3/11 Instance: Girls' Night

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3/11 Instance: Girls' Night

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:20 am

Timelined around the time of Scotch: The Universal Remedy

<Jessica> Now that she was away from the house, Jessica felt much calmer. She lay on her back in the middle of the large bed in the suite and stared up at the ceiling. She was unsure what to do with herself beyond that but it didn't matter, it was only for a few days. Maybe she'd just try and sleep.

<Yukio> Using the front door and - gasp, the elevator! - was new territory for Yukio, but she had already checked the hotel's exterior security, as per orders. So now she was on her way up to the suite assigned to Jessica. It wasn't the penthouse, but it would do.

<Jessica> She had brought an inhibitor, now that she thought about it. She sat up and looked at her bag for a long moment, trying to decide if she still wanted to get drunk.

<Yukio> On her way down the hall, she shushed her squirming backpack and stopped at the door, shifting her burdens to one arm to knock. "Room service!"

<Jessica> Jess hadn't ordered room service but she frowned at the door. The voice was familiar so she got up, despite her suspicions of unsolicited room service, and went to answer it.

<Yukio> When the door opened, she put on a frown. "Oh! You failed most spectacularly! What if I had been a kidnapper?! Or even worse, a bellboy searching for a tip!?"

<Jessica> Jess poked Yukio with a zappy finger in answer to that question, "I can handle it.... and I recognised your voice."

<Yukio> She yelped, but more importantly, so did the occupant of the backpack. Her eyes widened and she echoed the sound in an attempt to cover.

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow and eyed the backpack, "You better come in..."

<Yukio> "Thank you!" She immediately perked up, then shoved the bouquet of flowers in her arms at Jess and barged in, looking around the room. "Not bad, eh?"

<Jessica> Jess blinked as the flowers were shoved at her and closed the door with her foot, "Um... thank you?"

<Yukio> "You're welcome! But you should really thank your husband." She took off her backpack and slid it to the floor, grinning up at the older woman.

<Jessica> "And which part am I thanking him for? You or the flowers?" She crossed the room to set the flowers down on a table.

<Yukio> "Both!" She unzipped the bag and a sleek silver head poked out to look around.

<Jessica> From somewhere in the bathroom, a clattering was heard and Jess sighed. "I assume he sent you here for something specific?" Because it better not just be to check up on her.

<Yukio> "To check up on you, of course." Yukio grinned brightly and whistled at her predator, who slunk out of the bag looking like an overlarge ferret. "Pishi! Get the bottle! But I brought booze, so that makes you like me better, right?!"

<Jessica> "I can't get drunk." She was going to kill her husband.

<Yukio> "You packed an inhibitor. I think you forget I watch you, like, all the time, which is really boring until it isn't." She took the bottle from her pet and held it aloft like the great prize it was.

<Jessica> ".... And he wonders why I have trouble sleeping." She sighed heavily and went to her bag to extract that inhibitor. "You're lucky I was just considering getting drunk to be a good idea."

<Yukio> Yukio put her hand on her chest in mock offense. "Are you not reassured that your safety is my priority?!"

<Jessica> "I don't need my safety to be anyone's priority. I can take care of myself." She plonked herself down in a chair by the flowers and started picking at one of them.

<Yukio> "Tsk. At least he cares enough about you to seek out the very best." She bowed, then shook the bottle. "You think they have an opener?"

<Jessica> "Probably..." Well she'd systematically beheaded one flower, she moved on to another. "Try room service."

<Yukio> Noticing what she was doing to the flowers, which were actually quite pretty, she gasped and snatched the vase, dragging it away. "What did those poor flowers do to you!?"

<Jessica> "It's not the flowers..." she frowned, laying her head on the table and poking at the petals now scattered there.

<Yukio> "Yes, yes, I know. It is the angst." She decided to dig in her bag for her own corkscrew equivalent. Realizing she'd lost track of her pet, she looked up and around. "Pishi? You're not eating your friend are you? We talked about that!"

<Jessica> "It's not angst either." Her frown deepened but she lifted her head a little, "I think if he was eating Sharky, there'd be more noise.... Sharky's probably hiding."

<Yukio> Pishi was again a sleek greyhound, and trotted over to snuffle in Yukio's short hair as she dug around in her bag.

<Jessica> At the reapppearance of Yukio's preadator, Jess let her head drop back down onto the table top and continued to rearrange the petals.

<Yukio> "Sharky is hiding, eh? Just like his mommy?" She found her lockpick set and went to work on the wine bottle.

<Jessica> "I'm not hiding." Sebastian was more than capable of finding out which hotel room she was in, as evidenced by the fact Yukio was here.

<Yukio> "Well then," she said, looking up from her work. "It is not angsting and it is not hiding. Tell me what it is?"

<Jessica> "Helping." She sat up, running her hands through her hair, "I'm too angry to be in the house right now."

<Yukio> "There is definitely a lot of anger there right now," she muttered, thankful to be away at the moment. "Aha!" The cork came free and she beamed. Pishi even barked at her success. "I know, thank you!"

<Jessica> "He probably shouldn't bark... not sure the hotel would appreciate the idea of dogs in the room no matter my last name...." She got up to pick up the two water glasses, holding them out to Yukio.

<Yukio> "Shhhhhhh, you heard the boss lady, Pishi. We can't get kicked out of the swanky hotel yet." She took the glasses and poured a healthy dose, then added more, shoving it across the table at Jess. "One cure for angry, coming right up."

<Jessica> Jess clipped the inhibitor into place on her wrist and picked up the glass. "Why can't anything ever be simple....?"

<Yukio> "Life isn't simple. Simple is boooooring." She swished the liquid in the glass, sniffed it, shrugged, then drank.

<Jessica> "I'd like some boring. Boring would be nice. Relaxing, even." She took a sip from her glass.

<Yukio> "What kind of boring do you want? You want to be a soccer mom? Meet some of Mr. Shaw's society bitches and be a lady who lunches?" She made a rude noise and took another drink. "People like us are not made for boring."

<Jessica> "People like us? What the hell kind of person do you think I am?" She eyed the other woman, "Sebastian clearly thinks I should be some kind of soccer mom because I obviously can't take care of myself or why would you be here?"

<Yukio> She waved a hand. "I've seen you train."

<Jessica> "Well I'm glad someone has been paying attention.... it's like everyone forgets what my dad put me through." She had a larger sip of her drink.

<Yukio> "I thought about asking to join you sometime." Of course, then she'd tried to seduce the hot son... and things hadn't ended so well.

<Jessica> "I miss having someone to train with... though, for the last little while, some training is off limits..."

<Yukio> "Surely you've recovered from the baby by now?" Not that she knew much about that sort of thing, but it'd been a while...

<Jessica> "It's not about Miriam... it's about what happened in March... what I did...." She shuddered, taking another deep drink.

<Yukio> "What you did was save your stepson, and that loud redhead. There is no shame in that." She shook her head, leaning it on her hand and making a kissy face at Pishi, who sniffed at her breath and snorted.

<Jessica> "Tell that to my subconscious..." Her gaze slid to the bathroom doorway where Sharky was attempting to sneak out.

<Yukio> Yukio took another drink and dragged her chair closer. "Jessica Shaw's subconscious?" Grinning, she aimed her words somewhere around her employer's wife's generous chest and met her eyes. "Shut it!"

<Jessica> Jess blinked at her for a moment then laughed, shaking her head, "Oh, if it was only that easy."

<Yukio> "Maybe you should just pretend it is. Fake it until you make it!" She nodded, sitting up to take another drink. Pishi noticed his little friend and let out a happy whuff, spinning in place to bound over to Sharky.

<Jessica> Sharky darted for the safety of under the bed. "I can't fake it when I'm asleep...."

<Yukio> "No wonder Viper is ashamed of that one," she laughed, watching Pishi sniff around the edge of the bed. "Well... I don't know what to tell you. There's only so many suggestions I can make, but you either hide forever or you just go on, you know?"

<Jessica> "I'm not sure Viper knows the meaning of the word 'ashamed'... disappointed, sure." She watched the larger predator at the edge of the bed as a silver puddle inched its way up the wall at the headboard. "I don't want to hide all the time... I'm sick of just reacting to shit... but no one tells me what the hell is going on so that's all I've got...."

<Yukio> Yukio looked at Jess, then took a drink and looked some more. "You know as much as anyone. Didn't you know that?"

<Jessica> "I do not. If I know anything it's always after the fact when there's nothing I can do about it... or I overreact because no one tells me all the stuff that's going on in the background that would temper my response and then they get all cranky with me." She shook her head, "Apparently being kept in the dark is for my own good."

<Yukio> Yukio tilted her head, then tilted it the other way. "You know just as much as the rest of them."

<Jessica> She shook her head, "You already said that... and it never feels that way. I feel like I'm always the last to know everything... and no one ever wants me to do anything about whatever it is."

<Yukio> "I know I already said it. I'm waiting for it to sink in. Do I need to tell that one to your conscience too?" She leaned in and opened her mouth.

<Jessica> She rolled her eyes, "No... the only way that would work is if you went back there and told everyone else... and I'd rather you didn't." She had another sip of her drink.

<Yukio> "If I told everyone else that you are all just as clueless as the next as to the other's actions?" This struck Yukio as hilariously funny and she nearly fell off the chair.

<Jessica> Jess blinked at the other woman's reaction to her own joke and drew her glass toward her, "Maybe you shouldn't drink..."

<Yukio> She flapped a hand and snagged her glass back. "I'm fiiiine!"

<Jessica> "If you say so..." She cast her eyes around the room for Sharky and located him on top of the wardrobe - he'd probably be safe there. "So.... Sebastian sent you here to check up on me... did he tell you to stay here or are you doing that because you actually want to?"

<Yukio> "He wanted me to bring the flowers and make sure you were safe." She hefted her glass in salute. "This is all me. I thought you could use it."

<Jessica> "Yeah... usually I feel bad for drinking... but why should I? Every-bloody-one else drinks. I'm just not allowed because I have a baby now."

<Yukio> "I thought you just didn't drink because of your powers?" Yukio wrinkled her nose, certain she'd read that in a file.

<Jessica> "I used to not drink because I couldn't see the point... then inhibitors happened and I discovered how nice it was to get drunk.... and now I don't drink because I feel like everyone's judging me. Even though I think about how nice it would be to be drunk a lot more than is probably healthy."

<Yukio> She snorted. "I think you are judging you. Nobody cares, and if they do, fuck them! Right?!"

<Jessica> "That's where I am at this point in time..." she raised her glass, "There's no one here to watch."

<Yukio> "Yes! Because I'm the watcher!" This, again, was hilarious.

<Jessica> "Pffft, you don't count - you're always watching." She prodded the woman with her foot. "And you're not judgy in your voyeurism."

<Yukio> "Nope!" She giggled at the prodding and wagged her finger. "But I do eat popcorn and pocky sometimes!" With a solemn nod, she took a sip.

<Jessica> "Well... I suppose I can't fault you there, our lives are like a soap opera most days..." She leaned over to pluck the room service menu from beside the phone. "I'm hungry...."

<Yukio> "Do they have good American food or is it all rich people food on there?" She squinted at the back of the menu.

<Jessica> "Probably rich people food... but we could phone for takeout instead..." She passed the menu over, "I was mostly looking at the booze...."

<Yukio> "You order takeout?!" Yukio had to put down her glass to cover her mouth with both hands for her theatrical gasp. Then she broke out in giggles. "More booze is good too!"

<Jessica> "Takeout has become a thing... especially because I can't cook anything with meat in at the moment... I would have thought your observations could have picked that up."

<Yukio> "Yeah, yeah, but generally that's been more Mr. Shaw's area of expertise, and Princess Stark." She smirked and nabbed the menu from Jess, reading over the alcohol selections. "Ooooh, champagne and strawberries!"

<Jessica> "Champagne is a good way to get drunk fast..." Jess was on board with this idea. "What else on there do we like?"

<Yukio> "Strawberries are healthy, that balances it out. I think mimosas are mainly for the morning, but that's more champagne..."

<Jessica> "Well... we could just order champagne and all the fruit they have to offer and then experiment? For science, of course..."

<Yukio> Yukio lit up at that idea. "For science!" She saluted with her remaining wine, then reached for the bottle to top that off. "And cheese! That's classy with wine, right?"

<Jessica> "Supposedly... never really understood that myself.... but sure we can order cheese... all the expensive cheese... because Sebastian's paying for it." She reached for the phone to place the orders.

<Yukio> "Hell yeah! All the cheese then!" She laughed and leaned precariously to top of Jess' glass too.

<Jessica> Jess smiled, quickly placing the orders with the room service people before she put the phone down. "I'm sure they think I'm weird but who cares?" She picked up her newly refreshed glass and looked around the room, eyes falling on Yukio's predator.

<Yukio> "Eh, they'll just think I'm your call girl." She sucked in her cheeks. "Love you long time!"

<Jessica> Jess laughed, shaking her head, "No one would believe that!" She gave Yukio a prod with her foot again, though her attention was still on Pishi. "So... can I ask you something...?"

<Yukio> After a moment of giggles, she swatted the foot. "Sure, what?"

<Yukio> "Rich white people have exotic taste," she said with a nod, keeping up on her exaggerated accent. Then she grinned. "I mean, just look at Princess Stark! She knows."

<Jessica> "Did you do Viper a huge favour for that predator? Or did she give it you with the understanding that you owe her one?" Her gaze shifted back to the other woman.

<Yukio> Her giggles only partially subsided. "A little of both?" Yukio rolled her head sideways and extended her arm to Pishi, wriggling her fingers. The predator hopped up from the foot of the bed and padded over for pettings. "She doesn't approve of his tricks either," she shared in a loud whisper.

<Jessica> "Yeah... not sure she likes the idea of pets for company..." She frowned, "Do you two talk to each other? Outside of stuff related to us I mean..."

<Yukio> "But they like being pets! Right, Pishi Pishi?" She fussed the predator, whose tail wagged excitedly. "We did. Before she...." Yukio made a fluttering noise and waved her hand away, much to Pishi's delight.

<Jessica> "So you haven't heard anything from her either?" She slouched in her seat, "I'm worried..."

<Yukio> "No, I haven't. I would think if anyone could take care of herself, Viper could." She took in the long face across the table and sighed. "You think she's in trouble?"

<Jessica> "She's alone out there being hunted by an organisation she's worked for forever... I don't even know where she'd go... what if she needed help? How would any of us know...?"

<Yukio> "Mmmm. I bet she would find a way..." Yukio thought about this while letting Pishi taste her wine.

<Jessica> "I hope she would... It's just that... I know no one else is worried... no one else would probably even care if anything happened..." Well maybe one person. "But I'd miss her... I do miss her... even though it drives everyone crazy when she just teleports into the house."

<Yukio> "I miss her too," she admitted quietly and took a slurp of wine when Pishi finished.

<Jessica> Jess sat in silence for a moment and sipped her wine, "I'll make a deal with you... if I hear from her, I'll tell you... but you have to tell me if you hear from her... and don't do it via Sebastian. I want to know first."

<Yukio> It only took Yukio a moment to give her a sloppy salute. "He doesn't want to know about my relationship with Viper anyway."

<Jessica> "Viper makes him uncomfortable... I don't know why, she's like him... maybe that's why." She frowned.

<Yukio> "He's a much worse boss," she said with a snort.

<Jessica> Jess laughed hard at that, "Oh God, don't tell him that - he'd be so offended!"

<Yukio> "Noooo, I want him to keep signing my checks!" She laughed too, snickering into her glass. "And paying my rent, actually."

<Jessica> "Aww, I don't think he'd kick you out over that... if he did, I'd have words." She nodded solemnly.

<Yukio> "Good! I appreciate that!" Yukio giggled, then stopped and looked at Jess almost seriously. "I missed this, too."

<Jessica> Jess blinked at the sudden seriousness, "Missed what?" Maybe she was drinking her wine too fast.

<Yukio> "Talking to you... without you yelling about the hot young Shaw." She looked into her cup and wrinkled her nose, then took a drink.

<Jessica> "Well... you've avoided the house since the incident... and I try not to think about you on the other side of the street spying on us because it's creepy... victim of circumstances."

<Yukio> "Well when you call it spying you make it creepy!"

<Jessica> "But it is spying! Don't you think it's weird that Sebastian has you watching us all day? I think it's weird. You should just live in our house. It'd be less creepy if you slept there."

<Yukio> "I don't always watch it real time, and I don't watch you pee or anything!" She stopped, letting Jess' suggestion absorb. "I would be happy to be less creepy!"

<Jessica> "Well it's good to know you don't watch me pee... but I think I'll suggest having you in the house to Sebastian..." though maybe she should also mention that to Michael and make sure he was okay with it too.

<Yukio> "It would be easier. That way, the next time your crazy ginger houseguest decides to let her bodyguard turn someone into mochi I'll be closer." She wrinkled her nose and took a long drink.

<Jessica> "I'm not sure you could have stopped that from happening... but I appreciate the sentiment..." She offered the woman a small smile.

<Yukio> "Yeowch, sorry." She winced again. "Shouldn't have brought it back up. But, he's okay, so it's okay, yeah?"

<Jessica> "It's a long way from okay...." she took a large gulp from her glass and wondered how long it would take for room service to get up there. Maybe she should look in the minibar.

<Yukio> Yukio tapped her fingers on the glass and twitched her nose. "Do you... want to talk about it?" Ech, she must be drunk. Talking about feelings!

<Jessica> "I don't know... I'm trying not to think about it... the alcohol helps." She sighed heavily, "Maybe I do too much not thinking about it or talking about it..."

<Yukio> "Maybe alcohol will make thinking and talking easier... it's working for me!"

<Jessica> "Talking, maybe..." she laughed a little, "Thinking... not so much... but that's probably for the best. I tend to overthink if I'm given half the chance."

<Yukio> "Okay." Yukio nodded, then settled in the chair and looked at Jess expectantly.

<Jessica> "It's just... everything that happened in Japan... I haven't been the same since... and I'm running out of ways to pretend that I'm better..."

<Yukio> She thought about this. "Are you afraid it will happen again?"

<Jessica> She nodded, "I suppose so... I have nightmares every night... I don't know if I can handle it if it does..."

<Yukio> "At least you have the benefit of knowing those men are dead." She reached for the bottle and realized it was empty. Damn.

<Jessica> "Yeah... but there are any number of assholes out there... not to mention the habit of crazy shit happening without outside influence..."

<Yukio> Yukio shrugged. "But living afraid all the time is no life."

<Jessica> "I know that... but I don't really have a choice... what can I do? Nothing is going to change the fact that we're all targets by our association with Hope even without the added bonus of mutant DNA."

<Yukio> "You mutants are so complicated..." Yukio shook her head and finished off her glass.

<Jessica> "Not by choice," she wrinkled her nose, "Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like now if I'd said no..."

<Yukio> "Said no to what?" She cocked her head.

<Jessica> "The invitation to go to the school..." she got up then to answer the knock on the door from room service.

<Yukio> She waited, getting up to mosey over and check to see if the waiter was cute. Nope. Sad. "You wouldn't be here, getting ready to drink overpriced champagne!" She grinned at the middle-aged waiter.

<Jessica> "Probably not..." she tipped the room service guy and closed the door, "But you never know..."

<Yukio> "What do you think might have happened?" She started picking up bits of cheese from the tray. Too late to be classy. Now it was just snacky!

<Jessica> "I don't know... I like to think I'd have gotten as far as London... probably then Viper would have found me and I'd be Hydra now..." she shrugged a shoulder. "At least then I'd probably know where the fuck she is."

<Yukio> "I don't think I would want to be Hydra full time... I like my freedom." She ate more cheese and then found the fruit.

<Jessica> "Viper seems pretty free..." she opened a bottle of fizzy and poured a couple of glasses.

<Yukio> "Especially now," she snorted, helping herself to the glass and a strawberry.

<Jessica> "Yeah..." she frowned, "I really hope she's okay... it's kind of reassuring to have her around... and it's a welcome break for me and my stupid powers."

<Yukio> "I am drama free, so you are welcome for this break too!" She lifted her glass toward Jess' to toast.

<Jessica> She laughed and returned the toast, "If you were emotion free, you'd be the perfect package."

<Yukio> "Sorry, I like having emotions, but I try to keep them positive." She smirked and took a drink of the bubbly. "There's truth to that power of positive thinking, you know. Keeps things more fun anyway."

<Jessica> "Yeah... I don't usually have much cause for that though... bad things keep happening." She put together a plate of cheese and fruit and sat down again. "It's hard to see past all that."

<Yukio> She waved her hand and snorted. "It's all in the perspective!"

<Jessica> "I only have my own perspective..." she shrugged a shoulder, "I don't know how to make that better."

<Yukio> "Okay, I may have used the wrong word..." She thought about it, deciding more booze would help.

<Jessica> She shook her head, "Don't worry about it... let's find something to watch on tv and get drunk."

<Yukio> "Now that's a great perspective!" She gave her a thumb-up and grinned. "....aren't we already drunk?"

<Jessica> "... Maybe a little. But not drunk enough!" She found the remote and flicked the TV on.

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