2/2 Instance: Angel got your tongue

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2/2 Instance: Angel got your tongue

Post by JackSkulls » Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:36 am

Timelined The night after Instance Talk for Two

<Fee> Fee walked with purpose towards the male dorms, walking inside like she owned the place, on a mission. She picked the stairs, she always picked the stairs, and made her way up to the top floor. When she got to the top and scanned the hallway, one door stuck out to her immediately. And it was that door she made her way towards. Knuckles would meet the door with a few sharp knocks before she'd wait. Eyeing the hallway and any passing guys.

<Warren> Warren was out cold, he had a healing factor but even it had it's limits when it came to Cassie. She'd managed to tire him out so much he didn't even get up to go to class that morning. The only major problem was she'd left him, tied to the bed, with nothing but the sheets under him and he had left his door unlocked. It was going to be an interesting day for him if he woke up before it was over.

<Fee> Fee's hand moved to the door handle and found that it turned in her palm. Giving a pass of glance up and down the hall before slipping inside and locking the door behind her in habit. "Warren?" spoken softly as she slipped her shoes off by the front door and stepped further inside upon bare feet that made not a sound.

<Warren> Warren groaned a little, he was too tired for more sex. He just wanted to sleep more. He did however attempt to move making the bed creak when he pulled at the bindings.

<Fee> Fee's attention snapped towards the direction such a creak seemed to come from. Freezing in place for a moment as her eyes drank in the dimly lit scene before her.. Warren in his tied up glory. "What. The. Fuck," uttered in breath of whisper as she looked at him with wide eyed surprise.

<Warren> Warren slowly started to wake up still not realizing what was going on. "Huh? Uuugh I'm too tired to get up. Someone turn off the sun." He groaned out then realized he was tied up. The bed creaked again in protest as he tried to get himself undone without the bed breaking.

<Fee> Fee eased to step backwards, but backed her rear right up against the dresser, it giving a clunk in response. "Well I'd figured you'd kept busy as I have.. but clearly you've been a little more 'tied up' than I have, hm?" asked aloud as she then diverted her eyes to look towards the window across the room, fingers curving to hold onto the dresser behind her.

<Warren> "Huh..." Warren finally realized who was in his room. "Oh uhmm... shit. Fuck!" He realized he was naked in bed and tied to it. With a hard pull on one of the cloth ropes he broke the part of his bed it was attached to so that he could untie himself and cover his lower portion with his sheet. "H...hi there."

<Fee> Fee kept her gaze upon the far window, though a smirk curve to her lips, biting at her bottom lip in attempt to hide it, as well as the soft chuckle that slipped out. Fingers curving to grip tighter onto the edge of the low dresser she leaned up against. "You know.. I have -completely- forgotten why I came up here in the first place. Oh yeah.. I started classes, got a job.." spoken as her gaze slowly moved back to land upon him. "Should I leave?"

<Warren> "Uhmm sorry I uhmm didn't." He blushed red remembering the fact that she had just caught him naked and tied to his own bed. "It's uhhh okay." Warren got up and looked around to see if his clothes were anywhere to be seen but they were already put away. "You uhmm didn't see anything... Right?" He ran a hand through his hair still holding the sheet. "I can uhmm just get around you and get my clothes." He moved closer to her but still kept his distance.

<Fee> Fee's gaze was everywhere, looking to him and then flicking around the room as he stood and moving closer to her. "Sure.." spoken in vague answer, whether to her sight of anything, or her moving out of his way. Slow to push off of the dresser she leaned against and twisted slow to spin and turn away from him. She took a few steps towards the door, hand lifting to comb back through and entangle her fingers in her hair, her back still towards him.

<Warren> Warren grabbed some boxers and pants from his dresser and turned to start towards his bathroom. "Uhmm I'll be right back, gonna get dressed." His face was still red and it wasn't going to go away for a while.

<Fee> Fee smoothed her hands down over her face before stealing a glance back over her shoulder as he stepped away. Letting go a quick blow of exhale as she turned, hand raking again through her hair as she stepped towards the bed, but quickly diverted back towards the low dresser. Again taking up a place leaning her curve of her rear back against it, hands again gripping upon the edge. "I'll be here," she felt the need to murmur, dropping her gaze to bare feet.

<Warren> Warren washed up a little before getting dressed quickly. "I'm uhmm sorry you walked in on that..." He splashed some water in his face before heading out to talk to her directly. "So... uhmm what brings you to my humble abode?"

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile towards the floor, accompanied with a soft shake of her head as she swept her gaze upwards to him as he returned. "I actually came here to brag that I got a job. You're still the only one I really know around here.. so.. wanted to share the news," she'd rattle on. "I would ask you what you've been up to.. but.." her words fading off as her attention slid at the bed.

<Warren> "That's awesome." Warren smiled until she brought up the previous moment. "Uhmm... y...yeah. That was uhmm just a little fun." And his face was beet red again.

<Fee> Fee's attention slid back to land upon him, white teeth snagging briefly upon her lower lip before she diverted her gaze to her toes as they shifted to stretch and scrunch at the floor. "-That- was 'a little' fun?" a hint of skepticism in her soft tone. A short clearing of her throat before she continued. "Yeah.. a job. It's.. a job. Which is nice. Being that it is a job.. that I have.. now," rattled off, as if knowing not what else to say.

<Warren> "Uhmm yeah... It wasn't really my idea." He looked around the room for something to focus his attention on. "That's cool. What're you doing?"

<Fee> Fee's gaze snapped to land on him again. "What?" uttered distractedly, as if she'd caught her off guard. Hand moving to smooth and touch to her own throat, before trailing fingers on down the soft skin of her chest towards the valley of her cleavage in an idle manner. "It wasn't your idea.. to be naked in your own bed.. all spread out for the taking?" Avoiding his own question for now

<Warren> "Uhmm no was hers." He bit his lip. "It was pretty fun when it happened. Waking up still attached to the bed I could have done without." He laughed a little.

<Fee> "I'm sure it was.." cooed in soft retort. A soft shake of her head given, followed by a roll of green eyes as she looked away. "So.." Fee seemed not know what to say, shifting upon her feet as if itching to move, yet she moved not an inch. Internal debate on if she should go or stay.

<Warren> "Sorry I'll uhmm shut up now. It's uhmm good to see you." He smiled and walked around his room tidying up because he didn't know what else to do.

<Fee> "Um.. so yeah. I got a job. I work.. later," she began, though it seemed there was more unsaid. "I mean, I thought you'd like to know that.." she started and then stopped again. "It's.." and she was epic failing before derailing. "Do you know what. Your business is your business. You can do what you want.. who you want.. with ropes and shit. And.. uuuuh yeah," turning towards the door to hide a cringe at her own rambling.

<Warren> Warren went over to her and put his arm on her shoulder gently. "Hey you okay Fee?" Now he felt bad, she was either jealous or upset, either way he'd hurt her.

<Fee> Fee's shoulder shifted a bit under his arm. "That was not.. I didn't see that co.. pictured that going.. this.." nose wrinkling with self cringe before she forced herself to meet his eyes. "But I'm not without my own.. little things. Though it doesn't exactly involve ropes.."
<Warren> Warren pulled his hand back not wanting to hurt her more. "Sorry I bet it was uhh bit of a surprise." He gave her a warm smile. "Bet you saw more than you wanted too huh?" He tried to lighten the mood with a weak joke.

<Fee> Fee quirked a brow, studying him for a moment with focused stare. "I saw plenty," murmured in remark. She then passed and eye roll and pushed a hand in playful manner at his side, as if to playfully shove him away. "Can't hide anything from me now, Mr Fifty Shades," teased of him, her demeanor seeming to loosen up. "Fuck. Dude.. geez," scoffed with another roll of eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest.

<Warren> Warren blushed bright red again. "You never know what you like till you try it." He stuck his tongue out at her trying to hide his embarrassment.

<Fee> Fee smirked at him, her cool facade cracking to something more warm. "Next time I see you butt ass naked, I better be the target of affection.. -if- you ever get that lucky. Big ole if," teased as she swatted a backhanded swat at the air at him, before pointing a finger and backing slowly towards the door. "Well I should head out.. go grind on a stranger. Don't get all tied up again, I won't be around," teased.

<Warren> "You don't have to leave Fee." Warren moved back over to her. "I uhmm already missed my class for the day so I don't have anything to do."

<Fee> Fee kept up her slow backwards steps towards the door, even as he closed in the distance
with steps of his own. "Haven't been entertained enough already today?" purred in a mild stinging burn of tease as she quirked a brow. "Give me a reason why I shouldn't.." offered in smooth challenge, hand slipping backwards for the doorknob as she drew closer with each step to the door.

<Warren> "I'm not enough for you?" Warren got even closer to her, still blushing but a smirk was growing on his lips.

<Fee> Fee's back finally met the door, steps ceasing as she instead straightened her posture against the cool surface. "No, you're not enough," spoken as her eyes locked on his own. "Can't even tell me why I shouldn't leave.." purred in tease, her heart picking up the closer he got. "Like I'm supposed to stay here and what.. entertain you.. because you don't have class?" again a sting to her teasing words.

<Warren> "Well you're my friend so I like spending time with you." He closed in on her finally invading her personal space. "And I could probably entertain you since you're in my home... uhmm room."

<Fee> Fee leaned her head back to gently rest and press against the door she rested her back against. She inclined her head, gazing at him from close distance. "Try me," cooed in hiss of whisper, her gaze unmoving from his own.

<Warren> Warren placed his hands on either of head against the door to hold himself up as he leaned in close to her. "You sure? I don't want to scare you off with my wicked ways." He was still a little embarrassed but her challenging him helped him to forget that.

<Fee> Fee kept up the pressure of her back against the door as he hovered closer. "Wicked?" echoed in question, her breathing slightly elevated in rate. "How wicked are you, Warren? What are you going to do, now that I'm a captive audience, backed up against your door.."

<Warren> "I'd say anything I want but I'm not mean." He gave her a little smirk and leaned in until he was just barely a breath away from the skin of her neck. Warren slowly ghosted his lips up her neck until he reached her ear, "what do you want me to do?" He whispered into her ear, finishing the question with a kiss to it.

<Fee> Fee's complexion reddened with blush, her heart working overtime to fuel such a rosen hue that crept up her neck to her face. Eyelashes fluttering to meet as she closed her eyes, a wavered breath leaving her lips to the kiss to her warm skin. "Show me," breathed in response, eyes opening to look upon him from such close distance. "I want you to show me."

<Warren> "Gladly." Warren started to kiss across her neck slowly and softly, focusing on her jugular. It was his new favorite spot since she had instructed him to find her pulse there. One of his hands in the meantime moved to the other side of her neck and up into her hair.

<Fee> Fee leaned her weight against the door for support as a tingling sort of lightheadedness washed over her. Her head tipping to the side and away from him, slender throat more exposed to his wandering lips. Her hands fumbled forward, making smoothing contact with his waist and around to his back. Curving fingers to scratch her nails across his skin.

<Warren> Warren let out a soft sigh when he felt her nails glide across his skin. "Mmm like that hmm? How about this?" His kissing started to get a little rougher, a few gentle nips peppering her neck as he looked for more of her sweet spots.

<Fee> Fee lifted one of her feet, bending at the knee to gently thump the heel of her foot against the door behind her. "Check mate," purred as her hands continued to roam up and down his sides, the slow smoothing of palms followed by the slow gentle rake of her nails. Her leg shifting, flat of foot pressed against the door as the outside of her jeaned knee brushed against the inside of his leg, starting at the inside of his knee and sliding a few teasing inches up

<Warren> "You're hiding a naughty girl in there aren't you?" He leaned back enough so she could see his smirk before leaning in to begin a long passionate kiss. Warren's hand slowly moved down her body until it reached her waist and stopped momentarily.

<Fee> Fee immediately smirked at his verbal tease. "You mean to find.." she began to say, before words were halted by the press of kiss. A low tone of moan or sigh sounding from her throat against such a kiss, her tongue shifting forward as if to seek out his own. Her teasing knee sliding another few inches up his inner thigh before again coming to pause.

<Warren> Warren parted his lips when he felt her tongue brush against them. They were going much further than they'd gone before and he was getting lost in the action. He'd only planned on teasing her and making her blush for him. But he had no even remote thoughts of stopping now.

<Fee> Fee slid her knee back down the inside of his thigh to his knee, and then dropped and looped it out and around to hook on the outside of his leg. Her tongue now swirling to taste and dance with his own tongue in this deepening kiss.

<Warren> By the time her leg wrapped around his, Warren's hand was firmly on her ass, squeezing it as they kissed. His tongue wrestling hers for control of the situation, his other hand making it's way down her other side to join the one on her other butt cheek.

<Fee> One of her hands slid upward to squeeze between them to rest against his chest. As she shifted her balance upon her one barefoot planted to the floor, she perhaps caused the door behind her to shift and clunk with the varied pressure upon it. Though his hands planted on her jeaned rear kept her balanced, as well as in place. Her pulse was racing, as was her mind. Clouded with heated desire as she kissed him back, yet her hand increased pressure upon his chest

<Warren> Warren groaned a little at her pushing him away not wanting to break off from the kiss. His hands gently kneaded at her butt while he slowed the kiss eventually breaking from it. "S...sorry, got carried away."

<Fee> Fee's breath was that of a soft pant when they finally came up for air. She was wordless for a moment, her green eyes looking at him wide eyed as she attempted to gather her thoughts. "Me.. too.." spoken in soft answer, though they were the only ones in his room. Muffled voices sounding from the hallway on the other side of the door. A squeeze of her leg being given around the back of his thigh, bringing at least his hips to press tighter against her. "Wicked

<Warren> "Told you." He teased her a little, his hands still gently caressing her butt.

<Fee> Fee accepted the gentle groping of her jeaned rear, casually leaning against the door as they stood still somewhat entangled. Her leg still looped up and around him, sliding to hook around him nearer to his lower hip. "Oh I don't know.. you're not so bad.. even when you're not tied up," purred in tease, giving a squeeze of her leg around him. "So who has who trapped.. hmm?" upper arms at her sides as her palms again roamed up and down his sides.

<Warren> "Pretty sure it's you." He grinned a little and leaned down to kiss her neck a few times to prove his point. "Maybe I should tie you down hmm?" Warren teased her.

<Fee> Fee smiled at his lips pressed against her neck, again the flow of blush creeping up her pale throat. "Tie me down?" echoed in purred mock of surprise, fingers giving a pinch at his side. "Isn't that my job.. to leave you bound for the next female who comes after me?" again teasing him on the bound situation. "Isn't that what I walked into?"

<Warren> Warren jumped a little at the pinch, pressing himself against her, giving her a good feel of the situation he was in. "No you just got lucky." He gave her a little grin before giving her a soft kiss to the lips.

<Fee> Fee bit lightly at her lip as he pressed against her, lips then stolen in kiss only to then nip a playful bite at his lower lip afterward. Teeth catching and giving a brief tug before releasing, a mischievously sultry smirk quick to meet her lips."Lucky.. is that what I am? Lucky to have Warren all to myself. Perhaps I should thank who left you tied up for me, like a present. Who has who again, Warren?" her words purred so close to his lips that they almost brushed to touch.

<Warren> "Who was what?" Warren was distracted again. He wanted to  tear her clothes off and start kissing her all over but for now he had to resist. She'd made him slow down and he wasn't going to push her into anything she didn't want. He pressed his lips to hers again, not being able to resist at least kissing her lips more.

<Fee> Fee tried so desperately to keep up her bravery, but she was slipping. Her fingers tensing to squeeze her grip upon his sides, before palms would smooth towards his back. Rate of breath elevated, as was the thumping of her heart. "Warren," breathed at a pause between kisses, before her lips dove right back to make gentle demands of her own.

<Warren> "Yeah?" He pulled back to let them both catch their breath.

<Fee> Fee cracked a deep smile and turned her head to the side as she parted a hand from her grip upon him to instead sweep her hair back away from her face. Turning her attention to the nearby wall for a moment before turning her attention back to him once more. "You are.." began, but none seemed to fit. "You are like the best and worst thing, all at the same time. I'm so torn," she'd admit to him, such emoting in striking green eyes.

<Warren> "Dunno if I should take that as a compliment or an insult." Warren moved his hands from her butt back to her waist still holding her close.

<Fee> Fee let forth a soft sigh of breath, looking a little bit more self frustrated than before. Her hands moving to roam in tender caress up and down his bare sides again, her fingers taking time to trace over the swell of muscles, as if memorizing him. "Both," followed by short breath of laugh before biting her lip and looking at him. "Either way, I feel like we're swirling towards the same point. Now..and before."

<Warren> "Does that point involve my bed and less clothes?" Warren moved his hands back to her butt after the sigh, assuming she wanted him to do just that. "Or the door, or my shower. Maybe my desk." He wanted her badly and his mind was wandering through all the possible scenarios.

<Fee> Fee's skin flushed quite rosen at his straight forward comment, hips moving to push against him once more as her own fingers scratched at his waist. A wavering breath pulled into her lungs, a smile teasing to show itself. "Yes.." spoken soft before she'd boldly speak her own mind. "The part where we fuck like its our last day on earth.. and then see what happens from there.." her gaze locking onto his own as she awaited his response.

<Warren> "You sure you can keep up?" Warren grinned before he moved to start kissing at her neck again. His hands squeezing and rubbing her but gently.

<Fee> Fee rolled her head slowly away from him, exposing a further stretch of throat for his wandering lips. Breath released carrying a soft, low tone along with it. Her skin meeting his lips with a flash of goosebumps. "Can you?" purred soft as the tips of her fingers smoothed and sank beneath the waist of his pants on either side, touching further skin that her hands had yet to wander

<Warren> "I have a healing factor Fee. I can and have gone for days." He grinned against her skin as he continued to kiss and nip at her neck. Warren shuddered a little when he felt her fingers slip into his pants.

<Fee> Fee's hands slid along the waist of his pants towards the front, turning to shift from fingertips to the backs of fingers that slid against his skin. "So you saying I might miss some classes to?" purred in soft tease as she gave a tug of his pants to cause his hips to collide with her own. "Would you keep me here for days.. Warren?" she knew not how serious he was, but perhaps she was close to finding out.

<Warren> "You might make my other friends jealous." Warren gave her butt a little spank. "And I could if you want. I have a mini-fridge full of treats just in case." He smirked and gave her a few kisses on the lips.

<Fee> Fee jostled up against him at the slap of hand to her rear, garnering a rather sultry smirk from her. She kissed him back quite heatedly, hands moving upwards such that when kiss was parted, she might slip a single finger over his lips. "You got a line of folks outside this door, do you? Well they're just going to have to wait.." leg that had been curled around him moving to push foot against door in attempt to push them from it.

<Warren> "Do you really want to know?" Warren gave her his own smirk. He moved back with her from the door, his wings folding around her so she couldn't get away. "Where do you think you're going?"

<Fee> Fee was ushered to move along with him by the push of wings, though her fingers were already snagged in the waist of his pants. "Yes," she'd respond, rocking upward upon her toes such that she might gaze at him evenly. "I'd like to know what I'm getting into.. just who I might be shortly entangled with. What the line looks like behind me.. is there a line?"

<Warren> "Her name's Cassie, it's just her and when I told her about you she seemed to want you to join." He grinned and gave her lip a little nip. "Actually she outright asked me why I didn't bring you too." He cautiously moved his hands up her back gently.

<Fee> Fee quirked a brow as she listened. "You mean join.. in tying you up? I don't need her for that.." words followed quickly by an amused smirk, both to her words and to his nipping tease. "So this Cassie was the one to leave you tied up all for me. Hmm.. Interested in me, is she? So been talking about me.. what did you say?" now curious, her hands toying with the waist of his pants.

<Warren> Warren laughed a little. "You might need her help." Warren managed to get just one arm under her and lift her up with a big grin. "I am pretty strong." He kissed across her upper chest even though she was still clothed. "Not too much. Just let her know about you. And I'm sure we'd all have plenty of fun if we did."

<Fee> Fee's throat released a soft sound of surprise as her bare feet left the floor. Hands flying to grip upon his upper arms as if for balance. "I can see that.." purred in remark as he held her aloft, attempting to shift her legs to curve to hold around him as he held her. One hand smoothing across the top of his head as she spoke. "So does that mean you want to wait until I meet this Cassie.. I could go.." A teasing smile playing at her lips, giving a little shift in his hold, though she couldn't much move apart from him.

<Warren> "Do you really think I want to wait?" Warren carried her over to his bed, still kissing across her chest, venturing even lower ever so often.

<Fee> Fee's legs squeezed around him, feeling him shift against her as he stepped and moved them. "Going to learn more about me without her? Keep me to yourself for a day.. or night.." her voice wavering enough to give away her nerves. So flooded was she with emotion, tipping her head back as he kissed along her chest.

<Warren> Warren carefully dropped her down onto his soft bed grinning down at her. "You sound quite eager to have her here too should I call her." He ran his hands up her thighs slowly, scraping his nails against the fabric until he got to her shirt and went under it, pushing it up slowly.

<Fee> Fee bounced a bit as she met the softness of his bed. "Do you want to share? I'm feeling a little sel.." her words fading off as her gaze dropped to his raking nails before darting upwards once more to meet his eyes. Her dark tank slowly sliding upwards to expose her navel, along with the flat plane of her toned stomach. Her hips shifting to squirm a bit as more skin was exposed.

<Warren> Warren leaned down and kissed at her stomach playfully, his hands still pushing her top up higher, almost agonizingly slowly. "Cat get your tongue?"

<Fee> Fee set a slight arch to her back, her jeaned rear pressing against the softness of the bed beneath her. "No.. and angel does," spoken as she looked upon him, arms shifting so that her fingers might bump and brush against his own, trying to catch the fabric with her own fingers to help lift it upwards.

<Warren> "Mmm not yet but I can come up there and get it." He grinned and kissed up higher giving her belly button a little playful lick.

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