1/20 Instance: Escape From Alcatraz

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1/20 Instance: Escape From Alcatraz

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:42 am

<Maverick> Chris groaned a little to himself. If he hadn't told Bobby neither his ex-wife nor Carol would be here and he could have gone all out. Now he had to do it however they wanted. "The place is just up the ways. Dunno what we're going to run into but if the information is right it's some kind of lab."

<Warbird> "I guess we'll see... groundscans are showing some kind of a structure down there so I'm looking for somewhere nearby to set down," Carol glanced over at Bobby, "Can you widen the area scan and look for somewhere flat while I avoid trees?"

<Iceman> "Can do, Tweety-Pie." Bobby adjusted the scanners and looked out the cockpit with his own eyes, searching for patterns of heat.

<Tigra> "Careful with that nickname. Might make me hungry." Greer threw Bobby a grin, adjusting sections of her SHIELD provided clothes for when she shapeshifted. The jet seats weren't especially accomodating to tails.

<Nate> Nate was strapped to a table with his left arm extended. He wore cuffs that disabled his powers as he laid there helpless. The researchers were poking and prodding at his arm doing things to him that were unknown to him. "So what are you doing there?" They just ignored Nate as he spoke and continued with what they were doing.

<Maverick> Chris tried to mentally prepare himself for what was about to happen. He was finally getting to confront some of the people who took him. He was fully powered and he planned on getting some revenge. It took a lot of self control not to freak out so for the most part he ignored their banter and just stared at the ground.

<Iceman> "There," he pointed, shooting Carol the coordinates of a clearing just over a rise. "That should give us a little cover, and easy access. In and out, easy peasy."

<Warbird> "Gotcha." Carol steered them over to the clearing, and set the jet down gently. "Thankyou for flying Air-Danvers... now get out."

<Nate> Nate lay there on the table as they shocked his arm. It sent a surge through his body and disrupted the cuffs that were keeping him strapped to the table and his powers pacified. Feeling his powers return, he wasted no time with words. His stress was certainly high and his power was amplified, maybe the tests they were doing also pushed him even further. Computers, tables, and even people started to buckle in on themselves as he reached out with his power. The person he spoke to was the unlucky one to get the sucker punch with that metal left arm.

<Maverick> Chris got out of the jet quickly, making sure to land hard when he jumped out. He wanted as much energy as possible to storm the place with. They weren't going to know what hit them until after he was done turning them into a bloody pulp. As soon as everyone was out of the ship he started making his way to the building. Chris' plan was to just bust the door in and say hello.

<Tigra> Greer shifted as she got out of her seat and followed her ex-husband quickly to keep an eye on him.

<Warbird> Carol shut off the jet's engines and got out of her seat, taking to the air once she was out. "Someone's in a hurry..."

<Iceman> Bobby used an ice slide to exit the jet and get enough altitude to see what was going on. "Yeaaaah." He looked over at Carol and winked. "Allow me to say it now. I got a bad feeling about this."

<Warbird> "... I hate you."

<Maverick> He wasn't having any of the waiting. The closer he got to the base the more his blood started to boil. As soon as the door to the base was in sight Chris gave himself a few decently hard hits to his leg to boost his energy. He was going to tear straight through the door and cause as much chaos as possible.

<Nate> Nate was lifted the table he was previously strapped to and turned it into a metal scrap ball. He threw it at someone trying to escape the room and turned them into a bloody mess.

<Iceman> Bobby spotted Chris whacking himself and then doing a Koolaid man straight inside. "Whoooboy. See?!" He hurried to catch up.

<Tigra> Greer caught up with Chris easily but the scents rolling off him worried her a little. "Chris... you need to calm down...."

<Warbird> "This goes bad, you owe me scotch, Frosty-Knickers!" Carol looked behind her at the jet before flying on to catch up with them.

<Maverick> "I'm fine." Chris lied. The first person he came in contact with didn't last too long. He quickly put him into the wall obviously breaking a few bones.

<Tigra> Greer frowned; that was not fine.

<Nate> Nate looked over spotting a badge on one of the research folks. He grabed the badge and tossed it across the room to open the door. The guard outside of the door charged in to blast Nate with his rifle and Nate reached out to break the guard's neck. He reached out and collected the gun with the forces and put the strap over his shoulder and started to walk the hallways.

<Iceman> Bobby swore and skidded in behind Chris and Greer. "Dude! Keep your head!" He scanned the hall for security and flash froze a camera - not that they didn't know they were here.

<Maverick> "I'm fine." He lied again, part of him didn't really care. These people needed to pay for what they did to him. Chris made his way down the hall to the first room that looked important. The people they were running into weren't mutants and thus no match for any of them. One of the few did manage to get shots off before Chris picked him up and threw him through a set of double doors.

<Iceman> "I'm fiiiiiine," he mocked. "Gee... now where have I heard that one before?" Bobby threw up an ice wall between Chris and a few of the lackeys before he could do any more harm.

<Nate> Nate walked down the hallway shooting at everyone he came across armed or not. The constant torture of the experiments they performed on him had turned him cold. Armed or not these people were directly or indirectly responsible for his torture. Seeing the man fly through the double doors, Nate unloaded on him. He turned and spotted the group not like the others and had the gun trained on them. "Are here to put me down? I won't go quietly if you are."

<Warbird> Carol put herself between Greer and the bullets as their furry companion was less bullet proof than the rest of them and healed slower. "Uh... we weren't expecting anyone but creepy scientists.... you don't look like a creepy scientist... so... no?"

<Maverick> "They do that to your arm?" Chris let out a sigh pulling the gauntlet off his left arm. "They got me too... little while back. We need to get you out of here before they make you worse."

<Nate> Nate stood there and looked over the group assessing the situation. "Well I don't know half of what they do to me and not like I have a choice.", Nate said with a cold tone. He looked to Chris giving a nod. "Yes they did this to me. You don't think I am going to cut off my own arm off do you? Anyways, lead me out of here. Hopefully your snipers outside will kill me instead of wounding me. I am not going back."

<Tigra> "He's naked..." Greer whispered into Carol's ear.

<Warbird> "Uh-huh. I see that." Carol muttered back, "We don't have any snipers. It's just us.... and I don't need a gun." She aimed her fingergun at a light fixture and fired a small energy blast at it, shattering the bulb. "We're not here to hurt you."

<Iceman> "I think you got us mixed up with the nutcases. We're... nutcases of a different sort, y'know?" Bobby threw up another ice wall to try to keep them isolated from any backup.

<Maverick> "We're the ones who came here to shut this damn hell hole down so they couldn't do this shit to anyone else... Sorry we were a bit too late."

<Nate> Nate looked at them like he was still skeptical of them. "We will see. I guess it is only a matter of time before I'm strapped to another table. I am willing to take the chance as I am out of options. I don't know where the fuck I am."

<Warbird> "Well we can help you get out of here no problem... and get you a blanket for... that..." she gestured at his nether regions.

<Iceman> "Dude, we're not strapping you to anything, but I suggest we get the fuck out!" He looked over his shoulder. "And yeah... we can help you with... pants."

<Maverick> Chris just rolled his eyes, it's like they'd never seen anyone naked before. "We can help you. At the very least we can make sure that doesn't spread... When they rescued me I'd been completely taken over."

<Nate> Nate gave a smirk. "They pay actors now? What, all the parts for war movies taken? Yes I am naked and for the record you are not putting anything on me. I am fine the way I am. I don't want you folks trying to slide some more of those cuffs on me." Looked to Chris. "Now that is a new one. Perhaps you folks are the real thing and I sure do hope so. Now I don't know where I am going so you folks lead the way out."

<Iceman> "New guy's a nudist. Good to know." Bobby gave Carol a nod.

<Warbird> "The fact they're shooting at us should tell you we're not on their side. I work for SHIELD, I can show you my government ID when we get out of here but can we go before they find more guns and people that can aim better?" She gestured for the exit.

<Tigra> "... I hope not." Greer wrinkled her nose at Bobby's comment, "That'd make classes awkward."

<Maverick> "Lets just get out of here... we can give him some clothes later." Chris was starting to get pissed. He came here planning to strike back at those bastards and all they did was rescue one person and beat up a few guards.

<Iceman> "You always forget I work for SHIELD too," he muttered.

<Warbird> "You don't have pants."

<Nate> Nate did not look happy at Warbird. "Well when you are held down and tortured against your will you won't be so quick to trust folk either. Especially since they have done this shit before. You know, come with us we will help you escape. Next thing you know you are in a cage and getting gassed. Now this guy is why I am thinking you are different." Pointed to Chris. "Badges can be duplicated, lies can be told, but hate like that is hard to fake. So less talking and more walking."

<Warbird> "I have been held down and experimented on. You think I'm orange by choice?" She led the way back to the exit, hoping no one would be blocking their way.

<Maverick> Chris started back the way they came leading him back outside. "Thanks?" He rolled his eyes and made a mental note to keep his shielding up when he met new people.

<Nate> Nate wore a smug smirk as he was getting a better feel for the woman. "What you do in the bedroom is your business. Personally I don't think Cheetos belong in certain places, but hey it is not my thing." He followed the Cheetos spokesperson and Chris.

<Warbird> The energy flames on Carol's head intensified along with the glow of energy where her eyes should have been. The guy was on thin ice. Most other people she probably would have punched for that remark and the only thing saving him was that he was currently under their protection.

<Nate> Nate stepped outside and took a sniff of the air. He seemed more relaxed now that he was outside and smelling fresh air. "Well if you are here to put me back under at least you gave me some yard time before you did it. So are we going to hitch hike from here or do you have a ride?" Looked over as Carol's head burst like it did in her anger. Seeming convinced by her display he relaxed a bit more.

<Maverick> "We've got a jet. Come on it's this way. And please don't piss her off... she's going to take it out on me later." Chris sighed.

<Warbird> "I'll try to keep the ride smooth." Carol ground out. She so was not going to do that.

<Iceman> Bobby decided he just could not roll his eyes hard enough for this and made for the jet.

<Nate> Nate looked to Chris. "A jet? Well that is convenient. Oh well, this is the most yard time I have seen since I became an unwilling volenteer. It is worth it. So where is this jet?"

<Warbird> Carol lifted into the air and took off ahead of them to prep the jet for takeoff and try to calm down.

<Tigra> "It's just a little way ahead, over the mound there," Greer pointed, pausing to look back at the building, her ears turning before the rest of her.

<Nate> Nate followed the group back to the jet and climbed in. The gun still slung around his body but his hands had long left it. "I would like to thank you all for what you have done for me. I don't know where I am or my plan beyond getting out. Getting out was priority one."

<Warbird> Carol glanced behind her from her seat, "You're welcome... but can you put the safety on on that gun and put it up in a compartment?" she pointed above his head, "Or give it to Greer or Bobby..." she pointed to both of them, "I don't like guns on my plane."

<Iceman> Bobby shifted back to flesh and occupied himself with running through the takeoff checklist, glancing back over at their new rescue.

<Nate> Nate looked to Carol and then to the gun. "I am not too attached to it anyways. Besides I wouldn't be surprised if it had a tracker of some sort on it." Nate removed the gun from his neck and threw it one handed. It should have only went a few feet but instead it went soaring and vanished. "It is all gone."

<Tigra> Greer ducked the weapon as she came back up the ramp and hit the control to close it, "I guess we'll come back here and see what we can find another time..." She shifted back to her human form and took out a blanket, offering it to Nathan and then showing him how the seatbelts on the jet functioned.

<Nate> Nate took the offered blanket and covered himself. It seemed he trusted them a little more than he did before. He was able to get his seatbelt to work and then made himself comfortable. Once he was left alone Nate relaxed in the chair and quickly drifted off to sleep.
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