1/4 Instance: Wishlist

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1/4 Instance: Wishlist

Post by Starfish » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:25 pm

Warren: Warren sat back on the couch in the rec room flipping through channels trying to find something to watch. He wasn't succeeding however, everything he saw he either deemed too boring or he had already seen it.

Cassie: Strolling in, Cassie briefly considered startling Warren again, but decided he was too much fun alive to risk giving him a heart attack. "Hey," she said as she stepped up behind him and put her arms over his shoulders. Just a little bit startle wouldn't do any harm, right?

Christopher: "Hey there Cassie." Warren reached up and rubbed her arm. "What're you up to?"

Cassie: "At the moment? Playing with your hair." She grinned and put her fingers in his hair to tousle it. "You?"

Christopher: "Well I was watching TV." He turned to kiss her. "Now I'm kissing you."

Cassie: Cassie returned the kiss, a smile forming on her lips as she let them linger against his for a moment longer. "I like that change of plans."

Christopher: "Oh do you?" He kissed her a few more times. "Anything else you'd like?"

Cassie: "I could think of a few," Cassie replied, and climbed over the back of the couch to land herself in Warren's lap. "See anything you like?" she asked, putting her arms over his shoulders.

Warren: "I do now." Warren gave her a kiss. "What brings you around today?" He smiled.

Cassie: Cassie grinned in return, then shrugged. "Mostly boredom." She looked over her shoulder at the TV. "Same as you, it seems."

Warren: "You could be studying." He leaned in and gave her neck a playful kiss.

Cassie: "So could you," Cassie replied, a smirk on her lips. "I guess we both agree that that sounds awfully boring."

Warren: "I'm sure we could find a way to make it fun." He poked her nose.

Cassie: Cassie giggled. "I'm sure we could. But you know what would be even more fun? If we skipped the whole studying thing altogether."

Warren: "Oh and what do you have in mind?" Warren wrapped his wings around them so they couldn't be seen.

Cassie: "For starters, we could go someplace a little more exciting," she suggested, leaning against Warren's chest so she could nibble at his neck.

Warren: "Mmm like where?" Warren moved his neck and closed his eyes, just enjoying the attention.

Cassie: "Hm, I don't know." Cassie put on a thoughtful expression. Then her face lit up with a grin. "Oh, you know what I haven't done in ages? Had someone take me shopping."

Warren: Warren just laughed a little. "And why would I want to do that?" He grinned back at her.

Cassie: Cassie grinned and gave him a kiss. "Because you'll get to see me in whatever nice things you buy me."

Warren: "Oh I think I could be okay with that depending on where you wanted to go." Warren kissed her back and moved his wings so they could get up.

Cassie: "Oh, I think you'll like it," Cassie said, and hopped off Warren's lap, taking his hands to pull him off the couch. "It's where I got most of the things I wear."

Warren: Warren got up with her. "Now I'm just curious." He smiled and pulled her in close for another kiss.

Cassie: Holding on to his shoulders, Cassie pulled herself up until her feet left the ground, her lips pressed to his. "Want to take the slow scenic route through the air, or should I just teleport us there?"

Warren: "Hmm how about teleporting." Warren kissed her jaw slowly.

Cassie: "Good choice." Cassie grinned. "We might scare some bystanders this way." She held on close to Warren as she drew close the darkness around them, until it formed an impenetrable black sphere. When the dark veil pulled back again, their surroundings had changed.

Warren: Warren shuddered a little. "You are absolutely terrible sometimes you know that." He kissed her again and then let her go. "So what presents am I buying you? Toys, clothes, new bed?" He gave her a little wink.

Cassie: Cassie snickered. "We haven't managed to grind down my old bed yet, even though it's not for a lack of trying. So I think that can still wait a little. And I already got enough clothes." She took Warren's hand and dragged him towards the obviously adult oriented store. "What I can never have enough of, though, is toys."

Warren: "Oh I'm sure we could find some cute things for you to try on for me." Warren let her lead the way a grin growing on his face.

Cassie: "That's the spirit." She led him into the store, which they almost had entirely to themselves, and proceeded to stroll around the dressed up mannequins. "Let me know when you see something in here that you'd like to see on me instead."

Warren: "Mmm am I allowed to say everything?" He was already blushing.

Cassie: Cassie turned around to give Warren a grin. "Sure, if you can afford it," she replied.

Warren: "I can afford anything and everything you want." Warren planted a kiss on her cheek.

Cassie: "That's good to know." Cassie smiled at Warren, leaning up to return the favour by pressing a kiss to his lips. She then let her gaze wander across the store. "But that doesn't make it any easier to pick something to start with..."

Warren: Warren let out a little chuckle. "You're like a kid in a candy shop. Well you wanted me to get you a collar and leash." He pointed out a few things trying to fend off a blush while doing it.

Cassie: "That's right!" Cassie exclaimed, before skipping off towards the display rack by the wall, only to be faced by more choices. "Ooh, look at these!" She picked up a shiny black leather collar to feel the quality of the fabric. "Or check out this one, it comes with studs."

Warren: Warren laughed a little. "Maybe I shouldn't have brought you here." Warren looked over a few different ones. "This one has attachments." He pointed out one with nipple clamps too.

Cassie: "Oh, nice find." Cassie smirked and picked up the metal collar that came with assorted shiny accessories. "I can see what you like," she added, holding up the clamps so they dangled in front of their chest. "The collar even comes with a lock. It's not cheap, though."

Warren_: "Money doesn't matter beautiful, just pick which you want." Warren did take a quick picture of her holding that one.

Cassie: "Really?" Cassie quickly struck a pose, before bouncing up to press a kiss on his cheek. "You're awesome! I promise you'll get to play with the toys as often as you like." She held up the expensive lockable collar. "Wanna put it on me and see if it fits?"

Warren: "Oh I better." He smirked. "Sure but I think you should keep your clothes on for now." Warren smirked as he took the collar to help put it on her.

Cassie: "I'll try my best," Cassie replied, a grin on her lips as she turned around, tilted her head, and brushed her hair out of the way so Warren could put the collar around her neck and close it with a click, making it fit snug against her skin. "Looks like this one was made for me."

Warren: "It does look good on you." He gave her a kiss. "Do you want it?"

Cassie: After returning the kiss, Cassie smiled up at Warren, while playing with the silver ring attached to the front of her collar. "Thanks," she replied. "I'd really love to."

Warren: "Anything you want." He poked her nose.

Cassie: Standing up on the tips of her toes, Cassie put her arms over Warren's shoulders and gave him a grin. "And to show my gratitude, tonight it's anything you want, as well."

Warren: Warren gave her a big grin. "Well we should get lots of fun things for tonight then." He gave her a kiss. "You should pick some really fun ones."

Cassie: "You're right, we really should." An instant later she had turned and moved on to the next display. "Can't forget matching accessories," she said, holding up a pair of wrist and ankle shackles.

Warren: "You really like being restrained don't you?" He smiled a little as he walked a bit looking at a few things.

Cassie: "How could you tell?" Cassie asked, looking at Warren with a sly grin on her lips. "What can I say? Being a little kinky is just so much fun." She proceeded to play around a bit with a leather whip.

Warren: "Only a little?." He raised an eyebrow to the whip. "I don't think I'm ready for something like that."

Cassie: "No worries, all at your own pace." She laughed and put back the whip, and picked some silver chains for her collar and shackles instead. "See anything you'd like to try out? Don't be shy, just ask away if you see something that tempts you."

Warren: "Heh sorry I've just never well even looked at any of this stuff." He chewed his lip. "Maybe you should grab some things to teach me." Warren slipped his arm around her and kissed her forehead.

Cassie: "Sounds like a plan." Cassie smiled, leaning up to kiss his chin, before a mischievous smile found its way on her face. "Speaking of, want to gag and blindfold me?"

Warren: "I'm sure I could be convinced." He kissed her nose. "If I keep hanging out with you I think I might sprout horns." Warren smirked.

Cassie: Cassie chuckled and slung her arms around him, stroking her hands through his hair as she leaned up for a kiss. "I've always wanted to turn an angel into a little devil."

Warren: "Hmm I don't know how much I'd resist. It might be lots of fun." He kissed her again.

Cassie: "Oh, I promise it will be," Cassie replied, a smirk on her lips. "Bad girls have all the fun."

Warren: "Maybe you should start making your wishlist too." Warren gave her butt a little pinch.

Cassie: Cassie laughed. "You know, I really should," she said, putting an arm around Warren's waist. "Assuming I don't already got one in my mind."

Warren: "Oh, you're going to turn me into some kind of super pervert aren't you?" He grinned and gave her a squeeze.

Cassie: "Hopfully," Cassie replied, revealing a grin as she tilted her head in a coy manner. "But only if you want to. Of course, I can't imagine why you wouldn't, seeing how much fun you're going to have in return?" She leaned up for give him a kiss. "So, should we pay for this, or do you insist I also try on some new underwear?"

Warren: "You can try some new undies too if you want. Also I thought you wanted to get some toys." Warren poked her butt with his wing.

Cassie: "Well, I already got a few," Cassie pointed out, holding up the shackles and chains matching to the new collar around her neck. "Oh, right! I almost forgot!" She grabbed Warren's hand and dragged him along. "It needs a fitting leash, of course."

Warren: Warren laughed a little as she drug him on. "I guess so." He gave her a butt a little squeeze.

Cassie: "Which one would you say looks better?" Cassie asked, turning around while holding up two long leashes. "Silver chain, or classic black leather?"

Warren: "Hmm I think leather." He shrugged a little.

Cassie: Cassie gave both another look, then put the silver one away again. "Yeah, I think you're right. Black is just my colour."

Warren: "It does look very nice on you. Though nothing at all looks good too." Warren blushed a little. "So what're you going to do to earn all this?" He smirked and gave her a little wink.

Cassie: Her lips returned his smirk. "Well, for starters, I thought I'd wear my new gifts to show them off to you - and only my gifts," she replied, while playing with the length of black leather in her hands. "I figured I'd leave the rest to you."

Warren: "Oh yeah?" Warren bit his lip his face getting more red. "I think that could be arranged. I guess you're staying in my room tonight then?"

Cassie: "That was the idea," Cassie replied, putting her arms over Warren's shoulder to clasp her hands in the back of his neck. "I hope you won't mind if I do. It's not like I'd be able to go anywhere else once I've put all these exciting things on."

Warren: "Maybe I should make some room in my closet for you." Warren stuck his tongue out at her.

Cassie: Cassie used the opportunity to flick his tongue with her own. "I like it dark. Though you might have to think of something when people start to wonder about my absence."

Warren: "Oh I'm the good angel they'll never expect me." Warren blushed even more when she flicked his tongue with hers.

Cassie: "Hey, that's true." Cassie giggled. "Who knew being an innocent boyscout could actually pay off." She playfully stroked her hand through his feathers, then strolled off to browse some more.

Warren: Warren shuddered when she played with his feathers, he liked that far more than people knew. "Mhmm especially when no one knows the other side you're creating."

Cassie: She looked back over her shoulder, a grin playing across her lips. "It'll be our exciting little secret."

Warren: "I think I like that. A lot more than you think." He poked her butt.

Cassie: "I can try to imagine, though." Cassie chuckled and leaned back in Warren's embrace. "You can be my angel by day, and devil by night."

Warren: "Mmm are you going to get me horns and a pitchfork." He gave her butt a squeeze.

Cassie: Cassie smirked and wiggled her behind. "I'm pretty sure I've given you at least one horn already."

Warren: "Maybe. We'll have to go back to school for you to find out." He leaned down and gave her a kiss.

Cassie: Reaching up, Cassie put her arms around Warren, closing her eyes as she leaned up into the kiss. "Then I suggest you pay, and then we both can go home and unwrap our gifts."

Warren: "I think that sounds like a good plan." Warren ushered her up to the counter with all their goodies and paid what was owed.

Cassie: Cassie waited for him to pay, then took the bag the cashier handed to her in one hand, and Warren's hand in the other. "Thank you," she said, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek. "So, shall we take the scenic route back this time, or the shortcut again?"

Warren: "Shortcut would be better. I wouldn't want either of us to drop anything we just bought." He was blushing furiously at the counter and wanted to get out of there.

Cassie: "Good thought," Cassie replied, dragging Warren by the hand towards the door and outside. "Besides, the sooner we get home, the sooner we get to unpacking." She pulled him into the alley by the store so they were out of view, before summoning another shadowy portal around them.

Warren: Warren shuddered when the shadow enveloped them. No matter how many times she did that it still threw him off. "You just want me naked don't you?"

Cassie: "Maybe." Cassie smiled and shrugged, dropping her bag on Warren's bed after having teleported them right to his room. "But I know the desire is mutual."

Warren: "I don't know there's some things I want to put on you." He held up the collar.

Cassie: Cassie revealed her excitement with an impish grin, her gaze drifting from the collar up to Warren's face. "I had hoped you'd say that."

Warren: "Mmm I knew you would." Warren started to play with the hem of her shirt.

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