1/20 Instance: Explosive

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1/20 Instance: Explosive

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:20 am

Timelined for a couple of hours after [Instance]Escape from Alcatraz.

<Carol> Of all the things that could have happened... Carol took another swig of scotch from her bottle and glared out at the grounds from her spot on the roof. She wasn't as inconspicuous as she used to be these days but, at the moment, she didn't really give a shit.

<Bobby> After assuring Paigey he was fine, Bobby couldn't sleep, and took Yoda walkies on the grounds. The flaming beacon on the roof was hard to miss, so he waved up at her.

<Carol> Yoda's yapping caught her attention and she looked down at the spec on the lawn, raising a hand in a wave. She dropped from the roof, taking her bottle with her and landed on the steps of the building, heading down them to the lawn.

<Bobby> Always impressive, that was. Bobby grinned at Carol, and then spotted the bottle. "Yeah, it's that kind of night, ain't it?" He met her halfway, laughing at Yoda's excited butt wriggling.

<Carol> "Yeah it is..." she crouched down to pet Yoda, "I can't... I just... I've had some reactions but..." she glanced up at him. "That sucked."

<Bobby> "The suckage was... pretty thorough," he laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm the first to get being super fucking pissed about getting... well, the Doc Feelgood treatment, but Chris is gonna have to work on getting his shit together."

<Carol> "Yeah... Greer's supposed to be helping with that... I thought maybe doing this tonight would help but if I thought he was holding on to that much anger I probably would have made him sit it out...."

<Bobby> "Uh, yeah." Bobby crouched beside her and gestured at the bottle. "Mind if I have some of that?"

<Carol> "Sure, knock yourself out..." She held the bottle out to him. She sat down on the lawn and gathered Yoda into her lap for a proper fuss.

<Bobby> Bobby knocked back a swallow and parked his ass on the ground beside her. "At least we got that, uh, new kid out." He snorted and took another drink, savoring the burn. "Not that he appreciated it."

<Carol> "Yeah. After what he said to me I could have happily left him there, honestly." She cuddled Yoda a little.

<Bobby> "Yeaaaah, that was a little..." He shook his head and decided another drink was deserved. "I mean, I'm pretty sure I hold the record for shooting off my mouth at the worst times, but..." He laughed. "Wow."

<Carol> "Yeah..." she took the bottle back and took another swig herself. "I mean... It probably wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't so recent..." And she was still dealing with the consequences.

<Bobby> "Yeah. I get that." It'd been years ago now, for him, but sometimes... He shook his head.

<Carol> "But it's like... how the fuck can anyone be that heartless? Especially when they've been experimented on themselves?" She had another drink and let Yoda chew on her hand.

<Bobby> "People react all kinds of ways," he sighed, taking the bottle back for a drink. "He kept talking about us killing him, but yet went with us... sometimes reality goes walkies." Bobby illustrated with wriggled fingers.

<Carol> "I hate this..." she looked down at her hands. "Everything's screwed up..."

<Bobby> Bobby watched her sadly. "Anything... new with your situation?"

<Carol> She shrugged a shoulder, "Getting better at not putting holes in doors... that's about it. Can't use phones or sensitive electrial equipment... Mostly... I miss my hair."

<Bobby> His attention moved to that hair, and he smiled a little, reminded of the past yet again. "Well... it is pretty wicked looking..."

<Carol> "Yeah... I guess... but people expect me to set fire to things or whatever with it... I can't hide how I'm feeling... it's just... it's not right...."

<Bobby> "Like I said, I know every situation is different, but... it gets better? Sometimes." He snorted. "I'm really shit at this tonight." Bobby decided he was better at drinking.

<Carol> "It's fine... you know I'm dating a counsellor, right?" She looked over at him, "Sometimes I just don't really want to talk about it... brooding and drinking is easier."

<Bobby> "Yeah," he chuckled. "Cessy is much better at this." He handed the bottle back to her. "Brooding and drinking? That, I can do like a pro."

<Carol> "Awesome." She had another swig, "Wanna get more booze and some snacks? Gotta do this properly... and not in my car this time."

<Bobby> "Yes! Booze and snacks! Indoors might be good too, so I don't have to keep track of Fido here." He reached over to ruffle Yoda's ears. The corgi yipped excitedly and wriggled all over Carol's lap.

<Carol> "But he's so cute!" Carol tucked Yoda under an arm and got to her feet, offering the bottle to Bobby to take charge of. "We'll use the small recroom opposite my office. The kids don't go in there much... probably because it's opposite my office."

<Bobby> Bobby was more than happy to take on that responsibility. "Can ya blame 'em? You're the scariest chick I know."

<Carol> "Heeeey, I'm a sweetheart... unless you steal my booze, fill my office with jello, or replace all my yankees memorabilia with red sox gear. Then you are dead to me."

<Bobby> "Go Cardinals!" He sloshed the bottle in midwestern solidarity.

<Carol> She laughed and Yoda tried to lick her face. "At least the dog doesn't think I'm on fire. I guess I still smell friendly... but maybe I'd be like licking a battery. Shall I let him?"

<Bobby> "For science!" He caught up to see what would happen for himself, since he was just drunk enough that this was a great idea.

<Carol> Carol lifted Yoda up so he could lick her face if he wanted, which he happily did.

<Bobby> The reaction was instant and hilarious. Yoda's expression froze, his big brown eyes got bigger, and he immediately sneezed in Carol's face.

<Bobby> Bobby couldn't help his laughter.

<Carol> "Ewwww..." Carol wrinkled her nose. "Okay. No licking." She tucked Yoda back under her arm and wiped her face on her sleeve.

<Bobby> Bobby licked his finger and poked the exposed skin on her hand.

<Carol> "He was fine when he was chewing my hand... maybe because his feet were on the floor?" She watched him prodding at her. "Or maybe my head is worse?"

<Bobby> "Or, he's just a retard. That's always possible." He grinned. "Want me to lick ya? For science!"

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Do you wanna lick me?"

<Bobby> Bobby shrugged, giggling. "It's not weird when it's... dun, dun... for science!"

<Carol> She held a hand out for the bottle to have another drink, "Okay.... now I am drunk enough."

<Bobby> Yoda got excited by his daddy getting closer, so Bobby paused to scratch him. "We're both retards, aren't we, buddy? Aren't we?!"

<Carol> Carol nodded that yes, yes they were.

<Bobby> Still giggling, he poked out his tongue at Carol, then left it there, leaning in and giving her cheek a swipe. "Yeooolyshit!"

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Awesome! I'm a walking battery!"

<Bobby> "Oooah!" He mashed his tongue with his teeth a few times and shook his head, looking a lot like his dog.

<Carol> Carol giggled at him, "Here. You earned another drink." She offered him the bottle.

<Bobby> "'Tanks..." He took a drink and smacked his lips. "It's kinda a fun tingly," he said, sounding only slightly slurred.

<Carol> Carol giggled again, "Well don't go recommending to students that they lick me...."

<Bobby> "Naaaaaah, I'm special! And also, not a student." He took yet another drink and started up the steps to the door.

<Carol> "Reeeeeally? I had no idea," she followed him inside, still fussing Yoda.

<Bobby> "Which part?" He closed the door after her and looked around for any actual students. The coast was clear, since the semester was still new.

<Carol> "I don't know, pick one," she pointed him to the rec room, "I'll get more scotch... and some glasses." She took Yoda with her to her office.

<Bobby> "We all know I'm a really special snowflake." Bobby grinned at her.

<Carol> "Snowflake is right." Carol nodded, going on into her office.

<Bobby> Bobby was still giggling when he followed her in and shut the door.

<Carol> "Heeeey you're supposed to go to the tiny rec room... but I guess you can carry things." She handed him another bottle. "Because I have mr wriggly butt."

<Bobby> "Load me up like a draft horse!" In fact, he could go for some beer, too, if they had any.

<Carol> She located a couple of glasses and turned them upside down, placing them on the neck of one of the bottles before she grabbed another bottle and turned for the door, "Okay. Let's go get drunk."

<Bobby> Bobby was fairly certain he was already drunk, but woo! "Sounds like a plan, Stan!" He struggled with the door before finally getting it open.

<Carol> "It's pronounced 'Carol'." She said her name slowly and gave him a grin. Leading the way to the rec room, she claimed the larger of the two sofas and flopped across it, releasing Yoda to stay on her stomach or go exploring furniture.

<Bobby> Yoda did his dance of eternal excitement on top of Carol. Bobby threw himself onto the other sofa and hugged the bottle to his chest. "Miiiiiine."

<Carol> "That's okay, I have this one." Carol held up her treasure and opened the bottle, giving Yoda a pet on the head as she took a sip. "So... what world ending disaster to you think we'll have to cope with this Semester?"

<Bobby> "Haven't we encountered all of 'em by now?" He blew out a loud breath and stared at the ceiling.

<Carol> "I don't know... maybe... even aliens. No one saw that coming." She frowned, "Maybe we could go a whole Semester without a world ending disaster. That'd be neat."

<Bobby> "That sounds like... paradise." He shook the bottle at the ceiling. "You hear that, whoever's up there!? One Semester of peace! Give peace a chance!"

<Carol> She laughed, "Do it or I'll punch ya." She threatened the ceiling cat.

<Bobby> Bobby gave Carol a suspicious look. "Careful, you're probably just talking to your alien kin." He sat up just enough to get the lid off the bottle and take a swig. "Hell, I might be talking to your alien kin! I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's totally aliens."

<Carol> "I'll punch 'em too. I don't discriminate." She shrugged a shoulder. "Probably should ask them some questions anyway... like how the fuck."

<Bobby> "You mean you didn't ask how the fuck yet, 'cause that's totally exactly what I would ask them - like, first thing!"

<Carol> "I didn't meet them yet! And I can't really ask the Shi'ar to drop me off at Hala because they don't really like the Kree very much... plus I kind of already owe them a favour for saving my orange ass."

<Bobby> "I would have asked the Shi'ar what the fuck." The fact he'd even just said that meant he needed more alcohol. Down the hatch it went.

<Carol> "Like they'd know? Rocket didn't know..." She shrugged, "Stupid garbage-eater."

<Bobby> "...didn't you just answer your own question there, babe? Talking raccoon." He made a face at her. More booze!

<Carol> "But he insists he's so smart! He's definitely smarter than the average raccoon..." She took a healthy swig from her own bottle.

<Bobby> "I dunno... he still eats garbage." Bobby punctuated this brilliant observation with a badly stifled belch.

<Carol> Carol laughed at that, "Classy."

<Bobby> "You know it," he said, making with the finger guns and a wink. Then he took another drink.

<Carol> She giggled again, "My finger guns are way better than yours."

<Bobby> "Pssssh." He blew frost across his index finger. "Mine are way cooler though!"

<Carol> More giggles followed that statement, "So punny."

<Bobby> "I'm the king of punny, babe!" He wriggled his way upright and whistled for his dog.

<Carol> Carol made a noise of protest at the extra pressure on her stomach as Yoda jumped off. "Aww now I have nothing to pet."

<Bobby> Bobby's laugh was dirty. "Feel free to call Cess, if ya want." He formed a snowball and held it up for Yoda before giving it a toss. The corgi did an excited little dance and bounced after the snowball.

<Carol> "Nu-uh. Pretty sure there'd be disapproving looks at all the scotch..." she wrinkled her nose and took another drink. "I don't want to deal with that today."

<Bobby> "Not a fan of liquid recreation?" He rubbed at the back of his neck. "She used to like trying it, even when it didn't work on her."

<Carol> "It's not that... just... her and Joe... keep going on about how I drink too much... But if I don't drink a lot it doesn't work so...." she shrugged.

<Bobby> "Mmm." Yoda bounded back with the snowball and then frisked away when Bobby reached for it. "Yeah, I get that. I mean, I could burn this off like that," he snapped his fingers for emphasis and Yoda looked up from eating his snowball.

<Carol> "I have a high resistance to stuff... once I get the buzz going it's pretty easy to top it up though."

<Bobby> "Yeah, my resistance is normal. Well," he laughed. "I'm part Irish, after all, so still pretty damn high. Buuuuut, I can use my powers to filter it out almost instantly. Buzzkill power."

<Carol> "Good for being designated driver and still having a good time," She tossed him a grin.

<Bobby> "That's about the only thing it's good for," he laughed, then formed a snowball and tossed it at her.

<Carol> Her reaction times weren't too hampered by booze and she exploded it with a shot from her finger gun.

<Bobby> Bobby's drunk brain thought this was the funniest thing ever and he launched another snowball.

<Carol> Carol merrily exploded that one too. Yoda also seemed to enjoy this new game and started yapping.

<Bobby> Yoda bounced in circles and snapped at the flying snow as Bobby kept the balls coming. He could hardly see for his giggling.

<Carol> "I told you my finger guns are better!" There were going to be water marks everywhere in the rec room but it wasn't her job to clean so she didn't really care.

<Bobby> Just a little too excited about all this, Bobby fell off the sofa with a thump.

<Carol> Carol laughed hard at that, rolling off the sofa too and crawling over to him, "Are you okay?"

<Bobby> Yoda was worried too, and was licking Bobby's face. "C-can't breaaaaaathe," he wailed between guffaws.

<Carol> That set her giggling again, "You better figure it out soon - Yoda's freaking out."

<Bobby> "He's just worried where the kibble will come from if I croak, right, Master Yoda?" Bobby rolled over to grab his dog for a hug and tried to get himself under control.

<Carol> "Dogs are supposed to be loyal," the giggling intensified as she reached to ruffle Yoda's ears.

<Bobby> Yoda yapped in confirmation and Bobby lost it again.

<Carol> The disproportionate laughter set Carol off too and trying to hold herself propped up on one elbow on the floor was too much effort now. She flopped over, giggling against Bobby, "You're insane!"

<Bobby> "Nope! They told me I'm over that!" This pronouncement got him giggling again, but he managed to get it under control. "Ahhhhhhh..... wow..."

<Carol> She giggled some more, rolling onto her back with her head resting on his stomach. "Man, if I'd have known blowing shit up was that funny I might have tried a different career."

<Bobby> "Blowing shit up is hilarious, trust me." Bobby nodded. Yoda lost interest and went to investigate Carol.

<Carol> "I guess it depends on the thing," she gave a small laugh then helped Yoda into her lap though if he tried to lick her face now he'd have a boob mountain to scale... which could prove as hilarious as the explosions.

<Bobby> "Weeeeeeeell, yeah... that's true." He frowned, thinking of some things better left forgotten. This called for another drink.

<Carol> "Know what is fun to blow up? Fireworks. We should do that here sometime..." And not get the corgi drunk... she moved her bottle out of licking range.

<Bobby> "Fireworks are fun. I can do aaaaaalmost the same thing with ice." He stared at the ceiling and flash-froze the air in a pattern mimicking fireworks. "Ooooooh, aaaaaah...."

<Carol> She laughed, "We could make our own fireworks if I blow up more snowballs."

<Bobby> "Your wish is my command!" Bobby launched some snowballs.

<Carol> "I didn't mean right now!" She laughed, taking them out anyway while Yoda bounced happily on her. "Ugh, Dog.... don't jump right there."

<Bobby> Bobby just laughed harder. Also, wow... jiggling!

<Carol> Carol steered Yoda off her bladder and stomach, "Now you can jump all you like."

<Bobby> Aw, darn. With no more free show, Bobby worked on taking another drink.

<Carol> Carol lifted a hand and poked the bottom of the glass to tip it up more.

<Bobby> Bobby took a scotch bath. "Alcohol abuse!" he sputtered.

<Carol> She laughed, "I couldn't help myself!"

<Bobby> He sneezed on her and the dog.

<Carol> "Ew!" She flailed and sat up, grabbing a throw cushion and smacking him with it.

<Bobby> "I couldn't help myself," he echoed, cackling and ducking and protecting his booze.

<Carol> She smacked him again, "Jackass. Get 'im, Yoda!"

<Bobby> Yoda licked her face.

<Carol> "... Traitor." She was also rewarded with a Yoda sneeze. "Gah!"

<Bobby> "Bwahahaha! That's my boy!" If he could high-five a dog, he totally would have.

<Carol> Carol picked Yoda up and set him down on Bobby's face.

<Bobby> "Gah!!! Dog ass! Dog ass!" Bobby grabbed his wriggly pet and removed him. He gave Carol a betrayed look.

<Carol> "You sneezed on me! Both of you!" She eyed the bottle, "I could disinfect you with scotch?"

<Bobby> Bobby's lower lip popped out, until he fixed the condition with another drink. "I think I got enough alcohol in my system to be plenty sterile." He frowned. "No, not sterile... sterile's bad..."

<Carol> Carol started laughing again and flopped back onto the floor, curling up on her side this time. "Do I need to tell Paige?"

<Bobby> His frown grew deeper. "I'm not sterile," he said, voice less fuzzy this time.

<Carol> She raised an eyebrow then giggled again, "Dog-ass face."

<Bobby> Bobby snorted. "I do have dog-ass face..." He wrinkled his nose. "Bleh. Need another shower."

<Carol> "Yeah I should probably shower too... because I've been sneezed on a lot." She poked his wrinkled nose in an attempt to unwrinkle it, "At least we can't get sick?"

<Bobby> "Well, I totally can, I can just fix it easy." He looked at the bottle and sighed, then started the process of prying himself off the floor.

<Carol> Carol's attempt to get up was made easier by her flight powers and she offered him a hand.

<Bobby> Bobby was not proud and let her haul him up. This time he stifled his belch in his elbow. "Yeah, wow... that was sexy. Now I remember why I don't drink in front of Paigey... anymore."

<Carol> She laughed, "Guess I better let you get home and shower... and maybe shower Yoda too because he's totally gonna smell like a hobo tomorrow."

<Bobby> "It's like a contact high, right boy?" Bobby bent to ruffle his ears and Yoda yapped and danced. "Yeah, that's what I thought." He sloshed the bottle and stared at it for a second, then handed it back to Carol.

<Carol> Carol took the bottle then flopped back onto the sofa she'd vacated. She'd drink more and shower later. Or pass out on the sofa. One of those.

<Bobby> "Thanks for the booze, babe." He gave her a sloppy salute. "Here's to rescuing ungrateful bastards with an unstable bastard along for the ride!"

<Carol> She held up her bottle by way of a wave, "I will drink to that."
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