1/9 Instance: Welcome (back) to the X-men, Jessie Shaw!

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1/9 Instance: Welcome (back) to the X-men, Jessie Shaw!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:05 am

Timelined for the very start of the semester.

<Jessica> It was a little odd being back on the grounds again after so long away but not in a horrible way. Jess settled herself in the recroom with a cup of tea to do some reading for class and absorb the sounds of the building so she could learn the new levels of normal.

<Bobby> Another year, another... well, he actually hoped for another nothing. He didn't want any excitement this year. Bobby grabbed a Dew from the fridge and detoured by the rec room to see what the students were up to.

<Jessica> Jess recognised those footsteps and she dropped her books, vaulted the sofa and pounced Bobby for a hug, "Hi!"

<Bobby> "Jessie!" Bobby oofed, then returned the hug. "Don't pop my Dew, babe!"

<Jessica> Jess laughed and kissed his cheek, "Careful what you say! The walls have ears!"

<Bobby> "Yeah, yours!" He laughed at the kiss, then twisted his head and planted a loud smack on her, too. "And your shark's."

<Jessica> "Well yes... but I meant the unmarried gossipy ears of other students that aren't me." She prodded him in the ribs.

<Bobby> Bobby blew a raspberry. "Whatever," he dismissed, letting go of her to step back and open his bottle. "They can bite me." Bobby considered that. "Not literally."

<Jessica> She giggled, "Yeah, knowing what things were like when I was a student before it's probably better if you add that." She returned to her spot on the sofa and picked up her abandoned textbook from the floor.

<Bobby> "Disclaimers are totally necessary, for sure." Bobby gave her a curious look and then flopped onto the sofa beside her. "What'cha doin'?"

<Jessica> "Being boring and reading for class." She gave him a small grin, finding the slip of paper she was using as a bookmark, she set it between the pages.

<Bobby> "Reading... for class?" He grabbed the book in her hand and turned it to read the title. "Class where?"

<Jessica> "Class here." The grin got bigger.

<Bobby> Bobby allowed his mouth to drop open.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "Surprise!"

<Bobby> "Really? Here?!" He was in serious danger of catching flies now.

<Jessica> "No. On the moon."

<Bobby> With that, he closed his mouth. "Ha. I'm the funny one here, remember?"

<Jessica> She laughed, "Then you should know I wasn't joking the first time I said I'm coming back here to study."

<Bobby> Bobby scooted closer. He looked her over, took a sip of Dew, then looked around. "Um," he whispered. "I know as a faculty member I shouldn't be saying this... but whyyyyy?!"

<Jessica> "Because I'm clearly insane. I missed this place..."

<Bobby> "You clearly, totally are," he laughed. "But, we missed you too." He reached over and ruffled her hair.

<Jessica> "Gah!" She flailed at him. "I was going a little crazy in that house on my own all the time..."

<Bobby> "But you have your babeh, and your shark, and your other shark, and your creepy robot cooking buddy... and Hope." He shuddered dramatically. "And the big shark, too. Unfortunately."

<Jessica> "But they all go out all day... then it's just me and Widget and Sharky... and a baby. Not very stimulating for conversation and there's only so much cleaning I can do. So now we have a nanny and I can go back to school because I never did finish in the first place."

<Bobby> "You have a nanny? Does she wear a French maid costume?" He had to laugh.

<Jessica> She laughed, "No she does not. She's very nice. And a former XU student... and a fellow empath which has been helping me a lot."

<Bobby> "Oh yeah? Who is it?" Bobby was curious now.

<Jessica> "Her name is Meggan," Jess gave him a small smile.

<Bobby> It took a moment, and then a grin lit up his face. "No waaaaay!"

<Jessica> "Yes way. Wanna visit more now?"

<Bobby> "Sure! It'd be great to see her again!" He snickered. "She was always a little weird, which, y'know, saying something for this place, but she was cool."

<Jessica> "She's great with Miriam. And I feel completely confident letting her stay home alone with her."

<Bobby> "Yeah... what about her staying home alone with Shaw?" Bobby would never trust that jackass.

<Jessica> She frowned, "Bobby... he's her dad."

<Bobby> Bobby just stared at her for a minute, wondering if he needed more Mountain Dew. "Wait, he's Meggan's dad too? How's that work?"

<Jessica> "... I thought you meant Miriam. And why wouldn't I trust him to be alone with Meggan?"

<Bobby> "No, I don't mean Miriam, although..." Bobby shuddered dramatically and took another drink, fixing Jess with a flat stare over the bottle. "Babe," he said after a long slurp. "What does Meggan look like these days?"

<Jessica> "Most of the time? Blonde... pretty I guess. Why?"

<Bobby> "You really need to ask why?"

<Jessica> "Yes. I really need to ask why."

<Bobby> "Babe, he's banged half the student body here." Unfortunately. Ew. Even thinking about it made his face screw up a bit.

<Jessica> "While that may be, he's married now. It might have escaped your notice but I've slept with a lot more people than Sebastian has."

<Bobby> That actually made him laugh. "I wouldn't bet on that!"

<Jessica> "You'd looooooose," she prodded him in the ribs.

<Bobby> "I dunno... I've heard stories." Had Meggan ever gone to the Hellfire Club back in the day? He couldn't remember. "In fact, who knows? He might have already hit that once and decide to go in for seconds."

<Jessica> "Bobby!" She smacked him, "He's my husband! He takes his vows seriously!" Except for that time he forgot he was married that she tried not to think about. She smacked Bobby again for reminding her.

<Bobby> "Yeaaaaaah, except for that one time..." Bobby rolled with the first smack, but the second one earned her a "hey, fuck! Ow! You remember you're, like, super strong right?"

<Jessica> "Think before you speak!" He should be grateful she hadn't zapped him.

<Bobby> "Okay, okay!" He still had a hand up to ward her off, and leaned away a little. "That one wasn't his fault. There. I said it."

<Jessica> "No, it wasn't. And he's not going to do that again."

<Bobby> Bobby's eyebrows shot up as he tilted his head. Yeahuh.

<Jessica> She frowned at him and got up from her seat, gathering her books together.

<Bobby> He sighed and sloshed his soda. "Staaaaahp. Fine, I'm sorry, babe."

<Jessica> "I've had this conversation with you before, Bobby..." She paused and looked at him, "Sebastian's my husband and I love him... I wish you'd stop being so determined to see the worst in him."

<Bobby> "At least I made Roguey promise not to kill him during the wedding?" His grin was sheepish.

<Jessica> "Oh she didn't kill him. She did smack him though."

<Bobby> "Yeaaaaah, I heard about that." Bobby winced. "Sorry... I really thought she'd manage to keep her crazy in check."

<Jessica> "It's fine... we used it as an excuse to get nice and drunk."

<Bobby> "Haaaa. Nice. Just glad he's not, like, plotting revenge or some shit."

<Jessica> She shook her head, "Not on her."

<Bobby> "Yeah... not on her." He still wasn't sure about all that. "Anyways, what's your big shark think of you going back to school here?"

<Jessica> "Oh he thinks I'm mad too," she shook her head, "But here I am."

<Bobby> "Wow, we agree on something," he laughed. "Don't let him know."

<Jessica> She giggled, "I'll try not to let it slip."

<Bobby> Bobby gave her a very serious nod, then winked. "Good to have ya back, babe." He dove in for a sideways hug.

<Jessica> She returned the hug, "It's good to be back."
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