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1/20 Instance: Air Force Brats

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:15 am
by Svartfreja
Timelined for a day or so after [Instance]New Girl on Campus.

<Fee> Fee had been eyeing those big doors of the hangar for a few minutes, feeling rather small as she stood before them. Which, standing at a few inches below 6 feet, was a feat in and of itself. The smaller door was just too tempting to resist, giving a sweep of glance around as she approached it... and then slipped on inside.

<Carol> Carol was walking one of the wings of the jet, checking it for scratches after her time off. Rather than do this in her uniform and get it all stained, she had opted for jeans and one of her nerdy shirts and decided that shoes were just too much like hassle. The sound of the door distracted her and she lifted into the air to see over the top of the jet. Oh. New kid.

<Fee> Fee's gaze opened a little wider at the sight of the jet, drinking in the look of the aircraft.. and then a head popped up to gaze at her. "Oh," spoken with startled surprise. "Am I.. allowed to be in here?" she'd then ask, pointing a finger at the floor... as she moved forward and closer to the aircraft, not exactly waiting on a reply.

<Carol> "Yeah... just... don't touch the jet without supervision. It's very expensive." She lowered herself down to the floor then crossed under the jet to the girl. "Learning your way around okay?"

<Fee> Fee couldn't help but smirk a bit at the term 'expensive'. "I bet it is," murmured in remark as her gaze lingered over the craft before returning to focus on the approaching Carol. "Yeah I had a skyward view, but exploring on foot has helped. I still get lost... turned around... but that's happening less and less," words accompanied with a swirling gesture of finger in the air. She moved to step in a complete circle before facing Carol again.

<Carol> "Well... my advice is not to go into the tunnels without another person until you know your way around better or you'll never get out of there." Carol moved around to the back of the jet and lowered the ramp to go on inside.

<Fee> Fee stood there for a moment, appearing mildly confused, as she found herself suddenly alone. "Tunnels?" spoken as she took hurried steps to chase after Carol. "There are tunnels?" asked again, as if to make sure she'd been heard.

<Carol> "Uh-huh. Under the school," Carol called out to her, reappearing at the top of the ramp and gesturing the girl inside. "They used to be for heating and storage... and getting from one building to the other when the weather didn't allow for outside. It's kinda creepy down there though and a lot of kids think it's haunted... but I guess there is a morgue down there so...." she shrugged.

<Fee> Fee slowly walked up the ramp with long steps. "Yeah I've heard someone mention haunted... just never tunnels. Just some abandoned part of a building that use to be an asylum?" taking a guess at what she'd thought she'd heard as she lifted a hand to scratch a few fingers at her scalp. "So you fly... and drive?" memory flowing back to the drive in her not so distant past.

<Carol> "Sometimes I have to drive... I prefer not to if I can help it. I hate it." She sat down in the pilot seat, "I also fly planes.... and yeah... this place used to be the Danvers State Asylum. You should google it. Some areas of the basement tunnels are occupied by labs but the rest is still pretty... crappy."

<Fee> Fee gave a few slow nods of her head as she drank in this information. "Creepy and crumbly... check, check," murmured as her gaze then swept all over the cockpit. "So where does this thing usually fly to? I saw a flier about some sort of community service... something... like aiding places. Red cross style... or something," she'd ramble on. "Handy to have your own plane... Wait... is there a runway here?"

<Carol> "We don't need a runway," Carol looked over her shoulder and gave the girl a smirk, "Vertical takeoff." She patted the control panel, "My baby. This is the plane we use when our help is requested somewhere." Or when they had to rescue students from the crazies. "That community service... which it isn't... is my project."

<Fee> Fee eased to sit in another seat, taking more notice of the control panel as it was gestured to. "Oooh," cooed as things clicked into place within her mind. "It is?" then asked, perking with show of interest. "So what is it... a project?" seeming rather curious to the correction.

<Carol> "Well... SHIELD, who I work for, has an eye on this place... and I figured, while we're involved here, and with a lot of the students showing a tendency toward wanting to use their powers to help other people... it'd make sense to try and teach those students that wanted to how to defend themselves and use their powers in different scenarios then, when they're ready, go with SHIELD to help out those other people."

<Fee> Fee listened in silent interest, and a span of pause followed as she let all of that sink in. "And how do students... find out... these powers? Ones that aren't so obvious like..." letting her words fall away as she gave a sort of wave of her hand behind her head, as if to mimic the presence of flames.

<Carol> "We have a member of staff here whose specialism is mutant genetics... so he can test your DNA and find out for you, assuming he's come across it or something similar in his research before." She turned the chair she was sat on to face the girl, "Would that be something you're interested in?"

<Fee> Fee focused her attention upon Carol as Carol seemed to focus her attention upon her. "The staff member... or your project?" asked before followed swiftly by answer. "Yes. To both of those... actually. The finding out more about me... and using whatever that is with what you're offering."

<Carol> "Well why don't we start with finding out what your mutation is and go from there? But I've read your file and know you have some martial arts training... another of our students does too, actually. If you want someone to spar with, I'm sure she'd be interested." Carol gave the girl a smile.

<Fee> Fee took on a look of mild surprise to the mention of her background. "Wait... I have a file?" seeming mildly alarmed by this, but then as she thought about it... it made sense. "So what else does my file say?" quickly following up with another question. "But yeah... I'd like to spar," added after the fact, in delayed answer to Carol's own question.

<Carol> "It says a lot of things... you can see it if you want. And the woman you're looking for is called Jessica Shaw. She doesn't live on campus but she's around most days, you can put up a notice for her and she'll come find you... or I can go over to her house and tell her you're interested."

<Fee> Fee gave a short hum of consideration, as she drank all of this in, slouching back a bit more into the seat she had claimed. "So I could just show up at her house... and ask her if she wants to throw kicks?" seeming a little skeptical. "Where would I leave a message for her? Unless she doesn't mind random visitors... I wouldn't mind getting off campus, poke around Boston a bit."

<Carol> "I can't give out her address, I'm afraid... but I can go over there myself and talk to her or you can leave a message for her on the notice board outside my office. I would offer to call her but... me and phones lately... not friends."

<Fee> Fee gave a few short nods of her head. "I mean... sure... if you want to say something to her..." spoken as she gave a rolling sort of shrug of her shoulders before lifting a hand to comb fingers through the ends of her hair. "Where is your office... again? The admin building, right?" still working on a mental map of the place, filling in the holes as she went.

<Carol> She nodded, "Central block up there on the hill, first door on your right." She gave Fee another smile, "You'll get the hang of it."

<Fee> Fee flashed Carol a light smile. "I'm getting there, so far I know how to get a few places... mainly my dorm, the recroom... a few other places. Oh. Is there like... a curfew here?" the question popping into her mind. "I know it's probably not like the school I went to, before this... and we're adults here... Just making sure."

<Carol> "Bit hard to enforce a curfew with students that can fly and teleport so no, there isn't," she laughed, "Nothing to worry about there."

<Fee> Fee flashed a smile, and even blushed mildly, feeling a little sheepish as she kicked a foot at the floor. "Well... I was just making sure. I might not be able to teleport or fly... by myself... but I can hail an Uber." Her words followed by a chuckle and then light clearing of her throat. "Thanks for the info. And... what classes do you teach?"

<Carol> "If you can get those guys to come all the way up the drive? I will be really impressed." Carol assured her, "I teach a few things... Gym, Law, Political Science, Miltary and Strategic Studies... best not to ask about that one unless you wanna study it," she shook her head, a small smile on her lips, "We're pretty versatile here."

<Fee> Fee frowned, "Nah I had to walk a ways down there, where they parked," muttered in response to flighty Uber drivers. "Military and Strategic Studies?" echoed, that one seeming to draw her interest. "Why not ask about it? I don't look like the Military type to you? Or maybe there's things in my file that aren't exactly... girl-scout standard." Her lips and nose scrunching a bit as she watched Carol carefully.

<Carol> "It's not most people's idea of fun, analysing tactics and whatever... I have a head for that stuff. According to the aliens, it's in my DNA." She shrugged a shoulder, "Anyway... Uh... I'll talk to Professor Maximoff and he'll come find you to talk about your mutation, okay?" The subject change was not at all subtle.

<Fee> Fee's lips parted as if she wished to say more, lips and tongue forming the start to a sound... but no sound came. Instead a soft look of defeat crossed her features as Carol changed the subject. "Uh.. um, yeah sure. Figuring out my mutation would be good. But..." and there she went, looping right back again anyway. "I like... tactics. I like to think that I'm smart... could be smarter," she'd quickly correct. "At least about that stuff. So... yeah?" looking at her with question.

<Carol> "So it's a subject you'd be interested in studying? I'll add you to our list and send the books to your room with a schedule if you like?" She lifted her hand to run it through her hair out of habit but remembered half way there that she couldn't do that anymore and let the hand fall back into her lap.

<Fee> Fee couldn't help but look with some fascination as Carol's hand smoothed back through her firey 'hair'. "What?" uttered as her gaze drew suddenly more alert, as if someone had flipped a switch. "Uh, yeah. Yeah!" her tone of voice lifting in pitch as if to indicate some excitement to the matter. "Absolutely, I'd love to take a class about it. See if I fit," speech finished off with the flash of a smile.

<Carol> "No problem. Any thoughts on what other classes you'd like to take? If you're not sure I can give you a full schedule and you can just audit some until you find something you're interested in." she offered a small smile.

<Fee> Fee took a breath of consideration, canting her head to one side as one item spoken seemed to especially catch her attention. "You mean I can kind of... sit in... on a class? Wow, that's really... awesome. And helps out so much with the pressure of choosing. I'm sort of a... well I prefer to feel things out first. Habit of mine," offering another soft smile in return.

<Carol> "Of course you can. We kind of sprang this on you and you need time to adjust. The staff here are all pretty easy going on that front too - most of them also used to be students here so they know what it's like. You can talk to them any time. We also have a counsellor onsite if you start to struggle and we encourage everyone to make use of her if they need to. There's no need to suffer in silence."

<Fee> Fee gave a few slow nods of her head as she listened. "Counsellor... that's been mentioned to me, by someone else. I didn't know if he was joking or..." her words trailed off as she gave a shake of her head. "So she kind of just helps find a fit... or there to talk... or all of the above? This was all sprang on me, yes, and I'm adjusting. But it makes me feel a lot better to know I can take my time in choosing classes. I'll look at the schedule and see if there are any others I'd like to try."

<Carol> "Yeah, her name's Cessily Kincaid... and, rather than you hearing it from student gossip, she and I are a thing. She's in the admin block too, same side of the entrance as me but further in. She'll help with whatever you need. She actually teaches a life management skills class... personally I think more students should take that class than do." She offered a small grin.

<Fee> Fee arched dark brows with some surprise, her mouth forming into a small 'o' for a moment as things appeared to click. "Oh... oh, that's nice," spoken before she flashed a smile, because that seemed like a good idea. "That's cool, though. Life management?" seeming a little unsure about the subject matter.

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah, goal setting, time keeping, money management and things like that. Students have a lot of balls in the air, especially students with powers... the class is designed to help you guys keep track of it all." Maybe she could benefit from that class too. A small frown creased her brow.

<Fee> Fee lifted one of her hands to her lips as she idly chewed on the corner of her thumbnail for a brief moment before dropping it again. "Okay..." answered slowly, agreeing to this suggestion in a hesitating sort of way. "I mean. Sure. Doesn't seem like a terrible idea. And a class my Mother would be happy to hear I'm taking, I'm sure. Rather than dance, or something else 'hobby-ish'," the last word uttered with a roll of green eyes.

<Carol> "Well... take my extra curricular class too. I'm sure that'll piss her off if that's your aim. I know all about bad relationships with parents." Her smile slid into a small smirk, "But I guess following my route to maximum levels of pissed off probably wouldn't have the desired effect in your case."

<Fee> Fee returned Carol's smirk with one of her own, a short breath of laughter exiting her lungs as she leaned forward in her seat, visually showing interest. "What other classes?" she just had to ask at this point, her curiosity was too great. "And yeah... my Mom and I don't get along, never really have. Especially after Dad..."

<Fee> Her sentence dropping off as her throat gave a slight jump of swallow followed by a brief shake of her head and deeper breath before she pushed on. "She sent me to some boarding school, I came back and didn't live with her long before I got my own place. Got a job she didn't like, hung out with people she didn't like... It's my life." Her expression taking on a stubborn confidence as she fell quiet again.

<Carol> Carol gave her a small smile, "I haven't lived at home since I joined the Air Force... my dad is the one I have the bad relationship with and it got worse after my brother died. He blamed me... I blame me." She shrugged a shoulder, "He never approved of me joining up - he wanted me to do the housewife thing... which is stupid because he's seen me cook... which basically involves the fire department."

<Fee> Fee grinned and then laughed lightly at Carol's last bit of joke. Leaning to fall back into the back of her chair again, seeming more relaxed than she had been at first. "I... uh," she'd begin, bringing one leg up to rest upon the edge of the chair she sat in, both hands resting low on her shin. "I don't know if I'd fit in with military things... things I've done," spoken as she gave a short shake of her head and refocused upon Carol.

<Carol> "Well the military isn't for everyone... but I don't just work for the Air Force. SHIELD is an altogether different animal. Try out my thing. You might enjoy it. Professor Grant can tell you what it's like working for SHIELD as a civilian too... not that I'm saying you have to work for them to help. But it's an option too." She was now onto babbling. She should shut up.

<Fee> Fee puffed her cheeks out briefly with air as she drank it all in, much thought going on behind those green eyes... breath abruptly let go to rush outward in a puff of air. "So I don't have to do Military-Military... there are other options?" echoed as this bit of information she seemed to chew on for a moment. Chewing on her tongue as she appeared to at least be considering how she might pursue it. "I'd like to learn more," admitted after a moment.

<Carol> "Okay then. I'll send details about that little venture up to your room too." She glanced at the control panel, deciding she should probably at least start on the checks. "Anything else I can do for you while I'm free?"

<Fee> Fee gave a short few shakes of her head to the question, shifting in her seat for a moment before then moving to stand. "No, but thank you. Uh..." uttered as she then abruptly offered out her hand for handshake, seeming like the good thing to do. "I should probably head back, check on Omen, think on classes some more. Thanks for the talk. And I'm still very interested in your classes."

<Carol> "Okay," She smiled and shook the girl's hand, "My door's always open if you want to talk about anything... unless I'm not there but I'm usually pretty easy to find." She stood up to escort her off the jet, "Good luck picking your courses."

<Fee> Fee smiled to the handshake and gave a respectful dip of her chin in parting. "Thanks. See you around," spoken in parting before she made her way out of the hangar and on her way.