2/3 Instance: Sleepover

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2/3 Instance: Sleepover

Post by JackSkulls » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:49 pm

Timelined a few days after Cherry Red Angel

<@Warren> Warren sat at his desk arranging his notes and books. He was planning on going to the library to study for his business classes. It didn't take him long to get everything together, back pack on his bed, books shoved inside with his notebooks. Now all he needed were pants. It took him longer to find his pants than it did to find all his books.

<Fee> Fee threw a glance back over her shoulder and just about had a head on collision with a guy in the hallway of the dorms. His hands catching her shoulders to stop her from barreling into him, a quick "Sorry," uttered before she'd escape and slide past. She finally reached his door, her breath ragged from running up the stairs, hand balled into a fist a she threw a couple thuds against the door with the flat of her hand.

<@Warren> Pants finally on and backpack over his shoulder Warren stared at the door for a second, questioning who would be coming to his room. "Come in?" He threw his pack back onto his bed moving to the door to meet whoever it was.

<Fee> Fee delayed for a moment, the call through the door not registering for a pause before her hand fumbled with and then twisted the knob. Finding it opened easily, she pushed through to the interior, and leaned back against and shut the door behind her with a loudish click. She looked as if she'd seen a ghost. "Hi," she uttered automatically, briefly on autopilot.

<@Warren> "Hey Fee... You okay?" Warren gave her a puzzled look before moving over to her. "You look a little uhmm spooked."

<Fee> Fee slowly shook her head back and forth. "I'm so tired, can I nap here? I worked all night, got out of class, and could barely make it here. Though the female dorm was just as close, and she'd run up a few flights of stairs to get to this point. "I don't feel good," she then complained, leaning heavily back against the door. "I think I saw him.." she added in almost a whisper.

<@Warren> "Uhmm yeah I don't mind." Warren went to the bed and pulled the book bag off of it before pulling back the covers for her. "Saw who?" He looked back at her confused.

<Fee> Fee let her backpack drop from her shoulders with a sliding thud to the floor, her hands then fumbled to unbutton and then unzip her jeans as she stepped towards his bed. Her shoes were scuffed off and she removed her jeans in a sort of trance, pushing them down her thighs and then sliding into his bed and beneath the covers before she'd lay back, hands fumbling to draw the covers up to her chin. "Him," she echoed again.

<@Warren> Warren blushed red at her just stripping, even with everything they'd done. "Uhmm you're going to have to be more specific, there's plenty of guys around." He sat down on the end of the bed, watching her a little.

<Fee> Fee lay beneath the covers, pulled up nearer to her face as her body curled into a tighter ball. She flinched, twitched or shivered, as she and the covers moved. "Warren, I swear he was there. Outside. It's why I came here. I swear it was him. Harris, my ex," she rambled on, sounding as anxious as she looked.

<@Warren> "Hey you're okay Fee. I'm sure it was just someone that looks like him. This place is pretty secure." He chewed his lip not knowing what to say. "Plus hey you're safe with me now."

<Fee> Fee shifted beneath the covers to curl up into a tight ball on her side. "I swear it was. I swear, Warren," she spoke in hushed whisper. The young woman was so exhausted, to the point where she no longer had the strength to keep her eyes open. Loosing the battle of heavy, fluttering lashes to finally just keep them closed. Her breath was panicked and labored, but slowly showed signs of slowing to a restful state. "That's why I came here. The place I feel safest," she sleepily confessed. "Please let me sleep. Please let me sleep here," she softly pleaded, the more she spoke, the lower her volume got, as if the very energy to speak was draining from her.

<@Warren> "It's okay Fee. You can sleep here for as long as you want." He gave her a warm smile. "I think you might be the first girl to use my bed for what it's meant for." Warren teased her a little.

<Fee> "You don't sleep in your own bed? You're missing out. So comfy," she murmured, not completely seeming to understand what he said, but her answer was rather amusing in and of itself. "I love it here. Safe. And cozy. And you're here. You're so .. Warren," she continued in drowsy murmur of words.

<@Warren> "Not me." He laughed a little. "A girl. Go to sleep Fee. I'll just study while you nap okay." Warren got up and grabbed his bag, going to his desk to study.

<Fee> Fee murmured some other things, though it was a challenge to know what she was saying. To tired to fully form the proper sounds with lips and tongue. Sounds of talk soon abandoned and replaced by the sounds of soft breathing. She fell into a deep sleep, a soundless and still sleep. Remaining curled cozy on her side, snug beneath blankets. She slept for a few hours that way, before she made her first noticeable stir. A straightening of her legs was accompanied with a low, sleepy coo of sound, legs then sharply curling up towards herself again as if in recoil. Her form tensing to spasm beneath the blankets, a cry of distress sounding from her lips, along with a whimper of scared panic. A nightmare taking hold, and spilling into sound and movement.

<@Warren> "Fee?" Warren looked over at her from his bed. "Fee you okay?" He got up and moved over to her, jostling her gently. "Hey wake up you're having a nightmare.”

<Fee> Fee seized with startled violence as he gently awoke her. Gasping for breath as if she'd been underwater as eyes shot open and darted around in panicked fear to focus. She moved to sit up quickly, but soon regretted it. Falling right back down to rest upon the pillows as her hands moved to briefly cover her face before sliding to rest both of her hands against her neck. "Warren. That was so real," she spoke in whispered breathlessness.

<@Warren> "Hey it's okay it was just a nightmare." He sat down next to her hugged her close to him. "Nothing can hurt you in there." Warren closed his wings around her and held her close.

<Fee> Fee pulled herself closer and further into his hug, as if she couldn't quite get close enough. A shaky breath causing her form to waver against him as he held her. "But it was so real," she whispered again, hiding her face briefly against his shoulder as she took a few more moments to gather herself, and the memory of what had brought her here came to her mind. "Warren. He was here. Did I tell you I saw him?" she struggled to remember what had been said, but there were holes in her memory. "He didn't see me, but I saw him. I swear.."

<@Warren> "I know but it wasn't you're okay." He gave her another squeeze. "You did, but I'm sure it was just your eyes playing tricks on you. You're safe here." Warren gave her a smile.

<Fee> Fee breathed with some relief, but what she'd seen still ate at her. She could still see his face, now more real, though she'd just seen him in her dreams. She sat like that in silence for a lingering moment, snuggled close to him before she'd finally slowly recoil to meet his gaze. "Thanks for letting me sleep here. I don't know how persistent I was," she began, lifting a hand to comb her hair back and away from her face. "I should probably go.. what time is it?" she'd ask, suddenly sweeping the room for a show of the time.

<@Warren> "Uhmm dunno. Phone's on the desk." Warren rubbed her back. "And anytime Fee. I'm here for you. That's what friends are for."

<Fee> "As much as I hate to go.." she began, teeth snagging to bite at her lip as she met his gaze. "If I haven't already missed that class I was thinking about sitting in on." Fee edged away from him, sliding over his sheets as she moved towards the edge of the bed to stand. As she swiped at her jeans, her phone tumbled from the back pocket and thudded to the floor. She bent over, pantied rear on display before she righted herself, her jeans moved to rest on the bed, her phone in her hand. "We never did exchange numbers, did we?" she asked, thumb smoothing over her smudged phone screen.

<@Warren> "Alright Fee. Do you want me to walk with you?" He got up and grabbed his phone off the desk before moving over to her again. He couldn't help but stare at her pretty butt on display for him, making him blush lightly.

<Fee> Fee stood up and gave her phone a light toss towards the bed before turning focus to putting her legs in her jeans one at a time and then jugging them up her thighs with a few bounces to help bring them snug in place. "The campus is safe, like you said. Maybe I was too tired?" asked as she zipped and buttoned her jeans in place and rearranged the bottom hem of her shirt. "But.. you can if you want," she softly added as she picked up her phone and slowly rounded the bed to meet him. Her attention then went to the softly glowing screen, making a new contact and adding his name before tapping to put cursor on the line ready to enter his number. "Ready.." she uttered, thumb hovering over number pad.

<@Warren> "I wouldn't mind. Gives me more time to stare at your butt." He smirked a little. "Alright." Warren had unlock his phone and go to where his contact card was to give her his phone number. He'd never memorized it.

<Fee> Fee chuckled and hovered to move closer to him, eyeing his screen, ready to enter in his number once it was produced. Numbers tapped in the order to form his number and then clicked to save. She then opened a text message and typed out a short message before clicking send. His phone lit up moments later with a message of you're blushing. Whether he actually was or not, or perhaps such message would stir it to become true. "There, now you have mine too."

<@Warren> The text made him blush more. "Am not." Warren poked her side to try and distract her from his blushing. "So I guess I do. Now you can call me whenever you need me."

<Fee> "Guess that ruins the excuse for me just showing up randomly at your place, eh?" Fee teased in return, giving him a poke of her own as she stepped over towards her backpack as it rested to the floor. She stooped to pick it up and swing to shoulder it and adjust it in place. "And I can make you blush from afar now, that's a bonus," added with a coy wink.

<@Warren> "You can show up randomly whenever you want. I won't complain." He bit his lip. "I don't know what you're talking about." Warren looked back at his stuff all spread out on his desk. "Do you want me to come with you?"

<Fee> Fee smiled at him, jostling her backpack upon her shoulders a bit. "Yeah I'll let you walk sleeping beauty back to her castle," poking fun at her own self. "Scare away all my nightmares, even if I do freak out over things. It was probably nothing," she now felt rather sheepish and second guessed herself.

<@Warren> Warren decided to say fuck it to studying and just left all his stuff. "Off we go I guess?" He moved to the door to open it for her and let her lead the way.

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