12/31 Instance: Corrupting the Angel

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12/31 Instance: Corrupting the Angel

Post by JackSkulls » Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:15 pm

Timeline Current

<Warren> Warren laid out on the roof, wings splayed out shirt discarded in a pile away from him. He hated shirts but he wore them during class so people wouldn't be uncomfortable. He was a good student but this whole college thing was stressing him out.

<Cassie> "Nice evening, isn't it?" Cassie stepped out of the chimney's shadow, a faint smile on her lips, and raised her head to look at the sky.

<Warren> Warren jumped a little, which with how he was spread out must have seemed like he was having a seizure. "Gah you have got to stop sneaking up on me." He sat up carefully pulling his wings against his back.

<Cassie> "And miss seeing you jump like a startled bird?" She turned towards Warren, her smile transforming into a grin. "Why would I want to do that?"

<Warren> "Cuz one of these days you're gonna make my heart stop and then Heather would be after you for revenge." He smirked. "And you wouldn't get to see me anymore and you know that'd be a loss."

<Cassie> Cassie tilted her head and put on a thoughtful expression, as if to weigh the pros and cons of such a turn of events. "Who knows, I might be willing to take that risk," she replied, another smile playing across her lips. "Then again, you have more to offer than just a nice shape to look at."

<Warren> "Oh I do, but I'm curious as to what you think I have to offer." He stood up and turned to her.

<Cassie> Cassie shrugged, before hopping up onto the parapet. "You're entertaining," she replied, while balancing along its length.

<Warren> "I am quite amazing aren't I?" Warren moved up behind her incase she fell. "You're pretty entertaining yourself.”

<Cassie> "Well, I hope so." Cassie cast a smile over her shoulder, before cartwheeling past Warren and spinning on the spot to face him again. "After all, I'm an entertainer by trade."

<Warren> Warren's eyes popped a little at her cartwheeling. "Are you not worried about falling?”

<Cassie> "Not particularly," Cassie replied, giving Warren a smile, while her feet left the ground to hover a couple inches above it. "Shadows float, remember?"

<Warren> "I did not remember you could do that." Warren gave her a little poke with his wing. "I guess I can't be mad at you for trying to give me a heart attack now."

<Cassie> Cassie snickered. "Any good entertainer gets a little secretive when it comes to their tricks." Her fingers played with the feathers on his wing as her feet touched the ground again. "I still prefer your heart beating, though."

<Warren> Warren shuddered a little, he loved his wings being played with. "I do too, it's quite nice."

<Cassie> She glanced up at Warren's face, biting her dark lips, while her other hand moved to the centre of his chest. "Especially when I can get it to beat faster."

<Warren> "And how do you plan on doing that?" Warren let his wings close her in so she couldn't get away.

<Cassie> A smirk appeared on Cassie's face, her second hand joining the other on Warren's chest. "Oh, I have my ways," she replied, having to get on the tips of her toes so she could stretch far enough to brush her lips against his neck. "As I've said, I'm an entertainer, and pleasing my audience is my passion."

<Warren> "Well it seems you have an audience of one." Warren pulled her into a kiss. "I'm starting to get curious now."

<Cassie> Cassie parted her lips, gently coaxing his tongue into her mouth, and was in no rush to break their kiss. "In that case, you're in for a very special performance," she said, her voice almost a purr, tilting her head to expose her pale neck for him.

<Warren> Warren was slow and gentle with the kiss, he was in no rush either. His wings closed in tight so that she was pushed up against him. "That sounds like a fun way to destress from class."

<Cassie> "That's what I thought, too," Cassie agreed, wrapping her arms around Warren's shoulder, before pulling herself up on his taller body, her legs hooking around his waist.

<Warren> "When did I become a jungle gym?" He grinned and kissed her again.

<Cassie> Cassie pushed her body close against his, her hands on the back of his head, and closed her eyes to savour the sensation of their kiss. "I can get back down again if you'd prefer that," she replied once leaning back, a smirk on her lips, the dark lipstick now glistening with moisture.

<Warren> "Who says I would let you." Warren's arms moved around her body, his hands going to her butt to give it a squeeze.

<Cassie> Cassie sucked in her breath as her body tensed in response, pushing herself up and even closer against Warren's chest. "Looks like the bird caught its prey," she replied, her grin revealing her excitement. "I wonder if he'll carry me off to his nest now."

<Warren> "If I had a nest I might." He gave her another kiss, his hands rubbing and squeezing her backside. "Plus I don't know how you plan on entertaining me. How am I to ever know what kind of stage you'll need." Warren gave her a little wink.

<Cassie> Cassie's grin grew a little bigger, while she squirmed in Warren's embrace. "I started out as a street performer," she replied, in between kissing along his jaw and chin. "I can make any place my stage." She smirked up at him. "Though I don't think we'll need much room for this performance."

<Warren> "Really? And what did you have in mind." Warren turned his head to give her more access. "And what if I want more than that?" His heart was definitely beating faster now, a little from how shy he was but for the most part from how she was turning him on. Cassie was probably the only one he wouldn't be beat red with in a situation like this.

<Cassie> Instead of answering right away, Cassie gave Warren a smile, then leaned closer to press her lips to his, sharing a long, tender kiss, a string of saliva stretched between them as she pulled back again. "This is your special performance," she said, her gaze seeking his eyes. "You can have anything you wish."She dipped her head to flick her tongue across his lips. "Just tell me what you want."

<Warren> "Hmm a million dollars?" Warren smirked and kissed her again. "Surprise me."

<Cassie> Cassie laughed, her fingers playing with Warren's hair. "Afraid I can't help you with the first wish," she said, slowly grinding her body against his chest. "But I'll do my best to fulfil any other you might have." She then tilted her head and bent her back, so she could reach his chest with her mouth, kissing and licking his bare skin.

<Warren> Warren sucked in a breath at the new sensation. "H..hi there. Didn't know you planned on starting up here." His hands lazily squeezed at her butt. He was starting to get more nervous about this situation.

<Cassie> Cassie's head came back up to flick her tongue across Warren's lips, then flashed him a grin. "Well, I can't do much else at the moment. You're the one holding me. If you'd like to take me someplace else, I won't be stopping you."

<Warren> "Where would you like to go?" Warren smiled and gave her neck a few kisses. "Your angelic taxi service here and ready."

<Cassie> Cassie giggled. "Your bed or mine," she said, holding on more tightly. "I don't care as long as we're undisturbed."

<Warren> "Which is closer." He squeezed her butt.

<Cassie> "Mine's just one story down and seven windows to the left from here," Cassie replied, wiggling her behind against Warren's hand. "Off you go, my handsome angelic steed."

<Warren> Warren laughed a little before spreading his wings. "Hold on tight." And off he went taking off into the air first and doing a lap around the building.

<Cassie> "Woohoo!" Cassie laughed as she tilted back her head, viewing the ground and trees dash by upside down while Warren spiralled towards her room. "Let me clear the path," she said, commanding the shadows behind the window to reach out and open it for them.

<Warren> Warren just laughed a little at her excitement. "It's like you've never had me fly you anywhere before." He stuck his tongue out at her as he hovered by the window.

<Cassie> "I don't think it will ever get old to me," Cassie replied, quickly flicking her own tongue at his while he kept poking it out. "Being able to float is one thing, but flying like a bird is so much more amazing." She unwrapped her legs from his hips and climbed through the open window.

<Warren> Warren managed to get into the window without too much effort. "That is the first time I've ever entered through a window."

<Cassie> "Really?" Cassie sauntered backwards so she could watch Warren climb into her room, while commanding the shadows to retreat so he could see a little better inside her place, which she usually preferred to keep in the dark. "I'd have expected someone with wings to do that all the time."

<Warren> "Doors are bigger." Warren smirked. "I'm not a small guy." He managed to get into the room and stretched a little.

<Cassie> A big grin appeared on Cassie's face while she was busy pulling off her black leather boots. "I know," she remarked, stepping closer to Warren on bare feet. "I already noticed the last time I got you out of these." She put her fingers on the button of his trousers to make her point.

<Warren> Warren blushed red. "I...uhmm didn't... thanks?" He slid his arms around her.

<Cassie> "Oh, no need to thank me." Cassie had to tilt her head back in order to look up at Warren, the winged mutant towering above her petite frame. "I believe it's rather I who should be thanking you for sharing that gift with me."

<Warren> "Any uhmm time." He smiled and leaned down to kiss her.

----Time Skip----

<Warren> After some more fun in the bedroom Warren and Cassie began to devise a naughty plan to run to his room in a not so clothed fashion.

<Cassie> "Oh, you might have a point there." She laughed, and slid off his lap, reaching out to take his hands and pull him along with her. "Don't worry, if we're caught, they'll believe me when I say that I made you do it."

<Warren> "Oh so you're just a bad influence hmmm?" He gave her butt a swat with his wing. "Lead the way my naked little boogie girl."

<Cassie> Cassie jumped, but flashed him a grin as she took Warren's hand. "I thought you would have figured that out by now," she said, dragging him along. "It's what I'm best at."

<Warren> Warren let her lead him out of her room. He couldn't believe that he was about to run back to his room with Cassie, both of them naked as jaybirds.

<Cassie> Poking her head out of her room, Cassie looked down either direction of the hallway, before glancing back over her shoulder. "Looks like we're in luck. The coast seems clear. Come on!" She tightened her grip on his hand and started towards the stairs.

<Warren> He shivered when they got into the hall extremely nervous. "You sure we won't get caught?"

<Cassie> Cassie turned her head, looking back over her shoulder again, showing Warren a wry smile. "No, not at all," she answered. "All I said is that it's an exciting idea, never that it was a smart one."

<Warren> Warren blushed red and covered himself with his wings. They were already to the stairs when he heard talking from far behind them, cutting off their chance to just go back. "Looks like we have no choice now!" He darted down the stairs still holding her hand.

<Cassie> "Hey!" Cassie paused, holding him back in the middle of the hallway, so she could reach out and give his feathers a playful tug. "Unfair advantage! If I go uncovered, you will too!"

<Warren> "Ow hey don't pull my feathers." He bit his lip. "F...fine." He spread his wings out revealing he was as naked as her.

<Cassie> "Sorry, but no chickening out now, even if you've got feathers." Cassie snickered and poked out her tongue, then grabbed his hand again to pull him further along. "We gotta cross over to the boys' wing."

<Warren> Warren looked around and quickly pulled her back against the wall when someone walked by. "Shh."

<Cassie> Cassie bit her lip in order to stifle her giggle. This was far too much fun. As they stood huddled together in a corner of the wall, she couldn't resist sneaking her hands between Warren's legs, making good use of the time.

<Warren> "Cassie!" Warren whispered in her ear. "None of that till we get to my room. He looked around and grabbed her hands leading her to the guys dorms quickly. "You're gonna get us caught." He laughed a little.

<Cassie> "I'm just trying to make things a little more exciting." She snickered, jogging behind him. She used the opportunity to squeeze his butt. "Are we there yet?"

<Warren> Warren jumped a little at the squeeze. "You are terrible."

<Cassie> "Maybe." Cassie grinned. "But your dick seems to disagree."

<Warren> "It's opinion doesn't count." He tried to cover his groin, letting go of her hand in the process. "It's just a bit further. I'm top floor." He led her up the stairs to his room.

<Cassie> "I should have guessed. Seems fitting." Cassie skipped up the stairs, staying right behind Warren all the way. "Alright, take me to your nest."

<Warren> "I'm not a bird missy, I'm an angel." He turned around and stuck his tongue out at her as he breathed a sigh of relief when the door to his room appeared in the distance.

<Cassie> "Not after what we did in my room." She gave him a wink in return.

<Warren> "Fallen angels are still angels." He opened the door and gave her butt a spank as she went in.

<Cassie> Cassie let out a little squeak as she jumped. "Okay, that's a fair point," she conceded, already sauntering through Warren's room to let herself fall on his bed. "When you describe it like that, I get even more eager to corrupt your innocence."

<Warren> "I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about that." Warren shut the door and walked over to her. "And how would you go about corrupting me?"

<Cassie> Reclining on Warren's bed, Cassie tilted her head and looked his naked body up and down, a wry smile on her lips. "From personal experience I have found that temptation works best."

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