1/9 Instance: Not Jehova's Witnesses

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1/9 Instance: Not Jehova's Witnesses

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:57 am

<Carol> "Traffic is worse here than I remember it..." Carol leaned on the horn as a cab tried to cut her off. Not gonna happen! She also managed to avoid a red light. Barely. Glancing at the GPS, she was relieved to see that they were almost at their destination. Now she had to find somewhere to park.

<Christopher> Chris just laughed a little. This was a well needed get away from everything. "Can I hire you as my personal driver?"

<Carol> "Hell no. I hate driving... I'd rather pick you up and throw you to your destination.... that work for you?" She screeched them into a spot before someone else could sneak in there and heard that someone blare their horn at her and stuck her head out of the window, "Too slow!"

<Fee> Meanwhile... Fee was ending her shift at the bar, passing on some info, making sure the inventory was straight, and chatting a bit with co-workers before grabbing her bag and heading out to a waiting Uber. Slamming the door and commencing to pull out her phone and pretending to be busy reading something as the driver took her on the route to her apartment.

<Christopher> Chris couldn't hold back the laughter. "Uhmm well I guess but if you ruin the suit you have to pay to replace it."

<Carol> She closed the window and got out of the car after she shut off the engine, "Come on, let's go find our latest sucker." She looked up and met eyes with someone standing on the sidewalk and openly staring at her, "Take a picture, it'll last longer."

<Christopher> "You know I don't think you should call prospective students suckers." Chris blew the person a kiss.

<Carol> "Why not? You know what goes on at that place..." she locked the car once Chris was out and started for the apartment block. "I think you're all crazy."

<Christopher> "We provide higher education and mastery of mutant powers for free to confused youngsters?" Chris raised an eyebrow at her.

<Carol> "Oh yeah sure... but then there's the world-ending disasters and ptsd you also get for free." She gestured at her face, "Not even the staff are safe."

<Christopher> "Yeah... we don't have the best supervision." Chris sighed. "But what can you do when you only use half your brain and the whole world is out to get you?" He gave her a little shrug.

<Carol> "Hey! I'm awesome supervison!" She gave him a shove. Maybe a little too hard.

<Fee> Fee got out of her Uber, slamming the door and giving a little wave to the driver before slinging her messenger bag over her shoulder. She walked a short distance down the sidewalk, dodging a few pedestrians before pushing on through the door for an apartment building. Drumming up the stairs, beginning to climb the three flights to her apartment... and on past the out of order elevator in the lobby. Hand shoved in her bag to fish out her keys.

<Christopher> Chris caught himself with a laugh, almost falling. "Really now? You've let me date how many students?" He gave her a shove back but it didn't go so well with how much stronger she was.

<Carol> "I didn't let you do anything. I'm not your mother.... and I believe I told you it was stupid." She stopped them in front of the building in question, "Okay, this is the one..." she headed inside and eyed the elevator, "... Guess we're walking. Or you are."

<Christopher> "I have no idea of what you're speaking." Chris feigned ignorance. "Aww you can't carry me?" He gave her his best puppy dog eyes.

<Carol> "I can... but I dont wanna. You'll wrinkle my jacket." She straightened the jacket in question and took off her shoes because the damn things never stayed on when she flew.

<Christopher> "Wiiiimp." Chris followed her up the stairs. "I guess you do look quite fetching in that." He shrugged, "I wouldn't want to mess up your pretty uniform."

<Carol> "Cess likes the uniform a lot." She went up ahead of him, carrying her shoes and floating a foot above the steps.

<Christopher> "You sure? Last I checked, Cess prefered naked." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "Well yeah... but I can't be naked all the time..." She rolled her eyes, not that he could tell. "Okay... fourth floor." Her shoes went back on and she set herself back on the floor, looking left and right to get her bearings before she headed toward the apartment.

<Christopher> "Why not?" He smirked. "It'd make the school a lot more interesting. Plus aren't you bullet proof?"

<Carol> "So not the point," she laughed, stopping outside the door. "Okay, here we are." She raised a hand and carefully knocked.

<Christopher> "I don't see why not. Clothes suck." Chris adjusted his suit a little.

<Fee> Fee popped her head around the corner as she did a few hops to pull her jeans up the rest of the way. Barefeet carrying her towards the door where she peeked through the peephole to the two figures in the hallway. "The hell?" murmured to herself before she opened the door about six inches and peered at the two. "Can I help you?"

<Carol> "Hi," Carol smiled at the girl, "My name's Carol and this is Chris... yes, I'm orange, congratulations on your skills of observation. We'd like to talk to you about something... can we come in?"

<Christopher> "She doesn't bite unless you ask nicely, I promise." Chris gave the girl a warm smile.

<Carol> Carol kicked him.

<Fee> Fee quirked a brow, seeming even more curious about the two, her gaze ping-ponging between the two for a pause. "About... Jesus? Or..?" leaving the question a little open ended. Still holding her stance, fingers curled around the door, holding it in place.

<Christopher> "Oooh baby, harder next time." Chris gave Carol a wink. "Sorry don't mind me I'm a little eccentric. And uhmm not unless you really want to? Actually it's about you. Have you noticed anything weird about yourself recently?" Chris flexed his free arm a little as the energy Carol had given him started to make him glow.

<Carol> "Ignore him. He's an idiot." She extracted a business card with the information of the Danvers Institute on and offered it out to the girl, "You won't have heard of us but we'd like to make you an offer."

<Christopher> "Am not - I have a Masters in Fine Art and Biology." He poked her.

<Fee> Fee eyed the two, quirking a brow. "This is the weirdest..." murmured softly aloud before she took the offered business card, scanning over it before eyeballing the two again. "Fine..." sighed, accompanied with eyeroll as she opened the door and stepped aside. "Carol and Biology Chris," spoken sarcastically as she swept an arm, beckoning them inside.

<Christopher> "So have you ever thought of going to college?" Chris took the invite and headed into the apartment.

<Carol> Carol stepped inside and glanced around briefly before focusing back on the girl... she also smacked Chris. "Slow down, Jeez." She sighed, "Can we sit?"

<Fee> "Sure, have a seat," spoken as she waved a hand towards the couch in the small open living space. Closing the door behind them, and kicking the shoes she'd left in the middle of the floor moreso towards the wall. "College? I'd thought a little about it. Wait... did my Mother send you here?" narrowing her eyes to the two with skepticism, especially the orange Carol.

<Christopher> "Don't mind her, she's a sadist. She gets off on beating me up." Chris let out a little chuckle. "No we've come from a special school for uhmm special people."

<Carol> "Chris! Seriously!" She glared at him, the energy flames on her head intensifying. "We represent a College for mutants, is what he means to say when he's not being an idiot. You ended up on our radar... we came to see if you'd be interested in joining our student body."

<Fee> Fee took a seat in a chair across from the couch she'd offered. A black cat appearing from around a nearby table and hopping into her lap. Her hand going to idly pet the cat before she'd respond. "Mutants?" echoed. "Are you sure you have the right person? I think you've made a mistake. I'm not a mutant. I mean, yea, I've heard things. But you've got the wrong girl."

<Christopher> "It's possible. But I've yet to come across someone we were wrong about. Have you ever noticed anything weird? Not everyone has openly noticeable mutations. One of mine isn't really noticeable at all unless I get hurt. I have a healing mutation."

<Carol> "And mine weren't noticable at all until summer when this happened..." she gestured to her face. "I didn't know I was different until I crashed a plane in the academy." She crossed her legs, "There's a simple enough test we can do to check if you're not sure..."

<Fee> She took a slow breath of consideration, the wheels seeming to turn as she chewed a little on her tongue. "A test? Sure... why not? What is this test exactly," seeming rather skeptical, and growing by the moment. "If it's making killer drinks, I know. Not like... killer... like... I'm going to shut up now," spoken before she cleared her throat. "You were saying?"

<Carol> "Tiny blood test, nothing major." She assured the girl, "Or, if you're not okay with that then we can take a swab but it'll take longer."

<Fee> She shooed the cat off her lap and moved to sit on the edge of her seat. "Tiny blood test, thanks for the clarification," followed by a light laughter of breath and shrug of her shoulder. "Definitely didn't think I'd have this conversation today. Or have flaming Military and Mr FBI show up at my door. I'm totally dreaming right now... but go ahead." She'd then extend her hand, front of wrist upward, towards Carol.

<Carol> Carol shifted to fish in her pocket again and tugged out a small device that looked the sort used to check blood sugar. It was but it had been modified. "I don't usually wear my uniform but everything else clashes." She pressed the pen device to the end of the girls finger to extract a drop of blood. "See? Mostly painless." She applied the end of a strip to the blood then stuck it in the machine.

<Christopher> "I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those cheap suits. I'm a teacher." He smiled.

<Fee> Fee's features cringed ever so slightly to the slight prick of finger, recoiling her hand to suck briefly on such finger before wiping it against her jeans. "Whatever you say, FBI," teased as she flopped backwards to slouch in the chair. "So what it say? I hope I don't have the 'diabeetus'," spoken before a slight cackle of laughter, even curling up further in her chair. Seeming to take all of this with very little seriousness... at least at the moment.

<Carol> "It saaaaays... wait a damn minute." She gave the girl a small smile, before she turned her attention back to the little tumbling hourglass. She gave the device a small shake then offered it to Chris, "Maybe you should hold it. I might be breaking it."

<Christopher> Chris took the device from her. "Why do they even give you electronics? They should know better." He gave it a few minutes to test the sample. "Yup x gene present." Chris offered the device read out for the girl to read.

<Fee> Fee shifted in her chair to sit sideways, legs draped over the armrest. "Oooo, x gene," echoed sarcastically, joined with wiggling fingers for effect. Narrowing her eyes so she could better focus upon the held out device and what it said before flopping back in her chair. "So do I win like... a prize... or something?" asked of the two as she lifted a hand to twist at her hair.

<Carol> "I wasn't thinking I'd have to actually use it or I'd have given it to you before we left." Carol shrugged helplessly, "You win free college... if you want it."

<Christopher> "It's pretty awesome. Plus lots of fun people. And free room and board."

<Fee> Fee seemed to slowly lose her joking demeanor. "Wait... you're for real?" asked as she sat up a bit straighter. "Free. College. Like... actually 'free'." She studied them both again. "No catch? Just free college."

<Carol> "Well... We try to make it catch free but... being a place full of mutants it's kind of a target... It is under SHIELD's guardianship and we do our best."

<Christopher> "Our students' safety is paramount. Education and training on how to use your powers coming next in line."

<Fee> Fee still seemed snagged with skepicism, but gave a few slow nods of her head. "Umm, well," words falling off to quiet as she gave a twist of lips and scrunch of nose. "Alright, I'll bite. Free college, why not? I have powers... still adjusting to this. But okay. And you sure there's no catch?"

<Carol> Carol looked at Chris, wondering if the kid had heard anything she said. "Sure. No catch."

<Fee> Fee gave a few nods of her head before leaning forward to rest her arms upon her knees as she looked at Carol. "Are you... warm? I had to ask. I've seen stuff on the news... just not really live and in person. Though the bar isn't without its characters," rambled on before drumming her fingers on the armrest. "So what happens now... paperwork? And I probably should have asked this... but where is the school?"

<Carol> Her eyebrows went up, "Warm? Uh... I don't get cold... and I can generate heat..." She held out her hand so the girl could touch her if she wanted, "Paperwork is our problem... and the school is about a half hour outside of Boston."

<Christopher> "No catches, just gotta keep to your studies. Wouldn't want to piss off a bunch of super powered teachers would you?" He teased her.

<Fee> She took the opportunity to reach out and poke a finger at Carol's hand before recoiling it again. "Boston?" echoed with some surprise, and then a shrug of her shoulder. "Does this mean you'll pay the penalty of getting out of my lease?" gesturing to the apartment around them. "And yes, sir. FBI sir," giving Chris a little mimic of salute. "When do classes start?"

<Christopher> "I think that can definitely be arranged. I'll just have to talk to the management for you." Chris rolled his eyes at the salute. "Seriously I'm about the furthest from FBI that you can get."

<Carol> "Sure, we can do that or you can keep your apartment and get a job in Boston to pay the rent so you have somewhere to come in the summer if you want. Whichever you decide." She gave the girl a smile. "And technically classes already started but it's the start of the year so catch up won't be a problem... our Summer was kind of busy or we'd have been here earlier. I think you probably saw on the news about the aliens."

<Fee> Fee was quick to point a finger at Chris and look rather pleased with his response. "Thanks, FBI!" purred in thanks, flashing him her most pleasant grin... and sticking with her nicknaming game as she looked to Carol and pointed towards Chris. "See, I knew I liked that guy. I don't need to keep this place. I'm done with New York. I can always find a place in Boston. Can I bring my cat?"

<Carol> "Uh... normally we don't allow pets but as long as she stays in your room I guess it'll be okay...." she glanced at Chris, "I mean... we have two kinda cats walking around anyway...."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed. "Just remember in class it's Mr. Nord." He pulled out his phone and played around with it. "I could always buy the building complex and make you pay rent in good grades." He stuck his tongue out at her. "Yeah... my ex-wife and son are feral mutants."

<Fee> She brightened up at Carol's words. "Awesome, thanks. You hear that Omen?" the last question called out towards the rest of the apartment before turning her attention back to the duo. "He'll stay to my room, sure. And as for good grades. Pfft, have you seen my GPA?" She stood up and bounced a bit upon bare toes excitedly. "Another lucky day. When do I move?"

<Carol> "Um... as soon as you like, I guess? I mean... you could pack a bag and we could drive you up now if you wanted... Any stuff you want to bring, we can pick up for you no problem."

<Christopher> "Oh you should definitely come with us. Watching Carol drive is hilarious!"

<Fee> Fee grinned at the two of them. "Hell yeah, give me a moment. I've been living out of my luggage anyway. Don't judge me," pointing a finger at the two before then spun and jogged on down a short hallway and disappeared into a room. About 15-20 minutes would pass if left alone to pack.

<Carol> Carol turned to look at Chris then punched his arm, "You are so paying for this."

<Christopher> Chris was starting to get a good glow going. "Careful, keep that up and you'll owe me dinner."

<Fee> Three large duffle bags kicked along the floor emerged from her room before she did. A small carry-on type bag hanging from her teeth, purse slung over her shoulder, a massive rolling luggage bag pulled behind with one hand, and small animal carrier in the other. She'd make the slow process of kicking the three duffles along the floor before her as she made her way back to the duo.

<Carol> Carol jumped up to help her with the bags, "I should warn you... I yell a lot in the car." She picked up the three duffle bags effortlessly and took the one from the girl's mouth too.

<Christopher> "I'm telling you it's hilarious." Chris smirked. "She's pretty cute when she goes all road rage." He couldn't hold back laughing at the obvious attempt to fluster Carol.

<Fee> "Thanks," spoken as her mouth was free. Chuckling a bit at Carol's hint at road rage. "Goodbye apartment!" spoken as she briefly looked around and then focused upon Chris. "You'll take care of my lease, and have my bedroom furniture shipped to where I'll be staying, and have the rest of my furniture sold for me, right?" asked as she again flashed him the most charmingly sweet smile she could muster as she worked her way towards the door with roller luggage and a caged Omen in tow.

<Carol> Carol raised her eyebrows at Chris as she followed the girl out the door.

<Christopher> Chris paused for a minute. "I'll handle the cost of the apartment - that I don't mind. But you're an adult, you can handle your own things."

<Fee> Fee smirked but gave a nod towards Chris. "Well I tried. Can't blame me. Pushing my luck, maybe? Oh well... still an awesome day," spoken as she then maneuvered the door open and went out into the hallway. Beginning the task of banging her roller luggage down the stairs behind her, and down to the street below.

<Carol> Carol overtook her when they finally reached the bottom of the stairs so she could lead the way to the car, wondering how she'd been suckered into this.

<Christopher> Chris just followed them down to the car laughing a little to himself. "This school just gets more and more interesting."

<Fee> Luggage was pulled behind her upon its little wheels, Omen giving a little bit of growly fuss from his plastic cage. "This is so fun," remarked aloud, grinning all the way as she followed them on down the street.

<Christopher> "You haven't seen anything yet. Pick up some art classes. First semester with me is metalworking and paintball." He grinned.

<Carol> Carol opened the trunk of the car and put the items she was carrying inside then climbed into the driver's seat. "Let her get settled before you start bribing her."

<Fee> Cast a glance towards Chris at the mention of classes. "Paintball?" echoed with an arched brow. "There any dance classes?" she then couldn't help but ask. She'd leave her rolling luggage beside the bumper of the open trunk and would flash a smile towards Chris followed by a "Please?" as she canted her head towards the heavy luggage, and moved herself to open a door to get into the back seat with her cat.

<Carol> "There's all kinds of classes... and extra curricular stuff too. We've got a long drive ahead of us so we can tell you all about it."

<Christopher> Chris just rolled his eyes. "You're gonna have to stop with the whole puppy dog eyes. You really don't want to burn bridges with the staff." He put the suitcase into the trunk and shut it before going to take his seat up front.

<Fee> Fee got in and wedged Omen's small cage on the floor behind the front passenger seat and took a place to sit behind Carol. "Puppy dog eyes? Oh come on, I just asked you to put my heavy bag in the car. I even said please. It's not like I'm bribing you for extra credit, Mr Professor," spoken to him as he got in the car.

<Christopher> Chris just shook his head with a smile. "Whatever you say missy whatever you say."
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