2/7 Instance: Super Google

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2/7 Instance: Super Google

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:11 am

Timelined for shortly after [Instance]Sleepover.

<Fee> Fee had found a place in a grassy part of campus, a little ways off from the admin offices. Book open in her lap and laptop open in the grass beside her. She was working on some classwork, having actually committed to at least one class, and was doing a little bit of research.

<Carol> Carol had received a report from the SHIELD agents that roamed the grounds for security that concerned her somewhat. She looked around the school then headed outside where she finally found her target on the lawn. She looked like she was going to be there for a while so Carol went back inside for coffee then headed on over to her.

<Fee> Fee chewed on her lip and flipped through the pages, forward and then back before she seemed to find what she was looking for. The book brought up closer to her face, rising to rest upon her knees as her gaze scanned the page. The approach of a coffee wielding Carol caught her attention, and she offered a brief wave before refocusing upon her book, thinking that she was headed on elsewhere.

<Carol> Carol was kind of pleased to see her studying for her class and offered her a smile before she sat down in the grass beside her, crossing her legs. "I hate to interrupt you when you're enjoying yourself but... have you got a minute?"

<Fee> Fee looked up with some surprise as Carol took a seat. "Oh.. oh sure," she spoke in fumbled distraction, folding the corner of the book page before closing it and setting it gently upon the keyboard of her laptop. "What's up?" She eyed Carol with careful judgement, as if to guage whether this conversation was a good or bad thing.

<Carol> Carol held her coffee cup in her lap and tried to judge how to word this news. "So... there was a small disturbance on the grounds today..."

<Fee> Fee's expression paled slightly before regaining color again. "Oh?" she responded, shifting a bit in her seat upon the ground as her mind blurred with thought.

<Carol> "There was a guy roaming around the grounds... he was apprehended and questioned before he was ejected... but apparently he was looking for you."

<Fee> Fee's expression paled again before flushing with a blush as her heart raced forward. "What?" she asked, though her expression was not one of surprise. "Was he outside the female dorms?"

<Carol> Carol nodded, "We're investigating how he got on the grounds and how he knows about the place..." she sighed, "He said his name was Harris Jones. Ring any bells?"

<Fee> Fee smoothed her hand back through her hair, raking her fingers through wavy strands. "Y-yeah I know Harris," she confirmed, before falling quiet for a temporary loss of words. "So he was really on campus?" Fee still appeared rather stunned by this news.

<Carol> "Yeah... any idea how he found out you were here?" She was trying to be gentle because the girl looked worried.

<Fee> Fee shifted a bit in visible discomfort before closing her eyes and cursing to herself under her breath before her eyes popped open again to focus on Carol. "My mother. My mother told him where I was. Bragging or something, probably. I just didn't think that he'd..." her voice faded with a huff of a sigh.

<Carol> "Is he someone we need to worry about coming back here?" Carol reached to rest a hand on Fee's forearm.

<Fee> Fee looked at Carol with mild anxiousness for a moment of silence, allowing and even welcoming the touch. Her demeanor slid to relax slightly as she answered. "Uhh, I don't know. I really don't. I haven't seen him in so long. I really wish I knew. I imagine he wants to talk to me? Did he say anything?" She had so many questions now.

<Carol> "Just that he was in the area and wanted to surprise you...." She frowned a little, "If you don't want to see him, we can make sure he doesn't get to you. Is that something you want?"

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods of her head. "Yeah, he doesn't need to be on campus. I'm surprised he came here so soon, or that he can even leave the state..." she began before her words faded away. "Wait... did he say if he was staying around?" she paused to grumble to herself a bit. "Efff..."

<Carol> "He said something about staying with relatives... could that be true or....?" She frowned a little.

<Fee> Fee rolled her lips together and slowy shook her head back and forth. "I don't know... he could?" She stewed over that for a moment. "I could find out... contact someone he knows. But I don't want him finding out about my snooping. Though... eff that. He was snooping with my Mom over me. He and I once were... a thing," she admitted.

<Carol> "Okay..." she tugged at the corner of her lip with her teeth, "How about.... we look into the relatives thing. We can do it without him finding out."

<Fee> Fee grew more alert with interest, and seemed to grow a little less visibly anxious. "Could... we look into some other things too? There are some other things I want to know." She paused to glance around them for a moment before refocusing on Carol. "Whenever you have time..."

<Carol> "Sure," she gave the girl a small smile, "I'm not teaching right now, obviously, so I'm free. I don't have a lot to do unless I'm in a class right now. Don't even have to worry about the phone ringing - my powers kill cellphones... and watches."

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile and slowly slid her laptop upon the grass towards herself, and away from Carol. A short soft chuckle broke the tension she felt before snagging her backpack and putting away her things. "So you can do more than Google? Impressive," she tried in a joke before turning serious again. "But really... you dont mind?"

<Carol> "I really don't mind. My first priority is the safety of the students. So that means you." She got to her feet and took a sip of her coffee. "And Google has nothing on SHIELD."

<Fee> Fee cracked a short smile before giving a nod and rising to her feet, throwing her backpack over a shoulder and brushing any stray grass off her jeans. "Thanks, that means a lot," she said genuinely. "And better than Google? Now this I wouldn't mind seeing. And saves me time from trying to find out myself. Though I do feel better knowing that I wasn't just seeing things when I saw him on campus."

<Carol> "Knowing you're not crazy enough to be hallucinating is always a good thing." She nodded in agreement. "SHIELD is a government organisation, you think we don't know how to find out whatever we want?" She laughed softly, "So naive. Adorable."

<Fee> Fee squished her lips to one side at the tease of naivety. "Well I guess you guys found me somehow... showing up at my apartment with Mr FBI." She smirked a bit to herself at the memory before softly clearing her throat. "So. Where to? Not to be pushy... or anything." The young woman was rather anxious to have her questions answered, now that she'd been given the option.

<Carol> "My office... I should warn you though... it's not tidy." It rarely was. She tried to remember if she'd left anything out that she shouldn't have. Nothing came to mind.

<Fee> Fee readjusted her backpack upon her shoulders and took a sidestep in the direction of the admin offices. "My dorm room doesn't look like a museum either," she replied, though it was rather clean and neat. "I don't mind. I just want to know more about him. I probably should have looked into some things when he ran into my Mom... but I didn't. Now I kind of wish I did... now that he's come all the way to Boston." She frowned and then motioned for Carol to lead.

<Carol> Carol started up the small incline ahead of Fee, "Well I guess if your relationship with your mom isn't great and you didn't think you had anything to worry about, it's not something you'd think to do."

<Fee> Fee followed along before moving to catch up and walk beside her. "True... I haven't talked to her since she handed off her phone to him. She called me and did one of those 'guess who I ran into' things, then handed him the damn phone," her tone carrying an air of irritation. "She's called a few times... maybe I should have picked up, but I didn't. Not that I think he would have told her he was coming to see me."

<Carol> "Want me to call her and pull rank? Ask her what she's doing giving away our location to random weirdos?"

<Fee> Fee tripped half a step, and then chuckled. "Uh... you'd do that?" She was still trying to guage whether or not Carol was serious. "If only I could see the look on her face if you did do that," she spoke with the brief appearance of a smirk before it faded to a look of disappointment. "She used to hate when my Dad would give her crap and tease her for asking questions." The talk of her Dad brought her some sadness before she distracted herself back with with the current talk at hand.

<Fee> "Would you really?" she asked.

<Carol> Carol nodded, opening the door to her office, "Sure. It'd be fun for me." She gave the girl a smile over her shoulder as she crossed to her desk and picked up a couple of files, dropping them onto the floor.

<Fee> Fee followed her on into her office and slowly lowered her backpack to rest to the floor nearer to the door before standing somewhat awkwardly, though she did jump slightly at the drop of files... but attempted to play it off with a rolling stretch of her shoulders. "So... Harris. Does he or does he not have family around Boston. Also..." she spoke before casting a glance towards the door and then moved to it as her hand moved to close it. "Do you mind?" she asked in permission.

<Carol> She shook her head, "No, go ahead." She moved to the chair on the other side of her desk and cleared the stack of files off of that too so that Fee could sit then took a seat herself, logging in to the system.

<Fee> Fee closed the door and then helped herself to the seat cleared for her. "Harris was just released from prison," dropping that bomb now that they were alone and she felt more free to talk. "Or I'm guessing he was. I don't really keep up on him, I haven't, not that I've had reason to. I haven't seen him since I was 16."

<Carol> "Wow then he'll be shockingly easy to find in here." Carol set about putting details into the machine.

<Fee> Fee fidgeted a bit, pressing her knees together before crossing her legs, her foot bouncing a bit. "Yeah he's been in juvenile detention and then moved to prison when he turned 18. I forgot that he would be released when he turned 21. Forgot all about him until his voice came over my Mom's phone. His birthday is in the spring... I think. It's been so long..."

<Carol> "Hmm...." Carol frowned at the screen, "Yeeeeah... he's not supposed to go out of state. If he shows up again, I'll put a call in to his parole officer."

<Fee> Fee sat up a little straighter. "He's skipping the state to come see me? That's risky... not that he and risk are strangers. At least the Harris I knew when he was 16." She chewed hard upon her tongue. "Unless he got permission? I don't know how that works... I just know things from Google and some reality shows," she smiled sheepishly.

<Carol> "There's nothing on the system about permission." She checked for relatives next, "And nothing about family in the Boston area... or even in this state." She looked up at Fee, "So that answers that question."

<Fee> Fee breathed slow through her nostrils, her jaw quite stiff. "Damn," she uttered in soft breath of sigh, her tongue clicking softly to the roof of her mouth as her mind seemed to race for a moment. "So obviously he did come all the way here to seek me out. Maybe to talk, I don't know. I did hang up on him. Maybe he's staying with a friend... someone else he knows? I don't know who all he's kept into contact with after all his time locked up, in some capacity."

<Fee> Fee frowned, she hated not knowing things.

<Carol> "Can you think why he might have come all this way just to see you?" It was worrying, that was for sure.

<Fee> Fee seemed to war with a response for a moment before she took a breath and spoke. "Well I haven't talked to him since I was 16. I'm sure he has questions, or something to say. My testimony was one of the factors they took into account for his sentencing... he shot someone, during a break-in. The guy died from complications unrelated to the shot. I was 16. I was scared..." her voice dropped off as her gaze hit her lap. "Gosh, I haven't told anyone that..."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "So... there's a possibility he's angry?" She watched Fee closely.

<Fee> Fee shifted again to arrange herself in the chair she sat in. "Maybe? I mean... he seemed calm when he talked to me on the phone. It could really go either way..." she chewed on her lip for a pause. "That was years ago, so long ago. I'm different than I was then... who knows who he is now."

<Carol> Carol mulled that over, a small frown creasing her brow. "We'll keep our eyes open for him. He won't get to you here, okay?"

<Fee> Fee flashed a small smile to Carol in thanks. "I know, and thanks. I do feel safe here, like you'd said before. About keeping the students safe here." She took a slow breath to center her thoughts and calm. "I know I have nothing to worry about, and I'm thankful for that. Another reason I'm glad I came here. Perfect timing it seems."

<Carol> Carol gave her a small smile, "You're welcome. If there's anything else I can do to help, just let me know, okay?"

<Fee> Fee smiled to her and then slowly moved to stand. "Well if I get any more information, I'll be sure to come find you. Like if he reaches out to me again or anything. But will you let me know if he comes back to campus or not? I'd like to know. You know... if he sticks around to try and talk to me."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "If you want to be told, I can do that." She signed out from the system and got up from her chair, "And I'll call your mom."

<Fee> Fee's expression snapped to Carol as she stood, standing then herself. "Oh... uh... you will?" she asked in quick surprise before a laughing breath exited her lungs. "Uh... and what would you tell her?"

<Carol> "That this place is a safe place and we don't appreciate her giving out our location to convicted felons without our permission."

<Fee> Fee couldn't help but grin widely at that. "Like I said before... if only I could see her face if you did call and chew her out. Just like I've been avoiding talking to her to save her from me cussing her out myself," she said before she stepped over to her backpack and slung it over her shoulder.

<Fee> "Thanks again. And I'll keep you updated. If you do call her... record it or something so I can hear her silence. I could use a laugh," she spoke in parting before stepping towards the office door.

<Carol> Carol nodded giving the girl a mock salute, "No problem." She moved around the desk to open the door for Fee. "Now you can go back to learning stuff."

<Fee> Fee stepped out into the hall after Carol had opened the door. "And if I want to learn things I can't find on Google... I know who to come find," she spoke with a smile, seeming to be a lot more at ease than when she'd first entered the office. "I'll see you around," she spoke in farewell, before stepping to walk on down the hall and back to her comfy place in the grass.
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