2/2 Instance: Cherry Red Angel

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2/2 Instance: Cherry Red Angel

Post by JackSkulls » Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:51 am

Timelined later in the day after Instance Angel got your Tongue

<Warren> Warren walked up to the building figuring it was some sort of restaurant. It confused him a little that the parking lot was empty. He wasn't super early for dinner so he figured there would at least be some people there. It only took him a moment to get in the door. Giving the place a confused stare he looked around a little until he noticed that there were lots of women moving around. The next thing he noticed, they were all in just underwear.

<Warren> His face lit up red. His mind racing, this has to be the wrong place. He pulled his phone out quickly checking the address. Warren was sure he was lost.

<Fee> Suddenly there was a busty brunette standing in front of him, along with a rather muscled man in a black T-shirt. The brunette flashed him quite the smile. "Hi!" she purred quite happily. "Could you show him your ID, hun?" she then asked as she edged slightly to one side. "I've never seen you here before, welcome to The Squire. I'm Vixen." As Vixen spoke to him, another girl gravitated over, this one pink haired and fair skinned. Fee wasn't in

<Fee> Fee wasn't in sight, at least for the moment.

<Warren> "I uhmm think I uhhh have the wrong place." Warren's face was getting redder by the second. He had to try hard to keep his wings from fluffing out. "I'll uhmm yeah get ... g...going." He tried not to look at the girls, planning to make a beeline to the door.

<Fee> Vixen mouthed something to the buff fellow clad in black and gave a roll of her shoulder before snapping her attention back upon Warren. By that time, the pink haired beauty had joined them. "Hello, welcome to The Squire. I'm Mindy.. is Vixen giving you a hard time?" the pink haired Mindy would purr in greeting as she lightly elbowed Vixen. "It's alright, man. You're 18 right?" the apparent bouncer then asked, his voice firm but not gruff. Both

<Fee> Both girls looked at Warren quite hopefully.

<Warren> "Uhmm y... yeah." Warren's voice cracked a little. "N....nineteen." He looked at the new girl getting a look at her scantily clad nature and instantly regretted it. His feathers ruffled up and his face got redder somehow. It took him a minute to find his driver's license and show the bouncer.

<Fee> The bouncer seemed pleased and moved back to his post next to the door. The girls presented Warren with quite the smiles.. and then there was a third smiling at him. "Hi, I'm Lani. Welcome to The Squire. Are these ladies making you feel welcome?" she'd ask as she smoothed her arms around either one of the girls already ogling at him in return.

<Fee> "Do you want to have a seat? Need anything? A water? I'll get you a water," Lani would then ask, but wouldn't stick around for an answer as she clicked off in sky high heels towards the backlit bar. Both Vixen and Mindy then attempted to gently usher him towards seating that was circled around a runway type stage, complete with shiny pole.

<Warren> Warren let them lead him to a seat. This was a bad idea, he was going to pass out from blushing. He was trying his best to keep from running but all the girls were easily manipulating him to do whatever they wanted. "I uhmm was look..." He blushed red when one of the girls butt's moved past his face. "I... wh..."

<Fee> Both Vixen and Mindy took up seats on either side of him, in their own respective rather comfy cushioned seats. "Your first time at The Squire?" Vixen asked rather warmly, "Well, you just relax and have fun, okay? There's lots of nice girls here, you picked a good place," Vixen went on to say, a bottle of water handed around his shoulder, soon received by Mindy and offered to him. "You're not the only new one here tonight, you'll be just fine," Mindy added, in some attempt of comfort. A few other patrons began to float in and take up seats here and there. One of the men walked on over to the adjacent bar where a wavy haired blonde stood. She had her back to them, clad in a black bikini bra, bikini style bottoms that hugged at the curve of her rear, black legwarmers that reached up past her knees, and sky high clear heels that peeked out from beneath her leg warmers. She had a derriere he might recognise.

<Warren> Warren was too focused on the other girls that were attempting to entertain him "I uhh... didn't mean to come here..." He was red and fidgeting, his wings still puffed up a little. "I was uhmm looking for my friend. I must have heard her wrong..."

<Fee> Vixen and Mindy were vastly interested in him, their focus upon him and him alone. "Oh, who is your friend? Meeting someone here?" Vixen would coax in question, her hand gesturing towards the bottle of water he'd been handed. "Take a few sips, hun." Mindy added a "Maybe it's someone we know.. a guest.. a girl?" in addition to Vixen's question. The music of the place pumped through the speakers, a mix of music befitting the scene, with thick deep bass lines. The DJ saying some welcome of a girl to the stage.. Lani appearing to the stage set in front of where Warren and company were seated around. Mindy gave a bit of a hoot towards the stage, Vixen kept her warm attention upon Warren.

<Warren> Warren gulped a little but took the water. "Uhmm I'm not uhh sure? I think I have the wrong place. I mean maybe?" He was squirming a little under all the attention from the scantily clad girls. "Fee... uhmm Felicia."

<Fee> Vixen listened intently, flashing him a smile at the mention of name, her hand moving to brush against and give his arm a reassuring pat. "Ah, yeah. Kat. The new girl. You're in the right place," Vixen said, making a short gesture over towards the bar. "She's up next," she'd add. "You her boyfriend?" Vixen couldn't help but ask, followed by deep smile.

<Warren> "N..no?" He gulped. This was really not the place for him. "She uhmm told me she worked here... I was uhmm gonna surprise her." Warren bit his lip.

<Fee> Vixen chuckled and eyed over towards the bar before returning her attention to him. "Not her boyfriend? Aww too bad. She's a cute one," Vixen said, followed by a wink before she settled back into her seat, crossing her legs as she viewed Lani doing her thing on stage. Mindy slipped away from his other side and approached another patron who took a seat around the stage a few chairs down. The music changed, one song ending, followed by a DJ announcement calling 'Kat' to the stage, another strong bass beat gearing up through the speakers. Fee left her place at the bar, and began to approach the stage, followed by the man she'd been talking with. Her focus remained low, picking her way around the seating, and up the few steps that led to the elevated stage. She gave a stretch of her arms over her head as slow steps drew her closer to the pole, her slender fingers closing around the cool metal as her slender fingers closing around the cool metal as she began to dance.

<Warren> "S...so uhmm strip club hmm." Warren was trying to reign in his blush. "Uhmm... y... yeah she's really cute."

<Fee> A seductive beat thumped through the speakers, Fee kept her gaze upon the stage in focus. Her movements were slow as she slowly paced around the pole that shone silver, but as the music continued she seemed to loosen up, slow breaths taken into her lungs as she let go and fell more into her zone. Fee's hand squeezed tighter as heels left the floor and legs curled around the pole. A "There she goes," purred in approval from Vixen as she sat next Fee even cracked a smile to herself as she shifted into a pose and leaned gracefully back, slowly spinning as she did. She seemed to slip into more comfort, switching her positioning with flexible ease, legs moving to split as she used her momentum to swing herself upside-down. "She's pretty good for a newbie, eh?" Vixen coxed of Warren. A "There she goes," purred in approval from Vixen as she sat next to Warren.

<Warren> "Y...yeah. I uhh wouldn't know really. Uhmm first time too." He bit his lip. His attention shifting from Fee to the girl next to him. All of the scantily clad women in so close proximity having its desired effect on him.

<Fee> Vixen smiled at him in return, leaning to rest an elbow to the armrest of her chair. "You should ask her for a dance after this.. I'll hook you up," Vixen spoke with a wink. Fee's heeled feet made contact with the stage once more, her gaze lifting finally to the seating area around the stage, gaze sweeping right on past the winged Warren.. before snapping right back again. Her lips parted in surprise, her cheeks flushing with more color as her movements slowed noticeably for a few beats before she'd regain her thought. Her heart fluttered within her chest, as she chose that sinking to her knees would be a good idea. Continuing her bit of seductive slide and swinging of legs, but now against the surface of the stage.

<Warren> "That's uhmm okay I don't want to uhmm bother her while she's working." Warren took a long drink of his water, his attention still moving between the two. It did however linger longer on Fee.

<Fee> Vixen grinned between the two of them before the end of her focus would land upon Warren. "Don't be silly, her job is the same as the rest of us.. to make sure you enjoy yourself, and come back and see us," Vixen would speak to him, followed by another wink. To Fee, her song seemed to last extra long. She took a long breath in order to further center her thoughts, and despite her nervousness, she still moved with seductive grace. The song finally coming to an end, she released a puff of air to cast her blonde hair from her face before gathering up any thrown tips and moving to step from the stage. Vixen swiftly beckoned her over, and Fee slowly strolled her way over until she was standing before Warren's seat. Her hand raking back through her hair as she tucked neatly folded bills in the top of her leg warmers. "Uh.. hi, Warren," she spoke with sheepish flash of smile.

<Warren> Warren's blush was right back to as strong as it was before. His feathers puffed out just a little before he responded. "H...hey Uhmm Kat?" He remembered that's what the other girl had called Fee. "Thought I'd surprise you."

<Fee> Fee's teeth snagged upon her lip as she watched him, drinking in him all.. from the puff of wings to rose red blush upon his features. "Yeah, you.. wo.." Fee began, but her words escaped her. Vixen took the opportunity to scoot to sit on the edge of her seat and take a folded bill from her own thigh and tuck it into Fee's legwarmer. "This fellow just won some time with you," Vixen would inform Fee, shooting her a smile and giving a pat to the back of Fee's thigh before she stood. "Now scoot," Vixen shooed of them both, giving a flick of her wrist before she walked away. Fee watched her go, her thumb tucking into her legwarmers where the bill had been tucked, and snuck a quick peek before looking to Warren. "Come with me?" asked as she held her hand out.

<Warren> Warren got up and took her hand hesitantly. As they got a little away from the other girls he whispered. "Coulda mentioned you work at a strip club." He bit his lip still letting her lead him to god knows where.

<Fee> Fee's fingers gave a squeeze of his own as she lead him off to a little alcove in the seating area.. tucked a little away from the rest. "You didn't ask where I worked," she hissed to him in return whisper, turning him around and guiding him backwards to take a seat on a long couch placed against a wall. Once he was seated she'd move to straddle his lap, knees pressed to the couch on either side of his legs. "Surprise?" purred in soft teasing, palms pressing to the wall on either side of his head as she sent her black bikini clad form into a slow body roll.

<Warren> "You're lucky we're in public." Warren almost growled at her, a little smirk on his lips. "Am I allowed to touch?" He hovered his hands over her legs. He was still a little worried about all the rules in these places and also the fact that they were in public, kind of.

<Fee> Fee grinned quite widely at his growl of threat. "Am I?" she purred in retort. "See.. there is that bold Warren I've seen hints of," she'd continue to tease as her hands slipped to circle around his wrists and move to tuck his hands to rest against the seat beneath his thighs. "You're on my turf now, winged stud. What was that you teased me with earlier.. if I could make you cream your jeans or not? Challenge accepted," she purred in close whisper to his ear. Her teeth feigned to bite, clicking together in the air next to his ear as she moved her body in slow, suggestive ghost of grind against him.

<Warren> Warren groaned a little. "Please don't." His heart was in his throat almost instantly. "Ugh I wish you would have told me strip club. I'm so not good with this kind of thing outside my bedroom." He gulped a little as she teased him. The feeling of her starting to grind against him already bringing him to attention.

<Fee> Fee couldn't help but grin as he spoke. "I can't hear you over the thump of the bass," she'd tease him playfully, continuing in her slow grind of lapdance. "So you saying now that you know I can do this.. you'll be asking for a private show? Less Squire.. and more.. your dorm?" she'd ask rather close to his ear. "Besides.. I would have missed out on seeing you in this place. A reminder that you aren't always bold and daring as you pretend to be

<Warren> "Or maybe I'll just avoid you for torturing me like this?" He shuddered at her attentions. It took all of his effort to keep himself from folding his wings around them.

<Fee> Fee chuckled near to his ear, her nose grazing along the side of his jaw in teasing. She noted the shudder of his wings as they twitched behind him, her bikini clad crotch making dragging, grinding contact with his lap. "Does this mean you'll punish me later? Promise?" she teased with sultry smirk, she didn't seem to be able to keep that smile away. "You have so much more to learn about me, Warren. The question is.. do you want to.. or will you even get the chance?" her voice smooth and sultry sweet as she purred such words close to his ear.

<Warren> "Do you want me to?" He bit his lip, squirming a little at all of her teasing. "And I guess that's up to you isn't it?"

<Fee> Fee slowed her teasing grind of lap dance to still in pause. Her face shifting to hover before his own, green eyes drinking in his expression from such close distance, like reading a book. "I'm not sure.. still figuring that out," she'd answer in purr of genuine honesty. "We've got quite a bit of learning.. and I've greatly enjoyed it so far. You might even say I've learned quite a bit already. All the shades of rose you can flush, the way your skin feels against mine, what things I can do to make you twitch.." Her words were spoken hot against the side of his neck, lips threatening to meet his skin but didn't touch, teasing him with hot breath alone. Her breasts, however, brushed to drag up his chest as she pressed upon him.

<Warren> Warren's breathing became a little ragged as she teased him more. Having to resist doing anything to her was killing him. He wanted to throw her down on the couch and tear what little she was wearing off of her. "You really love to tease me don't you?"

<Fee> Fee chuckled with dark mischievousness, the rolling of her hips painfully slow in grinding tease. "Love is such a strong word," she'd purr in sultry amusement. Again her hips became still to simply rest her thighs against his own as she sat in his lap. Her hands again moved to press to the high back of the couch on either side of his head. "All the better to tease you with, my dear.."

<Warren> Warren let out a little groan, he wanted more, so much more. "You're really getting a kick out of this aren't you?" He let out a slightly exasperated sigh. "Making me want you this much and not being able to have you?"

<Fee> Fee bit her lip as she met his gaze, though such bite was unsuccessful in hiding the sultry smirk that soon curved to her lips. “Maybe..” she purred in teased answer. Her face then moved so that her lips were able to whisper into his ear. “You see.. unlike these other ladies here, I’ve seen the peak of the aggressive male you can be. And that I find quite fascinating. I do wonder just how much teasing you can take..”

<Warren> "You're going to drive me absolutely insane in here aren't you?" He swallowed hard, his mouth starting to feel dry. "Maybe if you tease me too much I'll see if one of them want a peek."

<Fee> Fee’s fingers slid up the back of the couch to grip upon the high edge, brushing against his wings as she did so. She used such grip to hold herself aloft as one knee left its place on the outside of his knee to rub in tease against the inside of his thigh. Her breasts were positioned nearer to his face as she moved her knee in slow tease. “Am I being to mean? I could stop..” her knee abruptly pausing to instead press to the seat of the couch between his thighs.

<Warren> "I...uhmm." Warren stuttered and stammered trying to wrestle control away from his shy side. "No?" He finally sighed out as a question.

<Fee> Fee couldn’t help but chuckle. “You sound so unsure..” she purred in tease as her knee moved once again against the inside of his thigh before becoming still once more. “You are a curious one, Warren. So shy, yet so bold. Two sides of a very interesting puzzle. But I guess the same could be said of me too, hmm?” she asked. Her legs then shifted, moving to sit herself across his lap, rather than straddle, her legs stretched out upon the couch. “So what do you say, Warren. Do you want the dance Vix paid for you or not? Or do you want me to let you escape.. now that you know where I work.”

<Warren> "It would uhmm be rude to waste her money." Warren bit his lip. "Unless you plan to give her a dance. That I wouldn't mind seeing." He gave her a little smirk, his own dominant side taking over a little.

<Fee> Fee smirked and slowly turned within his lap until her back was to him, her hands parting his knees so that she could sit between. “One wish at a time there, strip club virgin,” she purred in taunt of tease, her hands slid to rub at his knees as she pressed her rear tighter against his jeaned crotch. She leaned her head back to rest against one of his shoulders, setting an arch to her back to further push her chest out as her own hands trailed slowly down her own curves. “I mean to take you up on that challenge. Just how much can I push you..”

<Warren> "That just is not fair." Warren almost moaned into her ear. His eyes watching her hands moving across her body. The outfit she was wearing and all of the previous attention already had his pants feeling extremely tight.

<Fee> Fee pressed her heeled feet tighter against the floor, causing her rear to lift a bit from the seat of the couch. Her head and neck giving a bit more pressure against his shoulder, her hands free to roam and tease up and down her own skin. “How is that not fair?” her voice took on a seductive purr. “This is what you want, isn’t it?” Her hips moved to slowly grind in a circle, the curve of her rear brushing to drag against his jeaned lap as she moved.

<Warren> "Cuz I just want to touch you." Warren groaned softly. "I want more and you know it."

<Fee> Fee continued the teasing circular dancing grind of her hips against his lap, as a slight chuckle slipped from her throat. Her fingers then traced down her own cleavage and moved to grasp the triangles of her bikini top and slowly pull them outward, revealing her breasts to him as the dark fabric was pulled away. “So does this mean I’m in trouble with you later?” she purred before biting her lip.

<Warren> Warren swallowed hard again, his eyes locked on her breasts as they were finally revealed. "If you come to my room you're in a lot of trouble." He gripped the couch hard. He could barely resist touching her.

<Fee> “So are you asking me to come over after work? Is that what you desire.. Warren?” Her rear met his lap again as she leaned forward and then stood up. She then slowly turned to face him before sinking to a graceful crouch as her hands moved to his knees, and then slowly slid up his thighs as she made eye contact. Her breasts still bared for him, nipples hardened against the club air.

<Warren> Warren bit his lip. "I want a lot right now." He looked into her eyes for a moment before drinking in her whole body again. "God you're good at this."

<Fee> Fee smiled at him, her teeth then catching to bite upon her lower lip as she gave him quite the come hither gaze. Her hands slid from his thighs to rest palms to the seat of the couch as she rose and shifted forward, bringing her face all the more closer to his own. “You didn’t answer my question. Do you.. or don’t you?” using a bit of his own line he’d used on her not long ago.

<Warren> "Maybe..." Warren smirked a little leaned in to kiss her before he stopped himself. "Maybe I want more than that." He bit his own lip.

<Fee> Fee mock bit the air after he stopped himself, a grin soon to find and hold a place upon her lips. “Your tongue says maybe, but the rest of you says something a bit more.. solid,” her gaze dropping down his chest to his jeaned lap before taking her time in lifting to meet his gaze once more. “So I’ll give you one more chance.. where do you want me to be at the end of the night?”

<Warren> "You know the answer to that already." He looked away nervously when she started to look him over.

<Fee> Fee couldn't help but grin at him, leaning forward to brush her nose against his cheek before pulling back so that she could catch his gaze. "So you going to stay here until my shift is over.. or go back to your place and meditate.. or pray.. that your nerves fade enough for you to act on those ideas flooding through your head, making you blush," whether or not he was actually blushing, she grinned at him all the while.

<Warren> Warren rolled his eyes a little a smirk growing on his lips. "I don't think I could afford to keep you here all night. And you might regret that comment later." He bit his lip looking back at her.

<Fee> Fee lifted a brow at his last comment, a coy smirk curved to her lips. "Is that so? I can only hope.." spoken to him before she eased to stand. "Well I guess it's back to work for me then, a shorter shift. Easing into my first night here. And I do admit, the highlight of my night was to see a blushing you the first time I set foot on stage. Three more hours and I'll be out of here. Any idea where I should go after?" she asked as she readjusted her top to recover her breasts. Grinning to smirk at him as she bent forward to readjust at the top of her leg warmers, and then give a perhaps not so accidental stretch forward to showcase her long legs and flexibility.

<Warren> "It better be my room. Maybe bring your friend, I don't think you'll be able to handle me alone." Warren blushed more at the comment about him blushing. "I think I'll avoid surprising you at work though..." He chewed his lip a little.

<Fee> Fee smiled as his words became braver, and a little less shy. "I'll take my chances. You could revert right back to shuddering wings and blushing features. We'll see.." she spoke in tease as she turned and began to stroll away from him, but she paused at the open archway of the alcove to look back at him. "I don't know.. where else can you see me walk away from you, dressed like this?" she purred in tease before moving a hand to slap her own rear in playful fashion. "Come and see me anytime here, Blushing Angel," she spoke before she'd step to depart, sultry smirk and all.

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