left her lips before she held her breath to listen. Her gaze locked upon Warren.

<Carol> "And then?" Carol coaxed, keeping her tone neutral.

<Warren> "I might have flew him up to a roof and left him there after telling him to leave Fee alone... in meaner words. Then left him there." Warren turned his head away, avoiding everyone's eyes.

<Carol> "Okay." Well that could have been a lot worse. "Well... hopefully if the cops hang around they'll pick him up and send him back to New York..."

<Fee> Fee cracked a small smile at the phrase 'in meaner words' before swiftly deciding that smiling was not appropriate. She briefly cleared her throat before becoming interested in the floor. "Did he say anything?" she softly asked, lifting her gaze to Warren before looking to Carol. "I still haven't listened to that... um..." choosing to leave it at that as she fell quiet again.

<Warren> "Yeah... he was telling me his little gang is planning to hurt you." He finally looked up at Carol as if pleading for her to protect Fee.

<Carol> Carol's eyes narrowed at this news, "Is that so?"

<Fee> Fee paled. "What?" uttered in soft whisper of disbelief. Her gaze lingered upon Warren before looking to Carol and then back again. She seemed to war with thought, as if trying to make sense of what he'd said.

<Christopher> Chris perked up at that. "They'll have a rough time getting near her. That little shit is lucky I didn't follow you. I would have broken more than his nose for a threat like that."

<Carol> Carol turned Fee to face her and looked at her as she spoke, "I promise you that isn't going to happen. You're safe here and I'll find a way to make sure you're safe at work too. You don't have to be afraid, okay?"

<Fee> Fee slowly nodded to Carol's words, going into autopilot as her mind wandered in different directions. "Like... if I leave campus?" she finally asked, finding her words. "But he... came. He was outside... who else is there?" Her heart started to race again, the flickers of panic returning from earlier in the wee morning hours.

<Christopher> "I'm sure someone can shadow you and make sure there's no threats?" He was mostly asking Carol. "And Campus wise that's even easier. Someone steps on campus without a reason to be here I can throw them into the next county."

<Carol> Carol rubbed her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her, "We'll work something out for you. We'll make sure you're safe. I'll make sure you're safe."

<Fee> Fee's attention flowed towards Chris. "Like... secret service?" The teeniest bit of a smile was cracked at that remark to Chris before her expression returned to wide eyed anxious stress as she looked to Carol. Her expression mildly mixed with uncertainty at the shoulder rub, before moving right in for an awkward, sudden hug that only lasted a short time. "Thank you."

<Carol> Carol was surprised by the hug but did encircle the girl with her arms for as long as it lasted, "You're welcome."

<Fee> Fee passed a light smile towards Carol. "Just... uh... let me know if you find out anything... decide anything. About me leaving campus..." she rambled on. "I think, I'm going to go back to my room. Sleep. Try to sleep. Whichever happens," she spoke in parting, her gaze lingering the longest upon Warren before nodding her head to the trio and retreating on down the hall.

<Carol> "Okay... good luck with the sleeping thing..." she knew what it was like to have trouble in that department. "I'll let you know as soon as there's any developments, I promise."

<Warren> Warren gave her a gentle hug before she could get away. "Call me if you need me kay?"
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