12/21 Instance: Out of the Closet

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12/21 Instance: Out of the Closet

Post by Slarti » Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:07 am

Timelined around the start of the school year

<Paige> It had been ages since Paige had a pair of heelys... but she did now! Laced up and ready to roll, Paige slid off down the nearest hallway. "Wheeee!!!!" Okay this was awesome! She was so taking these to work tomorrow.

<Shaw> Sebastian heard a curious noise outside his school office, and wondered what student was causing such a ruckus. Setting aside his lesson plan, he went to the door and, seeing nothing down this hall, followed the sound to the next cross hall.

<Paige> A petite blonde whirred by again letting out another, "Wheeee!!!!"

<Shaw> Was that... "Paige?" Sebastian took a step back before she crashed into him, turning and watching her speeding backside.

<Paige> It registered that she knew the face she had just sped by. How did she stop in these things again? Oh right. Paige got herself turned back around and wheeled over to Sebastian. "Hi!!!"

<Shaw> "Well, hello, my dear." He started to reach to catch her, but she seemed more or less able to stop herself. "I see you're... busy."

<Paige> "Hi Cookie!" Paige grinned at him. "How are you?" She pounced on him for a hug.

<Shaw> "I'm fine, thank you." He laughed and bent down into the tight hug. "How are you? Did you have a good summer?"

<Paige> "It was the best! We had the BEST honeymoon EVER!" She gave him an extra squeeze before pulling back a bit.

<Shaw> "Good," he chuckled at the squeeze. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Paris is lovely in the summer. Though, a bit crowded for my tastes most days."

<Paige> "We didn't mind it so much. We even put a lock with our names on it on the bridge. You know the bridge. The one with all the locks!" She grinned at him.

<Shaw> "Yes, indeed... the one with all the locks." He couldn't help but keep chuckling. Paige never changed. It was refreshing.

<Paige> "Yeah! I knew you'd know the one. But the food there was... a bit much. We had to hunt down McDonald's." Paige giggled. "Speaking of food, are you hungry!?"

<Shaw> "You went to McDonald's? In Paris." He shouldn't have been surprised. Really. But then, she distracted him. "It is past lunch time, isn't it?" Sebastian pulled his phone from his jean pocket to check the time and for any messages.

<Paige> Her eyes followed the movement before going back up to his face. "Then that's a yes! Come on!" She took his arm and started to lead him toward her home.

<Shaw> Sebastian allowed himself to be dragged, stuffing the phone back into his pocket. "If you insist." He was still chuckling. It was infectious around her.

<Paige> "I always insist!" She giggled at him again. "I've got some cookie dough and a waffle maker and I can make some batter or I can fry some chicken... or what do you feel like?"

<Shaw> Trying desperately to follow the meandering route of Paige's thoughts, Sebastian just smiled. "Cookie waffles?"

<Paige> She gave a slight gasp. "YES! Yes we need cookie waffles!!! With ice cream!"

<Shaw> Oh. Well. He nodded. "Of course!"

<Paige> "With whipped cream! And chocolate syrup!"

<Shaw> "Do you, by chance, have any of that cake vodka?" He had a sneaking suspicion he'd need it as she continued to drag him by a hand.

<Paige> "Weelllll... we don't typically keep it in the house anymore... buuuuut..." she gave him a sneaky grin, "I have some hidden."

<Shaw> "How delightfully devious of you, my dear Paige." Sebastian paused at the door of their on-campus apartment. "Where is Mr. Drake?"

<Paige> "Oh he had to work," she dug in her pocket for her apartment key, releasing Sebastian so she could unlock the door and let them him. "After yoooou!"

<Shaw> "Why, thank you." He took a casual look around their living room. "You've done a great job, considering the restraints of the space."

<Paige> Laughing, Paige headed for the kitchen. "Thanks! Bobby makes sure everything is perfect." She thought back to how he had created them a bedroom together all those months ago. Her face flushed as she smiled at the memory.

<Shaw> "How thoughtful of him," he said, managing to keep an entirely straight face.

<Paige> "He's the best," she emphasized and pulled the cookie dough from the fridge.

<Shaw> "Mmm." He cast about for ideas for a moment, finally seizing upon one. "Hope is quite fond of him. Although I think, in part, because she can sway him to her side."

<Paige> "Can't she manage to do that to everyone?" Paige asked, laughing. She set the cookie dough on the counter and began searching for the waffle maker.

<Shaw> "Well, you have a point there. She's done it to me more often than I'd like to admit." He glanced around their small kitchen. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

<Paige> "Oh don't be silly! You just relax. I just need to find the waffle maker." She kept looking, opening cabinets and digging through them.

<Shaw> "If you're sure." He moved aside a few times, feeling like an over-large obstruction in her way.

<Paige> She paused, hands on her hips, and staring around the kitchen. "Where in the world is it?" She laughed a little. "Oh!" She took off for the hall closet. "I think I shoved it up here because we don't use it very often." Or never. Had they even opened it?

<Shaw> Sebastian leaned out the door to look down the hall at her. "Love, there's no need to go to all this trouble."

<Paige> Paige paused and blinked at him a bit. "What trouble?"

<Shaw> "You're disassembling your closet." He followed her down the hall, taking a peek inside. Dear God, how did they fit so much in there? Was that a lightsaber?

<Paige> "Don't be silly!" Paige waved him off, grabbing a bar stool to climb on. "Waffle cookie sundaes are happening!"

<Shaw> "Careful, love." He took the stool from her, cocking his head. "Where is it? I can probably reach it."

<Paige> "Now, you're the guest. I'll do the fetching," she grinned at him, letting him carry it though.

<Shaw> "The fetching?" He laughed at her accent. "At least let me help. We can't have you hurting yourself."

<Paige> Now she did think that over. He was right. Bobby would be veerrryyy unhappy if she got hurt. "Okay sounds like a plan!"

<Shaw> "Excellent." He put the stool down and looked up into the closet. "Where is it?"

<Paige> "Ohhhh somewhere up there," Paige grinned and kicked her shoes off before climbing up on the stool.

<Shaw> "Right. Of course." He steadied the stool, his hand hovering near her back as she balanced on the rickety thing.

<Paige> And blankets and some pillows were the first to go flying. "It's got to be up here somewhere."

<Shaw> Sebastian lunged to catch a pillow as it fell, but gave up to keep Paige on the stool. "Careful, love."

<Paige> "Such a worry wart," she teased, continuing to dig.

<Shaw> "Well, yes, in this case." He was not explaining to Drake that he let his wife fall off a bar stool.

<Bobby> Wow, it had been a loooong morning of meetings and meetings and more meetings. And most of them were with Fury. Blah. Bobby sighed as he walked down the hall. Almost home.

<Paige> "Awwww you're sweet," Paige grinned, using her tiptoes. "I think I see it!"

<Shaw> "Well, I do try." Sometimes. Paige was leaning precariously and he winced, placing a hand on her hip to steady her.

<Paige> "Do you try? I think you're just a big softie!" Giggling, Paige stretched to reach the box at the very back of the closet, letting out a bit of a squeak.

<Shaw> "Careful!" Sebastian let go of the stool entirely to grab her hips.

<Bobby> That damn key was sticking again, but finally he got the door unlocked and went inside, just in time to hear a male voice and a... squeal?

<Paige> "Almost.... there...." She squinted a bit as her fingertips touched the box.

<Shaw> "Quick, before-" The blanket she'd dislodged earlier hit him in the face. Sebastian grunted, his hands tightening around her hips.

<Bobby> Whaaaaaat? Bobby started down the hall, terrified of what he might see, but he didn't get as far as their bedroom.

<Paige> "I got it!!!" Paige cheered, right as the bar stool, wobbly as it was, finally tipped. There might have been a high pitched squeal/scream. She was forced to let go of the box as she fell.

<Bobby> "The fuck is going on!?" All he saw was Sharky's hands on his wife's ass, a bar stool, and then a avalanche of stuff.

<Shaw> Sebastian managed to take the brunt of the impact, cradling Paige in his arms when they went down. Unfortunately, the pointed corner of the waffle iron box hit him right in the temple. He swore.

<Paige> A bit winded and surprised, Paige blinked. "I'm alive!" She was alive. And not hurt. And then she registered A very unhappy Bobby. Bobby! "Bobby!"

<Shaw> "You are!" She wasn't heavy, but a Paige on his diaphragm was still not entirely pleasant, plus along with the buzz of the impact he had a waffle headache, without benefit of waffles.

<Bobby> "Paige..." He looked at the mess, rendered semi-speechless. "This..." It was Shaw's fault, somehow. "Are you okay?"

<Paige> "Yeah I'm... Oh no! Cookie!" Paige squirmed to get turned around so she could check on him. "Are you okay!?"

<Bobby> That nickname again. "Oh, I'm sure Sharky's just fine."

<Shaw> "Quite well," he choked out, realizing he was still holding her and letting go quickly. She needed to stop squirming.

<Paige> "Maybe I should have let you help..." she conceded, pushing herself to her feet.

<Bobby> "Help what? Because... um, what the heeeeaaack," he caught this one.

<Shaw> "Indeed, I did say." Now he was in a pile of blankets and towels. He reached for the waffle iron box and held it up to Paige.

<Paige> "Cookie waffles!" Paige took the box and held it up to Bobby proudly.

<Bobby> He stared at the box. "Why are you doing Twister with Sharky in a clos-" Wait. Cookie waffles? "Yeahbuwha?"

<Shaw> Drake looked irritated, and Sebastian felt the floor was likely the best place for him to stay if he wished to avoid conflict.

<Paige> "Twister? Oh we should play Twister later! We can order pizza and everything!" She glanced back at the box, then up at Bobby again. "I'm making cookie waffles... or waffle cookies... or something delicious! With ice cream..." she set the waffle maker down so she could pull Bobby into a hug. "And sprinkles and chocolate syrup!"

<Bobby> "We are not playing Twister with him!" Bobby pointed at the offending man on the floor.

<Shaw> Well, that was a relief.

<Paige> "Well okay. We don't have to play Twister. We could play Monopoly or something." She caught his pointing hand in her own hand, bringing it to her lips for a kiss.

<Shaw> Sebastian started to pick himself up from the floor, carefully shifting towels and blankets. Something was digging into his back and he fished it out and looked at it. Batman?

<Paige> Paige tried smiling up at Bobby, but he was clearly not happy. "Or cards... or... I don't know."

<Bobby> Paige was giving him that look, with the big eyes. He deflated with a sigh and linked their fingers together. "What am I gonna do with you?"

<Paige> Paige just grinned up at Bobby, squeezing his hand. "Ohhh I don't know...." she told him playfully, biting her lower lip as her face flushed.

<Shaw> Sebastian's long nose wrinkled at this exchange. He straightened up as much of the debris as he could, attempting to stay quiet, because he preferred Drake's attention stay on Paige, frankly.

<Paige> Smiling more at Bobby, Paige moved to nestle into him, forgetting about Sebastian. "I'm glad you're home."

<Bobby> "So am I... but..." He totally hadn't forgotten the giant shark in the room, and looked over Paige's head at him. "You brought home a stray. What've I told ya about that?"

<Paige> "A... Oh! Cookie! We were baking!" With that, Paige left Bobby to pick up the waffle maker and bounce off to the kitchen. "Are they cookie waffles? Or waffle cookies?!"

<Shaw> "Paige, dear, perhaps I'll take a rain check on your culinary experiment." He finished straightening his clothes and gave Drake a wary look.

<Bobby> "Sounds good, Sharky," he said, dismissing Shaw with a face and starting to follow Paige.

<Paige> "But.... but our cookies... How about I send one with you?!" Paige suggested as she opened the waffle maker box.

<Shaw> Sebastian found himself trailing them both. Paige sounded sad, and that was never a good thing. "I don't want to be an imposition," he started.

<Paige> "You're hardly an imposition!" Paige waved him off and turned the waffle iron on. "Tell him, Bobberz."

<Bobby> "I think he knows better, babe," he said with a strained grin, eyeballing the shark.

<Shaw> "Indeed." Sebastian smirked. "You do realize I was ensuring your bride didn't injure herself trying to retrieve her appliance from that death trap of a closet, yes?"

<Bobby> "Mmmm, yeah." Bobby opened the fridge and snatched himself a Dew. "The view was just a perk of the job, right?" And he totally wasn't forgetting those hands on his wife's ass.

<Paige> Paige just shook her head at them and got some cookie dough onto the hot waffle maker. "This won't take long!"

<Shaw> Sebastian waited until Drake turned around to look at him before he gave a sharp grin and shrugged one shoulder. He would neither confirm, nor deny.

<Bobby> Making a disgusted noise, Bobby opened his drink. "Make sure ya mash Cookie's cookies extra flat, babe." Although, knowing Shaw, he might like that.

<Paige> "Uhhh sure?" Paige giggled and closed the waffle iron. "Maybe it'll hold the ice cream better!"

<Bobby> "Yeah, there ya go... some ice would help that too..."

<Paige> "Oh Bobby," Paige giggled at him. "You think ice helps everything!"

<Bobby> "Ain't nothing as cool as ice." He jumped up on the counter, pointedly sitting right next to his Paigey.

<Shaw> Sebastian stifled a chortle.

<Paige> His joke made Paige giggle and grin up at him. "Nope! Nothing as cool as ice!"

<Shaw> "Perhaps liquid nitrogen," he considered, tilting his head to study the ceiling.

<Paige> "Isn't that dry iiiiiiiiiiiccccceeeee?" She grinned over at Sebastian before checking on the cookie.

<Shaw> "Actually, no. Dry ice is carbon dioxide, love." He crossed his arms, leaning against the doorway. "Nitrogen is colder, as is liquid helium."

<Bobby> "When did this turn into a science lesson?" She was smiling at the shark again. Blah. Unacceptable.

<Paige> "Really?! That's super... coooool!" Paige giggled at her own joke.

<Bobby> He couldn't help it. Bobby giggled, turning back to Paige. "Good one, babe!"

<Shaw> Sebastian cracked a smirk. They truly were made for one another.

<Paige> Giggling, Paige leaned up on her tippy toes to give Bobby a kiss.

<Shaw> Perhaps he should start looking for that cake vodka?

<Paige> After lingering for only a moment, Paige checked the cookie again. "I thiiiiink... it's ready!" She looked for the spatula and a paper towel.

<Shaw> "Oh?" Sebastian had to admit he was curious about this cookie waffle nonsense, so he pushed off the wall to look over Paige's shoulder.

<Shaw> The fact that it irritated Drake was merely a happy coincidence.

<Paige> She flipped it carefully onto the napkin with some flourish. "Ta da!"

<Shaw> "Well done, my dear," he said, congratulating her with a hand on her shoulder. It actually smelled decent, and looked like a ...waffle cookie.

<Bobby> He was touching her now. Bobby muttered to himself and took another drink.

<Paige> With a smile up at Sebastian, Paige presented him with his dessert. "You might want to add the ice cream at home... it'll melt all over your car!"

<Bobby> "Would hate for you to make a mess..." Bobby smirked from the counter, reaching over to the cookie dough to have a taste of the raw stuff. It was always better raw!

<Shaw> "Oh, I only do that when appropriate." Sebastian carefully accepted the warm gift and pinched off a corner to sample it. The sound of pleasure he made at the bite was obscene, and he kept his eyes on Paige. "Wonderful, my dear," he said, pitching his voice lower.

<Paige> Face bright red, Paige ducked her gaze. "I'm glad it turned out good."

<Shaw> Sebastian's gaze flicked to Drake, who looked caught between gobsmacked and infuriated. Excellent! Time to go. He grinned at Paige and winked. "It is quite good. Thank you." He covered the cookie creation with the towel. "We'll have to try that at home sometime."

<Paige> She tucked a bit of blonde hair behind her ear, and tried to smile normally. "Yes you should."

<Shaw> "Enjoy your day," he said, nodding at them both as he turned to go.

<Bobby> Oh, he was so telling Jess about this. Fucking shark.

<Paige> "We will, Cookie. Byyyye!" Paige bounced after him to lock the door.

<Bobby> "Triple lock it," he yelled from the kitchen.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled to himself on the way down the hall.

<Paige> Door locked, Paige leaned against the door for a moment to compose herself. What in the world just happened? "Ready for more cookies?!"

<Bobby> "Heck yeah!" And then, they were cleaning out that closet.

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