2/7 Instance: Second First Impressions

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2/7 Instance: Second First Impressions

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:41 pm

Timelined for a few days after [Instance]Escape from Alcatraz.

<Nate> Nate wandered the school in search of the enrollment office and so happened to pass through the gym in search. He stepped in and took a look around as he familiarized himself with his new home.

<Carol> Carol sat in the back of the gym with a pile of bracelets on each side of her. Every so often she'd pick one up from one side, put it on, swear, then put it back down on her other side.

<Fee> Fee was punching the crap out of a punching bag, not really the best of form... or any form at all. Her expression was one of angry determination, as foolish as she perhaps looked as she wailed on the padded bag. Her hair was tied back, wearing loose fitted sweat pants and a tank, her face rosey pink from her angry effort.

<Nate> Nate crossed the gym looking to the angry Carol and then to the angry woman punching the bag. "What did that bag ever do to you? Can I perhaps trade a few pointers for information of how to get to the enrollment office? Hello I am Nate and new around here."

<Nate> He offered out his right hand while he kept his left metal arm tucked behind his back almost if he was trying to hide it.

<Fee> Fee paused her wailing on the bag as she was approached, her hand moving to still the bag as it rattled on its restraints. At first she wasn't quite sure that she was the target of his conversation, as she cast a look around her before refocusing upon him with lifted brow. "Uh... Fee," she spoke in simple introduction, taking the offered hand in a short, firm handshake.

<Fee> "I'm fairly new too... but," she paused to swipe some stray hair out of her face. "The admin office is that way. Big building," she continued, a little breathless as she pointed in the general direction. "You can try out classes too. Just a pointer. I found that out for myself recently."

<Carol> Carol glanced up from her mysterious task and barely managed to cover the groan. Not today. She increased the speed of trying on the bracelets and, thus, the frequency of her cursing which only seemed to get louder as the pile of untested ones got smaller.

<Nate> Nate shook Fee's hand. "Nice to meet you Fee. It is good to know that I am not the only one around here that is new. Thank you for directions, now for my end of the bargain." He stepped up closer to the bag in a fighting stance. "My father was in the military and taught me to fight. He told me if I ever lost a fight that I would come home and get my ass beat by him too."

<Nate> Once in the fighting stance he let her look over his fighting stance. "See you need to get your arms up like this, your feet like this, and when you punch you need to turn like this so you are more of punching from the hips instead of just your arms." He was flexing and bit of show boating to show off his massive arms as he slow motioned punched the bag. "Here now you try." He backed away from the bag.

<Fee> Fee watched Nate as he spoke and took up a stance, but the growing presence of cursing diverted her attention briefly to Carol... and her bracelets. She did a double-take... and then a triple-take to the curious activity. A short shake of her head was given before she blinked at Nate's example of stance.

<Fee> She eyed him for a lingering moment before turning her attention to the bag with a soft clearing of her throat, bending a bit at her knees to mimic his stance. "Like this..." she spoke before giving the bag a few punches and then paused as if for critique. Her attention once again sliding to eyeball Carol before returning to Nate.

<Carol> She was down to two now and she stared at them for a long time before picking them both up and putting them on at the same time. The energy that coloured her skin flickered and then went out. They had a winner! And holy crap that did not feel good. She gripped the edge of the bench she was sat on and leaned over, her newly returned blonde hair falling to hide her face. "Motherfucker."

<Nate> Nate stepped up behind Fee and invaded her personal space as he slid his hands down her arms. "So when you punch, you need to make sure you get the full movement." He guided her arms and hands to show her the proper motion, which was not too far off from what she was doing, but perhaps an excuse to get up close and personal. His attention turned and looked to Carol.

<Nate> "Everything okay? Anything I can help you with?" He stepped back away from Fee. "Is it color or you can go with all if you can't decide as that has become popular too of just wearing a bunch."

<Carol> Carol lifted her head enough to peer at him from between the curtains of her hair, "You're really not into winning friends, huh?" she took off one of the bracelets and tossed it onto her discard pile then got to her feet, somewhat unsteadily. Everything felt weird. She pushed a hand through her hair, her eyes closing briefly at the sensation she'd missed.

<Fee> Fee froze as he touched her, becoming a little stiff against his guidance... but she still moved along with him. "Uh..." uttered from her lips as she wrapped her head around this impromptu lesson, and then he was gone. Leaving her close proximity almost as quick as he had entered into it.

<Fee> She looked at Carol, but it took her a delayed moment to process... and then it hit her like a punch. "Woah!" she exclaimed at the difference in appearance. "Oh dang... you okay?" she asked, glancing towards Nate before returning her focus to Carol, fighting lesson forgotten for the moment.

<Carol> "I'm fine... little dizzy..." She decided sitting down again was a good idea and did that. "Forgot what this feels like..."

<Nate> Nate gave Carol a smirk as she spoke to him. "One would say I am an acquired taste I guess. Perhaps I am bad at first impressions when escaping from a facility that tortured me and ran tests. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot and we should start over. I have had a few days to get relaxed and I have pants now and even a shirt this time. Hello I am Nate." He offered out his hand to Carol.

<Nate> "Wow are you okay? What does what feel like?" He looked to Fee as she was looking at Carol. "Perhaps she needs some water or some food or something?"

<Carol> Carol eyed the hand and decided she could try starting over, giving it a shake. "Lieutenant Colonel Carol Danvers." She introduced herself, "Air Force," she clarified. "And I'm really fine... it's just been a while since I've been able to deactivate my powers..." she sighed, "And there's twice as much energy to adjust to losing these days." She tried getting up again, slower this time.

<Fee> Fee watched the two with interest, Nate's words causing her to arch a brow... tucking this information away for later questions. "So that's what the jewelry was for?" she chimed in, her feet bringing her a little closer to the duo, her need to punch something seeming to have vanished.

<Fee> "I don't think she needs water anymore," she added, smirking and chuckling a little at her own horrible joke, though she eyed them both to see if they caught it before she moved on. "You guys know each other from the military?" she took as a guess.

<Nate> Nate smiled as she spoke and took his hand. "A pleasure to meet you Lieutenant Colonel Carol Danvers. It is good to know you are fine." He took his hand back. "We all have things to work on right? Apparently mine is first impressions. I made Fee here feel a bit uncomfortable and I am sure you wanted to kill me the other night. Perhaps I should see about locking myself back in my room or meet everyone and come back as someone else." He looked to Fee. "Nope we only met once before."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "It's fine... you just... hit a nerve. I was abducted and experimented on over Summer... only been back here a month or so..." She looked around the gym, everything felt odd now. "Having you suggest that experience was bedroom antics didn't really go down well." She glanced at Fee, not really thrilled about having to go into this with a student audience.

<Carol> "These are inhibitor cuffs that SHIELD uses sometimes...." She gestured to the bracelets, "I asked their people to design one that I could use - been kind of melting the old style ones."

<Nate> Nate gave Carol a nod. "To tell you the truth, what I was trying to do was hit a nerve. I was checking to see if what you said was true or if you were another lie to contain me. I do hope you understand. As for your fancy cuff you can keep those away from me. I have had those on plenty here lately and I am not a fan of the feeling."

<Fee> Fee watched them both in silence, her gaze ping ponging back and forth between the two as she drank in this new information about the past of each. "So what powers do you have?" the words out of her mouth before she even realized, her focus locked upon Nate. "I mean... not that being all buff is a power. Not that you're not buff... I mean... yeah..." her words followed by a little wince of features.

<Carol> "No one here is gonna put an inhibitor on you unless you become a threat. This," she held up her cuffed wrist, "Is my choice. And it's only temporary. I can take it off any time. Some of us like to take breaks from our powers so we can do normal things... like lift weights or use a punch bag. If I didn't wear this, I'd put my fist through that thing no problem."

<Nate> Nate looked to Fee and smirked. "Well have you seen Star Wars? It is kind of like that with a few modifications. It is not like I can shoot lightinging, but I can reach out and grab things." He raised his hands and a basket ball from across the gym flew over towards him. His outstretched hands caught the high flying ball before he launched it back across the court and it went go through the hoop and bounced a few times before being picked up and dropped back into the cart.

<Nate> Looked to Carol as she spoke and he gave a nod. "Well I am not a threat nor will be a willing threat, but will defend myself if need be. Yeah I guess I could see just being normal could be good. I have had the cuffs and my arm is still here. I guess this is not going anywhere unless I remove it. Being without an arm doesn't sound like fun so this is my life now. Forever having frost fingers."

<Carol> "You're a telekinetic." Carol clarified, "We have a few around... one of the staff even." She offered a smile, "Doctor O'Keeffe. I always thought telekinesis would be cool. Like using The Force."

<Fee> Fee looked rather wide-eyed at the open display of talent before her very eyes. She looked over Nate with more care now, taking slow visual inventory of his person before switching her attention to Carol. She smirked and echoed a murmur of "The Force..." under her breath, followed by a loose crossing of her arms beneath the curve of her breasts.

<Fee> "I've seen Star Wars, it was cool" she then felt the need to add before pursing her lips in thought. She grew all the more troubled at the uncertainty of what her talent was... not being as obvious as others.

<Nate> Nate smirked at Carol. "Yeah yeah I am a telekinetic, but telling folks you have the force is so much cooler. I was telling Chris earlier that the least those folks could have done for me was build me a lightsaber. Perhaps if we find another facility we can capture a few scientists to work on making one. Then again I don't think Chris or I have the self control or the forgiving nature for them to leave them alive."

<Nate> Nate looked at Fee. "Star Wars was cool and now that we have folks with the actual force perhaps I can get a role in the next movie. I am sure I would be a bad ass looking sith with my metal hand and everything." He looked off into space with a soft smile as he thought of what could be before he looked to Fee. "Don't worry, you will learn in time what your gift is." He spoke as if he was answering something said that only he caught.

<Carol> Carol made a mental note to try and keep Broo away from this kid and his lightsaber request. That would end terribly. She raised an eyebrow at Nathan as he answered Fee's unspoken thought. "You don't need movies. We have real space and real aliens.... and even our own Yoda... except he's a corgi."

<Fee> Fee's attention snapped to Nate as he offered words of comfort, her expression flashing with brief confusion. "How did you know that I don't.." she began to ask before her words trailed off and she looked skeptical. "The new guy knows that I don't know what my thing is? Is there like a memo that went out that I don't know about? Is there a sign somewhere?"

<Fee> Her demeanor turned to one of agitation as she stiffened her posture. A delayed reaction set in as Carol's words then registered. "Wait. Actual aliens?"

<Carol> "No there wasn't a memo. Only the staff know... I'm thinking he might also be a telepath - the two powers seem to go hand in hand a lot...." she sighed, nodding to Fee's question. She thumbed at her chest, "Half Alien. I was abducted by some bug aliens over Summer... and then some other aliens helped to save me. Never a boring day around here."

<Nate> Nate looked to Carol with a smirk. "Movies or not, I was told I need a job and what better job than Hollywood? A man can dream right?" Nate shook his head. "My apologies I should not have done that as it was invading your privacy. Then again sometimes I can't control it I just hear things. Trust me it gets annoying." He looked to Carol as she spoke. "They do? News to me, but a whole lot of stuff is news to me."

<Fee> Fee's day was proving to be all the more interesting, heck... her entire existence on campus had been one thing after another. "So you are one with the Force and can read my mind... and you're part alien, with firey hair, but not firey if you wear cuffs... to be normal," her attention flowing from Nate to Carol as she spoke.

<Fee> "And I have a cat," added as she rolled her lips together in a thin line and chewed on the inside of her lip. "So I have that going for me. Because nothing else seems to be." Fee's throat jumped with a swallow as she once again had an emotional flare up. Her thoughts again flooded with anger, frustration, heartache and fear.

<Carol> "Well I used to not be orange all the time... but Summer changed that." Carol shrugged a shoulder, "The aliens that rescued me said that the bug people took me because of my weird DNA... which was recent news to me back then too." Carol was glad that her weird DNA made her thoughts harder to read. "A cat is a good thing to have going for you. Science says they relieve stress. You need that around here."

<Nate> Nate stood there all kinds of frozen up as Fee let out her frustration. "Ummm... Yep... It is good you have a cat." He turned to Carol and pointed to her cuffs in an attempt to clear the awkwardness from the air. "So are they going to style your cuffs for you? Maybe make them beads with fancy color swirls on them?" He looked to Carol. "Bug people? Like Star Ship Troopers?"

<Fee> Fee wasn't quite expecting the positivity in reference to her feline companion, such mention causing her to pause before giving a few slow nods. Her thoughts eased down, along with the turn of conversation. "Yeah he is pretty nice to have around," she spoke in soft agreement before she'd make an attempt to chime in to the conversation... key word attempt.

<Fee> "So is that like the bug wasp things on SWTOR, on Aldaraan or something? The wasps that that one guy with the weird eyes talks in third person about. The hive mind, or whatever..." Her stance shifted a bit, shifting weight from one foot to the other as she eyed the two.

<Carol> "They're like... creepy giant cockroaches with wings.... and bad tempers..." She wrapped her arms protectively around herself. "I try not to think about them..." Even Broo still made her uneasy and he was harmless... mostly. "They are a hivemind, yeah.... and their ships... were, at one time, sentient creatures... but then the Brood found them... hollowed them out... lobotomised them... turned them into slaves..."

<Nate> Nate started to squirm and his hands started to itch all over. "I couldn't imagine that. I get the itches just thinking about that. I hate the thought of bugs crawling on me. Well you are out and no longer being tested on. Again sorry for pushing your buttons, like I said I was more of trying to get a feel for if you were telling the truth or not."

<Carol> "Yeah... well now you know." She sighed, trying to shake off the uneasy feeling. "And I know what it's like to want revenge, trust me..." she'd made those Brood pay dearly. "But, even after you get it... you don't feel any better. You still have to deal with what they did to you. Hurting them doesn't make it any easier."

<Fee> Fee twitched with involuntary shudder, followed by poor attempt to mask it with a roll of her shoulders and oh-so-natural shaking out of her arms. "So there is some truth to stories about things, movies or whatnot. This isn't a usual occurrence is it? Abductions?"

<Fee> Even just the talk about it gave her the creeps and grew her anxiety level at such a topic. "But it sounds like abductions aren't always of the alien kind. Who had you... Nate?" not being able to help such a nosey question. Her own past troubles shrinking to almost laughable compared to this duo.

<Nate> Nate gave a nod to Carol. "I have only gotten a taste of revenge. It felt good to let out some of that anger and if I didn't then perhaps I would still be there. I am happy I made it out." He looked to Fee as she spoke. "The folks that abducted me? Ha. It was hardly an abduction. My father asked his military friends if they could help me. They helped me alright. They helped me right onto a table and then started pumping me with all kinds of things. They did god knows what to me."

<Carol> "If you want... we can run some bloodwork and see if we can find out what they did... just to answer any worries you might have." Carol offered, "You don't have to... but you can trust everyone here. I promise. We're here to help..." A small frown creased her brow as she considered the comment about the military, "Do you have any idea what branch of the military your father contacted?"

<Nate> Looked to Carol and seemed torn. "Thank you for the offer, but I was talking to Chris and he was telling me the things that they made him do. I want to know, but I won't lie I am terrified at the same time. I don't remember everything, and if they had me killing innocent people like they did Chris I don't know if I could forgive myself. Of course I wouldn't mind the school knowing so there was no surprises as I don't want to be a wild card, but as for me knowing I don't know if I want to or not."

<Nate> "My father was in the Air Force. So I am guessing he contacted his contacts, but not sure which branch."

<Carol> "Air Force, huh?" The frown deepened and she fell silent for a moment, "I'll look into that.... As for any surprises from you... I would recommend at least finding out if anything they did is still active in your system... Chris' changes were reversed by our staff here. There's no reason that we wouldn't be able to do the same for you. I know it's scary... but some things it's better to know."

<Nate> Nate nodded to Carol. "Yeah he was in the Air Force and we bounced around all my life. Hell there towards the end I didn't even bother to unpack just lived out of boxes. If you look into and find out my father knew what they were going to do to me, don't tell me. I like to think my old man had the best intentions for me in the end and had no idea what he was signing me up for."

<Nate> "I will be willing to get the blood test. Like I said I don't know what they did to me and I don't want to find out after I have blown up that they had something like that in me. I understand why, but still think it will be hard. I didn't think of that. Hell I thought my only concern was signing up for classes, but not out of the woods yet it seems."

<Carol> "He probably didn't know what he was signing you up for..." she offered, "I'll see what I can find out... And I'll send Anna to you for blood tests - she's good at drawing blood, hardly hurts...." she sighed, "As for signing up for classes... I can help you with that. But there's no rush."

<Fee> Fee watched them both with a bit of a bewildered expression etched upon her features. She was unaware of her perhaps awkward staring as her mind attempted to wrap around all that she'd overheard. "Is that the person I need to see... for a blood test?" she chimed in, finally breaking her bit of gawking silence.

<Fee> "Or maybe I don't want to know... which would totally make my presence here completely pointless... but surely not as earth shattering as the two of you... or winged Warren... or some others I've seen," she rattled onward before falling quiet with a puff of breath in exhale.

<Nate> He nodded at Carol. "I sure do hope so. As for the needles it won't bother me. I am used to having test tubes in me and I wouldn't be surprised if she said that I no longer had a vein. As for the classes that is where I was heading. I was going to look at what the school had to offer and start picking courses." Nate turned and looked to Fee. "But you do want to know. I want to know too, but like I said I am almost afraid of what I will find."

<Carol> "Well... any concerns about veins shouldn't bother her - she has the ability to heal others so I'm sure she could fix those right up... My office is on the ground floor of the admin block. First door on the right when you go in the main entrance - the admin block is the middle building." She crossed to the weights, trailing a hand over them before she picked one up. So weird to feel like something was heavy.

<Fee> Fee gave a few slow nods of her head as she looked from one to the other. "I think I'm going to go and take a walk," she spoke in parting, fresh air sounding rather good, whether or not it actually would help clear her head. "Good to meet you, Nate," she added, quick to remember her manners. And "I'll see you around," added to both of them before she stepped off to depart.

<Nate> Nate looked to Carol almost surprised. "Well isn't that handy on a school nurse the ability to actually heal outside of modern medicine. I look forward to witnessing it myself." He turned and looked to the departing Fee giving her a wave. "You know I should be heading out too. I am just going to stop by the office, grab a few pamphlets, and then sit down and decide what I want to do with my future now that I am not a pin cushion."

<Carol> She raised a hand in a wave to Fee then turned to Nate, "Sure... but, uh... Anna's a surgeon so... don't call her a nurse, okay? It's kind of an insult. If you can't decide on classes right away, feel free to audit some until you're sure. It's allowed."

<Nate> Nate held up his hands. "Okay! Okay! I understand. I grew up not really being social and all of this stuff is still new to me. It didn't matter who I offended, because I would be gone in a month anyhow. I guess I need to watch how I put things a little better if I am going to put actual roots down here. I don't need everyone pissed off at me."

<Carol> She laughed a little, "Well... Anna's fairly easy going. But she studied hard for that degree. I just wanted to make sure I didn't sell her short. Good luck picking classes and I'll send Anna to see you."

<Nate> Nate relaxed a bit as she laughed. "Well good deal and I will be sure not to call her a nurse. Thank you for the help and the restart on our first impression. I am sure I will see you around and it is good to meet you again." He started walking off toward the enrollment office.

<Carol> Carol gave him a wave too then set the weight down on the rack before she headed to the punch bag to work out some of that aggression she'd been holding on to. This was going to feel soooooo goooooood.
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