2/3 Instance: Guardian Angel or Devil?

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2/3 Instance: Guardian Angel or Devil?

Post by JackSkulls » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:56 pm

Timelined a week after Instance Sleepover

<Fee> It was a few nights later, just shortly after midnight, when Warren's phone would light up with a call from Fee.. or whatever else he'd labeled her phone number as. She would be persistent, if he didn't answer the first time. Blowing up his phone with missed calls if she didn't get him the first try.

<@Warren> Warren was dead asleep the first time she called, the second he barely missed. By the time she called a third time he answered still half asleep. "H...huh? Wh... what's going on?" He lazily slurred out as he tried to wake up. His hair getting a little tousle as he sat up.

<Fee> "Warren? I-I'm sorry to wake you up," her voice sounded incredibly out of breath, followed by wavered, loud breathing. "I need.. can you talk?" breathlessly tripping over her words, her tone rather rushed and perhaps even panicked?

<@Warren> "Huh? Fee? Are you okay?" Panic hit him hard when he heard how she was talking. "Where are you, I'll be there in a second." Warren quickly shot up to grab his pants and throw them on, grabbing anything else he could need as he went out his door to go to the roof.

<Fee> There was a short pause at the other end, wavered breath sounding for a moment before she spoke. "I-I'm a-at.." another pause as she attempted to better control her breathing. "Wal-greens. Outside. Just down fr-om the Squire. I-I'm alone.. now. I think I-I broke my hand," her voice broke with what sounded like she was choking back a sob before she suddenly found the need to apologize. "I-I'm sorry."

<@Warren> "Don't be, I'll be there before you know it. I have to hang up now but I'll be there in literally a second." Warren shifted forms quickly and spread his metallic wings wide. It took no effort at all for his body to rise into the air. "Don't worry okay?" He hung up the call and put his phone away, he didn't want to drop another one. It literally only took him a few seconds to build enough speed and get to her. It took him a few more seconds to slow down and descend to the ground.

<Fee> Fee felt as if she'd barely hung up, before a figure descended in the parking lot in front of her. A sound like she'd never heard met her ears as the shockwave of sound dissipated in the sky above, phone held in her left hand, her right hand gingerly cradled in place against her cleavage. She remained in her place, leaning up against the side of the building, still panting for breath. "Warren?" she breathed in disbelief.

<@Warren> "What happened?" Warren rushed over to her eying her hand. He could feel his anger welling up inside him. Something telling him to tear apart whoever did this.

<Fee> Fee fumbled for a moment, overcoming the shock of him standing before her so quickly, and in his metallic winged form. Her left hand was shaky, and dropped her phone into the tote slung on her left shoulder. "H-he came to the Squire. I panicked. I was go-going to leave and he caught me. Outside." She took a pause to take another shaky breath. "H-he grabbed me.. and I punched him.. and ran."

<Fee> Unbelievable pain radiated from her right hand, she was trembling, and gingerly holding such hand against her chest. The back of her hand and her knuckles were starting to swell, the skin beginning to discolor in the dim light of the pharmacy parking lot. Her cheeks were stained with hot tears, adding to her trembling, fearful, sorry state.

<@Warren> Warren carefully pulled her into a hug. "Where is he." He almost growled out. He was going to beat the tar out of him for hurting her.

<Fee> Fee left her right hand gingerly in place, careful not to smoosh it between them as her left arm shifted to loop weakly around his lower back. "I-I don't know. I-in the parking lot?" spoken before her chest would shake and heave with a sobbing breath.

<Fee> "Thank you for coming," she whispered, closing her eyes as she rested her wet cheek to his shoulder, squeezing a hot tear to trickle and fall upon his own skin. "I-I can't go back there. He knows," she sobbed. She was a mess in his arms, clinging to him in her trembling state, still in shock from her ordeal that was still so fresh.

<@Warren> "Can you make it back to school for the doc to take a look at you?" Warren ran a hand gently through her hair. "You're going to be able to go back there cuz I'm going to make sure he knows not to come near you."

<Fee> Fee's throat jumped with swallow, fighting to regain her ragged breathing to make her head a little less fussy. "I could call a taxi.. or uber.." she offered before a soft buzzing sound sounded from inside her tote bag, her phone's screen illuminating the inside of the canvas tote. She babied her right hand but moved to fish out her phone with her left, and held the phone between them as she opened the message alert. It was a text message, from an unknown number. A picture of the Squire with the caption 'where are you bitch.' "He's not alone, Warren," Fee warned quickly, as if that might make him stay, as if he might bolt from her at any moment once he read the message for himself.

<@Warren> "I can call one of the professors for you. I'm sure any of them would come faster to get you." Warren looked down the road towards the Squire. He wanted to go down there and beat all their teeth in, but he wasn't going to leave her until she was safe. "We'll get you a new phone and number."

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods of her head, clicking the screen of her phone dark. "Who would you call?" she'd ask. She still seemed a wreck, her heart racing with adrenaline from the newness of the panic, the pain of her hand not nearly what it would be once her excitement settled down. "You're not going to go back there..?" she met his gaze with frightened green eyes.

<@Warren> "I'm not letting that asshole get away with hurting you. I'll call professor Nord or someone." Warren was shaking with anger. "I'm going to teach them a lesson." He tried to get into his pocket for his phone.

<Fee> Fee watched him with panicked eyes, she seemed worried, but she had no clue of the strength he was capable of. Her attention was drawn away from him again as her phone illuminated with another received message, her thumb hovering over the screen in shakey hesitation as she debated reading it. His anger shook her up all the more, and she slid away from him to lower to sit on the ground, suddenly untrusting of her ability to stand.

<@Warren> Warren called a ride for Fee, as he'd said it was professor Nord and he was more than happy to come even though he was worried about what was going on. "It's gonna be okay Fee." Warren frowned and sat down next to her.

<Fee> Fee sniffed and scooted a bit to sit closer to him, her thumb tapping to open the message against her better judgement, babying her right hand against her chest, even with her heart. you don't think I won't find you? Read across the illuminated screen before her thumb hit to darken the screen again. "He came to campus.. the other day. It r-really was him," she'd admit, her breathing settling further in her seated state. "He's not sup-supposed to leave New York. He lied to SHIELD about why he was here. I-I hadn't heard from him, thought he'd given up. A-and then an unknown number called, and I picked up. One of the g-girls jokingly yelled to come see me at the Squire. They didn't know who I was talking to. I-I thought I'd hung up before he heard.." she'd shakily admit, divulging more about what had brought her to this point.

<Christopher> Warren saw Chris' car pull into the parking lot. "There's the professor. He'll take you back to school and get your hand fixed up. I'm going to make sure that jackass gets what's coming to him." He stood up planning on going before Chris could get there to stop him.

<Fee> Fee's attention drew to the headlights that pulled into the parking lot, her heart skipping a beat, the phone in her hand lighting up with an incoming call from an unknown number. She hesitated, her thumb shifting to hover over the glowing screen as her gaze lifted towards Warren as he stood.

<Fee> "What?" she asked distractedly, his words slowly sinking in as she blinked up at him. All seemed to slow into slow motion, her phone buzzing against her palm, the sweep of headlights causing her to squint against the glare.

<Warren> "I'll see you back at the school okay. Professor's right there. He'll help you." Warren started to head back towards the club he closed his wings into his back so he wouldn't draw too much attention.

<Fee> Fee squinted her eyes and then closed them briefly, letting the phone continue to ring in her palm, her brow furrowing with wince at the pain. "How will you get.. back?" she asked without thinking, fingers gripping around her phone as she moved to stand without the assistance of her right hand. Fear, shock, confusion, so much clouded her mind.. and above all, pain. Pain now tore through her like a sharp knife, searing pain that blurred her focus, and made moving to her feet perhaps a poor choice. She watched Warren begin to walk away through the blur of oncoming tears. A wavered exhale parted from her lips, shaky breath as she watched him begin to distance himself, the words not yet coming to make him stop.

<Christopher> Chris pulled up to where Fee was a little after Warren got away. "Hey you okay? I heard you needed a ride? Warren fly back?" He looked around for him before he got out to help her into the S.U.V.

<Warren> Warren saw the group of guys standing outside of The Squire when he got there. He wasn't 100 percent sure that it was him, but the asshole was on his phone making threats to who he assumed was Fee. Before any of the guys could react Warren was on top of him, fist connecting with the guys face before he could react. Warren felt the cartilage and bones break under his fist, the feeling of it felt far too good to him. "Hey fuck face. I ever see or hear you come near Fee, the school or anywhere else she is I'll break every god damn bone in your fucking body. His eyes were almost glowing with rage and murderous intent.

<Fee> Fee looked quite the mess, clutching her phone in her left hand, right held to her chest her knuckles a deep, ugly shade of purple. She suddenly heaved to bend at the waist, and emptied a bit of her stomach upon the parking lot pavement. Her body had just about had enough of handling the stress and pain, and reacted in a rather vile manner. A ragged cough shaking her form before she spoke "He went.. to the Squire," she would respond to Chris.

<Christopher> "Lets get you back to the school. Anna can heal you up and you can laugh at a cussing irish woman." Chris rubbed her back gently. Part of him wondered if he should go after Warren too. He helped her to the car door and opened it for her. "I'm sure he'll be fine. Us healers are tough."

<Harris> In front of the Squire, Harris had just finished leaving a voicemail when he was struck and staggered backwards, the phone in his hand clattering to the pavement. "What the FUCK dude?!" exclaimed a guy around the same size that was near to Harris, the rest of the small crowd dispersed quite rapidly to circle a safe distance away. Harris staggered, his hands lifting to cover his bloodied face and nose, doubled over as he tried to center his balance. "Back off, buddy," Harris' apparent friend warned, his hands out as he made a try at talking Warren down.

<Warren> "Unless you want to be just as bad as I'm about to make him get out of my way." Warren spread his metallic wings wide, the blades glinting in the scattered light around them. "I swear to god you EVER come near one of my friends again they won't find your body."

<Fee> Fee got in the SUV at Christopher's guidance, finally seeming to recognize him as he ushered her inside. "FBI?" she spoke before her gaze would switch past Chris and then back again. "Please?" she pleaded with him, suddenly worried for Warren, for various reasons.

<Harris> Harris' friend let it go, instead scuffing backwards before bending to snatch the phone that had skittered away on the pavement. Harris spit on the pavement before throwing himself upward to stand upright. He wasn't a scrawny fellow, not in the least. It looked like all his time locked up he'd spent passing the time by keeping fit. "She attacked me you freak. What are you, her new boyfriend? Well you don't know shit about her," Harris snarled at Warren, pausing again to spit bloodied saliva upon the sidewalk. "I've spent a lot of trouble coming here to talk to her. And I'm not leaving until I'm done with her."

<Warren> "You're done with her and you're going to fucking leave!" Warren grabbed him by the shirt making sure he had a tight hold so he wouldn't drop him until he was ready to. He shot up into the sky fast and hard landing on a nearby roof, dropping Harris while they were still high enough that it would hurt. "You'll either leave now or in a fucking body bag." Warren fired a few flechettes out of his wings making sure they hit right next to his head.

<Harris> Harris certainly hadn't expected to be taken off with, leaving his friend and the rest of the crowd in the dust.. but not before some had broken out their phones.. to record, naturally. Only one good samaritan in the crowd dialed 911. Harris had the wind knocked out of him at the rough landing upon the roof, groaning and then went wide eyed as the flechettes hit a little too close for comfort. He wasn't as quick in returning to his feet as he'd have liked, regaining breath from his impact the the roof, one of his hands moving to grasp his shoulder before pulling a foldable knife from his back pocket and flicking it open as he went into fighting stance. "You're just making it worse for her. You think killing me will end it? Ha! Wrong, so wrong," Harris would roar, whether a fib for self preservation or not, the words were spoken with growling force. "What's it going to be? You going to make things worse for her? Or let me do what I came here to do, and see her without any Goddamn interruptions?"

<Warren> Warren put a swift kick to the guys gut. "I can fly fast enough to tear your skin off your body and drop you in the middle of the ocean. No one will know where you are or what happened to you. I can make your life beyond a living hell. You will leave her the fuck alone or I will end you." His dropped his wing into the concrete roof and drug a line past his body. "Your choice either go back to New York and never set foot here again or you can never set foot anywhere again." A dark grin spread across his face as a hidden side of Warren started to take over. "Your choice either go back to New York and never set foot here again or you can never set foot anywhere again." A dark grin spread across his face as a hidden side of Warren started to take over.

<Harris> Harris groaned and coughed at the kick to his gut. He fell forward, fumbling to shift to hold crouch to the ground, his knife skittering across the roof away from him. "Did you not hear me?" Harris growled past gritted teeth. He blinked down at the roof as Warren's wing dragged past him, he'd taken a beating and was most definitely feeling it, his back heaving with breath. Harris had been in his share of fights, but nothing quite like this. "I'm done fighting. If you kill me, her hell is just beginning. What if I came here to warn her, you ever think of that? My message dies with me. Is that what you want? Your precious Fee to be even more blind than she is," he paused to spit upon the roof, blood trickling from his mouth and nose as he spit his words of warning. "What do you know about her? You fuck her? Is that what this is about? It's a shame such a pretty girl doesn't know what's coming for her.. So. Let. Me. Go."

<Warren> Warren gave him another kick. "You can tell me what she needs to know then. Cuz you're not going near her." Warren gritted his teeth, a little voice in his head questioning him, constantly asking why not kill him. It kept telling him to end the little and that he could protect Fee.

<Harris> Harris groaned and growled as another kick was delivered, this one sprawling in forward as his arms made abrupt contact. He laughed, an evil, vindictive sort of laugh, though marred by a rough cough. "Of course," he snarled, struggling to regain himself to a crouch and less of a prone position, attempting to move upon his hands and knees away from Warren. "She might have given me away. Got off scot free, well maybe except for her time in boarding school. But it doesn't end there. No." He still attempted to drag himself away, further the distance between Warren and himself. "She was young we both were, and she was mine," the last word growled as if in attempt of some verbal stab at Warren. "She didn't know who I was working for, but they know her. They know her. Her fear of me is nothing compared to what they'll do when they get to her. They lost a whole lot more than I did. My 5 years," Harris growled as he attempted to stagger to stand and turn to face him. "You really going to let her face all of this blind?"

<Warren> "You do know who guards that school right? SHIELD they put idiots like you in cells to never be heard of again for less than this." Warren punctuated it with another kick this one to his ribs. Warren's other side at this point had almost completely taken over. "You set foot in boston again and you won't live to talk about it." His bladed wing pressed down onto Harris' arm just enough that he couldn't move it without shredding it on the sharp flechettes. "Trust me. I'm much much worse than anything you've ever seen." Warren leaned in close to Harris as the blades dug into his skin. "Oh remember no screaming or we're going to have less fun."

<Harris> Harris doubled at the blow to his ribs, the stabbing pain of a possibly broken rib was however nothing compared to the pain of metal pushing at his flesh. Harris let out a growling yell of pain, looking with horror upon the blades pushed tighter, his skin and shirt soon stained with a trickle of blood. Harris' words here pained, and littered with panting breath "I got onto campus, you don't think.. they'll find a way to get to her too? You're making it worse for her.. not me," he growled. "Let me go."

<Warren> "Tsk tsk tsk, don't we learn. You're not in charge. As soon as Fee let's them know there's been a threat on here there will be no unauthorized entry to the campus. All little ole Warren has to do is tell them that you blabbed it was a gang threat on her life. Warren'll get in a little trouble for roughing you up but that's nothing." He let out a soft laugh, staring into Harris' eyes. "You on the other hand. You get to have all the fun." He raked the blades down his arm drawing blood. "Here soon you won't be able to feel your arm. Those blades. They're laced with a neurotoxin. The more I dose you with the less you can do till eventually your heart stops. I hear it's a rather painful process."

<Harris> Harris' expression was so much different than it had been before. Gone was the cocky anger, now replaced with a look of utter terror. Harris growled loud in pain, his voice echoing over the rooftops as he gritted his jaw. His skin began to pale beneath the trickles of blood that crisscrossed over his face, and then began to flow red from his arm at the raking of blade. "You motherfucker, you don't know!" Harris yelled, pleaded. His face twisted in pain, his heart pumping fast to trickle the blood from his form, to speed the spread of neurotoxin with each heartbeat. Harris' muscles began to tingle, to his horror, another yell screaming from his lungs to the city around.

<Warren> Warren or at least his other side, covered Harris' mouth quickly. "Oh tsk tsk tsk Harris. You shouldn't have done that, Now we have to move. This might hurt." He shot a flechette into his other arm to paralyze it before calling them all back to his wings. "Now we have to leave and I thought this was such a nice view for torture." He picked him up and shot off high into the air before heading off in the direction of New York.

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