3/11 Instance: Nuts Ruin Everything

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3/11 Instance: Nuts Ruin Everything

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:15 am

Timelined after Meggan Needs a Raise

<Shinobi> When Obi awoke alone, he'd been ready to freak out, until he saw the note. Hope's handwriting and the lipstick kiss made him smile and he took his time getting up. After a shower, his hangover was mostly gone and he went downstairs in search of food.

<Shinobi> What he found in the kitchen was not food.

<Shaw> Sebastian twitched at the movement at the very edge of his vision, his head slowly rotating toward the source.

<Shinobi> The man looked like hell. "Sebastian?" Obi edged toward the table, and the unshaven, disheveled wreck seated there.

<Shaw> "Michael." His deep voice sounded rough, even to his own ears.

<Shinobi> Obi looked around the kitchen, noticing there was coffee, and went for the pot. "Are you..." No, he really wasn't okay, was he?

<Shaw> Sebastian's eyebrow went up when the boy didn't finish his question. "What?" he barked.

<Shinobi> Well, that sounded more like him. "I was going to ask if you were okay, but since you're still a dick then you must be."

<Shaw> With a snort, Sebastian took a drink from his mug.

<Shinobi> Removing his phone from his pocket, he texted Hope. Did you see Sebastian before you left?

<Hope> It didn't take long for his redhead to reply. The smelly hobo? Yeah I saw.

<Shinobi> Obi made a face at his phone.

<Shaw> Holding up his mug, Sebastian gave it a wriggle. "I don't suppose you'd be so inclined?"

<Shinobi> He shot a look over his shoulder at the man. Well, I haven't gotten close enough to know about that... And now he wouldn't, definitely.

<Hope> I advise against it!

<Shinobi> Wonderful. He flicked off the phone and went to his almost-father, taking the cup. Obi rubbed his nose. Wow.

<Shaw> Sebastian sat back and watched the boy. "Have you heard from Hope?"

<Shinobi> Maybe the smell was coming from the cup? He took a whiff. Well... that was part of it. "Yeah."

<Shaw> "And?" He was amused by the not-so-stealthy sniffing. "Would you like a drink to start the day as well?"

<Shinobi> "No, thanks." Obi filled the mug with coffee and turned around. "Actually, we were talking about you."

<Shaw> "And?" he again prompted.

<Shinobi> "You smell." He smiled and gave his father the mug.

<Shaw> Sebastian snorted.

<Shinobi> He whipped out the phone. Please tell me you're out getting Febreze.

<Hope> Does Chinese count?

<Shinobi> David? Obi's lips twitched and he watched Sebastian from the corner of his eye.

<Hope> Well he's not my idea of dessert...

<Shinobi> Um, ew. Sebastian was nursing that coffee. How did your errand go?

<Hope> hahahha. I'm getting takeout for us. It went... Really well. I think things should smooth out now.

<Shinobi> She's coming home? When? Should he tell? No? Maybe he'd go shower if he did?

<Hope> Let his wife see him as the hobo he is. It's her fault anyway. Do we want extra rice? I think we do.

<Shinobi> He huffed at the screen. Easy for her to say. He took his own coffee and joined his father. "Where is Miriam?"

<Shaw> "She is asleep," he said, looking at his faux son curiously.

<Shinobi> "Oh..." The silence wasn't awkward at all. He fidgeted. "So with... Meggan?" It had only taken him a moment to remember the name, so he was pleased.

<Shaw> "Meggan needed to get her clothing. She returned to her hotel for now."

<Shinobi> Did he look like this when he was hungover? Bleh. It's a miracle Hope was still around. "So," he ventured. "Hope says things went well..."

<Shinobi> Unable to help himself, he picked up his phone again. How long?

<Hope> There is yelling in actual Chinese. David is kinda cool when he's pissed.

<Shaw> "Well." Sebastian sounded as if he didn't know what the word meant. "If things were going well, I wouldn't be alone."

<Shinobi> Over rice?! No! Come save me! He wasn't above begging.

<Hope> Nooo, they put cashews in something. I think. Which... is fine. But... David is having none of their nonsense. You might have to come save ME.

<Shinobi> He frowned at the cashews. As long as it's only cashews... "You know Hope isn't big on details. but I'm sure if she says it went well then it went well."

<Shinobi> "Maybe you should try to give Jess a call? I can keep check on Miriam." In fact, he wasn't above going to hide with the baby.

<Shaw> Sebastian grunted.

<Hope> I think we're leaving finally. David is still yelling. I think he threatened them with SHIELD or something. #crazyman

<Shinobi> Tell him to stop! I have a crazy man too!

<Shaw> "I suspect that will only make things worse." Sebastian got up and went to a cabinet, opening it and locating a bottle in the back.

<Hope> Don't you worry Obi. I'll save you!

<Shinobi> You better! He wasn't at all ashamed of himself.

<Hope> Only if you... forgive me... for running off this morning.

<Shinobi> He smirked at the screen. Maybe.

<Hope> Maybe?!

<Shinobi> I said maybe. :P

<Hope> Well then maybe you can deal with the hobo on your own. :P

<Shinobi> Noooooo. He looked up when said hobo seemed to choke on his coffee and had a coughing fit. Hurry. I think he might barf.

<Hope> Hahahaha oh fine. I'll tell him to hurry it up.

<Shinobi> "Are you... okay?" He gave his father's back a wary look and took a few steps toward him.

<Shaw> Not bothering to answer, he took a gulping breath and shoved the coffee away, instead drinking straight from the bottle.

<Shinobi> So that was a no. PLZ.

<Hope> #needy


<Hope> True to her word, Hope lit the fire under David and he got them home, still ranting in Chinese as he let her into the house. Hope reached out to Obi immediately. Now come save ME.

<Shinobi> Those few minutes had felt like forever while he watched Sebastian stew and pout and finish a bottle. He was more than ready for a break. "Hope's here!" he said, probably a little too loudly, and phased through the floor, beating Widget to the foyer.

<Shinobi> As soon as he spotted her, Obi grabbed her for a tight hug.

<Hope> "Obi..." Hope wrapped her arms around him tightly, burying her face into him.

<Shinobi> "My hero," he laughed, squeezing her close.

<Hope> That made her snicker a little as she closed her eyes. "Aren't I supposed to call you that?"

<Shinobi> "Nope, not today. The nanny even ran away. If Miriam could, I bet she would too." He looked up at Widget. "You with me on this one?" The robot whistled.

<Hope> "Is he still a smelly hobo?" Hope wrinkled her nose at the idea.

<Shinobi> "Ugh. Yes. And I hope he's listening."

<Hope> Hope snickered again and nestled into him. "I'm sure he is. He tends to do that."

<Shinobi> "Well, good. He has enhanced senses. He has to know."

<Hope> "Maybe it kind of works where you can't really smell yourself?" She gave Obi a slightly terrified look.

<Shaw> Upstairs, Sebastian heaved a sigh and cracked open another bottle.

<Hope> Hope leaned up and stole a quick kiss. "Ready for lunch?"

<Shinobi> "Yes, absolutely, and I'm ready for you to give him the good news." He returned the kiss, then raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "It's really good news, right?"

<Hope> "It's terrible news. For you two." She gave him a wicked smirk and led the way up the stairs.

<Shinobi> Left in her wake, Shinobi could only wrinkle his nose and exchange a wary glance with Widget before he followed her up.

<David> David was right behind them, actually slamming the door a little as he came in.

<Hope> Hope rolled her eyes and headed to the kitchen.

<Shaw> Sebastian listened to the loud procession up the stairs, and winced at the slamming door. That called for more scotch.

<Shinobi> Obi paused for just a moment to blink at David, then just kept going.

<David> David followed the kid, muttering in Chinese the entire time.

<Hope> Hope moved toward her dad and went for the bottle of scotch.

<Shinobi> He had no idea what David was saying, but he paused to glance back. "You okay there? Did you tell them how to make that lo mein right?"

<Shaw> Sebastian snatched it from the table before Hope could get any ideas.

<Hope> "Fine. Be a smelly drunkard when your wife gets home." Hope shrugged and went for a chair.

<David> He shot the kid a look, judging whether or not he was joking. "We had a disagreement."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, I heard." He hid his smirk at David's perplexed expression and halted at the top of the stairs when he saw the showdown.

<Shaw> "And how did you manage to convince her to do that?" He cleared his throat, realizing his voice sounded terrible.

<Hope> Hope blinked at him. "I'm amazing. Why does everyone around here forget that?"

<Shaw> Sebastian just glared up at her. There may have been a growl.

<Hope> Hope crossed her arms and stared him down, tempted to get a spray bottle.

<Shaw> He raised an eyebrow.

<Shinobi> Obi heard the sound coming from his father's throat and decided to jump up on the kitchen counter to watch from a safe distance. Also, upwind.

<Hope> Hope shrugged and glanced over to David as he set the food down on the table. How exactly had she managed to get Jess to agree to come home? "I took away all her excuses." And admitted that she needed Jess, but she wasn't admitting to that to them!

<Shaw> "And what, pray tell, does that mean?" He topped off his glass and stoppered the bottle, sliding it across the table toward Hope.

<Hope> Hope slid the bottle out of the way from him. "Exactly what it sounds like. I told her she could whine to you if she wants sympathy. I'll help her make shit happen."

<Shaw> "Such as?" He took a small sip from his glass and looked at the food, unable to tell if what he felt in his gut was nausea or hunger.

<Hope> "If you want to know, you can talk to her." Hope pulled out her takeout box and fished around in the bag for chopsticks.

<Shinobi> Obi slid off the counter and went over to dig through the boxes of takeout to locate his lunch. "When is she coming back?"

<Hope> "After she showered. And ate. So basically everything he isn't doing." She opened her box once she had the chopsticks and dove right in.

<Shaw> "He is sitting right here." Sebastian took another drink and stared at Hope's food. What was it?

<Shinobi> "Oh, we're all well aware." He didn't even look up when he slid that comment in, instead finding his box and a set of chopsticks - not that he was really any good with them.

<Hope> "When he should be in the shower," Hope pointed out.

<Shinobi> Obi sat down beside Hope, digging in. Maybe we should get the garden hose?

<Hope> But it's more fun to make fun of him. She smiled over at him, sliding her foot so that her leg touched his.

<Shinobi> True enough. He bumped her knee with his own and smiled into his chicken. "So... does this mean you and Jess are friends again?"

<Hope> "Yep," she said before going for another bite of her own lunch.

<Shaw> Sebastian blew out a breath.

<Shinobi> Obi's nose wrinkled at the scotch fumes. "So..." He chewed, nodding to himself. "That's good, right?" It was really hard to tell from Hope's one-word response.

<Hope> She just smirked at him. She nodded. "Yeah. It's good."

<Shinobi> "See, everything is good." He turned to stare at Sebastian as he spoke. "It's safe for you to go take a really long shower."

<Hope> "Perhaps a couple of them," Hope smiled sweetly.

<Shaw> "Hint taken. You may stop." He picked up the glass and swirled the liquid, watching it move. "Do you still plan to move out?"

<Shinobi> That made Obi stop chewing as his eyes slid sideways to watch her reaction.

<Hope> "Not today."

<Shaw> He snorted and knocked back a healthy dose of scotch.

<Shinobi> That's not a very reassuring answer. He frowned into his chicken.

<Hope> Do you plan on living here when you're 30? 40? 50? She shot him a look.

<Shinobi> Well, no, but you know that's not what I meant. He tried to choke down another bite.

<Hope> Then say what you mean. I don't plan on living here forever, but I am not planning on moving out today.

<Shinobi> Obi shot her a look. What did I do to you?

<Hope> You're making this into a big deal and it's not. She shot him a look back.

<Shinobi> I just told you I wasn't sure I could come with you... He shifted uncomfortably, feeling his lunch sit like a brick in his belly.

<Hope> Right. And I'm not going anywhere. I'm not sure where the issue is, Obi, she sent him, more gently.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked between the two of them with bloodshot eyes.

<Shinobi> Obi nodded, once, and took another, smaller bite. Considered she'd tried to kill him yesterday, the attitude irritated him.

<Hope> His irritation irritated her. She stabbed her food, picking at it. She was reminded that living by herself meant so much less drama.

<Shinobi> He frowned at the box. The fuck was going on?

<Shaw> "Trouble in paradise?" he observed with a rusty chuckle.

<Hope> He was one to talk. Hope just looked him over up and down. Right. She picked up her box, chopsticks in hand, and headed for the roof.

<Shinobi> Obi opened his mouth, closed it, then pretended to pick at his food, listening to her storm off. Once he heard her on the stairs, he raised his eyes to Sebastian's. "Very helpful. Thank you, oh so much."

<Shaw> Sebastian raised a brow and pushed his scotch glass over to Michael. "I do believe I'll have that shower now."

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