3/12 Instance: Best. Wedding. Ever!

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3/12 Instance: Best. Wedding. Ever!

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:15 pm

Timelined Saturday, May 19, 2018

<Bobby> Bobby Drake had a problem. Here he was, in a gorgeous hotel (that he totally could never afford on his own), with his gorgeous bride (who was giggling in his arms), and he needed another set of arms. If he wanted to get the door open, he needed to put her down. Dun wanna.

<Bobby> He stopped just outside the swank door -- could a door be swank? because this one totally was -- and grinned down at the blonde in his arms. "I wish one of us had teke right now."

<Paige> Now that was a great idea! Too bad neither of them had that power. Paige giggled and nuzzled his cheek, kissing it softly. "Where's the key? I think I can get it."

<Bobby> "Mmmmm, my pocket." He waggled his brows at her and ramped up the grin, catching her lips for a quick kiss.

<Paige> "Yes!" She got out before her lips were covered in a kiss. Carefully, she leaned down and slid her hand into that pocket, enjoying the hunt for the key.

<Bobby> He was enjoying that hunt too, and closed his eyes. "A little to the left..."

<Paige> It was impossible not to smile in the kiss, moving her hand just enough to slip her fingers around the key. She pulled it out ever so slowly, savoring his kiss.

<Bobby> "Aww," he said, breaking the kiss to meet her gaze in mock disappointment. Bobby leaned in to the door, crouching a little so she wouldn't have to stretch.

<Paige> She turned her head to see what she was doing, sliding the key into the scanner. A green light was her reward, as well as the soft sound of a click as the lock released. She turned the handle and shoved the door open for them. "Here we go!"

<Bobby> "Woo, technology! We mastered it, Mrs. Drake!" He paused for just a moment to let the door swing open, then took a ceremonial step over the threshold, planting another kiss when they were inside.

<Paige> She kissed him, then broke it to stare at him. A slow smile spread across her face. "I'm your wife...."

<Bobby> "You aaaaare." He returned the smile, his eyes softening.

<Paige> Face flushing bright pink, Paige tightened her grip on his neck and buried her face into him. She had signed the certificate, but still couldn't quite believe it was real. "I can't believe it!"

<Bobby> "Yeah," he said, turning to kick the door closed. "I get that... me neither..." Bobby bent his head to nuzzle into her elaborate, curly blonde hair. She smelled sweet.

<Paige> She giggled at his nuzzle and placed soft kisses on him. "Mr. Drake... you have made me the happiest woman in the world! I snagged Bobby Drake!" She squealed softly.

<Bobby> "You so totally have to be meant for me to think I'm a prize." He laughed at her high-pitched squeak and spun them around in a circle, then turned to head into the suite. Wow. Suite. He whistled low. "Snazzy."

<Paige> "I was meant for you!" she planted playful kisses on him. "My Bobby! My wonderful, amazing husband."

<Bobby> "Awww, babe..." He laughed, this time more genuinely, and turned her to see the room. "Lookie. Niiiice, huh?"

<Paige> "Ooohhhhh..." she smiled at the room, distracted for the moment. "This is so fancy!"

<Bobby> "I know right? I'm impressed!" He started for the sofa. "Let's play Xbox!"

<Paige> "That's reeeeeally what you want to do on our wedding night?" she asked him, grinning as she was carried.

<Bobby> "Well sure, do you see the size of that TV?" Sometimes, he couldn't tell if she was really just playing along or really just too nice to tell him no.

<Paige> How could she say no to that face? Giggling, she nuzzled his cheek. "Okay! I want to be someone pink."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed, shaking his head and giving her a fast kiss. "Babe, I'm just teasing," he said, turning for the bedroom.

<Paige> She wrinkled her nose at him. "But... we can play later?"

<Bobby> "We can totally play later." He kissed that wrinkled nose. "And now!" Once in the room, he deposited her on the bed in her puff of white dress, then just stepped back to admire.

<Paige> Laughing now, Paige propped herself up on her elbows, admiring her brand new husband in front of her. Wow he was so cute! Her face flushed as she bit her lower lip, averting her eyes from him.

<Bobby> Bobby reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of pink chocolate candies, popping a couple into his mouth and shaking the rest in his palm as he watched her on the bed.

<Paige> The noise caught her attention, her eyes darting up to take him in again. Of course, the sight of him just made her face flush bright red again.

<Bobby> "I think the candy bar was a big hit, babe." He grinned, sitting on the edge of the bed and offering her some candy.

<Paige> "Of course it was. Who doesn't like candy!?" She leaned down and carefully took one of the pieces from his hand with her lips.

<Bobby> Bobby watched her with interest, his free hand raised to brush back her hair.

<Paige> Candy secure in her mouth, she smiled at him and leaned in to brush her nose against his.

<Bobby> Eskimo kissing was a specialty of his, and Bobby grinned when he bumped her nose with his. "I love you, Mrs. Drake."

<Paige> Face flushing again, Paige ducked her head, smile plastered to her face as she grinned. "I love you too, Mr. Drake."

<Bobby> She was blushing so brightly that he felt bad and sat up, smiling at her.

<Paige> Smiling more, Paige slid closer to him and placed her hand on his cheek. "I'm so glad I married you."

<Bobby> "So am I!" he giggled.

<Paige> Giggling with him, Paige snuggled up and rested her head against him. She sighed contently and just breathed him in for a moment. "I thought having the cupcakes for the guests turned out awesome too! They were so cute! Little pearls on them and everything."

<Bobby> "Everything was awesome, Paigey." He wrapped his arm around her and buried his nose in her blonde curls. "Best. Wedding. Ever."

<Paige> Grinning from ear to ear, Paige nestled into him. "I love you so much. It really was the best wedding ever."

<Bobby> "I never would have thought so much pink could look so pretty." That statement made him wince after it was out, but, well, it was true.

<Paige> Paige giggled at him and moved so that she was on his lap. "Of course you did. I was doing it!"

<Bobby> "That's very true," he admitted, smiling up at her. Bobby's hand slipped up her back, feeling the lacing on her dress.

<Paige> Feeling his hand sent a shiver of excitement down her spine. Paige rested her forehead against his as she got comfortable. "I get to kiss you anytime I want to now."

<Bobby> "You got to do that anyway," he observed, tipping up his chin to kiss her softly.

<Paige> Giggling, Paige kissed him back. "Details."

<Bobby> "Details, details." He grinned and kissed her nose, still attempting to untangle the laces from behind.

<Paige> That made her giggle again. "The best part is... you get to do the same thing."

<Bobby> "I know! It's awesome!" He grinned and tried to find a loose end on the ribbon ties. Why were womens' clothes so complicated?!

<Paige> "And look!" She pulled the snowflake charm up, placing a kiss on it.

<Bobby> "I'm glad you like it." He giggled at her kiss to the necklace and tried another end to tug on.

<Paige> He was in luck! The ribbon pulled free, catching Paige a bit by surprise as the dress started to slip from her slight form.

<Bobby> He stopped it from falling off, standing up and offering her his hand.

<Paige> Face flushing, Paige took his hand and stood up with him.

<Bobby> She was so adorable when she blushed like that, and he held her hand and just smiled at her for a long moment.

<Paige> Finally able to look up at him, Paige just grinned at Bobby. She leaned up to kiss him gently.

<Bobby> The kiss went on for some time, and when it ended, he let go of her to pull back the silky comforter and sheets. Still swank! He was impressed.

<Paige> Paige watched him, that goofy grin still plastered onto her face as he worked. "You're such an amazing husband, Bobberz."

<Bobby> He laughed. "Because I know how sheets work?" Still fussing with the bed, a little foil-wrapped candy slid from between the pillows and he snatched it up with a cackle. "Mints on the pillows!"

<Paige> "Oo!" She held out her hand for it, giggling. "And noooo... because you just... you just take care of it."

<Bobby> "Awww..." He turned away, blushing himself as he unwrapped the candy and put it between his teeth, turning around and stepping up to her. He waggled his brows in offer.

<Paige> "Bobby!" She shrieked, face bright red. "That was my idea." Giggling now, she leaned up to kiss him again... and steal the mint.

<Bobby> "Thief!" He laughed and grabbed her for a tickle.

<Paige> She shrieked for certain at the tickling and dissolved into his arms, giggling the whole way.

<Bobby> "Can't escape the long arm o'the law, missy!"

<Paige> "Nooo! Save me!" She giggled at him, squirming.

<Bobby> Giggling just as hard, he kissed on her, just holding on and letting her catch her breath. "I'll save ya, babe."

<Paige> That made her settle and smile, resting her forehead against his cheek. "You always do. You're my hero."

<Bobby> "I try." He closed his eyes, listening to her breathe and stroking her hair, her skin.

<Paige> Her eyes closed as well, savoring his touch. She fell silent, a soft smile on her face as her fingers traced the muscles on his arm.

<Bobby> His hand went back to the laces and he freed the last one.

<Paige> She kissed his neck ever so softly before moving her hands to get the dress the rest of the way off.

<Bobby> He helped her, which meant he had to move away from her kisses, unfortunately. The giant poufy dress was hard to handle, and he really didn't want to break it, or tear it, or... un-pouf it.

<Paige> Once she stepped out of it, she shivered at the sudden chill in the room. "Brr!" It was slightly funny to be cold in a room with the Iceman.

<Bobby> It made him smile as well. "I can warm you up..." He wrinkled his nose and laid the dress over a chair, stripping off his tuxedo jacket and tossing it onto another chair on his way back to her.

<Paige> Paige bit her lower lip as her hands moved to his chest, shaking just a little. "I'm counting on it."

<Bobby> He wrapped his fingers around her wrist, surprised at the tremble he felt. "You can always count on me."

<Paige> Her heart seemed to melt a little at his reassurance. Calming once more, she slowly began to unbutton his shirt, taking her time to do so.

<Bobby> Bobby reached up and started taking the pins from her hair, fingers probing through the bright blonde curls.

<Paige> "I like it when you do that," she told him softly.

<Bobby> "I love your hair," he admitted, placing pins aside as she worked on his buttons. "It's gorgeous... like gold."

<Paige> "And just as precious," she teased him.

<Bobby> "It so is." He grinned and pulled out more pins, grinning when the curls bounced down around her shoulders.

<Paige> Blushing, Paige looked down and smiled. "Thank you, husband."

<Bobby> "You're welcome, wifey-poo." Bobby laughed and touched a fingertip to her snowflake necklace.

<Paige> "Your wifey-poo!" she teased, giggling.

<Bobby> His eyes traveled down, and at the elaborate contraption she had underneath the poufy dress to keep everything in place.

<Paige> Paige's fingers moved back to his shirt and gently began to remove it.

<Bobby> Bobby closed his eyes and smiled, enjoying her hands on him.

<Paige> That gave her the opportunity to steal a quick kiss to his lips... and moving down to his neck once his shirt was removed.

<Bobby> Only breaking contact long enough to peel off his own undershirt, Bobby set to work on her underthings next.

<Paige> Paige couldn't help but tremble just a little again, smile still on her face. It was different now that this was their first time... married. What if he suddenly changed his mind?!

<Bobby> If he could read her thoughts he would have laughed aloud. Bobby soothed her trembling with a kiss. "There's no need to be nervous, babe."

<Paige> "I know... it's just... it's the first time as spouses." She looked up into his ice blue eyes, searching them.

<Bobby> "First day of the rest of our lives, right?" He grinned, rubbing her arms to warm her.

<Paige> "Yes..." Paige swallowed hard and leaned up to kiss him deeply. She relaxed and finally wrapped her arms around his neck.

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Re: 3/12 Instance: Best. Wedding. Ever!

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