1/20 Instance: Ruffled Feathers

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1/20 Instance: Ruffled Feathers

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:55 am

Timelined for after [Instance]Talk for Two.

<Warren> Warren had made his way to Heather's room. He hadn't seen her in a while and he was starting to worry. Chocolates in one hand and coffee in the other he couldn't manage to knock on the door when he got there. After fumbling for a little bit he just gave the door a few little kicks.

<Heather> Heather had taken to hiding in her room since she'd returned from her space adventure in the Summer. She was used to not having visitors and the knock on her door surprised her. She stared at it for a few moments then got up, folding her wings close to her back before she crossed the room to the door. She opened the door a crack and peeked out. "Oh..." well this was unexpected.

<Warren> "Hey... I haven't seen you around. I've missed you." Warren held up the coffee and chocolates. "I brought gifts to make up for not searching for you sooner."

<Heather> "I guessed you forgot I existed... or maybe just went home..." she chewed her lip, reluctant to open the door... but it was Warren. She stepped out of the way and returned to sit on her bed, folding her wings around herself to hide behind them.

<Warren> Warren felt terrible. "Heather... I'd never forget you existed." He set everything down and went to give her a hug as best he could. "I'm so sorry."

<Heather> The hug surprised her and she flailed a little, "Well... I've been here. Where were you?"

<Warren> Now he felt even worse, telling her that he was whoring around the school just felt like something he shouldn't tell her. "Classes... studying... Open up shiny, I need a proper hug so I can apologize."

<Heather> She sighed, spreading her wings a little and lifting her gaze to his face. "You didn't have any free time at all?"

<Warren> "Guess I'm a bad friend huh..." Warren pulled her into a tight hug trying to convey how sorry he was. "I'm sorry Heather. I just got all distracted... I'd never forget you I swear."

<Heather> She returned the hug, "What had you so distracted that you didn't want to ask your best friend what it was like in space?"

<Warren> Warren had even completely forgot about her going to space. "Fuck... I'm a terrible friend. I'd even forgot about that. I'm going to have to just shower you in affection to make up for this aren't I?"

<Heather> "Or you can just give me the chocolate you brought." She suggested with a small smile.

<Warren> "Chocolate and coffee." He moved away and grabbed them for her. "So uhmm space huh?"

<Heather> "Yeah, it was cool... apparently I can survive in the vacuum of space so that was nice.... Oh... and the Shi'ar think I'm royalty."

<Warren> "That's pretty awesome. Pretty sure I'd turn into a chicken popcicle." Warren sat down next to her with his coffee.

<Heather> "Well... maybe a being a chicken popcicle would be preferable to what happened to me..." she sighed, "I'm stuck like this..."

<Warren> "You're still cute. And I'd be dead. That wouldn't be fun." Warren gave her a little poke. "And then you wouldn't have an awesome angel friend."

<Heather> "Who is less awesome lately because he forgot I existed." She had a sip of coffee.

<Warren> "Well I'm here now. I'm sorry Heather. So other than looking completely badass now, anything else?" He laid back on her bed and looked up at the ceiling. How the hell could I be such a terrible friend.

<Heather> She shook her head, "Just this... I mean, as far as I know... but I keep hitting my head on doors because I'm too tall for everywhere now..."

<Warren> "That sucks. But hey some people find tall girls sexy. I'm sure all the guys'll still be fighting for you." He leaned up to give her a grin.

<Heather> "I'm not just tall though... I'm freakishly tall... and gold... and I have giant wings... and claws... and this..." she gestured at the markings on her face. "That's a lot to get over..."

<Warren> "Well I still think you're cute. Plus all of us around here are weird looking. Would it make you feel better if I started walking around looking like the smurf lord?" He forced himself to change into his other form.

<Heather> "Why would that make me feel better?" She blinked at him in confusion.

<Warren> Warren shrugged. "Cuz then you can laugh at how weird I look? I mean it looks like I just had dirty dirty sex with a bunch of blueberries."

<Heather> She giggled, "I've never laughed at you for looking weird but that mental image is funny."

<Warren> "See I'm great. And someone as awesome as me wouldn't hang out with someone that wasn't equally as awesome." Warren gave her a little poke.

<Heather> "I didn't say I wasn't awesome..." she pointed out.

<Warren> "You're making it really hard to cheer you up. You're not going to make me literally kiss your ass to make up for this are you?" He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Heather> She laughed and gave him a shove, "I can't help it... I've been living in my own head for like a month...."

<Warren> "Well bring it over here." He shoved her back. "But you're not getting any tongue."

<Heather> She laughed again, "I'm not going to sit on your face." She set her coffee down and lay down beside him on her bed, folding her wings carefully so she didn't flatten him.

<Warren> "Yeah you'd probably like it too much and then I'd never get away from you." Warren poked her stomach now that it was unguarded. "I'm sorry I'm a bad friend."

<Heather> "You're not... I've not really been... around... hiding away and everything..."

<Warren> "Yeah but I should have come looking for you. You're my favorite person here Heather." Warren let out a little sigh. "You're my best friend. I should have made sure you're okay."

<Heather> "Well you have now..." she gave him a smile, carefully giving him a hug.

<Warren> Warren hugged her back giving her a tight squeeze. "This place is crazy huh?"

<Heather> "Very crazy. I'm sure it gets crazier by the day."

<Warren> "Apparently. But hey at least we got each other. Maybe we can find a guy who would love to kiss your ass." He let go of her and laid back on his back, but not before sticking his tongue out at her.

<Heather> "More than you apparently want to?" She gave him a cheeky grin, displaying the fangs she'd also gained.

<Warren> "Well it's not as cute as my own. But I can't kiss that now can I?" He laughed a little.

<Heather> "Not unless we cut your head off first..."

<Warren> "See but then I wouldn't be able to kiss and you'd lose your guardian angel." He gave her a little wink. "I don't think that would grow back."

<Heather> "Probably not... but it would be an interesting experiment."

<Warren> "I think I would much rather kiss your ass than have my head cut off..." He laughed a little. "Roll it over here!" Warren poked at her relentlessly.

<Heather> "Really? You really want to kiss my ass that badly?" She blinked at him, not sure whether or not he was being serious.

<Warren> Warren laughed a little. "No, I'm just trying to make you smile. I like looking at them but I don't think I'm into puckering up for them."

<Heather> "Okay good... because that was starting to get weird." She gave him a grin.

<Warren> "See now I wish I would have said yes to see your reaction." Warren poked her stomach again.

<Heather> She swatted at his hand and laughed, "You're awful."

<Warren> "You love it." He swatted her hand back. "And awfully sexy." Warren leaned up and stuck his tongue out at her so she could see it.

<Heather> She poked the end of his nose, "If you say so."

<Warren> "Ouch picking on me now? Maybe I won't bring you more coffee and chocolates." He leaned over next to her and started tickling her.

<Heather> "Gah!" She flailed, her wings spreading wide and dislodging a bookshelf that emptied its contents all over them. "Ack!"

<Warren> "And now you know my pain!" He kept tickling her a wide grin on his face. "I'll help clean it up promise."

<Heather> "You better!" She prodded at his ribs (carefully because of her claws).

<Warren> Warren just laughed a little, and tried to avoid the prodding. "You're just jealous you're not as awesome as me." He tried to tickle her more.

<Heather> "Nu-uh! I'm way more awesome!" She tickled him in retaliation.

<Warren> "Ahh!" Warren laughed as she tickled him back in retaliation. Eventually he stopped tickling her and rolled away. "There's my Heather. You are awesome." He gave her a big smile, still laughing a little.

<Heather> "Of course I am. That was never in question."

<Warren> "So why were you hiding yourself from me when I came in?" He let out a little sigh.

<Heather> "Because I look weird..." she avoided his gaze.

<Warren> "No you don't." Warren changed back into his normal form. He gave her a sympathetic look before kicking off his shoes and pulling his feet up on the bed to sit up.

<Heather> She sighed, tucking her wings back close to her and rolling onto her side. "I do..."

<Warren> "No you don't. You still look cute and you're still my shiny bestfriend." Warren poked her nose.

<Heather> She frowned at him, "Even the weird pictures on my face?"

<Warren> "Mhmm practically scrumptious." He teased her a little. "Heather, you're awesome always. Promise."

<Heather> She laughed, feeling herself blush and wondering if he could tell. "Okay, okay...."

<Warren> "Don't make me come over there and prove it missy. Your brother would be so put out if I started making moves on you instead of him."

<Heather> She laughed harder, "You wouldn't dare!"

<Warren> "I've done a lot of things I thought I wouldn't lately." He laughed. "But hmm I don't know if I could crush his poor little heart."

<Heather> "Because you fear the wrath of his big sister," she nodded smugly.

<Warren> "Oh absolutely. That cute golden wrath of teddy bears and unicorns." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Heather> "With claws!" She tickled him again.

<Warren> "Ack!" Warren flailed a little. "Stop that!" He laughed and tried to tickle her back

<Heather> "Admit that you're scared of me!" she demanded, refusing to stop tickling him.

<Warren> "Never!" He laughed as he tickled her back. "You'll never win!"

<Heather> She giggled, rolling onto her back and spreading her wings under her though she continued to tickle him, "I'm determined!"

<Warren> Warren had found his way on top of her trying to tickle her and pin her arms so she couldn't tickle him. "You should know me better than to think I'll give up."

<Heather> "What if I said you're gonna make me pee?" She asked, still giggling.

<Warren> "Guess you'll have to change your sheets and clothes." Warren cackled maniacally as he kept tickling her.

<Heather> "Oh noooo!" She laughed, continuing to tickle him too.

<Warren> "Bwahahaha." Warren laughed with her not planning to relent until she did.

<Heather> She giggled and used the leverage of her wings to roll them over and onto the floor, dislodging more books in the process.

<Warren> Warren groaned a little when he hit the floor. "Ooof that hurt a little."

<Heather> "Does that mean I win?" She tickled him some more.

<Warren> "No!" He laughed more going back to tickling her. "You're just cheating."

<Heather> "Not cheating! Valid tactics!" Though now it was difficult to hold herself up because she was laughing so hard and she collapsed on him.

<Warren> "Well hi there." Warren smirked. "Now who's trying to break your brother's heart?" He tickled her more. "Davis is going to be so jealous when I tell him about this."

<Heather> "Can't help it!" She giggled into his shoulder, wriggling to try and evade his hands while tickling back.

<Warren> Warren laughed more. "You pee on me and I'm going to fill your panty drawer with melted marshmallows!" He didn't stop tickling her, loving that him and Heather were back to having fun.

<Heather> She laughed harder, "But it'd be your fault!"

<Warren> "Nope you could let me win and avoid that happening." Warren didn't let up going for her most ticklish spots.

<Heather> "Meeeeeean," she giggled out, "I don't want to let you win!"

<Warren> "Well then don't pee your panties or you're getting mega pranked!" He laughed harder.

<Heather> "Not fair!" she protested, trying to grab at his hands because now she really did feel like she had to pee.

<Warren> Warren managed to avoid her. "This is war fair doesn't matter!" He tickled her with one arm while the other fended off her attempt to grab him.

<Heather> She gave up trying to fend him off and just got up off the floor, going to the door so she could hurry down the hall to the bathroom. "Have to peeeeee!"

<Warren> "Hah! I win!" Warren laughed hard before getting up and starting to clean up the mess they made a little.

<Heather> "You cheated!" She called back over her shoulder then disappeared into the bathroom.

<Warren> "How I can't make your bladder rebel against you." He burst out laughing, still picking up stuff. "I just tickle better than you."

<Heather> She heard him as she returned, "You know that tickling me makes me have to pee!"

<Warren> "Guess you'll have to learn to hold it better." Warren smirked and stuck his tongue out at her.

<Heather> She gave him a shove, "You're an idiot."

<Warren> "A sexy idiot." He pushed her back. "Careful or you'll get tickle torture again."

<Heather> "But now I don't have to pee so I'll win," she poked her tongue out at him, then claimed the chocolates from where he'd left them.

<Warren> "So you think. Maybe I have some other tricks I can use on you." He stuck his tongue out at her and got really close. "Ones that would make Davis really jealous."

<Heather> Heather plucked a chocolate from the box and stuffed it in his mouth.

<Warren> Warren ate the chocolate trying not to laugh. "Those were supposed to be for you. I didn't even lick any of them."

<Heather> Heather gave them a dubious look, "You promise?"

<Warren> "No." He smirked and poked her cheek.

<Heather> She wrinkled her nose and handed him the box, reclaiming her coffee. Safer.

<Warren> "I'm just teasing you Heather I didn't lick any of them." He took the box and set it down on the bed. "Would I do that to you?"

<Heather> "Yes." She sat down beside him and bumped his shoulder with hers.

<Warren> "I am hurt! I would never!" He gave her a fake pout letting her shove him a bit.

<Heather> "Lies! You so would!"

<Warren> "Okay maybe if I was pranking you. But I didn't I swear." He pulled her into a hug.

<Heather> She laughed and returned the hug, "Sounds about right."

<Warren> "I wouldn't do that to an apology gift." Warren gave her a sloppy fake kiss on the cheek, mostly ending up as a wet raspberry.

<Heather> "Ewww..." she wiped her cheek with her hand then wiped her hand on his trousers. "I'll make a mental note to be suspicious of any other gifts you give me."

<Warren> "Oh most definitely. Maybe next time I'll give you some undies doused in itching powder." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Heather> "If you buy me underwear I'll be really suspicious."

<Warren> Warren just laughed. "Who said I'd label it from me." He gave her a little wink. "Maybe I'll just put some other hunk's name on it."

<Heather> "... You're going to make me so paranoid."

<Warren> "Alright alright I'll try to be good." He laughed laying back on her bed again. "Only cute undies as presents I promise." Warren couldn't help laughing more.

<Heather> "..." She smacked his chest, "Stop!"

<Warren> "You'll never make me." He stuck his tongue out at her. "I like watching you squirm too much."

<Heather> "Evil," she laughed, prodding him in the ribs and helping herself to one of the not tainted chocolates.

<Warren> "Pfft you love it. You know you missed all my attention. At least it wasn't as bad as when I'd leave from vacation?" He sat up and leaned against her. Part of him was having more fun with this than a friend should, making her smile just made him smile too.

<Heather> "It wasn't as long but it... it felt worse..." she looked down at her lap.

<Warren> "I'm sorry Heather. What can I do to make up for it. Other than not make you pee your pants?" He cuddled her a little.

<Heather> "Come see me more?" she suggested.

<Warren> "Maybe I'll just move in." He gave her a squeeze. "I will definitely see you more. But you need to get outa here too. It's not healthy to hide away shiny."

<Heather> "I don't want people to stare..." she sighed, leaning against him and sliding her arms around him.

<Warren> "Why wouldn't they stare? I mean you're cute and you're my friend. You're basically a celebrity." He smirked.

<Heather> She frowned, "Warren... you know that's not what I mean..."

<Warren> "I know Heather." He gave her a gentle squeeze giving up on the teasing. "I'm just trying to cheer you up. I don't care about you being gold or the new look. I still think you're cute. Have for a while, hasn't changed." Warren gave her a warm smile.

<Heather> She felt herself blush again, "Thanks..."

<Warren> "Anytime. Just let me know if someone stares and I'll make sure they're too scared to do it again." He gave her a wicked grin before he realized the shade of her skin changed a little. "Are you blushing?"

<Heather> "No..." she lied, feeling her cheeks get hotter.

<Warren> "You sure? I mean I'm not but you don't look as shiny as usual." He grinned a little. "I think you're blushing. Does someone like being the center of attention?" He poked her side.

<Heather> She squirmed at the poke, "Noooo...."

<Warren> "I think you dooo oooo." He grinned a little before pulling her into another hug.

<Heather> She sighed and hugged back again, "You believe what you want to."

<Warren> "Oh I will and I'm so going to try to make you blush more now! My little shiny Aussie is just getting more and more cute." He laughed a little.

<Heather> "Jerk..." she muttered, rocking them both from side to side for a moment.

<Warren> "That's been established. The new knowledge is you're cute." He smirked.

<Heather> "And you're a double jerk for pointing that out again." She smacked him.

<Warren> Warren just laughed a little. "Aww should we kiss and make up?"

<Heather> "You're obsessed with kissing today. Have you noticed?"

<Warren> "Maybe just a little. This time it was just to try and make you blush again." He laid back on her bed staring at the wall, wondering if he should tell her about Cassie and Fee.

<Heather> She laughed, "Not when it's obvious you're joking."

<Warren> "I could just kiss you and see if that works." He laughed with her. "I'm sure you'd turn an interesting shade at that."

<Heather> And now she was blushing again and she shook her head.

<Warren> "Knew that would work!" He stuck his tongue out at her. "And who said I was joking?"

<Heather> She shoved him, "You're supposed to be all contrite and everything! Stop picking on me!"

<Warren> "I'm not picking on you." He shoved her back. "I've been making you smile and laugh this whole time. I'm being a good friend now!"

<Heather> "By picking on me!" She argued with another shove and a grin. She looked over at the window, it seemed quiet enough, "Want to go fly around somewhere?"

<Warren> "No by making kissy face at you and making you smile and laugh." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Heather> She bopped the end of his nose with her finger and got to her feet, opening up the window and poking her head out.

<Warren> Warren couldn't resist poking her butt when she was vulnerable. "Lead the way shiny butt."

<Heather> She gave her butt a little shake then climbed up onto the window ledge, her clawed feet gripping the wood no problem as she leaned out and spread her wings before she leapt into the air. The strong downdraft from her wings made the curtains flutter and she shot off, spiralling up into the air and catching a thermal from the school's hot roof.

<Warren> "Did you just..." It was Warren's turn to blush red. He carefully climbed out of the window and jumped out, spreading his wings wide to catch the wind. It took him a few hard flaps to catch up to her. He hoped that by the time he got to her the blush would be gone.

<Heather> It wasn't. She giggled when he caught up, "Now who's blushing?" she teased.

<Warren> "What I can't hear you?" He lied and flapped harder moving ahead of her so she couldn't see him blush harder.

<Heather> She laughed, "Not so fun now the shoe's on the other foot, is it?" She circled around him, going from above him to below and glancing up at him to throw him another grin.

<Warren> "Don't make me tackle you out of the air." Warren cut hard to the right to dive away from her.

<Heather> She laughed again, folding her wings to drop quickly and pick up speed to catch up with him.

<Warren> Warren flared his wings quickly, letting her fly past him. "Can't catch me Shiny butt." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Heather> "Is that a challenge?" She spread her wings, banking to turn back toward him and gaining altitude rapidly.

<Warren> "What're you going to do with me if you do?" He smirked and dropped hard again only flapping again when he was almost at the ground. Warren was heading for the water.

<Heather> Heather grinned, climbing higher and higher, turning with the sun behind her as she followed her prey at a distance.

<Warren> Warren glided across the water turning enough to let his wing graze the water. A spray of water following him.

<Heather> Heather watched him below, still hidden by the sun behind her.

<Warren> He had lost sight of her for a while now and wondered if she was going to actually come after him. He folded his wings and did a cannon ball making a large splash.

<Heather> Following her target a little with her eyes, she tried to anticipate his position then dropped into a steep dive, picking up speed.

<Warren> Warren finally caught sight of her when she dove. He attempted to time the moment well and with a hard flap of his wings sent a huge spray of water up at her.

<Heather> Heather aborted her dive, spreading her wings wide, "Gah!" she got a face full of water but managed to regain some altitude.

<Warren> Warren just bust out laughing. "You can wiggle your butt at me all you want but I'm not that easy."

<Heather> "You said catch! You didn't say you were gonna play dirty!"

<Warren> "I also didn't say I was going to let you win easily." Warren grinned up at her. He spread his wings and body out wide so he could float on his back. "Water's nice, you should join me."

<Heather> "I don't know if I can trust you now!"

<Warren> "What do you think I would do to you?" Warren shot a puzzled look at her.

<Heather> "How should I know? You're devious." She folded her wings and dove into the water beside him.

<Warren> Warren laughed a little. "When did I become devious?"

<Heather> She popped up by his head, "I don't know. You tell me."

<Warren> "No clue. I'm just having fun." Warren stuck his tongue out at her just enjoying relaxing.

<Heather> Heather splashed water at him.

<Warren> "Ack hey! My mouth was open!" Warren grimaced a little.

<Heather> "Bwahahahaha!" Heather sank back below the surface of the water.

<Warren> "Evil!" Warren called at her as he started back to shore.

<Heather> Evil was she? She could be more evil. She grabbed his ankle and gave it a yank.

<Warren> Warren flailed at the grab and pull under water. He flailed a little to get away from her, since he couldn't breathe under water. "You drown me and I'll come back to haunt your ass."

<Heather> She laughed, "I'm pretty sure I could save your dumb ass."

<Warren> "Maybe I wouldn't let you so I could tease you from the grave for all eternity." Warren splashed back at her again.

<Heather> She returned the splash, "Don't be crazy."

<Warren> "Why not? It sounds like fun." Warren smirked and got closer to her, ignoring the splash to send another one her way. Teasing her was just too much fun.

<Heather> Heather laughed, splashing him again then launching herself out of the water, raining the excess down on him as it slicked off her wings.

<Warren> "Cheater." Warren had to change forms to do the same. The now metallic wings propelling him straight up until he was face to face with her.

<Heather> "In what way was that cheating?"

<Warren> "Leaving the field of battle." Warren poked her nose.

<Heather> "Oh we were in battle were we?" She laughed, "First I heard of it." She poked her tongue out at him then took off back toward the building.

<Warren> "Don't poke that out at me unless you plan on using it." He shot her a smirk as he followed along, keeping up with her easily now that he was in his other form. Even if he didn't like it, Warren had to admit the form came with perks.

<Heather> "What am I supposed to be using it for?"

<Warren> "I could think of some things." He gave Heather a little wink, hoping she would blush agian.

<Heather> She did blush. "Jerk." She headed back for the safety of her room and the chocolate and (probably cold) coffee.
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