1/20 Instance: Duet

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1/20 Instance: Duet

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:46 am

<Beth> Well... the school's music room was certainly more interesting than the music room at home. Way more options. But, for some strange reason, she found herself gravitating toward the piano and she sat down on the stool to open the cover. She prodded a couple of keys. Her mother would be thrilled.

<Emma> Years upon years of daily practice was a hard habit to break. Now in her sophomore year of college, Emma was keeping up her swimming, gymnastics, and of course, her violin. Today, it was music practice. Case in hand, she made her way toward the music room.

<Beth> Beth picked up another mind headed her way and a quick scan revealed that they intended to use this room too. Maybe she should hide so she could deny all knowledge of the incident later?

<Emma> It didn't take long for her to reach the music room, opening the door easily enough and making her way inside.

<Beth> D'oh. Too slow. She peered over the top of the piano, "You see nothing."

<Emma> Blinking, Emma laughed a little. Usually it was her trying to pull that one. A quick scan surprised her, however. This girl was a blank wall. She redoubled her own shields in response, even though they were already solid. "I'll pretend you don't exist."

<Beth> And she couldn't Jedi mind trick this one. Curses. "Apparently that's fairly easy - my own mother does it amazingly well."

<Emma> "We have that in common," Emma admitted, finding herself a good spot to set up. "Really my whole family." Especially true after her scandal in high school, sleeping with a teacher. She pushed that memory away quickly. It didn't matter anyway.

<Beth> "Parents, 'ey?" She gave the girl a grin. "I've made it my mission to annoy her as much as possible so she has to acknowledge my existence occasionally. If only to roll her eyes and shake her head disapprovingly."

<Emma> "Parents, a brother, and 2 sisters. I never tried that technique personally. I usually just want to be invisible." Emma took her seat daintily and opened her case.

<Beth> "But being a pain in the arse is so much more fun!" Beth grinned, closing the lid over the keys so she could lean on it, "I have a brother... but he's really old. And he's really well behaved. So, naturally, my parents love him. It's my duty to be obnoxious."

<Emma> Emma laughed and looked over at her. "So you're the rebellious baby of the family."

<Beth> "At your service," she flourished a bow.

<Emma> Emma laughed again. "That's my sister's job, but everyone just loves her. Being the middle child... isn't ideal."

<Beth> She feigned shock, "But I've always heard the middle child can get away with anything!"

<Emma> "That's the baby. Last summer my sister dyed her hair pink right before her coming out ball. Where I might have been shipped off to Switzerland, Mother just laughed and took some pictures with her hair colored before she made her redye it." Pulling her bow and rosin out, Emma carefully inspected the bow before tightening it.

<Beth> "... I should have done that."

<Emma> "Not too late," Emma pointed out. "Go home with bright green or purple for the holidays?" She shrugged and rosined up her bow.

<Beth> "Not sure it would have the same impact... unless they're having a huge party." She made a mental note to call Brian and ask.

<Emma> "Your family doesn’t host at least one holiday party? The Frosts have the market cornered on exclusive New Year's Eve celebration." Emma set the bow down to continue her conversation.

<Beth> "They take it in turns with the other rich people because one year there was drama... and usually I hide so I have no idea whose turn it is this year. I'll just ask Brian. He shows up to these things." She shrugged.

<Emma> "I hate the events myself, but sometimes they can turn out alright." The time she had met Erik came to mind. She quickly stopped herself from smiling at the memory.

<Beth> "I sometimes go when they're at our house... at least when we're there I can go and hideout somewhere... and I know where they hide all the alcohol."

<Emma> "Did you plan all the best escape routes too?"

<Beth> "Of course! Some of them even involved Zaphod." She paused, "He's my horse." Probably best to make that clear.

<Emma> "While I can ride, I never cared for horses. They smell like hobos." She wrinkled her nose a bit.

<Beth> "Mum wouldn't let me get a dog." Beth shrugged.

<Emma> "Of course not. They shed."

<Beth> "It was more the sneezing and the itching that bothered her... she's allergic..." Beth gave an epic roll of her eyes, "Like she'd have let it in any of the rooms she uses anyway."

<Emma> Emma laughed again and nodded a little. "I was always told no for a dog, but my older sister brought this little pouffy thing home. Mom just loved it. Let it run all over the house."

<Beth> "Yeah I bet she'd let Brian have a dog." Beth wrinkled her nose, "Mr. Perfect."

<Emma> "Older brothers usually are," Emma rolled her eyes a little.

<Beth> "I've contemplated setting him up before... see if I could get him in trouble. But they'd so know it was me."

<Emma> "Perhaps if you had some help..." Emma grinned, maybe a bit evily.

<Beth> "Are you volunteering?" Beth's face also split into a wicked grin.

<Emma> Emma just grinned. "From one overlooked rich kid to another. We have to stick together."
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