1/16 Instance: New Girl on Campus

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1/16 Instance: New Girl on Campus

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<Warren> Warren circled the school a few times. He was done with his classes and just wanted to get a little fresh air in the best way possible. After just a little bit of fooling around flying, he started a fast descent only to flare his wings as he got closer to the ground almost halting himself so he could land.

<Fee> Fee had been rather engrossed with her phone, scrolling a finger at the screen at a map she'd found online. His shadow moved across the shiny screen and caused her to look upwards. She openly gawked at the feat of flight, perhaps even slightly open mouthed. Continued to stare at him as he landed, phone in one hand, standing alone in the middle of the sidewalk like a statue of sorts.

<Warren> Warren noticed her walk right into the statue and had to hold back a laugh. "Oh hey you alright?" He stretched his wings a little before folding them against his back and jogged over to see if she needed help.

<Fee> Fee gave a shake of her head and threw her gaze all around to see if anyone else had seen in. Her attention then turning back to Warren, and taking on a look of embarrassed horror at the sight of him jogging towards her. "Oh my god," blurted quickly as she seemed to quickly debate which way to walk as he gained on her. Taking a few steps in a random direction before stopping to look at her phone again. "Um.. I'm good," she lied, fighting to appear natural.

<Warren> Warren gave her a gentle smile. "If you say so. Sorry if I scared ya, I know people aren't used to the whole flying thing." He tried to think if he'd seen her before or not and quickly stopped when he realized he was staring. "Are you new?"

<Fee> Fee fumbled to stuff her phone in the back pocket of her jeans, though she quickly regretted it as she then had no idea what to do with her hands. "Uh.. yeah. I'm Felicia. Fee. Just Fee," rambled before she cringed a bit at her own words and then chuckled a bit at herself as she gave a slow shake of her head. "Sorry, I've never seen something like that. I'm new around here, yeah. I'm Fee," she introduced herself yet again, this time extending a hand as if to handshake. "And now you -totally- know my name," poking light fun at her own self.

<Warren> "Yeah there's a lot of new things to see around here." Warren gave her a little laugh at the double introduction. "I'm Warren. It's nice to meet you." He wondered a little if the fact that he was shirtless was what was distracting her or if it was the wings. "Though I think just me and Heather have wings. But she can hers go away."

<Fee> Fee tried her best not to stare, though was failing. Her gaze lingering around his chest and shoulder area before she finally managed to tear herself away to instead focus solely on his face. A sort of questioning look upon her face, before his words seemed to catch up with her. "Nice to meet you, Warren. So wings aren't a usual thing. Good to know. Just like me.. walking into things.. isn't a usual thing." Fee then looked around a bit before turning her attention back to him. "Any advice, for someone new like me? Directions.. anything really. Now that I'm here, I really have no idea what I'm doing," admitted somewhat sheepishly.

<Warren> "If you say so." Warren chuckled a little. "Have fun?" He gave her a little shrug. "Classes aren't too hard and as long as you try the teachers are pretty helpful. Isn't college supposed to be a big long party? I could give you a birdseye view if you want." Warren spread his wings wide, flapping just a little to send a gust at her.

<Fee> Fee couldn't help but crack quite the smile at his words, especially at the mention of birdseye view. Blond waves sent to shift around her shoulders at the push of air from his wings. A brief look around before she turned her green eyed focus back upon him. "You're serious.. you'd give me a bird’s eye tour?" Her gaze sweeping his face as if to judge his demeanor.

<Warren> "Sure. I love flying. It's fun! Usually what I do when I'm not in class is just fly around, that or lay around and catch some rays." Warren smiled wide and gave her an obvious once over. "It'd be fun and I promise I won't drop you."

<Fee> Fee couldn't seem to shake her smile, even as she paused to roll her lips together in consideration, that smile still emerged. "Alright," spoken in smooth agreement, after which she took an attempt at deep calming breath, though it wavered with nerves. She took a step closer to him. "No dropping, and you might have a new friend. Deal?" again extending her hand for a shake

<Warren> Warren gave her hand a shake. "Okay but you'll have to get closer than that." He gave her a teasing wink.

<Fee> Fee gave his hand a few up and down motions in shake before slowly recoiling her hand, and easing to stand all the more closer to him. Her breath stilled and her gaze wandered his wings before returning to his eyes. "Ready," spoken not much above a whisper, whether or not her fluttery stomach was ready or not.

<Warren> "Okay turn around or all you'll get to see is me." He waited for her to turn around and wrapped his arms around her. "Okay hold on tight and don't squirm." With a few hard flaps of his wings they started up into the air only a few feet off the ground at first so she could get used to it.

<Fee> Fee slowly turned, and when he wrapped his arms around her, her own hands gripped rather firmly upon his arms. A rather sharp intake of breath was taken as her feet parted from the ground. Followed by a light chuckle at the bit of a rush she'd felt from it. "Roger," spoken in radio speak of understanding. Fingers gripping upon him all the more as she tensed in his hold.

<Warren> "Also have fun! Don't worry I promise you're safe." Warren kept a good hold on her as he started to gain more altitude, taking it slow at first even though he preferred a good bit of speed.

<Fee> Fee's throat would release a small cry of excitement or surprise that some might hear or use near an exciting ride at an amusement park. Watching the ground begin to pull away as they lifted skyward. "Fun, of course." Grinning upon the view that slowly came of growing height. Her stomach still a mess of butterflies, her form a bit tense against him. "This is so cool," cooed in awe of the moment.

<Warren> "I am pretty awesome huh?" Warren teased her knowing that she meant the flying. Once they were up to a good height Warren started off in a large circle around the school grounds. "Just let me know if you get scared and we'll land."

<Fee> Fee grinned down to the view, "Sure," replied in return tease, giving a slight turn of her head as if to sneak a glance back towards him before refocusing her attention to the campus below. "Those are the dorms.. library?.. offices.." named off of the buildings below them. "So much better than Google Earth," followed by a deep grin. "Oh I'm not scared.." though her pounding pulse might say otherwise.

<Warren> "Oh definitely. Plus the scenery changes. Winter flying is pretty awesome but you might get a little cold." He laughed a little. "Want me to go faster then?" Warren sped up just a little.

<Fee> "Good think I packed my jacket. I lived in upstate New York. I'm use to cold," spoken in return before she gave a few nods of her head. "Yeah, faster. Show me what you can do," playfully challenged of him

<Warren> Warren laughed a little. "It's like three times colder up here when I get going fast." He gave a few hard flaps but made sure not to hit top speed yet. "You sure I can go pretty fast." An evil idea started to creep into his mind as he mentally planned out a little roller coaster like flight for her.

<Fee> "True.. altitude," spoken in agreement of his point. She paused as he verified she'd meant what she'd said. "Yes, I'm sure," spoken again as she grinned down upon the college campus below them, the flutter of anxious nerves beginning to be replaced by excitement. She'd seen him swoop a bit in the air, but didn't know at all what it felt like, or all he could do.

<Warren> Warren tightened his grip on her as he gained a little more altitude and started a dive. They quickly went faster and faster before he spread his wings wide and did a few spins and loops.

<Fee> Fee sucked in a sharp breath and let out a long, shrill scream as they dove towards the ground. Fingers desperate to grip onto him tighter, even as he gripped her tighter still. Her scream soon developed into a laugh, and then a hoot of enjoyment as she was hit with such a rush. The wind hitting her face and hair, the view of the ground and then the sky as they twisted and looped. "This is so awesome!" her voice filled with anxious excitement

<Warren> Warren laughed a little with her and did a few more maneuvers before leveling off again. "Enjoy that hmm?"

<Fee> Fee laughed a bit in return. "Better than Six Flags," answered, her fingers still gripping rather tightly upon what she could touch of his arms. "I've never been skydiving, but this has to be better than even that. My mother would kill me if she saw me right now," followed with another laugh. "You ever hang out on rooftops?" she'd then ask of him.

<Warren> "My favorite place. I don't get cold and you can catch a lot of sun. Usually people don't go up there either so you can be alone." Warren started a slow descent towards one of the roofs he'd take some chairs up to. "I could take you a lot higher and just let go so you could see what it's like." He laughed a little so she'd know he was joking.

<Fee> "One thing at a time. I think I've tortured my stomach enough for one afternoon. Or rather.. you have," spoken as she watched the roof growl closer and closer to their feet. "Roofs are nice for quiet time, I'll keep that tip in mind. Though I don't have the handy wings you have. I've kind of always been a little on my own. How about you? Often bring the ladies up here?' the last remark a test of tease.

<Warren> "I just go with the flow. People don't bother me but being alone has it's perks." He laughed a little. "I'm appalled do I look like the kind that kisses and tells?" Warren gave her a little wink to tease her.

<Fee> Fee smirked at him, her green eyes playfully mischievous. "Oh come on now, nice view.. sun, moon or stars. Could be quite the way to show off for a lady. Other than the obvious," teased of him as she then scanned the horizon. "Well if it ever works for you in the future, you're welcome," giving a little teasing sort of gun-point of fingers towards him.

<Warren> Warren just laughed. "I don't think I need help getting girls." He motioned to his well muscled upper body. "And then there's the wings I mean who doesn't want their own personal angel?"

<Fee> Fee let her eyes linger to sweep a sort of figure 8 over his form before returning to attempt to meet his gaze. "You have a point," lips twitching to hint at a mischievous smile, before her expression turned more casually relaxed. "The buff thing," giving a mock flex "The wings thing," giving a sort of wiggle of her fingers in the air before hands would casually rest at her hips. "You've got some things going for you."

<Warren> Warren just laughed a little and sat down in his favorite chair. "I'm starting to think you're flirting with me." He opened his little mini-cooler hoping that there would be a few drinks inside it still and he grinned when there were two. "Want a water?"

<Fee> "Me?" mocked in purr of surprise to his tease, even going as far as touching a hand to her chest. "That's a two way street," said as she approached him and held out a hand to receive the water, and take a seat in another chair upon the roof. "I promise you though. You use my idea.. roof, sunrise or sunset. Some water," lifting the bottle of water with a tease of smile. "You got it made."

<Warren> "Oh really?" Warren winked at her and stared up into the sky. "So I should bring you back out here at night then?"

<Fee> Fee cracked a deep smile and tipped her head back to look skyward as well. "If you want to surprise me, sure. But, Warren, it's not a surprise if you tell me about it first," continuing her casual tease, her gaze then sweeping back down to pause upon him seated in his chair. Pausing her words to lift bottle of water to her lips to take a slow drink.

<Warren> "I never said it'd be tonight." He smirked. "Maybe I'll just fly down and kidnap you." Warren bit his lip a little and gave her a once over as well, she is pretty cute... And me and Cassie are just fooling around. I think. "So do you always flirt with all the sexy angels you meet?"

<Fee> Fee twisted to turn in her seat so she might sit sideways, one arm draped over the back of the chair as her legs draped over an armrest. "Kidnap me? Well now here you go, ruining your surprise plans already," teased before she paused to chew a bit upon her own lip. "Well you're the first -angel- that I've met, so I can't really say -always-. Have quite the high view of yourself, don't you Warren. Well you can fly and all." Cracking a smile at he

<Warren> "See but you keep forgetting the part where I don't tell you where or when." He smirked. "It helps that I'm pretty awesome."

<Fee> Fee tipped her head back and laughed with soft amusement. "Is that so? Mr Awesome Angel.." purred as she continued to give him her full, smiling attention. "Well so am I. You see, I can make some mean drinks.. and I'm pretty lucky. Awesome in my own wingless way. And I can do some other neat 'tricks', just with my feet on the ground. Ready to be amazed?" asked as she set her bottle of water to the roof and moved to stand.

<Warren> "See even alliteration. And here I thought I was the lucky one." Warren watched her get up, "Uhmm sure but good luck, I do live in a school full of mutants and other crazy things."

<Fee> Fee frowned a little but gave a shrug of shoulder. "Oh alright, alright, Mr Awesome. Well since you live around mutants and other awesomes, how about I remind you of the simple beauty of the rest of the world. The world you're missing out on, eh?" asked as she then gave a roll of her shoulders. She then leaned slow and gracefully to her right side. Planting her hands to the roof as her legs swept upwards. She moved into effortlessly balanced handstand, holding for a breath before her legs would slowly lower to a wide side split. Arms bending into more of a low pushup type stance, chin hovering close to the roof as she shifted her balance to lower herself. "Ta-daaa," purred with a grin

<Warren> "Impressive." Warren gave her a little clap. "That is pretty awesome. Guess I'll just be boring and plain with my ability to fly." He stuck his tongue out at her, he wasn't going to mention the fact that he's seen more of the world than most people.

<Fee> Fee returned to her feet with a toss of wavy blonde hair, raking her fingers back through it. Giving a mock bow and then a shrugging roll of her shoulder. "Simple balance, nothing fancy. Give me more space.. or a challenge.. and I can meet it. I might not be able to fly, or have flaming hair, or dressed like an FBI agent, but.. I'm me." She plopped back down into her chair and took a swig of water, her features taking on a troubled sort of expression. "I'm not quite sure if I qualify as 'special' to be here. Among the rest of you. That's more what I'm starting to feel now.. though they said there was something about me.. I don't know.."

<Warren> "FBI Agent?" Warren gave her a confused look. "I'm sure you're great. Maybe your power hasn't manifested yet? Maybe you're just inhumanly attractive?" He gave her a little wink. "Plus if you ever want to fly just ask. I'm awesome like that."

<Fee> Cracked a smile at his confusion. "Yeah.. Mr Suit," spoken as if he should know who she was talking about. "And thanks for the support there," her voice genuine. "Well they did -say- I had the gene. And looks are genetic, aren't they? That's totally it," spoken with a brief roll of green eyes, and a chuckle. "And I just might take you up on that, Warren. Flying me around, making me feel special. Maybe it won't be so bad here, with a handsome friend."

<Warren> "You flatter me." He gave her a warm smile. "And it's my pleasure I mean what guy doesn't want to hang out with a cute gal?"

<Fee> Grinned at him in return. "Well being that you are my only friend here, not that that's a bad thing, looks like you'll be seeing a lot of me. Especially if you plan to kidnap me on the regular," pointing a finger to him as she moved to stand, not seeming to be able to decide if she rather sit or stand. "You're not too bad to look at either, Mr Buff and Shirtless." Making a mock 'fierce' face as she mock flexed.

<Warren> "I'm really starting to think you fancy me." Warren stood up with her. "Want to head back down? You seem a little antsy."

<Fee> "Maybe," murmured as she gave him a once over and then looked to the horizon and then back again. "And I'm not antsy.. I just haven't.. this is all just sinking in," seeming to be at a momentary loss at expressing all she felt. "I mean you have wings.. took me to fly.. brought me up here," pausing words to bite and chew on her lower lip. "You're unreal. This. Is unreal. But here I am," falling quiet as she watched him.

<Warren> "I guess I can understand that. I didn't really have that problem. I've had wings since I was thirteen and my best friend can turn golden." Warren ran a hand through his hair. "I'm pretty sure the school has a counselor if you want to talk to someone about it."

<Fee> "Dumping me on a counselor, I see how it is," murmured in tease before she took casual steps to approach him. "You mean you don't want to hear the boring troubles of a wingless girl you just met? I might not to be able to turn into gold, but I might be able to make you feel like gold. Maybe." Coming to a stop before him as she lightly canted her head to the right. "I like you, Warren. I mean that." spoken with soft sincerity.

<Warren> Warren was definitely flustered now. "I... uhmm well I didn't mean it that way. I just figured they'd be able to help you more." He blushed a little when she said she liked him.

<Fee> Fee would reach out, and if allowed, would rest her hand gently upon his arm, just above the elbow. "I know," spoken soft, her voice not much above a whisper, though they were the only two on the roof. A soft smile meeting her lips as her green eyes drank in the flush of blush. "Bet a counselor can't fly me to a roof top for literally another perspective. You any good at listening?" she'd softly ask

<Warren> "I uhmm can be." Warren bit his lip for a second until he realized what he was doing and gave her a smile. His wings shuddered a little betraying him and showing how flustered he was. Girls that took charge could always get the best of him.

<Fee> Fee chewed a bit upon her own lip before intaking a breath and daring to edge forward such that she might bring herself closer to loop her arms around him for a friendly sort of loose hug. Such a hug wouldn't last long before she'd slowly pull back again. "Good," spoken pleasant and kind. "So you know of any good places you'd recommend a gal go to eat? Any rooftop eateries around?" a casual switch of topic.

<Warren> Warren returned the hug. "Uhmm not really. I haven't been here very long either but I wouldn't mind going exploring." He smiled, getting a little more comfortable with the topic change.

<Fee> Fee perked up a bit with curious interest. "You haven't been here long either? And here you had me feeling like the newest one in town. Which.. technically.. I am," spoken before she'd move a hand to gently nudge her knuckles against his chest. "So any other things other than roofs that have caught your eye around? Small food thing.. other places on campus.." she'd suggest.

<Warren> Warren gave her a little smile. "Well I have been here longer. And there's been a cutie... or two." He gave her a wink. "Well campus is a renovated insane asylum so there's exploring through the unused parts. I haven't really ventured into Boston yet though. Maybe Heather could show us around?"

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods of her head, looking rather curious at the mention of insane asylum, though something then looked like it clicked. "I'm up for a little looking around in abandoned areas, that sounds like something I'd like. Who is Heather? She from around this area I'm guessing?"

<Warren> Warren laughed a little. "Nah she's from Australia. She's my best friend. Convinced me to come here instead of Harvard. But she was here for a semester before I came." Warren gave her a little poke in the side. "Jealous?"

<Fee> Fee swatted the air at his poking finger. "Pfft, no," uttered in defense. "You've been here longer than me, you know more than I do. You're the only person I know. Well..other than Carol and Mr FBI. You can bring as many gals up to the roof as you want. I was the one that gave you the tips, remember? Help you win over the ladies. Muscles and wings might attract, but you'll need more than that to keep them around. You have a girlfriend?"

<Warren> "Nope not as far as I know." He shrugged. "Though I know how you women can be territorial." Warren gave her a wink before chuckling a little.

<Fee> "Not as far as you know?" teased with a chuckle. "Got a gaggle of gals waiting in the wings? Ahaha.. wings," giving him a little bit of an elbow at her cheesy pun. "Territorial? Do girls fight over guys here? If anything, I won't know how to act. I was sent to an all girls school for the last few years of high school. My Mother thought it was a good idea.. things I'd done," spoken before she cleared her throat a bit, catching herself talking about her past.

<Warren> "I don't have a clue. Like I said no girlfriend. I was just teasing you." Warren gave her a one armed hug. "Maybe a cute one could teach me all the ins and outs."

<Fee> Fee allowed her to lean a bit into his one armed hug. "So there's an opening? Taking applications? What are the qualifications. Just.. curious," spoken before she continued with her own. "One of mine is that he doesn't turn me into the cops when he got caught.. doing.. something," spoken as her voice faded out. "Not that I was there, when it happened."

<Warren> "Well submit your application and I'll consider your qualifications. Though I might have to give you a few tests to make sure you're up to code." He laughed. "Ouch... bad experience I guess?"

<Fee> Fee chuckled a bit at his jest. "I might have to," spoken before she gave a roll of her eyes and a soft sigh before she began to give him a glimpse of her past. "I dated a guy once, and we'd done some things.. not so legal things.. and he got busted when breaking into a house. He named me, for a lesser sentence. He ended up.. killing someone.. during the crime. I wasn't any part of that, but my Mother sent me off to a boarding high school."

<Warren> "Better be fast about it before another girl scoops me up." He smirked for a moment. "Damn... that sounds pretty damn horrible."

<Fee> "I saw it happen," admitted in low voice, diverting her gaze downward before lifting it back up again. "I've never told anyone that before. No one," spoken before she'd force herself to smile and divert the topic back to him. "Personal submission. Now that you know one of my secrets. So I can do that.. I keep things to myself. I can get out of tight spaces. Have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Except for that time.."

<Warren> Warren frowned not knowing what to say to that until she changed the subject again. "Well that's good to know but I don't think you've made it to the personal interview stage yet." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Fee> Fee seemed to ease up as the topic moved along, her posture having given away at her discomfort in her own forthcoming of her past. "Rooftop interview session? Well I've aced every job that I've applied for.. not that this is a.. nevermind," spoken with a small sheepish chuckle. "I look forward to getting to know you, Warren. And I'm not just saying that because you're my only friend," doing some tongue sticking out of her own

<Warren> "Unless you plan on using that you should keep that in your mouth." Warren teased her trying to cheer her up again. "Me too. You seem fun enough."

<Fee> Fee lifted a brow. "Was that a threat there, Awesome Wings?" teased as she moved to prod at his chest with a finger before recoiling a step and then attempting to circle around him. "Fun enough? I think that was a compliment," continued in tease as she crisscrossed her feet at her ankles and sent herself to spin around as she closely circled, perhaps even brushing against his wings.

<Warren> Warren shuddered when she brushed his wings. "Awesome wings hmm?" He watched her slowly. "And if it was a threat?"

<Fee> Fee twisted to brush her shoulder against his own as she came to a stop before him once more. "Sticking out my tongue is fairly tame," an ever so slight tease of her tongue past her teeth as she snuck a smile. "And if I don't?"

<Warren> Warren blushed red. "You're trying to make me squirm aren't you?" He bit is lip a little and turned to poke her tongue. "I'm sure I could think of a punishment."

<Fee> Fee couldn't help but crack a smile at his blushing. "A punishment," purred in echo of soft tease. Her head canting to one side as a hand lifted to smooth some of her wavy blonde hair behind an ear. "Well I'm trapped on this roof, no easy escape, at least that I've looked for. So what'll it be?" spoken as she edged closer. Pink tongue again teasing to peek between white teeth as lips teased to smile.

<Warren> "I could always cut it off." He was trying to reign in his blush, but it wasn't going so well. "Or just leave you here. Maybe you'll get lucky and someone will unlock the door and let you down."

<Fee> Fee's green eyes flashed a little wider. "Cut it off? And here I thought you liked to hear me talk. All this time up here, and you haven't even heard me sing yet." For being the only two on the rooftop, they were standing rather close. "So is that a condition of what you look for.. a lady to keep her tongue to herself?" teased in question as she gazed to his eyes. "But I have so much to say.."

<Warren> "That all depends on how she's using it." Warren gave her a little wink, trying to regain control through teasing her.

<Fee> Fee watched him as he spoke, her green eyes drinking in his features just as her ears drank in his words. "Stories.. song.. flattery.. wit.. joking.. teasing.." each word spoken in slow purr, lips taking care to form each. "Preference?" asked in same tone. "Or no speech at all.. What does Warren like?"

<Warren> "Well uhmm talking is fine." He chewed his lip a little and folded his wings in. "You are really enjoying making me squirm aren't you?"

<Fee> Fee let a span of pause flow between them, gaze dropping to his shoulders and folding of wings before gaze flicked upwards once more to meet his own. "Maybe. But you haven't left. Like magnets, almost. I'm curious about you.. and you are of me? Debating.. and still here we are. Talking. And who said you were the only one squirming.." as shift in balance from one foot to the other as she still stood rather close.

<Warren> "Well obviously I'm curious about you. We just met." He gave her a weak smile trying to rationalize things. "And I haven't seen you squirm yet. It's a little frustrating." Warren stuck his tongue out at her even though she was so close.

<Fee> Fee looked at him still with that spark of curiosity as he spoke of frustration. "Not all things are as they appear," spoken softly as one of her hands reached for his own. Warm fingers circling around his wrist she lead his hand closer to the side of her neck. Guiding his hand such that his palm slid to the side of her throat, and his thumb came to rest over her pulse. Such pulse thumped strongly and rapidly beneath the pad of his finger. "See,

<Warren> Warren licked his lips a little. "Uhmm... y...yeah." His wings shuddered a bit, no matter how hard he tried his wings always gave him away. "So..." He didn't move his hand from the side of her neck. A little part of him wondered if he should kiss her.

<Fee> Fee swallowed, a gentle shift of her throat against his thumb. Pulse surging forward at the shift of his wings for a few beats, before returning to its quick rhythm. Standing so close, one may note that such a surge of beat would cause her cheeks to rosen a shade. Her own thumb twitching and then moving to smooth over the back of his hand, remaining in place over his own. "Squirming.. on the inside. Now you know my secret," her words again soft

<Warren> "So you're just cheating." He bit his lip. "These evil things make it hard to hide." Warren pointed back to his wings, "they puff up and move on their own sometimes."

<Fee> Fee cracked a smile at his words, "I don't think they're evil at all. But I'll tell you what.. let's even the score. I can see your wings, they tell me things your lips don't. So why don't I give you the option of feeling my pulse. Wish to know a hint of how I feel? Do this.." her hand guiding his hand away for a moment and then back. A gentle slide of his fingers against her skin, meeting finger tips with goosebumps as his thumb came again to rest on her strong pulse.

<Warren> "I think you're definitely trying to use your feminine wiles against me." He bit his lip still holding his hand on her neck, his own thumb starting to gently rub her skin. "Okay maybe I'm enjoying this too."

<Fee> Fee's eyelashes slowly met at a slow pull of air into her lungs at the smoothing of thumb, before opening again once more to look at him. "If I had wings they'd be surely shuddering to flex right now. What his your thumb telling you?" her words soft and low in volume. Pulse still elevated, skin flushing to warm with softly rosen blush beneath his hand.

<Warren> "That you are too." He leaned in close to her and pressed his lips against hers. Part of him expected her to slap him but he was pretty sure she wanted this too.

<Fee> Fee felt a moment almost of lightheadedness as his lips met her own. Her skin burned hot with flush of blush, fingers twitching to grip tighter upon his wrist as his hand remained in place at her neck. She didn't pull away, but instead shifted her balance forward, as if to linger such a kiss seconds longer before lips would part for breath. She spoke not a word, but eyes opened to look upon him from such close distance.

<Warren> "Uhmm h... hi there." He gave her a little smile. "Sorry I shouldn't have, I mean we just met."

<Fee> Fee's own lips curved into deep smile. "Hi," breathed in whisper of return, before a slow, ever so slight shake of her head would be given. "You're fine. I.. I wouldn't take it back. I don't want to," spoken before another smile met her lips. "I told you rooftops have extraordinary properties. And so do you," purred in soft flattery. "Even before.. that."

<Warren> Warren blushed a bit more. "You are really good at that whole flattery thing." He gave her a big smile. "You're not so bad looking yourself you know that."

<Fee> Fee softly smiled at him. "You said it first.. you're awesome. You made me agree," hand moving forward to smooth her palm low against his shirtless side. "And thank you. For this, for.." her words faded off as her gaze swept skyward and then returned to him. ".. letting me in," she'd finish, before casting another soft smile, tongue moving to moisten her lips as she shyly dropped her gaze to look to a middle point in the center of his chest.

<Warren> "Uhmm sure." He smiled. "Enjoying the feel?" Warren shuddered at the feeling of her hand running across his side.

<Fee> Fee's lungs let slip out a short exhale of amusement to his words. Stealing a glance upward as white teeth caught to snag upon her lower lip. Fee's fingers curved, fingertips towards her own palm as her hand then would run the backs of her fingers in a whisper of touch in a slow glide up and down his side. "Are you?" softly serving his own question back to him to answer.
<Warren> "You can't tell?" He smirked a little before he let a long shudder. "But you didn't answer my question."

<Fee> Fee had let her gaze drop to short distance between them, but his words caused her attention to sweep upward again. Her hand came to a pause, fingers uncurling before fingertips found his skin again. Fingertips leading in a slide against side side, and around to his lower back. "Yes," spoken in soft, direct answer. Fingers again curling, but this time to lightly scratch her nails against bare skin. "Yes I am."

<Warren> "Me too." Warren leaned in to give her another kiss. His hand moving up into her hair to hold her close for the kiss before he broke it off again.

<Fee> Fee still carried the same response to the second kiss as she had the first, even more of a blush seemed to flush to take up more permanent residence on her complexion. Her lips quick to gift him yet another soft smile at end of kiss. The hand to his lower back serving to help edge him close once more as she took her turn in beginning and ending a third press of lips in kiss. Other hand releasing his wrist to instead smooth and take up a place at his shoulder.

<Warren> Warren grinned a little slipping his arms around her. "Well this was a little unexpected."

<Fee> Fee grinned back at him in return, a brief snagging bite of lower lip as she dipped her head and briefly rested her forehead against his skin. "A little," echoed in soft agreement. Her face was briefly hidden against the point where his neck met his shoulder, a soft chuckle passed before she'd bring her attention even with him again. "A pleasant unexpected. Feel free to feel my pulse anytime.. that invitation still remains."

<Warren> "Oh really?" He smirked a little and let a gentle breath come out across her skin. "And if I abuse that privilege?"

<Fee> "Lots of touch, fluttering heart, and a headrush in my future," answered of him, green eyes sparkled with affectionate mischievousness. "In a good way.." added as fingertips played to trace up his lower back.

<Warren> Warren shuddered more, his wings spreading wide. "Sounds like fun." He was a little red but was still enjoying the moment. "Maybe I should give all the girls I meet a little fly around the school." A smile wide on his face so she knew he was teasing her.

<Fee> Fee twisted in her close stance to bump nudge her shoulder against his own. "Well hopefully you'll see me often enough I'll get a few of those flights," answering his tease with one of her own. "I do hope you follow through with your threat of kidnap. Some more time like this with you, I would like. Especially when I get into classes. I might need a little bit of an escape to the heavens."

<Warren> Warren laughed a little. "Maybe. But really classes aren't too hard. If you need help in math classes I can help out." Warren poked at her a little bit. "You sure like touching me don't you?"

<Fee> Fee tickled her fingertips against his skin in response to his tease on touch. "Brings me back down to earth, my flying fellow. And it's comforting, in a way. But I can stop.." moving then to withdraw her hands and hold them by her own shoulders in a mimic of a hands-off gesture.

<Warren> "Well I didn't say I wanted you to stop." Warren pouted a little. "But I guess if there's no more touching you're going to have to hope you're really really lucky or you won't be able to get back down." He flapped a little so he could hover off the ground, acting like he was going to fly away.

<Fee> Fee blinked against the stirring of air with the flap of his great wings, wavy blond hair cast against her shoulders and away from her face. Her arms quick to move forward to grasp and entangle her fingers with his own. "More touch.. in your future. I promise," spoken before she cracked a smile at his teasing, and how the slight liftoff had sent her into a short panic. "You going to take me to the ground with you?"

<Warren> Warren let himself land again. "I guess I could do that for you. Or are you just wanting me to hold you again?" He gave her a little wink and wrapped his arms around her.

<Fee> "Both," spoken in answer as arms circled to wrap around him in return. A deep grin seeming to be permanently etched upon her features. "To infinity and beyond! Or.. at least to my apartment," she spoke as if in words of launch to flight.

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